WARNING:The Coming Creation of a Transracial/Androgynous Culture

Racial Identity

This is a great video by Youtuber Nubian Times. He speaks his mind and doesn’t care who he offends in the process. But I admire the fact that he speaks his mind. In the video he’s speaking on a recent panel discussion with MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry. Melissa is chatting with her guests about the possibility of a person being ” black” even though they are not biologically of African descent. This is what I call crazy talk. Keep in mind this woman is biracial with a white mother. Yet this mulatto woman is speaking on behalf of black people. She is speaking with a bunch of gay/transgender folks and there is no counter argument on the panel. Melissa and her guests are trying to compare a person who is transgender with a person identifying with another race. This is utter nonsense! First of all, race is biological. I know we are all taught that race is a social construct by the media. As a child I believed that too. But as I got older common sense kicked in. There are obvious differences between racial groups. I see nothing wrong with accepting that fact. There is no reason for people to get offended with the truth. Mixed raced people like Melissa are the cause for all this confusion. I have noticed a lot of mixed raced people that are fence riders when it comes to race issues. Black people are fighting oppression everyday in this racist corrupt society. Anti-blackness is everywhere on this planet. We don’t need idiots like Melissa causing more confusion among our people.

Mixed Race

What about the people in this above pic? Can they all be considered African? Do any of them speak up for African/black people? And when it comes to race,what is the proper definition? Do you believe it’s a social construct? There are different breeds of dogs right? Aren’t there different birds? Why is it so hard for people to accept that race is biological as well? The top ten points I usually hear about race are the following:

1. All humans living today belong to a single species, Homo sapiens, and share a common descent. Although there are differences of opinion regarding how and where different human groups diverged or fused to form new ones from a common ancestral group, all living populations in each of the earth’s geographic areas have evolved from that ancestral group over the same amount of time. Much of the biological variation among populations involves modest degrees of variation in the frequency of shared traits. Human populations have at times been isolated, but have never genetically diverged enough to produce any biological barriers to mating between members of different populations.

2. Biological differences between human beings reflect both hereditary factors and the influence of natural and social environments. In most cases, these differences are due to the interaction of both. The degree to which environment or heredity affects any particular trait varies greatly.

3. There is great genetic diversity within all human populations. Pure races, in the sense of genetically homogenous populations, do not exist in the human species today, nor is there any evidence that they have ever existed in the past.

4. There are obvious physical differences between populations living in different geographic areas of the world. Some of these differences are strongly inherited and others, such as body size and shape, are strongly influenced by nutrition, way of life, and other aspects of the environment. Genetic differences between populations commonly consist of differences in the frequencies of all inherited traits, including those that are environmentally malleable.

5. For centuries, scholars have sought to comprehend patterns in nature by classifying living things. The only living species in the human family, Homo sapiens, has become a highly diversified global array of populations. The geographic pattern of genetic variation within this array is complex, and presents no major discontinuity. Humanity cannot be classified into discrete geographic categories with absolute boundaries. Furthermore, the complexities of human history make it difficult to determine the position of certain groups in classifications. Multiplying subcategories cannot correct the inadequacies of these classifications.

Generally, the traits used to characterize a population are either independently inherited or show only varying degrees of association with one another within each population. Therefore, the combination of these traits in an individual very commonly deviates from the average combination in the population. This fact renders untenable the idea of discrete races made up chiefly of typical representatives.

6. In humankind as well as in other animals, the genetic composition of each population is subject over time to the modifying influence of diverse factors. These include natural selection, promoting adaptation of the population to the environment; mutations, involving modifications in genetic material; admixture, leading to genetic exchange between local populations, and randomly changing frequencies of genetic characteristics from one generation to another. The human features which have universal biological value for the survival of the species are not known to occur more frequently in one population than in any other. Therefore it is meaningless from the biological point of view to attribute a general inferiority or superiority to this or to that race.

7. The human species has a past rich in migration, in territorial expansions, and in contractions. As a consequence, we are adapted to many of the earth’s environments in general, but to none in particular. For many millennia, human progress in any field has been based on culture and not on genetic improvement.

Mating between members of different human groups tends to diminish differences between groups, and has played a very important role in human history. Wherever different human populations have come in contact, such matings have taken place. Obstacles to such interaction have been social and cultural, not biological. The global process of urbanization, coupled with intercontinental migrations, has the potential to reduce the differences among all human populations.

8. Partly as a result of gene flow, the hereditary characteristics of human populations are in a state of perpetual flux. Distinctive local populations are continually coming into and passing out of existence. Such populations do not correspond to breeds of domestic animals, which have been produced by artificial selection over many generations for specific human purposes.

9. The biological consequences of mating depend only on the individual genetic makeup of the couple, and not on their racial classifications. Therefore, no biological justification exists for restricting intermarriage between persons of different racial classifications.

10. There is no necessary concordance between biological characteristics and culturally defined groups. On every continent, there are diverse populations that differ in language, economy, and culture. There is no national, religious, linguistic or cultural group or economic class that constitutes a race. However, human beings who speak the same language and share the same culture frequently select each other as mates, with the result that there is often some degree of correspondence between the distribution of physical traits on the one hand and that of linguistic and cultural traits on the other. But there is no causal linkage between these physical and behavioral traits, and therefore it is not justifiable to attribute cultural characteristics to genetic inheritance.

Do you agree with this? Most of it or none at all?

Rachel and Jenner

This is Rachel Dolezal and Bruce Jenner. Two very confused white people. I think they both suffer from very low self esteem.

Cherno Biko

This is picture of Janet Mock and Cherno Biko. Yep you guessed it! They are both men! As a matter of fact Janet and Cherno are both activists for the transgender community. They are writing books,appearing on talk shows and doing lectures. I’ve noticed an increase of black gay/transgender people in the media over the last ten years. It’s like they’re everywhere. They are really trying to redefine what a black man and woman is supposed to be. The white controlled media does everything they can to degrade and dehumanize black people. They want black men to be seen as feminine little punks. And they want black women to be seen as butch,masculine and unattractive. This is one of the reasons why so many black actors have to dress in drag in Hollywood. This is a full assault on the BLACK MIND! They are doing everything they can to destroy how we are seen by the entire world. I’ve seen this madness promoted on ABC,NBC and CBS. And cable stations like CNN,FOX and MSNBC. The media promotes more interracial couples rather than black love stories. So this creates more division and tension between black men and women. This is all by design. These sick bastards in the media know exactly what they’re doing to us. This is what happens when another race of people control your image. They get to decide how you are depicted. No wonder other races think black people are nuts! We look like useless zombies with no cultural identity. We can’t even decide who is black and who is not! Then you throw in the gender confusion…..and you have a recipe for disaster. Can you see what’s slowly happening? Are you a black person who is aware of your surroundings? Do you want liberation for your people? Are you even awake? Or are you one of the useless zombies?

42 thoughts on “WARNING:The Coming Creation of a Transracial/Androgynous Culture

  1. Perry should NOT be speaking on behalf of black people- this woman is an educated fool!

    This transracial stuff is an epidemic and I’m sick of people trying to rationalize the irrational!

  2. 1. This post made my day! Your last paragraph!! two thumbs up 2. the Black manlady is hideous and tacky as shit. 3. wtf is “achievement of Blackness”? gtfoh 4. I hate Melissa’s braids. 5. Get this fool off tv!

    I can’t with this shit. They fucking GLAMORIZE transgenderism while we continue to get killed, mocked and robbed of our cultural contributions, of who we really ARE. The trans “struggle” ain’t shit to our E V E R Y D A Y struggle and the two should never be compared.

    • Thanks a lot Kelley. I’m just being as honest as I can. I know some people wont agree with some of this but I’m speaking from the heart. All this transracial/transgender stuff is damaging to our people. And culprits like Melissa and others are spreading this garbage. Also I love when black women were braids. But I know with Melissa it’s just about trying to be more “authentic”. She failed! She is just a very confused mulatto girl. I’m glad you’re hip to the game she’s playing. Be sure to tell others about this ongoing agenda.

      • I love braids too but nah. Those don’t work.

        I try to hip everyone if the conversation comes to that. No cable in my house cuz I’m not paying to watch garbage! I do miss Project Runway and HGTV tho..

  3. aside from Nubian times’ commentary which I found enlightening to an extent, watching that interview with Melissa and those freaks, not an ounce of what she said made any sense to me. The whole scenario to me just seemed like “a retarded person trying to convince a mathematician that 1+1 = 11” just comparing bananas to watermelons. insane

    • Yeah Nubian Times keeps it 100%! I definitely feel where the brother is coming from. I’m glad he spoke out on it. Melissa is just a moron. I used to think she made good points from time to time but lately she’s been slipping. And having all these uneducated freaks on her show was the last straw. She is officially a self hating biracial Coon in my book. I’m done with this woman!

  4. I’ve put up with Melissa for awhile because there were issues she touched on that nobody else was really talking about (i.e., issues and how they affect Black Women in particular colorism, sexism/misogyny, domestic violence, etc) in addition to issues affecting black people in general. I saw that episode and I was like WTF!?! I wasn’t surprised that Melissa wanted to claim Rachel as black cause like you said her mom is white and I noticed for awhile how she rides the fence. She doesn’t want to offend her mommy. Not to mentioned her dad whose one of those fake ass “pro-black” men who just despite “loving” blackness lusted white flesh. Melissa has said several times how he told her as a child, “the struggle continues” *rolls eyes* I don’t really blame Melissa in a way for her confusion cause he (dad) is number 1 to blame for the mess he created by bringing confused BIRACIAL NOT BLACK children into the world with a suspected racist. It’s high time for black people to define blackness correctly and drop this one-drop rule.

    Bruce Jenner, Janet Mock, Laverne Cox and others’ like ’em gave people an excuse to usher all this “transracial” bullshit in their already weak vocabulary skills. Not too mention, you are right. I notice how we see more sexually confused black she-males in media than we do white ones. And they and their supporters get mad when you don’t call ’em women. All I can do is throw my hands in the air and say GOD HELP US!!! I am working on a upcoming post about this defending and caping for she males by some within the so-called black community. I’m just not surprised, but I’m done with all of ’em……with Melissa’s confused ass too. smh

    • You couldn’t be more spot on TS! Yes Melissa is a very confused woman. I’ve seen this many times with biracial people. I didn’t know her father was so-called “pro-black”. What a joke!lol These types are so funny to me. The struggle continues???lol Most of these type guys see progress as being able to jump in bed with white women. There were Black Panthers in the 70’s that dated white women. That is a total contradiction in my opinion. That is NOT my definition of liberation or justice. I write those type off immediately. The one drop rule is causing much confusion. I know some people will be offended but we must face facts. The one drop rule was imposed on us by whites. In the long run it has not helped us at all.
      These transracial buffoons shouldn’t even be on television. Let alone speaking on black issues. Melissa and her producers knew what they were doing. It makes black people look like crazy uninformed freaks. She males should not be representing black men at all! I am so sick of this racist propaganda. I look forward to your upcoming post. I know you always bring good information. I have a few posts in mind. I have some more things I need to get off my chest.We as black men and women need to work together on these issues. We need teamwork to defeat these racist demons. If you ever need some information on any topic…be sure to ask me. I’ll help any way I can.

    • oh please! Melissa is a GROWN ASS WOMAN whatever the hell her daddy taught her[as opposed to other people, the media and society but of course black women won’t ever blame the patriarchy]doesn’t mean shit now that she is an adult! she is a fool on her own so stop pointing fingers!

  5. Definitely so good to read your in depth powerful truths.. greatly appreciate what you are putting out. Talk your truths. Be proud of your beautiful skin and it’s melanin many do not Innerstand the power, our power. And as a ploy to try and fit in with all others they do not re teach themselves knowledge of self. Knowing nothing. But thinking they know all.. Peace and love

    • Thanks Nicole. The Tel-Lie-Vision is brainwashing our people to accept anything. We are now accepting this mind pollution on a regular basis. There has to be some people who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo. I don’t think this garbage on television is healthy for the mind. They want to present insanity disguised as sanity. I’m not falling for it. And I will continue to speak out against it.

  6. I read an article in which some of Melissa’s fans were angry at her about this foolishness. What did they expect!?! Goes to show we have to check these biracials before we issue them a “black card.” Like TS, I have been giving Melissa the side eye for awhile now because her mother is white and at times she rides the fence on racial issues. I remember one time a month or two ago, I landed on MSNBC in passing while her show was on and she was talking about white mothers with “black” children. I was like “girl bye”! Yeah, it’s definitely time to redefine blackness.

    • They wee right to be upset! Melissa is a fraud! We give black cards to anyone nowadays. We are so in love with light skin and light eyes. We are just so happy that they want to be around us. These mixed/biracials ride the fence all the time. They need to be called out. It’s just like you and I discussed before. It may be time to take on this issue head on. Sellouts,coons and frauds need to be exposed!!

  7. can you believe I am in a youtube war with a 9 year old girl who is calling me a homophobic bigot because I said “being a lesbian is not cool” our children need to be delivered

  8. Great article. Dr. Tommy Curry once stated how mainstream cultural critics are not trying to study the black community, instead they are trying to tell the black community what they think the community should be. Essentially, that is the agenda that Harris-Perry and the like are trying to push. You’re absolutely on point about exposing these individuals for who they are. We have to be wary of these self imposed gatekeepers, who are really just conduits for the White establishment, attempting redifine identity and enforce a foreign paradigm within the consciousness of Black people.

    I thought the video was very revealing about how MHP questioned the importance of racial boundaries. Subconsciously, as a biracial woman she must realizes that once authentic Black people create our own self maintained power structure, then individuals like her become neutralized. The enforcement of African culture becomes principle, African centered standards of beauty take precedent over the existing mixed race/European archetype and pundits like her no longer occupy the Black public intellectual space.

    • “I thought the video was very revealing about how MHP questioned the importance of racial boundaries. Subconsciously, as a biracial woman she must realizes that once authentic Black people create our own self maintained power structure, then individuals like her become neutralized.”
      Which is why MHP is not an ally to black people. You are correct when you say her kind are conduits to the white power structure. Their whole purpose is to redefine blackness and confuse the majority of black people. People like MHP are very dangerous.

  9. This is so crazy! It is what it is . MHP of course she is going to be all screwed up in the head. It’s all by design. Having mixed offspring is not going to help the situation at all. It will just make things worse by creating more neutralized non-white people. I believe what white people are going to do is neutralize as many non-white people as they can; then those who are mixed who can pass as white will be let into the club (e.g. Rashida Jones always plays white characters) as well as those who aren’t mixed, but look white enough (like Cubans for instance).

    This transracial crap will cause havoc among all groups, but will be most devastating to black people because other groups have standards on who is what. I always wonder how things will pan out for Asians as so many of the females go off and marry then procreate with white males. If multiracial people outnumber nonmixed people how will that change the dynamics of things?
    I see this place becoming like Brazil where all, if not most of the mixed people will be pining to be white.

    The transgender (transvestite) nonsense is also used to cause confusion so there will be less people on this planet where people don’t procreate. That stuff creeps me out. One time when I went to Wal-Mart; I went to use the restroom and there was a white male dressed up in women’s clothing in the bathroom. He was standing there by himself. I was completely freaked out. Then a white female comes out of the stall and comforts him telling him it’s okay. WTF! It’s not okay. The sign on the bathroom does not say unisex. It says women. He had no business being there. This world is going down the tubes!

    • Thank you Kowaba. I couldn’t agree more. That bathroom story is very scary. But if things continue on the same path it will happen more often. But I agree with you about all this transracial nonsense. It is not helping us move forward as a people. That’s why I felt this type of post was needed.

  10. That is an interesting story. Have you noticed that all the stories of men with transsexuals are black including Tyga this week? Black males are known for having a very strong opposition to homosexuality as well as transgenderism. Though it appears that there are black males who engage in transgenderism, I would guess that right now we are at or near the bottom of any group when it comes to participation in this country. I was confused when Black Lives Matters(which was founded by George Soros, not that I support what happened to blacks in those cases) pointed that it was supporting “trans lives” as well as “queer lives”, not just “black lives”. What was the point of that?

    I do not like the transracial agenda at all. It is very easy to disprove but there is definitely a lot more to it.

    • That’s a very good point. That’s true about Tyga. It’s obvious there is an agenda to refine black sexuality. I also do not trust George Soros. This man is not to be trusted at all. He is the man that fronts the money to control the minds of the masses. He is no friend to black people. He is no doubt an enemy!

  11. They are really focused on pushing it down our throats. I, similar to Nidotopian Warrior, had back to back long debates with non-blacks on why 1) they shouldn’t compare homosexuality to blacks and 2) blacks don’t support it or even like the comparison. They made up facts, but eventually resorted to name calling(one called me a troll when I stated the obvious fact of black opposition to that, which even a lot of whites know). I repeated the question why they never try to compare themselves to other racial and ethnic groups, but they had no good answer. It is very strange how they are focused so much on blacks. Homosexuality was one thing and it should not have been pushed with blacks given our cultural stance, but this transgenderism push is much worse. They need to leave us alone.

    However, someone came with up with this.

    JEROME’S LAW- In any discussion about a liberal perversion, some liberal will make an invalid comparision to SLAVERY or the experience of BLACK Americans

    “Sooner or later, a liberal will try to compare its degenerate behavior to being black.”

    Not all liberals try to push their beliefs on us,but for those that do…

  12. @ KP
    Even some black gays and lesbians do NOT agree with “gay is the new black” foolishness.

    • Yeah the ones that got some damn sense.lol I even knew this Mexican lesbian at my old job. Even she said it was not the same. And that she understood why I would be upset. I think some gays understand but the loud moth homosexuals in the media get the most attention. So they act like they speak for all gay people.

      • Kush, Did you see that episode Show Called Finding your Root’s with
        Henry Louise Gate’s. Did you know that Ben Jealous was finding His root’s however Even though He has a black mother I do believe. They ran a DNA TEST ON HIM, Come to find out that this man has about a good European blood in him about 80% of it. I guess there Is no
        such thing as Half and Half.

  13. @ Kushite Prince
    This is a question that I’ve been thinking about a while especially watching youtuber Nubian Times videos. We all know that a person who is half black is biracial not black. I wonder if a biracial person who procreate with a fully black person would their children still be consider black. The reason why I ask because in one of Nubian Times videos he posted pictures of Beyonce, Kerry Washington, Roland Martin, Professor Griff and etc as not being fully black. He always talked about there’s no such thing as a light skinned African and most BLACK Africans skin color range from brown to the blackest skin with coily hair. I notice when a biracial person procreate with a fully black person depending on how strong the African DNA is sometimes their children still have a biracial physical appearance.

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