Rachel Dolezal/Bruce Jenner: Two Sides of the Same Coin


Let me first say that Rachel Dolezal is a con artist. There’s no reason this phony should’ve been the head of any NAACP chapter. This is a white woman pretending to be black. She has NO African ancestry at all. This is an insult to all black women and black people as a whole. I am not one who believes a person can have a “black soul”. This is just nonsense. A white person can grow up around black people,listen to black music and date blacks. But that still doesn’t make them black/African. I know there are many brainwashed negroes who want to associate themselves with anything that has light skin and light eyes. They desperately want this woman to have African ancestry. But face it….she does not. Any black person defending this deceptive unattractive woman should be ashamed of themselves. Which also brings me to Mr. Bruce Jenner. Jenner now wants to called Caitlyn. I hate to break it to everyone but Jenner is a MAN. I know that’s a hard pill for many to swallow but it’s the truth. I think some people need to go back to school and take Biology 101. It seems in this current sick culture in Amerikkka people can’t tell black from white or man from woman. It doesn’t matter if a man gets breasts in his body or takes estrogen pills. Just on a chromosome level…he is still a man. There is an obvious agenda to confuse the masses into thinking otherwise. This is all just to cause confusion.

Rachel Dolezal

I have seen young children with very confused looks on their faces trying to figure out what’s going on. Many adults seem confused as well. I think some people are disgusted by what the media is forcing down our throats. I think some are afraid to speak out. They are scared of being called a bigot,close minded or homophobic. I could care less what they call me. There has to be some of us who will speak out on this sickness. I am really concerned about the minds of black people. I am seeing more and more sitcoms,dramas and reality shows with gay black characters. This is done on purpose. Black people don’t control the media on any level. So I have to assume that the white/Jewish media heads want blacks to consume this garbage. I have made posts in the past about the gay/transgender agenda.

Laverne Cox

One of their biggest puppets is this man named Laverne Cox. Laverne is an actor that pretends to be a woman. He/she has been on many magazine covers including Time magazine. Laverne gets so much press because Laverne is willing to be used to destroy the image of a strong black man.

Jazz Jennings

But they haven’t left the teens out. This person is Jazz Jennings. Jazz is a transgender teenager. Jazz says he always knew he was a girl since he was a child. Jazz is the spokesperson for skincare company Clean & Clear. So you see these demonic people in the media want to corrupt the minds of the kids as well.  We are dealing with some very sick people. These people have no soul at all. They want us to see their insanity as being sane.  If they want me to believe that Rachel Dolezal should be considered black and Bruce Jenner a woman…….I am happy to say I am insane. What about you?

23 thoughts on “Rachel Dolezal/Bruce Jenner: Two Sides of the Same Coin

  1. Thank you, thank you-people have lost their before and will never know their after. Up is now down and down is now up. War is of course peace and peace is war. I’m crazy and everyone else is not.

    This chick that calls herself Black because she knows Black is human and she so desperately wants to be human. I think she looks like a fool and if she wants to walk around looking like that then whatever man. Of course I’m half kidding here and we may never know what she has wrong with her. For a white person to want to be Black is signs of mental illness. We are the most hated people on this planet and to want to be that is akin to insanity.

    The Bruce Jenner thing is just more signs of the insanity I mentioned up there. This family is a circus and this Bruce person is the ringmaster. How you gonna have a house full of children, turn 65 and want to be a woman?

    If we take one look around we’ll see a world outta whack. Same-sex marriage just exploded, they killing us in church after bible study, Donald Trump and his bullshit – it’s signs of something but I just haven’t figured it out yet.

    • Yeah it’s getting crazy out here. Rachel is a total nutcase. There’s no way to defend that fool. She clearly has lost her damn mind. And Bruce Jenner is a total idiot. They are coming hard with this gay/lesbian/transgender movement. You must be down with it or you are an outcast. This is not African culture. I don’t give a damn what anyone says. I can’t accept this bullcrap as normal. I’m sorry but I can’t stand too much more of this racial confusion and sexual perversion.

  2. Well, as you know Prince, I am having NONE of it! I could give a rat’s ass what anyone thinks of me but I am not going to jump on the gay bandwagon just so that I won’t be left out of the ‘lovefest’. I would get to cussing and carrying on but I respect your blog and will keep it clean.

    I just put up a post about the fact that six predominately Black churches have been burned to the ground in the week and a half since the Charleston, SC terrorist attack by a white supremacist because I am sick to pieces of the media focus on same-sex marriage and since the cameras and microphones have been turned off in the south over the confederate flag controversy, Black people are having to deal with the fallout. I knew this was coming.

    I tried to warn people, but to no avail. If you take a look at what is being presented as the face of same-sex marriage, all I see are Black people depicted, kissing and carrying on and the focus is most definitely on the Blacks that have bought into that gay bullshit!

    I estimate that 99.9% of white men would rather engage in sex with a man than with a woman. The only reason they get married is to throw off suspicion and to produce children because they know that digging in a man’s butt is not going to get THAT particular job done.

    Why Black people are lending themselves to this madness is quite beyond me, but then again, everything usually ends up being about money.

    Great post and thanks for highlighting this issue!

    • They know many black people don’t approve of this lifestyle so they’re coming at us the hardest. That’s why they pay all these black actors and actresses to come out of the closet. An the black gay athletes are coming out too. They are all bought and paid for. They sold their souls for a bit of fame while at the same time spreading this sexual perversion to the masses. It helps to destroy the image of black people and make black men look like sissies in the process. I say live and let live. But I just see an agenda at hand. It’s really increased over the last ten or fifteen years. They want the whole world to be full of sodomites and pedophiles! It’s really a sick agenda they have going on.

  3. Fantastic article, Kushite. You made many logical and accurate points. I would however, like to respond to some of the comments left.

    I would like to encourage black people to not refer to Rachel Dozeal as mentally ill or crazy. I feel like that label implies that she is an anomaly or an outlier among otherwise “sane” white people. Nothing could be further from the truth. These are a people whose inherent genetic mutation has resulted in a mental sickness that is not anomalous but rather pervasive and literally the definition of what is means to be white. Dozeal is no different than the multitudes of white women who tan their skin or inject fillers into their behinds and lips to appear more “ethnic”. Dozeal is NOT crazy, she is behaving in the same psychological fashion that ALL white people do.

    In regard to Shelby Courtland’s comment…you are spot on. I too believe that 99.9% of white men are gay or have the desire to engage in homosexual behavior. In response I would like to mention this quote: “Power is the ability to define reality and have other people respond to your definition as if it were their own.” I fear I do not know who said it but I believe this speaks to what is happening to black folks in this white supremacist culture we live in. There is no other group of people more confused by racism than black people. And in our confused attempt to be loved by white people, black men and women will take on the attributes and qualities of their oppressor. That is why you see black women with blond hair, black men with anything but black women, black men and women with blue contacts and, unfortunately black men and women engaging in the same deviant sexual behavior as whites. A black man with a lisp who expresses himself in an overt homosexual manner is no longer a threat to the white collective. He has been broken down as a man and is now engaging in behavior that will not allow him to reproduce. The product is that the threat has now become neutralized and their fear of genetic ahnialation is no more. Conversely, those blacks that you cannot “turn” you imprison and force them into an environment where homosexual behavior is forced upon them and create a situation in which their children are raised by strong assertive black women who either impose Christianity (passivity and forgiveness) upon them or a disdain of black women and potentially a desire to engage in homosexual behavior or engage in relationships with anything but black women in the future. The women of no other group ever says, “I don’t need a man, I can do this on my own” but black women. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your enemy encourages broken homes. They encourage you to raise your children alone and to hate the black man. Although it sounds like I am attacking black women here, I assure you I am not. I am simply using this as an illustration of the pervasive agenda of white man, woman, and child. I understand that it is very difficult for many black folks to see this for what it is as our hearts and minds could never imagine doing this type of psychological warfare to another group of people but I encourage all black people to NEVER underestimate their enemy. And in a system of white supremacy, the enemy of all black people is white man, woman, and child.

  4. anyone with functioning eyes and half a brain can see that that dinosaur Dolezal is not black….. as for Brucilla or Caitlyn, well smh that’s what you get when you mix yourself up with Kimmode Kartrashian and her family and Jazz, I’m just lost for words

  5. Great post KP!This shit is gettin worse and the so-called Black Community with it. I am currently working on a post about all of the madness which has happened in the last month and my opinion of it. Stay posted!

    • Thanks TS! It was something that needed to be said. Things have gotten out of hand. I look forward to seeing your post. I know you always bring it! You never hold back!

  6. Yes, I am officially insane! It’s in plain sight now: if you are gay and black, you are NOT a threat. This is scary because our sons are being brainwashed to believe that this is the only way to live a life of peace and happiness, but this is not the way to self fulfillment AT ALL. Living an unfruitful life and trying so hard to be what you are biologically not is a life of torment and perpetual self hatred.

    • That’s true GG. That’s why I did this post. They want to confuse our children with mixed messages. This is an assault on the minds of our youth. We have to stand against this madness. Thank you for the comment. Drop by anytime. You are always welcome.

    • God help us is right if we’re going to accept non blacks pretending to be black. This woman is a disgrace! I can’t believe there are negroes defending this low life tramp! Makes me sick!

  7. I can’t either! Please, that goes DOUBLE for the dummies talking about all she did for the black community come again? all this heffa really did was steal positions for actual black people and no dumbass Perez Hilton she is not doing Negroes a ‘favor’ by pretending to be black. I agree 200 percent on Jenner this asshole lives for 65 years as a rich, white, privileged, entitled MAN and I’m supposed to now welcome him as a fellow s-I-s-t-e-r in the struggle are you shitting me?!! That goes 10 billion times for Hollyweirdos! I saw a film called “Dear Black People” where it was a student group supposedly fighting racism but all the movie did was placate as many stereotypes as time would allow. And in the final climatic confrontation where Tyler James Williams[who is gay of course]is fighting the school’s most notorious bigoted bully he ends up KISSING HIM to win the fight WHAT THE FUCK?!! Anything to emasculate black males especially the stupid black women preaching for gay people. I’m like bitch really?!! have ANY of those mothers ever stood up for us? HELL NO! white gay folks are just like straight white folks they only care about other white people as for Laverne Cox that dude has forearms like Evander Holyfield wants to call himself a ‘woman’! no bro when you are built like Richard Dent from the Chicago Bears you are n-o-t a fucking woman! as least Rupaul is skinny still don’t get me started on that fool. you notice how white critics just looooved them some Will Smith when he was playing a gay man but a hero saving the world and them fuck that! Fuck Caitlyn and Rachel both of them are manipulative pigs preying on others desperation for allies. well you won’t find it in either one of them I’m telling you now.

  8. I agree with you on a great many points. Dolezal and Jenner are both lying to themselves and everyone. There are individuals who are intentionally creating confusion in our culture. THANK YOU for being bold enough to call a duck, well, a duck. But the one thing that I always come into conflict with is the stereotypical view that Pan Africanists reject Christianity as a white man’s religion. Let me be clear on my perspective: There is NO conflict with being Pan-African and Christian. The two are not mutually exclusive. The problem is when we believe half-truths about history. If we only stop at the Crusade’s and Constantine, we deny the very fact that without African and Africans, there would be no Bible or Christianity as we know it. (And I am NOT referring to the westernized/Americanized watered-down version of Christianity that we are inundated with in the U.S…). I am talking about bare-bones, scripture and Jesus, as God intended, intimate relationship with the God who created all). Christianity was spread and well established in African long before the slave trade, long before colonialism. Jesus was a refugee in Africa while his family escaped King Herod. But he never stepped foot in Europe while he lived on earth as a man, as far as we know. African and Africans are mentioned all throughout the New and Old Testament. Many Israelites intermarried in Africa. Even after the death of Jesus, Africans helped create a uniform Christian doctrine. Look at the First Council of Nicaea. Black Africans were in attendance. By the time Arab clans brought Islam into Africa in the 5th century, they overtook almost all of the major African Christian temples and gave Christians these 4 options: convert to Islam, become a slave, pay taxes for being a non Muslim, or die. That is a BIG reason why Christianity is not as influential in Africa today as it once was. It is a shame to deny the history and influence of Africans in Christianity before it was contorted and abused by European rulers. Many of the beliefs of Christianity as a white man’s religion are based on “half truths,” like the notion that Christianity was forced on African slaves to subdue them. So the truth part, as you know, is that EVERYTHING was stripped from slaves. Family, language, religion, names, HOME… etc. to subdue them. To try to beat them into mindless manual labor – a slavery of the mind as much as the body. But most slave masters did not want their slaves to convert to Christianity. Under British law and under the rules of the church, a baptized Christian was FREE. And that actually happened, where the white slave owners were forced to allow their baptized slaves to live free. Accordingly, now we see legislation being passed in slave states in the late 1600s and into the 1700s to explicitly state that becoming a Christian did not allow cause for freedom. Check out the 1667 Virginia Slave Law and then the 1705 Virginia Slave Law. You can clearly see the “need” for whites to change the rules so that under NO circumstances could any Black person be considered free. In reality, most slaves who became Christian had to do so in secret or face punishment. Why? Because Christianity is about freedom – of all kinds. Why would white slave owners want their slaves to be entertaining ideas of freedom and God-given design of equality? It would undermine everything that slavery is about. And enough with accepting that these slave owners were somehow Christians themselves…. Can we call it what it is? It is NO different from Rachel Dolezal and Bruce Jenner. Straight up liars. You cannot be a follower of Jesus and also view Black people as non humans who must be beaten into submission. Likewise, there are a whole lot of people walking around today (mainly in America) who identify NOMINALLY as Christians… but their lives shout just the opposite. Y’all – there are so many resources out here to learn FULL TRUTH not half- truths. That’s what this whole discussion is ultimately about.

    The Color of Christ – Edward Blum
    African America Churches: A Way out of No Way – Whelchel
    A History of the Christian Church – Walker
    A Study of Early Christianity – Tyson

    P.S. I am already familiar with the white people are devils who have indoctrinated the world argument. So before you reply with that perspective, let me just state that if you are prayerfully seeking Truth, you will find it. Regardless of whether or not it looks how YOU PERSONALLY want it to look. Take a step back. Pray for wisdom. Pray for discernment. And be ready and willing to read about things you will hate to read.

    • In the last two years I have read over 200 books. So I have quite a library. I will check out those books you mentioned. But I do understand that a black person can still be pro-black and have different religious beliefs. Marcus Garvey was a Christian and Malcolm X was a Muslim. But they both had a Pan African ideology that went past religion. I also believe that much of the Christian faith is taken from the Kemetic ancient belief systems like Maat and he Bok of The Dead. And since Kemet started as an African culture(later the Greeks and Romans came) you could say that Christianity as African origins. Thanks for the comment.

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