Amerikkkan Culture is Insane





“If European culture is insanity then at the fundamental level that humans define and perceive reality we, as Afrikans and people of color, have a very serious problem. If a cultural minority becomes the power majority and, this minority, through military, media and religious might force the majority cultures to adopt its culture as their own, then insanity becomes the norm and is redefined as sanity. Accepting another’s reality as your reality makes their reality yours. If the global majority is right then Europeans are wrong, how dare they stand in judgment?  Unfortunately, as is the case with western cultural imperialism, if the insane can convince the sane that insanity is sanity, then the sane majority become insane and insanity becomes universal and comes to be seen as sanity. Those individuals or groups who dare to hold on to their original sanity become universally depicted as the truly insane (backward), and those who are carriers of the original insanity become universally depicted as the truly sane.” – Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti

17 thoughts on “Amerikkkan Culture is Insane

  1. Our people have completely lost their way and have accepted every aspect of European culture as theirs. It’s sickening! Keep pushing your message of truth!
    I’m touching on the same topic in the link below:
    Check it out God, and I’ll be staying tuned to your site!

      • This is like that thing Thomas Beatty trying to call itself a ‘man’ yet gets pregnant TWICE!! bitch you are not a fucking man! and for those dumbasess defending that mess and whining about hermaphrodites she is not a damn hermaphrodite she is a stupid pathetic fool needing attention desperately! come off it stupid people.

    • You got to love Prince Solomon!lo That brother never bites tongue. I admire that. He’s right though. The gay agenda is NOT same as the black struggle. I get tired of the comparison!

    • How come black folks always indignant about white folks racist pathology DON’T ever hold white folks feet to the fire for the misogynist shit that they put out there! Either attack ALL of it or attack none of it it’s all bad or it’s all good it can’t be both.

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