23 thoughts on “African Culture vs Greek Culture

  1. I truly believe that the road to hell is paved with gays! May they rot there, in the deepest darkest pit, if there is a hell!

    And yes, that Greek homosexual perversion and pedophilia has been ongoing for centuries. AmeriKKKa is climbing in bed with it, gleefully. And you watch, since pedophilia has been declared a mental disorder, it will not be long before priests are screaming and yelling that they have no control over their mental disorder of pedophilia.

    • That’s true Shelby. I really could care less what people do in their bedrooms. I am not a hateful person. I get accused of being a hate monger from time to time. These people are way off the mark. I just don’t see it as natural behavior. And I don’t want this agenda being pushed in films,tv shows and commercials. And yes pedophilia is on the way. All this sexual perversion is being pushed to creat modern day Rome,Greece and Babylon. No sexual perversion will be off limits. This is what the elites in power truly want. Sex with children and animals are coming soon. God help us!! This world has gone down the toilet bowl Shelby!

  2. I read somewhere that there was never a word for homosexuality in the first language[s]. I believe it! Have sex with all the gay adult females and males you want, but don’t mess with the children.

      • I know it! It’s disgusting and it’ll keep trickling down thru each generation with the way things are looking. It disturbs me to an insane level.

      • I know sis. Believe me I know. It can drive you crazy sometimes. But we’ll get through this. With love for one another we can do this. Keep the faith and keep moving forward.

  3. Greek/Roman culture is more decadence and perversity in it’s heydays. But African culture is mysterious, organized, unified, strong and powerful and yet the White culture is envious of it to the point of destroying our essence by all means necessary.

    • I agree. The truth is you are an annoying little troll. I am sick of you cry baby bitches and your ghost accounts. Grow some balls for once! Create your own blog and voice YOUR opinion. That way you can spread your agenda any way you like. Get lost idiot!

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