30 thoughts on “A Disgrace to Black Pride!

    • I find it highly offensive! I don’t know why they insist on making the comparison. Sexual orientation and race are totally different. Why is that so hard for them to understand?

    • Isn’t it disgusting??? And they wonder why we don’t want to be their allies. It’s crap like this that insults the murder and rape our ancestors endured. The gay mafia controls Hollywood and the music industry. I don’t really see them as an oppressed group. How are they oppressed when some of the richest most powerful people are gay? These militant homosexuals are so full of horse manure!

      • a classical case of whites piggy backing off of our struggle and then stabbing us in the back. First it was the infernal Feminist movement, now it’s this. Did you know that dogs have more rights than people?

      • You’re not lying. Dogs get more respect than we do. I don’t think these people will ever change. No need waiting around for them to change their behavior. It’s not happening anytime soon.

  1. “Did you know that dogs have more rights than people?”

    That is oh SO true! And if people think otherwise, they can just speak with Michael Vick, he’ll tell ’em!

    The white man’s dog is more highly valued than Black life. Don’t think so? Google ‘pet hotels for Fido’ and while you’re at it, look up dog accessories. The whites dress dogs up in cashmere, fur over top of fur, designer sunshades and of course, Fido licks ’em all over the place. Now, if I’ve sat back and watched a dog lick its butt, am I going to then allow it to lick my mouth? Hell no! But whites do it ALL the time.

    If a Black person and a dog were about to get run over by a car and a white person was able to save one, but not the other, guess which one would be underneath the wheels of the car?

  2. I’m sorry but I didn’t see a label in the stores saying “Straight People Only”? Our ancestors faced that! It’s an insult and a offense that the cartoonist choose this imagery and claimed it to fight for gay rights. Well, why don’t the artist draw something related to the aids fight, instead?

  3. i wonder why they did that? i mean unless someone personally used John Carlo and Tommy as their inspiration in their own personal struggle, because the true universality of all the struggles — “My Struggle is your struggle” concept — but, i dunno, if that was the case, i don’t think I would have made a cartoon out of it without a clear context and story to that effect.

    • Exactly! But I think the two are very different. He could’ve used any image to illustrate his point. My problem with gays is they always piggyback off of the black struggle. Using terms like “Gay is the new Black”. I get so tired of it! Race and sexual orientation are NOT the same. I find it very offensive. Many black people have told me the same thing.

      • I think its because the interracial thing had to happen first before the rainbow thing could happen? the supreme court case they relied upon was the one that made my marriage with my former husband legal at all in all 50 states. so i get that part — sort of. i just didn’t get the clown faces, unless they were referencing to the whole clown experience becoming an actor (in this case, clowns often represent a common fool that could be anyone yet disrupts the entire scene in order to get things done? there’s all kinds of symbols and meanings here, i just think it is something to make us all think and i personally see it as disrespectful at first thought and viewing. i have to go really deep to find a relevant context that is empowering to the whole of the players drawn in by the obvious references.

      • Yes I thought the clown depiction was odd to say the least. I just wasn’t feeling it on any level. I don’t think it was deep enough to try to overanalyze it. I pretty much get the idea of what he was trying to say. He wanted to make a correlation between the black struggle and the gay agenda. That’s what I took from it.

  4. Soooooo true! white gay folks are some of the stupidest, thoughtless, full of shit and dare I say RACIST assholes on this planet!! They don’t know the first damn thing about struggle and by the way pissants who say who would choose that lifestyle the person who knows that they can HIDE their lifestyle dumbass! White gay folks are no better than white straight people and certainly no less racist

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