White Only Justice

We are living in a police state. This video was disgusting! Black lives do not seem to matter. We aren’t looked at as full human beings. This video makes me sick!

Thought Provoking Perspectives

1000The heart-wrenching actions by the police, rather a policeman last Friday McKinney, Texas was about as disgraceful as anything I have ever seen. No, I take that back! This seems to be the norm for the boys in blue, not the exception. What you see in the video below is exactly what black people have been talking about for four-hundred years. What struck me was white residents said, “The cop should have gotten a medal!” This was the same kind of remarks made when Michael Brown and Eric Garner was killed.

In the video, there were a lot of whites present but none were touched. Not slammed to the ground or even talked too. It appeared the fat guy and a few others were acting as back-ups to the cop. But the same narrative was put forth – the cop was afraid for his life. There was absolutely a bias…

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8 thoughts on “White Only Justice

  1. It seems as though there will never be any justice as long as the enemy is alive. Remember one thing: Evil is vile because it lives. The lives and well being of black people seem to have no value whatsoever.

  2. I noticed how none of these self proclaimed class warriors such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren or Sherrod Brown will touch the issue of state sanctioned violence against Black people. Sanders who of which is running for office in 2016 and will no doubt attempt to rally for the Black voting block. So called liberals and progressives alike will attempt to galvanize Black support for political leaders whom do not consider our interests and will ultimately steer us down the same avenue we are currently facing.

    It’s evident now, more than ever that a comprehensive movement (independent of Whites and other non-Black groups) complete with infrastucture and tangible resources needs to be created in order to triumph over incidents such as McKinney and countless other across the country.

    • You’re right! I’ve said that many times before. At some point we have to do something on our own,independent of other groups. We have to have confidence in our own abilities.

  3. Good point. Of course, collectively we’re owed more, on more than one level (plane of existence). I won’t get into that right now but I will say this, many of our problems We can solve ourselves but We have to get our hands REAL dirty in attempting to deactivate and delete the programs We are unknowingly and unconsentually running on…overstanding the process first begins with Self (I must work harder at deleting/deactivating the thousands, hell-maybe millions, of my own). Many might say, “wtf are you talking about?” and that’s understandable, our limited mind-sets are shaped due to the program(s) indoctrinated-implanted-infused and subtly/subconsciously intertwined into our everyday living (survival).

    Getting to the main point: The human brain is the prototype of the computer and computers operate using “programming languages and symbols” the same as the human brain BUT mostly by “programmers” NOT humans themselves (ourselves), e.g., the continual use/programming of ‘the media’. And of course that’s the tip of the iceberg, as they say.

    Other main point: Our power to overcome this oppression that is becoming more overt, once again, and on many levels holding down Humanity not just Black people (hidden in plain sight), is to Re-member/Learn how to Respect each other in the way(s) we once did. The Civil Rights Movement, while misguided in some respects (Read: Integration), was held together by Respect (for one another), a basic component of Love. And until We re-gain that same kind of Respect for ourselves, our families, our friends, our neighbors, our associates, Humanity, Mother Earth itself, it is delusional to expect Respect from others…this society just hasn’t grown to that level of being yet…so while or until it does, We as a people must do so among ourselves…We are the original guiding Light for wo/man.

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