$59.624 Trillion (What Black People are Owed for Reparations for $5 Billion, Alex)

Make no mistake about it. We are owed! This country was built off of our free labor. With no compensation there can be racial healing. This fact can’t be refuted.

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A few days ago I ran across an article online where a teacher (http://activistteacher.blogspot.ca/2013/01/calculated-minimum-reparation-due-to.html?m=1) decided to do the math behind what black people would be owed if we got reparations adjusted for todays minimum wage values. He did his numbers based solely on a minimal economic value of free slave labor adjusted at the lowest reasonable rate of interest.

The number he came up with was $1.5 million dollars for every Black person in this country that descended from a enslaved ancestor, which is roughly, wait for it…………… $59.2 trillion dollars.  Yep approximately $60 trillion in reparations is owed to blacks in America and this is based off minimum values. This is why Congress will never seriously talk about reparations in a meaningful way.

Crazy isn’t it!

So after reading the article it got me thinking. If the newly freed slaves had gotten the 40 acres and a…

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16 thoughts on “$59.624 Trillion (What Black People are Owed for Reparations for $5 Billion, Alex)

  1. I would be happy with a fraction of that and our own homeland in this country for those that want to stay or land in Afrika if they want to go there. But this demon seed will see us dead before they pay us anything.

    • Reparations have been given to the so-called Jew, Indians, Japanese, etc.

      Reparations for Black people, as I stated on another website, will go on a BALLOT first before WE see a penny of it. Bet that.

    • Reparations were paid to the so-called Jews, Indians and Japanese.
      Trust, it will go on a BALLOT first before BLACK people are ever paid what is owed to us. “Bet that.”

  2. You know this reminds me of this video I watched sometime last year. I don’t know if it was you or Brotha Wolf had it, but it was this cooning black Republican politician, he was bald but he likes to dress like a cowboy, in leather with a big black hat. So anyway in one of his campaign promotions he was talking with this old white man and if I remember correctly I think the White man’s words were “I’ve gone through my whole life without oppressing anyone. Now black folks like to go on like we white folks owe them something” I think that’s basically it in a nutshell…… In truth, White folks do owe us something, they owe us EVERYTHING

  3. Trust me, white people are already paying this debt; they are losing population. Karma is a bitch. For every Black man lynched; they lost a generation. And when the future generations of white people are made feeble; this debt will be paid indeed.

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