Malcolm X – “Our Shining Black Prince”

Happy Birthday brother! And thank you for standing up against these racist devils! Your memory lives on.

World Is Africa

In 1931, Malcolm’s father died in mysterious circumstances, run over by a streetcar. Although it was never proved, the suspicion remained that he had been killed by members of the Ku Klux Klan. The police recorded the death as suicide, thereby annulling Earl Little’s life insurance.

Malcolm Little

Left poverty-stricken, Malcolm’s mother struggled to make ends meet for her large family. The pressure took its toll and in 1937, six years after her husband’s death, she was committed to an asylum. The children were farmed out to various foster parents and homes. Malcolm went to school where a teacher asked the vulnerable Malcolm what he wanted to be. Malcolm answered, a lawyer. The teacher scoffed, told him to be realistic and recommended, instead, he become a carpenter. Disillusioned, he dropped out of school at the age of 15 and went to Boston to live with his older half-sister, Ella.


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12 thoughts on “Malcolm X – “Our Shining Black Prince”

  1. Many Thanks For This Post On The Enigmatic, Powerful, And Very Admirable Malcom…Beautiful Site Altogether, & Will In-joy Catching Up On Past & Present Posts…

    • Thank you Wyzedome. Malcolm deserves our utmost respect. He was a very brave man. His spirit lives on in those that love justice,equality and self respect. Thanks for the comment.

  2. If he were to be living today, he would have been ninety this year. No doubt he would be gravely disappointed at the progress or lack thereof in terms of the conditions today.
    By the way, those demons took down truthangels blog.

    • That was a cool blog. How did you find out? This proves we can all be shut down in this racist system. They don’t like the information you put out……they can close you down. What about free speech?? There is none. Slowly they are taking our rights away everyday. They have to suppress the truth any way they can. Truly racist hypocrites!! Makes me sick! I hope she comes back though. She’s a tough sista. I think she’ll come back again. But this should be a lesson for the rest of us. No one is exempt.

      • I knew because I tried to visit her blog today and it said it was no longer available. I hope she makes a return I know she will

      • I am totally looking forward to truthangels return. When it comes to us speaking the truth, our enemies cant handle it. However, they can say whatever they want against us and they usually are not held accountable. Such hypocrisy. The truth has been around all this time about who the real enemy is and they just dont want to deal with. Truthangel, i am awaiting your return sister.

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