A Tribute to Black Mothers

Beautiful post! Much love to all the mothers out there. You are appreciated!


black moms rock

Tomorrow marks the 107th celebration of Mother’s Day in the United States. Held on the second Sunday of May, we take this time to show love and appreciation for mothers, often unheralded champions in the Black community.

This important day comes with a bittersweet flavor. I cringe to think of how the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray and others like them will feel on Mother’s Day. Their children and the hope and possibilities which accompanied them, were executed by the police, media, and a criminal justice system that fails to recognize and honor their humanity and value ( hence the relevance of the resistance slogan, “Black lives matter”).

At the same time, we realize that Black women themselves, biological mothers or not, are also devalued in our society. In the case of mothers, we too often blame single Black moms for the “erosion” of Black family values…

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