Hey Black Child- Pe’Tehn Raighn Kem

This is a cute video. It’s written by poet Countee Cullen. It’s recited by this adorable girl,Pe ‘Tehn Raighn Kem. The poem is titled Hey Black Child. Kem is only three years old but she knows hoe to really deliver a poem. I hope you guys like it.

Hey Black Child
Do you know who you are
Who you really are
Do you know you can be
What you want to be
If you try to be
What you can be

Hey Black Child
Do you know where you are going
Where you’re really going
Do you know you can learn
What you want to learn
If you try to learn
What you can learn

Hey Black Child
Do you know you are strong
I mean really strong
Do you know you can do
What you want to do
If you try to do
What you can do

Hey Black Child
Be what you can be
Learn what you must learn
Do what you can do
And tomorrow your nation
Will be what you what it to be

17 thoughts on “Hey Black Child- Pe’Tehn Raighn Kem

      • yes I’m talking about you lol, some people have been worried out of their minds and started speculating some well, grim things….

      • Really?? A brother doesn’t comment for nine days and people think he’s disappeared. That’s funny.lol I’m just a busy man with a personal life outside of blogging. But I realize I’ve been posting a lot so I’m sure it might’ve seemed strange all if a sudden when I wasn’t commenting. But it’s actually very flattering to know my followers care enough to wonder about my well being. But no need to worry…KP is still doing his thing.lol Besides if and when I decide to stop blogging,I’ll let everyone know. I wouldn’t just leave unannounced. But like I said,it’s nice to know people care.

  1. wow, only 3 years old, cute brilliant, energetic. Great things really do come in small packages

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