N’Bushe Wright

N Bushe

The beautiful N’Bushe Wright started out as a dancer, trained at the prestigious Alvin Ailey Dance Center and the Martha Graham School of Dance, but then switched to acting, enrolling at Stella Adler’s studio. Within a year, Wright was starring in Anthony Drazan’s Zebrahead (1992). That year, she won the recurring role of Claudia, a black civil rights activist fighting for equal opportunities in education in the acclaimed but short-lived NBC television drama I’ll Fly Away. She received positive reviews for her moving portrayal of the drug-addicted older sister of the title protagonist in Boaz Yakin’s Fresh (1994). The following year, Wright played an idealistic Black Panther in the Hughes Brothers Dead Presidents (1995). A native of New York City, she is the daughter of jazz man Suleiman-Marim and a NYC Board of Education psychologist. Wright attended the Manhattan High School for the Performing Arts.

9 thoughts on “N’Bushe Wright

  1. Man I love her! I have had the biggest crush on her since childhood. She epitomizes black womanhood to me. Always so natural and confident. She is one of the most underrated black beauties on the big screen.

    Thank you Kushite for showcasing her!

    • I can definitely relate man. N’Bushe has always been a class act. I loved her the films Fresh and Blade. But my favorite performance was Dead Presidents. She did her thing in that film! It’s hard to believe she’s 44 years old. She still looks amazing! She looks better than a lot of these younger women in Hollywood. N ‘Bushe is in a class all be herself. I just wish she did more films. She hasn’t been in anything since 2006.

  2. Do you remember N’Bushe when she played a record label exec on the short-lived UPN show “Platinum” back in ’03? She was CEO of a record label with Jason George playing the CEO of a rival record label. Nobody remembers that show but me. I used to LOVE her in that series! Before there was Taraji as cookie lyon there was N’Bushe as Max Colt in Platinum.

    Still in love with N’Bushe.


    • Yes of course I remember that show! I think people don’t remember it because it wasn’t on very long. It was a pretty good show. I wish it would’ve ben on longer. It was nice to be able to see N’Bushe every week. Speaking of Platinum,do you remember Davetta Sherwood? She was on that show also. She’s really cute. I have a family friend that knows her personally.

    • I think she was one of the girlfriends. I didn’t know the original name was Empire. That’s very interesting. Thanks for the link. It’s very hard to find video clips on the series. Here’s one I found.

      I also can’t seem to find it anywhere on dvd. It’s almost like it never existed. This is common among a lot of black themed shows. Let me know if you find any information on it.

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