Amerikkkan Hollywood Cinema- Most Racist place on Earth!

This is a great scene from the film Hollywood Shuffle. I remember seeing this film as a kid.  I think the director Robert Townsend was really ahead of his time. This film is considered a classic by many. This scene perfectly illustrates that Hollywood is not very liberal at all. Hollywood is full of racist stereotypes and always has been. Many in Hollywood like to think of themselves as being liberal minded but they are far from it. The entire industry is ran by racists in my opinion.  Even though this film was made way back in 1987 the racist stereotypes persist to this very day.  Hollywood has made a fortune by portraying black people as maids,criminals,pimps,drug dealers,slaves,mammies, hustlers and sexual deviants.I’ve also noticed that many times black people die first in their films. We are always killed very early in most films.

This is a pattern I’ve seen over and over again. It just goes to show that we are seen as expendable. In their eyes our lives don’t matter very much and no one will care if we die. These racist stereotypes are nothing but conditioning the mind that black lives do NOT matter at all. The stereotypes are endless and have never stopped.


There is always The pimp. The pimp is there so that people see the black man as abusive and controlling. A horrible stereotype that Hollywood loves to use.

12 Years

The Slave image never seems to go away. Back in the 1970’s you had the television drama Roots. But there have been countless others.  Films like Amistad,Drum,Belle,Beloved,Glory,Mandingo and 12 Years a Slave. The slave stereotype is a constant reminder that blacks are second class citizens. And that blacks are here to work for white people. The fact that Obama is in office means nothing. That’s why slave films are so popular. It reminds the white audience that blacks are inferior. And to remind black people what their position is supposed to be.  As if we didn’t already know right?


The Black Criminal is a must in racist Hollywood. Not only are there many black criminals in films but gangster rappers help to reinforce the “scary black man” stereotype.  Hollywood has an obsession with black pathology. Anything that has to do with black death,violence or black degradation…..Hollywood is there to promote it! These gangster rappers are being duped. All they care about is getting paid. But there are being used to perpetuate the fallacy that most black men are demonic,sex crazed,blood thirsty criminals. Hopefully one they’ll wake up and see the truth.Pickaninny

The Pickaninny is back again! The Pickaninny was very popular back in the 1920’s and 30’s.  You saw this stereotype in cartoons a lot.  Buckwheat from the Little Rascals television show was a popular pickaninny character. Usually the character has their hair standing up looking unmanageable in some fashion. Now there is a show called Orange is The New Black with a woman named Crazy Eyes. It glorifies female prison life. That’s her in the pic up above. You thought the pickaninny was gone right? Don’t worry…racist Hollywood has you covered.

The Mammy stereotype is another one that wont go away. This video clip shows how the mammy has always been used. This shows black woman as maids and always their to take care of the white children. She is usually am overweight dark skinned woman. She is always seen as non-threating and there to help whites in any way she can. Oprah Winfrey plays into this stereotype a lot. The mammy works alongside the slave stereotype. They both are there to serve the needs of white people. Even above their own personal needs.

The Help

That’s why the film The Help was so popular and got lots of awards.  These are not all the racist stereotypes. There are many more. But these are some of the most popular stereotypes. The comedy Hollywood Shuffle was made twenty-eight years ago. It was a great commentary on how blacks are stereotyped and pigeonholed in a racist industry. So I ask you…how much has changed?

54 thoughts on “Amerikkkan Hollywood Cinema- Most Racist place on Earth!

  1. We must also castigate the Blacks who willingly allow themselves to be placed in roles that continue to perpetuate the stereotypes. If all Hollywood could offer me was one ‘maid’ character after another, I’d tell then where to stick it. But, for money, we sell our souls to the white devils and go bowing and scraping to them for more of the like.

    We must take some responsibility for what we allow others to do to us and how we are portrayed. They can refuse these roles, but they choose not to and if they really want to act, then there are enough Black people who have made quite a lot of money by either selling hit songs or acting to write, produce and star in their own productions, but we don’t do the right thing with what we earn. Until we start supporting and uplifting ourselves as Black people, we will continue to allow a racist Hollywood to stereotype us.

    Excellent post, btw Prince!

    • Yeah I feel what you’re saying. We are at the mercy of our oppressors. But I agree we do give in too easy for a paycheck. You will always have sellouts among your group. That’s why I feature them in my “Tales of Buffoonery” column. But this post I wanted to focus on the racist whites who control the industry. Yes we have sellouts, but I’m not letting these white folks off the hook either.

  2. @ Kushite Prince:

    This is an excellent post! It’s right on target, and this is why many Black people are calling for more of to go outside of Hollywood and start making our own films, just like Asians and Latinos have done.

    Also, thanks for posting those videos about “Empire”. Thry were great and told the truth!

    • Thanks queen! I’m glad you liked the post and the videos too. It’s good we’re on the same page. I’m trying my best to OPEN the eyes of black people that are still asleep. I want our people to see that this is a false reality we live in. It’s a reality created by some very evil people.

  3. My daughter pointed it to me when she was in elementary school that she could tell how the movie would end 15-minutes in because the major black players would always die.

      • She was always better at catching on than I was. She must have been about 8 or 9 at that time and I found it was true. We have discussed race issues many times over the years; she had as many black and Hispanic friends as white. She later went on to study Black Literature for three years at a top university for English Majors.

        My daughter had learning disabilities but those disabilities made her super-good at other skills like picking out who would die. I cannot explain it; she still has those skills.

      • Me also, I don’t really watch films these days, unless it’s movies like fast and furious where the majority of the protagonists are black

      • I watch all kinds of things but mostly comedies or light humor, family-type things. I do find that I cannot bear to watch characters that are caricatures of one race or another. I have not watched a western in years. I do enjoy shows where any character could be played by either race. Several of my favorite actors are black. Morgan Freeman, Queen Latifa and so on. Samuel L. Jackson is the bomb!

  4. Great post. Television, film and music has increasingly became a way for whites to subliminally project their racist beliefs onto the masses. I remember the actor Isiah Washington commented on how he faced pressure from co-star Harrison Ford during a film, who advocated that he play his role in a more stereotypical fashion. White actors (like Harrison Ford), writers, directors and more powerful studio executives are all instrumental in creating these negative images that you described.

    • Yeah they went at Isiah pretty hard. he made some comments about homosexuals and they kicked him out of Hollywood for awhile. Hollywood has a lot of homosexuals in their industry. And they wield a lot of power. You have to be careful not to bite the hand that feeds you right?

      • Oh definitely. If you’re Black and not willing to make compromises in Hollywood, you quickly become a pariah. The comedian Monique is the latest example of this.

      • The latest but she wont be the last. Lee Daniels said she didn’t want to “play the game”. Which is just code for didn’t bow down to what her white masters asked her to do.

  5. Did you guys think that the show Empire will break that stereotype that has been imposed to the Black community for how long? It’s just another mockery and an exaggeration about hip-hop culture. Seriously? Really? Still there’s no shows that inspires, motivates Black men and women and break that stereotype since Bill Cosby decided to do a comedy about a successful and affluent family the Huxtables and because a great hit. Ever since that, it just went straight back to degrading Blacks by giving them roles that offends a lot. Sadly, money is in place, and if they’re able to get it from a pond full of worms and mud, they could pretend to be going to the top, than getting two part-time jobs.

    • That’s so true Omay. Empire is electronic crack. People can’t stay away from the anti-blackness and negativity. It’s like they’re drawn to it. They’re like a helpless addict in many ways.

  6. The problem with most black folks today is that they want to hit everything big first and everything big period, they are not content with having small, manageable and sustainable goals nor are they content with starting off small either.

    Racist whites will always be racist whites, they will not change, we already know what we have to do, there is no rocket science involved in the solution which is simple, start doing our own things and wean ourselves off the cracked cup of the European propaganda which states that things coming from white people are better.

    Those blacks who wish to continue swimming in the pool of laziness and who wish to remain in the slave master’s conformed state must be abandoned immediately. These culprits are the one of the main reasons why we have remained stagnant for the past 60 years, think about it, we had much more to ourselves when we were facing direct, in your face, offensive racism than we do today. Is that what it is going to take to push the button of motivation in us once again, a dose of persecution?

    • Completely and utterly true words were NEVER spoken! The same people whining about black people need to ‘get over it’ have no problem making million dollar films and giving awards to tripe like 12 Years which just goes back to the same old shit as before. It’ ridiculous and don’t look to the actors themselves they are stone cold drunk on the Hollyweird Kool-Aid.

  7. I loved this article, it’s so true,the problem is there are black directors looking to make positive black movies but they aren’t getting alot of support from black people.

  8. This is an excellent article. No rotten tree can bear good fruit. Hollywood’s evil fruit has been in existence then and now. More Brothers and Sisters need to understand that the anti-black negative stereotypes from Hollywood is an act of war against the black collective in general.

  9. Great post! I get so tired of Black People complaining about how we’re portrayed, get mad when a black actress/actor is not nominated for (or win) an oscar year after year, yet expect whites to someday change and do better by us in tv and film. We ought to know by now that your open enemy will NEVER acknowledge our god given talents. *sigh*

  10. Great review on Hollyweird stereotypes. I think about how people talk about how much things have changed regarding black people and stereotypes. Nah, nothing hasn’t changed at all. The Hollyweird white supremacist just became more refined in re-packaging these images in a more covert, “prettier” package.

  11. I know some of y’all have seen or heard about the 1992 movie “Candyman” that has symbolism of racism in the movie. Its about a white woman doing the research of a urban legend about a black male being lynch for having a relationship with a white woman during slavery days. The setting is in Chicago in the Cabrini Green Project that is mostly a poor black residents. The beginning of the movie open up with the Sears Tower being engulf with by a swarm of bees a phallic symbol. The symbolism is all in the movie a black male terrorizing a white woman. During the lynch scene Candyman hand was cut off as opposed to the customary genital mutilation of black males. They later had honey pour all over his body then he was allegedly killed by being stung to death by bees. A massive hook was replace for his hand in which he kills his victims with by inserting into genital areas of his victims.
    There was a scene when Candyman pushes his hook up the dress of a helpless white woman whose the main character in the movie. At the end of the film the White woman savior risk her life saving a black infant baby. The black male “Candyman” is publicly lynch again by being burn to the stake just like old times. This is one racist movie a lot of black people fail to call out as well.
    Candyman must had a lot of self-hate in him because most of the victims he was killing & terrorizing were black people in his community then oppose to the one’s that really killed him who were white. But end the end Candyman still died trying to have a white woman.

    • Yes I’ve seen Candyman before. The actor who plays him is Tony Todd. I actually met him ten years ago at a comic book convention in Los Angeles. He was a pretty cool guy. I shook his hand. But you’re right,it’s a very racist film. The racism is pretty blatant in my opinion. I’ve noticed that many old horror and action films from the eighties and nineties are very racist. They didn’t hide it much back then. The racism in films nowadays are much more covert. The racism is very refined now. Thanks for the reminder. I forgot about that film.

  12. @ Verbs 2015:

    “Those blacks who wish to continue swimming in the pool of laziness and who wish to remain in the slave master’s conformed state must be abandoned immediately. These culprits are the one of the main reasons why we have remained stagnant for the past 60 years, think about it, we had much more to ourselves when we were facing direct, in your face, offensive racism than we do today. Is that what it is going to take to push the button of motivation in us once again, a dose of persecution? ”

    I agree with this poster.


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