Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 12 (Kerry Washington)

I guess this post was bound to happen. I know many people like Kerry Washington. I know a lot of different women look up to her as some type of role model. But I think there are just certain types of women(and men) who admire her. I think most proud black women who love black men and their community probably can see through the façade that Kerry is hiding behind. I admit like many black men,that Kerry is a beautiful woman. But just being beautiful doesn’t give you a pass. And I know she had a child with an African man. I give her some props for that. But who you choose to love,marry and reproduce is only part of the equation in the black struggle. Although I admit  it is a very important part.It’s also about what you stand for and who you stand against. I know many black women think rapper/actor Common is a handsome brother. And he dates sistas too. But he still needed to be called out for his recent buffoonish comments. So I believe that Kerry should also be called out as well. The reality is Kerry could’ve gotten this honor just for the show Scandal alone. I know there are those who will disagree with this post. But I have to stay true to myself and my own convictions. I had to do this post after I heard her comments at a recent award ceremony.The Scandal star was honored with a Vanguard Award at the 26th Annual GLAAD Media Awards for being a champion for the LGBT community promoting equal rights. You can watch the video above and judge for yourself. Part of her speech as

Women, poor people, people of color, people with disabilities, immigrants, gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, trans people, intersex people: we have been pitted against each other and made to feel like there are limited seats at the table for those of us who fall into the category of ‘other.”

Notice that she mentioned women,immigrants,bisexuals,trans people and “people of color??? Huh?? Why can’t she just say black people?? She didn’t even have the guts to mention her own race but can name everyone else. It’s because she’s in a room full of white homosexual and lesbians and doesn’t want to offend them. In Hollywood you can’t say the words “racism”, “Jewish control” or “white supremacy”. That’s a big NO NO! And Kerry knows it! if she wants to get a steady paycheck from her white masters she better stay far away from confronting those who really control things in Hollywood. Black people face discrimination and racism everyday day but she’s talking about gay rights?? Blacks aren’t even treated as equals right now. Many of us are homeless,unemployed,living in poverty,have no economic power base and killed by the cops every other day……and she’s talking about gay rights?? Negro please!! She can stand up for so-called “gay rights” but can’t speak up for her own people’s struggle.  The fact that she said “people of color” instead of blacks or African Americans is very telling. But wait..it gets better. Later on she does mention black people but it was to throw us under the bus! She goes on to attack black people for not accepting sexual perversion as normal. She claims black people have no right to criticize gays because we have been discriminated against as well.  Kerry says:

“We can’t say that we believe in each other’s fundamental humanity and then turn a blind eye to the reality of each others’ existence and the truth of each other’s hearts. We must be allies. And we must be allies in this business because to be represented is to be humanized. And as long as anyone, anywhere is being made to feel less human, our very definition of humanity is at stake and we are all vulnerable.”

Fundamental humanity???  Unarmed blacks are shot and choked to death by cops and the cops walk free!! We are shot and killed like dogs in the street Ms Washington! And you’re talking about humanity! You have lost your damn mind. How come you’re not as bold with the people who oppress your people?? But you can put black people in check right? Go sit your ass down somewhere! And take that anti-black,interracial promoting show with you! I’m so sick of you so-called “new blacks”.  She also says:

“So when black people today,tell me that they don’t believe in gay marriage…” Then she gives a side eye.

This was very disturbing for a few reasons. For one,she’s making that connection that the gay struggle is the same as the black struggle. I’ve covered this many times on my blog. They keep using these house negroes to push their gay agenda. I can’t believe people still try to fight me on this point, It’s pretty obvious what they’re doing at this point. She is trying to make the correlation between the oppression of slavery versus homophobia. This is a massive FAIL. You’re dead wrong for that Kerry. And if you notice in the video when she makes this statement about black people it gets a standing ovation and the biggest applause. Hmmm…..a bit strange isn’t it? Why is that? It’s because they know most black people don’t condone that behavior. And Kerry is just a puppet for her elite masters. She is doing exactly what they tell her to say and do. These so-called “new blacks” are seriously getting on my damn nerves. I’m tired of these loud mouth sell outs. This goes for Charles Barkley,Don Lemon,Raven Symone,Common and all the rest. Last year Don Lemon was awarded as Self Hater of the Year. I think Kerry might be the front runner this year. Her statements disgusted me! No more Mr Nice Guy. I’m calling out all these buffoons in sports or entertainment. I’m pulling no punches from now on.


Kerry hanging out at the awards show with anti-blackness screenwriter Shonda Rhimes. Along with(anti-sexual) Ellen Degenerate and her “wife”. Everyone is all smiles in a system of oppressing black people. It’s all good Kerry. At least now we all know where your loyalty lies.

37 thoughts on “Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 12 (Kerry Washington)

  1. I’m not surprised at all at Kerry . This is not the first time for her. She has been saying backwards shit for a long time and I have been giving her the side eye for a long time. She’s been buffooning, cooning before Raven, Don, Common, and a few others.

    • You’re right OW13. She has doing this for awhile. people have been letting her slide because she has a hit show,on magazine covers and she’s beautiful. Well that doesn’t work in my book. Either you speak up against racism or you’re a tap dancing buffoon! Kerry let us all know what side of the fence she’s on. She definitely deserves the side eye.

    • Agreed! I recall when Kerry was a up and coming actress. And she had a more “grass-roots” persona.

      “Another lost soul and sista.”

      • That’s true Epi. Kerry as changed over the years. She’s much different than the girl I first saw in Save the Last Dance. I think as you get bigger roles you have to sell out at some point. You begin to lose some of your dignity and self respect. Your humanity starts to slip away and you have to spew their beliefs. Otherwise they won’t get any work in Hollywood.

  2. She’s not my role model for some reasons. In the TV Scandal, she is “in love” with a married man, who is the president of the United States. The series focus on how her personal unorganized life affect her job in a big way to the point of being degraded, humiliated and labeled. Her choices in men are poorly based. Even if guys are single and available, she rather loves a married man than having a healthy relationship. I don’t care if he’s black or white, but if Kerry has integrity, she would say: “Hell to the NO!” Because it emphasizes that Black Women should be having affairs and being suffered instead of building a family or something. Another one that sadly, isn’t Black enough, but a laughinstock. I better watch Better Call Saul instead, thank you!

    • Her character on Scandal has NO integrity. She is just a white man’s whore on that show. It’s a shame that Shonda Rhimes(black woman) would write such garbage. But I guess to get steady work you must degrade your people and push negative stereotypes. Both of them are disgraceful!!

      • I think she was influenced by the white elite to create this crap to tell black women is ok to have an affair, but not okay to have a single man who wants to create a family… its destructive…

  3. goes to show how asleep most of our people are. I admit I have my guilty pleasure *cough* Tyler Perry *cough* but Scandal is one show I am not following or digesting, that is foul.

    • Yeah I know we all have our secret guilty pleasures. Some like Empire,Scandal Reality shows etc.. But some of these shows are just straight garbage! Many of them have no redeeming quality and are poison for our people. The only Tyler Perry film I kind of liked was Daddy’s Little Girls. One of the few films Perry made where the black man was looked at in a positive light. Which is very rare in his films.

  4. And I’m tired telling anyone will listen or read my msg. The most powerful black woman character on TV is Jessica Pearce/Pierce; Suits on the USA network played by Gina Torres.

    She’s the head of an international law firm.
    She’s in a relationship w/a black man.
    (And a dark one at that. Not them hi-def vanilla wafers/twix brothers or sisters that seem to “represent” us.)
    Always the smartest person, not woman, person in the room.
    Always gets last laugh.
    Guaranteed, with half the promo and a little recognition to a character like hers existing on TV in the age of Scandal you wouldn’t hear about Olivia Pope.

    I can’t throw her to the coals behind “POC.”
    But, see that vainglorious shoutout to that vile roman lifestyle… Do what you do Prince.

    • Thanks Nat. I love Gina Torres. She is a very talented actress. I’ve heard about that show Suits but I never seen it before. I had no idea she was in it. Of course a show like Scandal would be more heavily promoted because of the agenda at hand. I will check out Suits and see what it’s about. And yes that ‘Roman lifestyle” is not a good look at all! But what’s funny is that Hollywood is FULL of gay people. They practically run Hollywood. So it’s funny that they pretend that they are somehow discriminated against in the industry.lol What a joke!!lol It’s all a ploy to gain sympathy for their cause. I’m not buying it..

  5. Great post. You’re absolutely correct when pointing out the false correlation she makes between the supposed gay struggle and the historical/present day conditions of Black people. The universal application of Black people with gays is counterproductive and disregards more concrete causes, such as White Supremacy playing a central role in the plight of Black people. Instead everything becomes Ahistorical (the past has no relevance in the decision making of modern life) and all social problems are believed to be solved through a false notion of a meritocracy.

    Also, the prevailing notion that Black people need to be the vanguards of every social groups political agenda (as she alluded to in her speech), is problematic. Currently, we Black people only have a finite amount collective power. Particularly when it comes to determining public policy, we don’t have the material means to implement reform.

    Therefore, why should the onus always be on us to exhaust our mental and physical manpower on issues that are not paramount to our own lives? Presently, we have enough issues of our own to worry about.

    Unfortunately, these Black celebrities and spokespersons for nonessential issues (Gay Rights, etc) cannot see or refuse to see this reality.

    • “Currently, we Black people only have a finite amount collective power. Particularly when it comes to determining public policy, we don’t have the material means to implement reform.
      Therefore, why should the onus always be on us to exhaust our mental and physical manpower on issues that are not paramount to our own lives.”
      You summed it up perfectly Kasai! I think that may be the best reply on this post. That is a very good question. We are struggling to survive ourselves. How can we be so concerned about the plight of so many others?? The onus should NOT be on US! It makes no sense. You are very on point! It’s very hard to disagree with your statements. Thank you for this reply.

  6. Big post, much love for staying true and for being a voice for what is right. ‘People of colour’ haha I have to laugh at that, in such hysterics because I know not she is referring To My Beautiful Black brothers and sister, mothers and furthers as ‘people of colour’, ha. NO KNOWLEDGE OF SELF. I feel for her. Peace and Love always. Xx

    • I feel you Nicole. It’s clear that Kerry is a lost soul. It amazes me what people will do for fortune and fame. They will compromise their core beliefs. It’s quite sad when you think about it.

      • But as we know, in order to get to where they are these celeb’s sell thete soul, so indeed they are knowledge less. We cannot feel sorry or be pity full nor Angry, We have to be proud that WE know, We are Black Beautiful and Proud. BBP. P3ace and Love xx

  7. I’m in a mood right now that’s not really positive so I’ll keep all this venom to myself. But I saw this speech and just shook it off because look who it is. I’ve tried to separate these actors from the roles they play, but then they step off the stage and continue the minstrel show. We are a doomed people and that’s just that. We seem to be suffering from some form of “fuckitigiveupitis”, well, that ain’t in me so I’ll continue this struggle until these demons take me out.

  8. You know, when I see a Black woman co-signing on the propaganda orchestrated by the white power structure, I know this child has been brainwashed. Why in the hell would a heterosexual Black woman endorse something that by its very design, threatens the Black family. Please tell me how homosexual Black men will strengthen their race. When you stop producing children, and endorsing same-sex relationship, this in time becomes genocide. It’s all about white genetic survival, and yet again, another delusional Negro has been indoctrinated in the deception of “illusion of inclusion, and is assisting unconsciously in the intended demise of our people. Dumb bitch!

      • I think all of this Illuminati crap is bullshit. Can you imagine being enslaved mentally by other human beings who are totally degenerate of spirit and consciousness, then surrendering all levels of intelligence and not question what they are being sold?

        It’s crazy.

    • Yeah I’ve changed it about ten times already. I haven’t got too many complaints about the new background. So I’ll probably leave it as it is for awhile. Thanks for dropping by.

  9. This is the problem with black women and women in general, they love subscribing to movements, philosophies and edicts that are detrimental to themselves. Why on earth would any woman accept and embrace the tenets of homosexuality? Homosexual men are fighting for the same assets as straight women, men. Homosexuals love the challenge of converting straight man, naturally seeing as homosexuality is a decadent and dysfunctional lifestyle to begin with. Don’t believe me, wasn’t there a programme on television not so long ago named “Queer Eye For The Straight Guy”, enough said there and point easily proven. Then women will complain at the same time that they cannot find any decent, manly men. Women have to start thinking about the things that they choose to support instead of riding bandwagons and movements based upon emotion.

    The other issue here is that we must stop using the terms, words, slogans and phrases handed down by the mainstream media in relation to homosexuals and lesbians. I personally never refer to homosexuals as “gay” because it doesn’t make any sense at all. How can a word that originally means “happy” now all of a sudden be used to refer to people who prefer the same sex? Is anybody else here seeing the disconnect, the illogical fusion and the problem with using the term “gay” to describe homosexuals?

    Another issue to raise is that not all homosexuals and lesbians are “happy” in their lifestyle choice, therefore yet again it would be a disservice to refer to homosexuals and lesbians as “gay”. Stop using their terms, words, slogans and phrases, everytime you do you are automatically brainwashing yourself to a degree of acceptance. As per usual some folks will always compare the black struggle with the homosexual struggle, this is how much disrespect people have for black folks, why is the homosexual struggle never compared to the Jewish struggle of the past or the struggles of any other nationalities of people?

    We need to stop showing interest in the meaningless nonsense that this system promotes as having value. Most of all we as black people need to start building our own empire so that we can become self sufficient to where we do not need to turn towards people who hate us in order to obtain the bare necessities.

    • Homosexuality is anti-life and anti-African as far as I’m concerned. I will never condone this sexual perversion disguised as a “lifestyle”. Kerry should know better than to promote this garbage. She is fulfilling the bed wench fantasy fro white men. That’s why she gets so much praise from the mainstream media. That’s the problem with a lot of our people. We don’t mind being a whore for the media…if the price is right. But I hear what you’re saying about using their terminology. We have to be very careful with our words. Playing word games is what Europeans do best. And like I said before,the homosexual struggle is NOT our struggle. They have never gone through our pain and suffering. I find it very insulting when people make the comparison. It’s an insult to my ancestors.

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