Interview with Kushite Prince

Interview I recently did. I have to give a big shout out to my girl Latrice. Much respect to this sista. Be sure to check out her blog.

Sincere Ignorance

Why do you call yourself Kushite Prince?

 I read a book years ago about the Kushite kingdoms in Africa. I call myself Prince because I don’t feel like I’m a king……yet.

What was your upbringing like and how did it shape you to be the man you are today?

 I grew up in southern California. I had a very loving family. My father instilled in me to always speak my mind and demand respect. My mother told me to always stand up for myself and be a proud black man. She also told me to never put another race of women above black women. Those teachings shaped me into who I am today.

At what age did you become aware with how the world operates on race?

A learned at about seven years old that white people were everywhere. And they were always on television. I assumed they controlled everything…

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4 thoughts on “Interview with Kushite Prince

  1. CooL interview! I was wondering about the motives behind your name and default picture myself. Great insight

  2. Good interview and insight. I believe that, as future Kings and Queens, that we must go through the socialization process as well as Spirit “providing” us each with the spiritual realm that is deemed “necessary” for each one of us.

    I’m so glad that you took the path that we all should endeavor to seek, that of OUR black history. One cannot say where they are going if they do not know where they have been. I am absolutely sure that more of our people would be “saved.”

    Thank you,


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