Shailene Woodley is a Black Woman( and other myths)


I want you to take a good hard look at the woman in this picture. Some people want to claim her as a black woman. Are you a bit confused? You’re not alone. She is an actress by the name of Shailene Woodley. There’s a lot of hype about her right now. She is the star of the Divergent films series. The second installment comes out later this week called Insurgent. While was looking on the internet last week I came across an article about this actress. There were an article stating that Woodley was of African descent. I thought this was a joke at first and it peaked my interest. As I did a little investigating I found some sites that said her great-great grand parents may have been of Creole descent. And of course all the white racists were having a fit! They were not happy that their beautiful white starlet may be tainted with black blood! Heaven forbid! I found out that most of her so called “African lineage” was on her mother’s side. I found a bio about her which states:

“Shailene’s father has English ancestry. Shailene’s maternal grandfather had African-American ancestry, and Shailene’s maternal grandmother has Louisiana Creole (including African, French, Spanish, and German) ancestry on one side of her family, and English and Swiss ancestry on the other side of her family.Shailene’s paternal grandparents were Virgil James Woodley and Dovie Oralee Sims (the daughter of Omer Epsy Sims and Eva Ellen Payne). Virgil was born in Oklahoma. Dovie was born in Texas. Their families had been in the United States for many generations, and had English ancestry.Shailene’s maternal grandfather was Stephen David Victor (the son of Harold Victor and Bessie Harrold). According to most censuses, both Harold and Bessie were Black and/or biracial (censuses list Harold and Bessie as black, and one census lists them as “Mulatto”). Harold was from Louisiana. Bessie was born in California, to Texas-born parents, William John Harrold and Bessie Hutchins.Shailene’s maternal grandmother is Diane Lynn Fauria (the daughter of Vernon Louis Fauria and Marguerite Lois Davis). Vernon was a Louisiana Creole. Maguerite was Caucasian.Both of Vernon Fauria’s parents had black ancestry, mixed with caucasian. Vernon’s father, Joseph Mathews Fauria, was of African, Spanish, French, and German descent. Vernon’s mother, Aline Louise Martinez, had Spanish, African, and possibly French, ancestry. Maguerite Davis’s father, Norman E. Davis, was likely of British Isles/English ancestry. Maguerite’s mother, Shailene’s maternal great-great-grandmother, Evangeline Perinjacket, was the daughter of Swiss immigrants. This makes Shailene Woodley of 1/16th Swiss ancestry.”

Shailene Great grand Vernon and Marguerite

This picture is her great grand parents Vernon Fauria and Maguerite Davis. Vernon looks like he could be a mulatto or maybe Italian at best. But neither grandparent looks very black to me.

Great great Grand Jospeh

Here’s another picture of her great-great grand parents. How many of them look really black to you? Not too many from my viewpoint. So what is Shailene then? 1/48 black? 1/25 black? I have no idea. I was never good at fractions.  Whatever black she has in her it must be very small.This issue is much bigger than Ms Woodley. This issue goes back to the “one drop” rule. It was a system set up by the white power structure during slavery. It’s an issue that wont seem to go away. I have seen many  black people attach themselves to celebrities that don’t look very black in my opinion. This madness has to stop. It begs the question. Who is Black? Who is African? Should we accept anyone who has the smallest bit of “black blood” as one of our own?


Is actor Vin Diesel black? His mother is white but he says he never knew his father. He wants to be called “racially ambiguous”. What the hell does that mean? Does having a colorblind mindset help to end racism?


What about actor Wentworth Miller? Is this a black man? He speaks out about racism from time to time? Does that qualify him to be a black man. His bio says his racial makeup is Dutch,African American,Jewish,Swedish,Syrian,German,French,Lebanese and Russian! Whew!!! Did you get all that? Okay so what is he?

Rebecca Hall

Actress Rebecca Hall is Dutch,African American and Sioux. Which makes her about 1/8 black. Say what you want be she has more African ancestry than Shailene Woodley and Wentworth Miller put together. The reality is there are a lot of people of mixed race nowadays. And black people have so few heroes that we want to be able to see people that represent us. That’s only natural. But I think they should at least look somewhat black. I think when you have people claiming that the Wentworth Miller’s of the world are black… can cause a whole lot of confusion. They should be called what they are…biracial or mixed. I don’t mean to offend anyone at all. That is not my intention. I just think that calling mixed raced people, African or black doesn’t help fight white supremacy. If we want to really move forward as a people and end racism we need some clarification on who is black and who is not. All this talk about “post racial America”,”colorblindness” and “we are all mixed” is nonsense. We have to deal with the REAL world. There are social and class divisions. But the racial divide is the biggest of them all.

Here’s a post by blogger Lumumba Afrika. He makes some very valid points on this very topic.

“It took me a year to finally accept this conclusion. I had an argument with a YouTuber concerning this issue in reference to a video he posted entitled “Just because you got black in you.” He proceeded to say that racially mixed people (i.e. people with parents from two distinctly different racial groups with one being Black/Afrikan) are not Afrikan and I predictably had an emotional argument referencing the systematic rape that occurred to Afrikans perpetrated by whites (Europeans) in the USA which resulted in the wider spectrum of skin colour seen in the Afrikan population in the US today. However, after failing to convince him and unsubscribing from his channel, I had several months to listen to interviews and read a lot of material, historical, biological, sociological, and political. I eventually reached the conclusion that indeed he is correct. Hybridized people are not Afrikan and should not be accepted as such.

Before you throw around the term “racist”, let me define the term as per my understanding, The terms “racism” and “racist” are actually misnomers. The phenomena should more accurately be termed “ethnocentric economic protectionism for the purposes of seeking, securing and wielding wealth and power”. Understandably, with this more accurate term, it is more convenient for the “racists” to use the former terminology because it deftly conceals the true nature of the phenomenon and makes confused, naive, and unsuspecting people believe that “anyone can be racist” because they treat someone of another race or more appropriately termed “geno-cultural group”, rudely or make disparaging comments about them. Moreover, the more academically accepted terms “white supremacists” and “white supremacy” are actually not a correct terms either, although from a eurocentric point of view these terms do surreptitiously stimulate the “utamaroho” (Ani, 1994), of Europeans and people classified as white, these terms are nevertheless used to describe the phenomenon in critical race theory and other fields of study. The appropriate terms are actually either “white world domination by terror” (Kambon, 2006) or “white hegemony”. This is an ideology that holds that whites are better, smarter, and more capable producers and managers of wealth than non-white people, and specifically those categorised as black. Hence it justifies by any means necessary the total destruction of any successful model of development independent of whites or without white people leading, organising and directing it. The logic of this racial hierarchical model proceeds downward with each racial group being more adept at this activity than the lower caste. This ideology informs the system of “white supremacy” that is presently masquerading as globalism. Therefore, it is impossible for a non-white victim (and especially Afrikans) of this system to be a racist, practice racism, be a white supremacist, white hegemonist, or participate in white ethnocentric economic protectionism or “white world domination by terror” in any way that ultimately benefits his or her existence within his or her geno-cultural group and the group as a whole entity as such.

So back to why mulattoes are not Afrikan. Firstly, I would like to posit the view that mulattoes are genome terminator entities, meaning that they can’t reproduce themselves like their respective parents can if they had have mated with one of their own geno-cultural group. A mulatto must mate with another mulatto to reproduce themselves or else their offspring reverts back towards whichever geno-cultural group they have chosen to mate with or they create another hybridised offspring should they decide to mate with another hybridised person or someone from a geno-cultural group which is not one of their parents. Hence their genome pattern cannot maintain structural integrity and they terminate. This is actually the strongest argument for why mulattoes are not Afrikan. Every other geno-cultural group on the planet knows this including the hybridised groups such as the Arabs. The Hispanic/Latinos are another matter which I will address later. I won’t discuss the Indians of South Asia (see the talk by Dr. Velu Annamalai – “Dali: The Black Untouchables of India” on YouTube) but one could reasonably compare my discussion below of the Hispanic/Latinos with that of the Indians, although it is not entirely the same. Other geno-cultural groups never accept a hybrid as one of them. This DOES NOT mean that they treat the hybrid unkindly or should do so in all cases, nor does it mean that the hybrid cannot participate in economic or educational opportunities. However, at the level of strategic power in which the lives and destiny of the geno-cultural group are at stake, hybrids have no place, no relevant voice in matters such as these as they are not part of the geno-cultural group’s GENETIC survival. This is an error that Afrikan people have made. They have assumed that because of “racist” practices of other geno-cultural groups to cast off their hybrids among us, even when they have been created but not fully accepted among the ranks of others, and furthermore the other groups made rules about why they have done so, (i.e. the one drop rule), we have felt an obligation to accept them which has resulted in a non-exclusive preachment befalling the Afrikan geno-cultural group. This failure to address who is Afrikan and who is not has left us vulnerable to infiltration, not only by hybrids, but by non-Afrikans under the false claim that they are too Afrikan because they were either born on the Afrikan continent, they have some distant ancestor who participated in or was raped into producing a hybrid, or they cling to an as yet unproven theory of the “out of Afrika hypothesis” of human origin founded with the propagation of Darwin’s THEORY of evolution. This has left Afrikan people without a codified set of standards, rules and regulations about who is an Afrikan and has exposed us to confused mulattoes seeking a constituency and other unscrupulous interlopers seeking to dominate us.

It was part of racist practices of our enemies to create a one-drop rule. White men did it so they wouldn’t have to legally and formally acknowledge the offspring they had as a result of raping Afrikan women and mulattoes. In fact, I would submit that non-Afrikans who pursue sexual relations with Afrikan people are practicing ethnocentric economic protectionism by way of furthering the social hegemonic aspect of this system, albeit it in a vulgar, perverted, and insidiously biologically destructive way. These people know full well that at present Afrikan people are the least respected geno-cultural group on the planet, so they are seeking to fulfill a need to feel superior to someone through a sexual encounter (which is one of the most vulnerable situations, psychologically and spiritually, a victim of this assault can engage in) which is done most likely due to a sense of inferiority in the non-Afrikan’s own geno-cultural group, or the perpetrators are inherently lustful and perverted and seek to satisfy carnal sexual fetishes at the expense of the non-geno-cultural other, in this case the Afrikan.The Afrikan geno-cultural group is under no obligation through this behaviour to “accept” mulatto offspring as part of our geno-cultural group anymore than other geno-cultures. It is due to our relative powerlessness and refusal to strictly define who is an Afrikan that has lead to this confusion. Afrikans as part of our liberation and industrial renaissance of Afrikan civilisation, must codify and institutionalise a valid definition of who is an Afrikan. I would suggest reading Chinweizu’s discussion of the “mirror test” for some insight into this matter.”

I think Lumumba has thought about this subject long and hard. It’s a very touchy subject for many people. But a subject that I felt needed to be addressed.

N Word

So we can stop foolishness like in this pic. And just in case anyone is still confused…Shailene is a white woman.

73 thoughts on “Shailene Woodley is a Black Woman( and other myths)

  1. Shailene is about as black as Nicole Kidman with a bad sunburn.. This heffa is white. whoever tries to claim her as black needs their eyes and ears examined.

    • Interestingly, it wouldn’t surprise me if Channing Tatum had black blood, but they’ll leave that alone because they need him as proof white people can dance. Selective release of information…

      • That man is of English, Scottish, Northern Irish, and German Descent. He has claimed that he has Native American ancestry but that hasn’t been verified as of late, there was also some speculation that he has 1/16th African ancestry but that is highly doubtful his his matrilineal and patrilineal line all go back to Europe. Also all his grandparents and great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents have all been classified as white on US census. That dude is white, and nothing including sporting a buzz-cut in GI Joe, or some doing some break dance routine in Step-Up convinces me otherwise.

      • You’ve missed my point entirely, but nevertheless this this was supposed to supplement my earlier comment not reply to yours. So for that I apologize. Still learning how to navigate wordpress via mobile.

        What I was trying to say was that it wouldn’t be surprised if they’d acknowledge black ancestry on other white actors if it was beneficial to the “diverse initiative” at hand.

      • Speaking of Channing Tatum,have you noticed a lot of these dance films have been taken over by white actors. It’s been a slow progression. Blacks start all these dance trends(breakdancing,stomping,crunk) then whites see that they can market it. Next thing you know you have two white leads and blacks are playing the side kick again. Hollywood is really something

      • YESSSSS!!!!! even the male stripper dynamic has Channing’s face on it. Black men are sexualized in a way that white men have never been, this correlates to the natural rhythm most black men have.

        So… a white man as “magic mike” ain’t nothing but an attempt to steal that too. Just like the epidemic of white women with big booties aimed to rob the black women of her “assets,” Channing Tatum is trying to reinvent the white man as a sex symbol.

      • Exactly! They want to steal everything from us. I’m glad you can see this is what’s going on. I see more black men in tv shows as homosexuals than I do as strong black men. We are being replaced with a feminine image. And then of course the symbols for a nice butt are Kim Kar-trash-ian and J Ho. The most beautiful lips belong to Angelina Jolie!! This is utter garbage! Nothing but culture vultures! We originate,they imitate. You feel me?

      • @KP: Speaking of the feminization of black men today, have you seen/heard about this new GARBAGE show coming on the Oxygen Network. It’s a disgrace to all black men.

        I will gladly sign a petition to shut this shit down

      • Yes I’ve seen that advertisement. I covered the Prancing Elites in Tales of Buffoonery Episode 3. They want to destroy the image of black manhood. This show is a disgrace! It’s an insult to all black men! It’s absolutely disgusting!!

  2. this is another act of white privelage to selectively claim diverdity.

    any black descendants of slaves have white ancestry but that does not make us white. Like many other black people, most blacks have a white great great grandparent but Unlike Shailene, can’t use their lineage for anything but a talking point ( or a token of their ignorance in seeming “less black” or “exotic” )

    Now people can say one of the sci fi starlets is “black” when she isn’t. If Shailene was black she would not have been cast as the lead she would have been cast as the side kick, like Zoe Kravitz who is of mixed ancestry but it considered black (enough) to casting directors. Ugh this makes me so mad!

    Sorry for rambling. Very thorough post!

    • Yeah Saaraa. This woman is clearly white. But you know how our people can be. We love to cling onto anyone that might have a little bit of black in them. This comes from low self esteem. There are enough black men and women in history for us to look up to. I’ve showcased many on this very blog. And I agree with you,if she truly was black she would NOT be the lead. She would definitely be the sidekick for sure. This whole film series is just a knockoff of the Hunger Games anyway. At least that’s how I felt when I saw the film Divergent. Thanks for the comment. You always have great insight on these subjects.

    • Yeah that actress is not black,by the way some descendants of slaves are still unmixed africans and have not white/european ancestry at all.

  3. “I just think that calling mixed raced people, African or black doesn’t help fight white supremacy. “….This is what the white supremacist ( yes I will ride with that term) will use to undarken the world and make it a “safer place”. Mutts, everywhere i look i see Mutts and mongrels. And them and the zombie knee-grows want to improve their position in a society that wishes to eliminate the eumelanin in the planets original hue-man. Sad people seeking to infect others with their sadness

    • I see it happening too. It’s like they want to dilute the African gene. They want us to see mixed/biracial as more attractive in my opinion. That’s why there is such a push for interracial marriage and dating. To many brainwashed blacks think being mixed is a step up the social ladder. Anti-blackness is a real sickness It’s worst than dementia.

  4. “I just think that calling mixed raced people, African or black doesn’t help fight white supremacy.If we want to really move forward as a people and end racism we need some clarification on who is black and who is not.All this talk about “post racial America”,”colorblindness” and “we are all mixed” is nonsense. We have to deal with the REAL world. There are social and class divisions. But the racial divide is the biggest of them all.”

    I agree 100%. Due to the mass sexual assault against the African Woman, a lot of whites have just a smidgen of black blood but they are not black. Shailene is clearly not a Black Woman. With all the white female appropriation of the Black Woman’s body and Womanhood this may be a move on her part to snag a silly Negro man. Or this may be apart of the IR propaganda flooding the media right now to further the genocide of the Black Race with all of this “We all are mixed” nonsense to convince people that genocide is ok. But whatever it is, I believe there is always some underlying agenda, especially when a white person come out with these claims.

    • “Or this may be apart of the IR propaganda flooding the media right now to further the genocide of the Black Race with all of this “We all are mixed” nonsense to convince people that genocide is ok. But whatever it is, I believe there is always some underlying agenda, especially when a white person come out with these claims.”
      You know how they operate OW13. There’s always an agenda! Everything you see on television and films is designed to program your mind to accept certain ideas. Television has created a generation of mindless self-hating zombies. And you’re right,she is not black. That should be obvious to anyone with

  5. Gradually I’ve come to understand that the one-drop rule is psychologically destructive to the African mindset. By accepting individuals (such as the actress referenced in the article) as Black/African, the African identity (particularly physical features) becomes cemented within a European construct. This will only lead to co-optation, where such individuals become leaders of so called Black organizations only to redirect the Black collective into spaces which ultimately do not serve our interests. I personally do not want our people to meet the same fate as the Native American/Polynesian, where authentic identities have been muddled and any fraction of N.A. or Polynesian ancestry gets you access into the group.

  6. Thank you for writing this article, Kushite Prince.

    I never understood this one drop rule. It makes no sense and just causes confusion in the community. Also if you ask me, claiming that a person with a non-black parent is black is implying that the black family doesn’t matter. It’s saying you don’t need two black people to make a black person. President Obama is not black. His mother is white. I truly believe that children have a spiritual bond with their mothers. Every child MUST get their DNA from their mother (mitochondrial DNA). If President Obama has a spirit similar to a white person why would we even think of having him as our leader?

    ODR also breaks down the culture and causes confusion for the offspring. And like Kasai pointed out black people would be going the way of the Native Americans. Also making the group vulnerable to co-opting. (Like that ridiculous madness, black people have blonde hair and blue eyes!) Only other group that I know of , besides black people, that goes by the one drop rule is Filipinos. They claim people who have 1 Pinoy grandparent. I think it just makes black people and Filipinos look pathetic and desperate.

    Also I agree that black people are seen as the bottom of the barrel. From history, the mixed black people have further oppressed the full black people. During the Haitian Revolution, there were the mulattoes and Africans fighting the Europeans. In one instance, there was a group of mulattoes that said they were willing to fight with the Africans and lured them onto a ship then slaughtered the Africans.

    Under RWS, a person who looks black “enough”, whatever that means, is considered black. I think most people wouldn’t see Halle Berry as biracial; although she is. That’s other people. Black people shouldn’t accept that. They should do what is best for them.

    Other groups who see a half black person do not accept the biracial person. It seems like there is this assumption that black people have to take in the biracial person. I say black people are not obligated to take in that biracial person.

    I’m saddened by the fact that I’m in this predicament because I’m part black, but I understand and respect when black people tell me I am mixed BECAUSE it is a FACT! This whole RWS is based off of lies, everyone needs to start dealing with the facts to fight RWS.

    • Great post Kowaba! You made some great points. That’s very brave of you ro say these things considering that you’re part black yourself. I must give you props for these statements. I don’t hear many mixed people break it down like you just did. Thank you!

    • That also goes for those heffas Halle Berry and Paula Patton having kids with white men then trying to call them ‘black’ I’m like bitch please! If you REALLY wanted black kids you wouldn’t have them with white males so who are they trying to kid?

  7. “And black people have so few heroes that we want to be able to see people that represent us”

    You couldn’t be more wrong. I don’t know about Black people elsewhere, but Black people in the US have an incredible number of heroes and ancestors. It’s unreal.

    Please stop trying to make readers believe otherwise and recognize your ancestors and living “heroes” as well. They don’t need to be Hollywood to be a hero, young people.

  8. Lm(Eumelanated)ao @ “1/48? 1/25? I was never good at fractions..”
    Awesome Post My Good Kin, & U Most Certainly Beat Me To It! This Acceptance Of Dumping On Our Race Group HAS TO STOP.
    And Last Eye Checked, Isn’t “Dutch, French, Spanish, German” Languages/Nationalities..??
    Am Very Interested In A Post Breaking Down The Latino & Arabs…

    • I can be funny when I want to I’m not always super serious. I know to laugh at things from time to time. I think all this race mixing propaganda has not helped push black people forward. It will not give us liberation as a people. In the long run it just causes more racial confusion. Having sex and dating other races gives us the illusion of inclusion. In the end we are still oppressed. Black people need to open their their eye and see the deception we bought into. We need a moment of clarity.

  9. Funny that you mention Vin Diesel who I heard shaves his head to hide the kink because he got called out in an Ebony interview by Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock. As did Rosario Dawson the new mulatto version of Rae Dawn Chong.

  10. @ Kushite Prince
    All of this racial mixing only cause more confusion in the black African communities, thanks to the one drop rule. We’re at a time now that even our own people can’t tell the difference between whose black whose not. What’s even worse black conscious & black Hebrew Israelites believe in the white man’s one drop rule, some even had said the father determines the child race regardless what race the mother is from. This ideological thinking doesn’t make sense which add on more confusion. They fail to realize it doesn’t matter if the father is black his black bloodline has been water down furthermore his family legacy not going to pure Africans especially if his children carry on in their father’s footsteps dating interracially.
    None of these individuals that you post are black their biracial or other ethnicities. The Brazilian model Adriana Lima claims her great grandmother is of African ancestry but she looks nothing like a black or biracial woman nor would she give up her white privileges for any black cause.
    I have a cousin whose half black & Mexican, the father of her child is Mexican furthermore the child is being raised as a Mexican child. When you look at this child no traces of black anywhere. What’s even sad I have black family members still consider the child black base on the one drop rule. I have had biracial cousin’s who had children by a black man or woman but you can still see that their children is mixed with something else besides black. Too correct the bloodline to becoming pure black again probably will take 2 or 3 generations are more to erase the other non black ethnicity in them.

    • Thanks Shanequa. I agree that it causes confusion and doesn’t get rid of racism. That’s why I felt this post was important. Too many of us have lost our minds. We think mixing our race will make our suffering go away. Instead we should learn to love our reflection and embrace the beauty of our people. We have to stop looking for acceptance from others. The media props up biracial celebs as the better version of blacks. That’s why you see so many of them in films,commercials and television show. They are a diluted version of African people. We can no longer accept this. We need to express more pride in ourselves so we can reverse the sickness of self hatred.

  11. Great points here, found this post on a Google search about Shailene and agree with you about her completely. But as a long time fan I thought I’d add my 2 cents.

    Wentworth Miller’s father identifies as a black man and is very political, though he’s fairly light complected. If you Google “Wentworth Miller father” you can find this pic: which shows his father’s full-blooded brother who is much more phenotypically African than either Wentworth or his dad are. Just goes to show how genetics are crazy sometimes and two people of the same parentage can look completely different. His younger sister looks black, you can see her at the username penandthimble on Instagram. They have the same parents.

    FTR, Wentworth himself doesn’t just “speak out about racism.” I follow him on Facebook and he clearly and identifies as a biracial man and tends to post almost exclusively about LGBT people of color, promotes many black LGBT artists and often talks about the intersectionality of racism, sexism and homophobia. Identity is a complicated thing but he doesn’t seem to identify as white in any way and never tried to pass which I have mad respect for because I’m sure that hasn’t helped him in Hollywood.

    Just thought you’d want to know this stuff!

  12. Wentworth came out as gay in 2013. His mother is a white woman though she has Saharan African ancestry – she’s party Syrian and Lebanese. The white man in the photo with his sister is her husband. She’s pretty young, he’s older than she is. Their other sister looks more like Wentworth but slightly darker, and is married to a biracial man and they all identify as black as far as I know. I don’t think she’s on social media, but Wentworth and his sisters have the same mother and father. I posted a link to a photo of his dad in my first post – he’s the guy on the right.

    • I should’ve known he was gay. It’s a red flag when someone is preoccupied with gay issues like that. His sister is with that old geezer?? Good lord! This woman has lost her mind!lol She procreated with that old thing!! She is obviously a very confused woman. Thanks for the information.

  13. Once again. Blacks can be as racist as they want to be, no other race can. Cause blacks didn’t have slaves or whatever your dumbass thinks. Meanwhile blacks came out of Africa and enslaved my people Southern Europe for 500 years. Blacks – the originators of racism.

    P.s. You owe me repetitions.

    • Repetitions?? Are you trying to say reparations?lol You can’t even spell you ignorant FOOL!lol Stay off my blog you knuckle dragging Neanderthal! You and your revisionist history can go to HELL!!! Begone!!

  14. Pingback: UFC fighter Ronda Rousey is 1/16 Black…Does it make her African? | Kushite Kingdom

  15. This article was so dumb! You’re basically saying that because her skin color is white, she could not possibly be of African descent.
    This article was racist in so many ways. Get a life.

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