Black Love is a threat to the Racist Power Structure

This is a very insightful video by Amos Wilson. He perfectly explains the importance of family in the black community. Black relationships are under attack from many different angles today. I believe that the powers that be don’t want black men and women to work things out between each other. I think that maybe the reason I see so many interracial couples on television and films today. I see it much more than I did as a kid. It’s pretty much everywhere now. I also see a lot more black homosexuals and lesbians in the media as well. I see more interracial and homosexual couples even more then black couples nowadays. And that’s a serious problem. I think this is a strategic move by the global elites(non blacks) in power. It is in their best interest that black men and women are at each other’s collective throat’s. If we can both get on the same page and work as a cohesive unit we can fight our oppression. This is a serious threat to the racist power structure. If you can show me evidence to the contrary I would love t see it. The real issue here is power. Power in the material and moral sense.

Racism(white supremacy), however, is more than an ideology, a belief system or a negative attitude towards others arising out of prejudice. If that alone were the case, then racism would be “reduced to something which takes place inside human heads, and the implicit presupposition here is that a change of attitude which will put an end to racial oppression can be brought about by dialogue, by an ethical appeal for a change of mentality.” But such an understanding ignores the real factor behind racism (as well as sexism) Power! Racism‹and sexism‹are not about color or gender; they are about Power! They can thus afflict anyone of any gender, color, community, culture, or country, who craves power above the need to respect the Other. At the heart of white supremacy (Jewish) lies the concept of group competition‹the quest for power.

What is power? Power in its essence is the capacity to act.. Sociologically, power comes in two forms, as coercive and as choice. In its coercive form it is the capacity to act in a manner that influences the behavior of others even against their wishes. This is material power, the most prevalent and destructive form of power in society today, and appeals to the baser qualities of human beings, because of competition over scarce resources. Power as choice, on the other hand, is the capacity to act in a manner that influences the behavior of others without violating free moral choice. This is moral power, which appeals to the higher faculties of humankind. This type of power gives rise to true power. “True power is knowing that you can, but you don¹t.” To practice this form of power is the height of self-control. Once one understands that racism at its core has to do with power, one will then recognize that at the root of racism lie two important elements‹the material and moral basis of oppression.

The Material Base of Oppression: White supremacy is more than just a meaning system, a reinterpretation of reality; it is also a material system, economically and politically structured, from which this meaning system emerges. In order to grasp the significance of this, one needs to understand a basic premise of sociology, that no single institution in society can be understood in isolation from the larger society of which it is a part. This is because institutions do not exist in a social vacuum, but are social-historical entities influencing and at the same time being influenced by their socio-cultural milieu. Individuals and institutions, in many ways, are products of the larger society of which they are a part. And the reciprocal influence of the one upon the other, often goes unnoticed to human observation, but it is there nonetheless. Therefore it is helpful to visualize the reciprocal relationship between the individual, roles, institution, society and its undergirding culture, for each one shapes the other.

Individuals are shaped and in turn shape the roles they play, which are formed by the institutions in which the roles are played out. Institutions in turn are shaped by the needs of society as well as give structure to that society, which shapes individuals as well as is influenced by those individuals that comprise society. This entire process of reciprocal exchange is largely influenced by the specific culture of a given society. Culture influences who we are as individuals and the different roles different individuals are permitted to play within which institutions, and in what way these shape society, which in turn shapes individuals and vice versa. It is in culture where both prejudice and racism reside. These forces and power arrangements shape peoples lives as well as the roles and institutions within society, resulting in exclusive structures and society. Culture is the key factor. For black people this is very important. As Amos Wilson says:

“CULTURAL CONTINUITY & CULTURALLY RELEVANT (SELF-DETERMINING) EDUCATION VS. ALIENATING (SELF-DEFEATING) EDUCATION: Cultural continuity is maintained by educating children in the ways of their culture. And they are educated in the ways of their culture to MAINTAIN their culture, to advance its interests, and ultimately to try to maintain its very survival. That is the fundamental reason people are educated. What does it matter if you learn physics and computer science and everything else and you cannot defend yourself against a military assault by Europeans or a germ warfare assault? A knowledge of computer science, a knowledge of law, a knowledge of all of these other things matters not at all if you are unable to use that knowledge for your self defense. If Bush (any “alien” or “alienated African” sitting on European or alien thrones) decided to wipe the face of this earth clean of African people there’s not an African nation that could defend us against these people.

And as long as we are not educated to defend ourselves against these people (or anyone else) then we are being incorrectly educated. Nothing else matters. Ultimately then, INTELLIGENCE MUST BE DEFINED IN TERMS OF THE DEGREE IN WHICH IT SOLVES YOUR PROBLEMS! The nature of education today prepares you to solve THEIR PROBLEMS and not your own. That’s why you study THEIR books, you go to THEIR schools, you learn THEIR information, THEIR language, THEIR styles, THEIR perceptions, so when you come out of school you can do a humdinger of a job solving Europeans’ problems, but you can’t solve your own. And then you DARE call yourself “intelligent?” C’MON! THAT’S THE HEIGHT OF STUPIDITY!”

Thus, culture impacts all aspects of this reciprocal process of social influence, which process is prevalent in all human societies.

Throughout human history racism has expressed itself in the socio-economic exploitation of God’s dark-skinned children, which exploitation has been justified by biological-cultural differences, when the real reasons were economic as a result of group competition. This material basis of exploitation is the principle reason behind the White domination of the darker races and the limitation of their access to power, which has resulted in an objective or visible, differential and unequal treatment.



This is what the media wants to throw at us at every chance they get. I think we’ve seen quite enough of it.

Black Fam3

We need a little more of this. Peace. ❤

22 thoughts on “Black Love is a threat to the Racist Power Structure

  1. I really enjoyed this post! Black love is subliminally challenged from politics to pop culture, so children and those looking for love are encouraged to seek outside blackness for understanding, appreciation and “pretty babies.” Ridiculous, and its getting to be way too excessive and visible. I feel like it’s being jammed down our throats…

    Nevertheless, Excellent and much needed post!

    • Yes Saaraa. We are being brainwashed to hate each other and distance ourselves from one another. People have the right to date/marry whoever they choose. Some may disagree with me…but I think the black woman is the natural partner to the black man. We really need each other now more than ever.

  2. “-and they will NEVER accept you, sure they’ll accept your money but they will never accept your black ass, and I don’t give a damn, how many white women you marry and as long as you are married to that stanky white bitch you will NEVER run my company” — Lucious Lyon to Andre Lyon, Empire: The Lyon’s Roar

    • Yeah I heard about the line in the show. Very rare to hear that on primetime television. I wonder what most people thought when they heard it. Why do you think they put that line in the show?

      • I mostly think it’s for shock value but there is a lot of truth to it. I guess the idea they were going for is that no matter how successful you become in this white society, you will always be just a nigger in the eyes of white folks

    • I don’t watch that shit show, but I’m shocked Lee Daniels would write such a line..seeing is how he loves himself some stanky white male bitches.

  3. I really do agree. I think as the white population is dwindling it is an attempt to breakdown our increase in population.
    I enjoyed reading it but I will admit I found it somewhat difficult with the colored background and gray font. I think white font will help pop a bit more making it easier to read.

    • Thanks Shahidah. I’m glad you liked the post. I was just speaking the truth as I see it. Some may disagree with me. But I expect that. It comes with the territory when tackling these type of subjects. I keep changing my background pic a lot. I’ve been trying to find the right one that would make it easier to read. I’ve been trying to figure out how to change the font color. Haven’t figured it out Let ne know if you have any tips.

  4. As far as I am concerned in 2015 black love can be equated to an ancient relic. 60 years ago the black woman decided to subscribe to the edicts and the curriculum of “destroy black men, the black family structure and the black community” by any means possible as per the instructions of her new lord, saviour, master and father the white liberal by joining the white homosexual feminist movement aswell as willingly subscribing to fatherless home welfare policies. Most black women today are not really interested in black love as this would mean them having to step back and slot into their rightful position by default as followers. Most black women are having too much fun destroying the black community with the leadership position that has been bestowed upon them by this western system. Black love is a great idea in theory however black women in general today would much prefer to look up to and serve the European power structure.

    The other issue here is abortion with black women in the US committing the highest number of abortions when compared to women of other nationality groups. How can the black love movement express even depart the platform when black women keep using abortion clinics as an extension of contraception? Unborn black babies are being blasted into oblivion at such a high rate by black women, how is this conducive to maintaining the black family structure? Lastly there is the issue of black women and their perpetual habit of picking no good, decadent, reprobate, lazy slobs to get involved in relationships with aswell as to sleep with. Yet again maintaining the black family structure is a great idea until the present conditions and reality of black folks are factored into the equation.

    • I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s an ancient relic. But it’s getting pretty bad out there. It’s not that easy to find a good woman nowadays. But the media wants to promote interracial marriage as an alternative. Do you think that’s a good idea? I sure as hell don’t. I know we got some sistas that have a very warped mindset. Some hate black men,some are lesbians and others just want to be a bed wench for white men. But when I go to the south I hardly ever see interracial couples. I’ve been to Virginia,Chicago,North Carolina,Washington DC and San Francisco. I see black couples all the time. I see more interracial couples out here in California. I think it’s about the demographic of your area. You live in the UK right? I got friends that have visited there. They told me there are lots of mixed couples. More then you can I know some brothers have just thrown their hands in the air and given up. It’s easy to throw in the towel. It’s a rough road but I haven’t totally given up on black women yet. I’m I it for the long haul/ I’ll try to open up sistas minds as best I can. But we all have to do what’s best for us. What other choice do we have? Either turn into a homosexual or date interracially?? Both are dead ends in my opinion. Neither one will build a black nation. So what else you got? All we got is us. We better make this thing work or just call it a day. We have to find some common ground with our women or it’s a done deal. You feel me? Let’s keep it real. It’s not like we have a whole lot of options.

      • The problem that I have with most black women today is that they have literally turned into blood thirsty monsters who revel in mayhem, contentions, beefs, strife, violence, blood and death.

        It is important that we honestly examine the actual condition of the modern day western black woman rather than hold onto idealisms of them from the past. Back in the day I wasn’t so much for interracial dating, albeit today I am more lenient on the issue, because of the wretched direction black women in general have taken, I can at least understand why so many black men are throwing in the towel.

        You yourself admitted that you had to pass through rough and turbulent waters in order to find a decent black women, alot of brothers just don’t have the patience any longer to put up with the flack and the nonsense that a large portion of black women bring to the table.

        The UK has alot of interracial couples, that trend has really exploded here, especially now with the heavy influx of people coming in from Eastern Europe. I hear you, I am just very selective when it comes down to black women because I know that the overwhelming majority are goners, your fight to find a decent black woman is a clear indication that most black women should be written off.

        With regards to reaching out to sisters, be careful who you attempt to pull out of the matrix, don’t cast your pearls before swine, a lot of black women love the matrix and will not hesitate to bite your hand off in order to defend it.

        In 2015 building a black nation can be done, however I believe that brothers should start looking at black women from other countries where traditional family values are still in place and upheld and where the men are still recognised as the leaders of the family aswell as the leaders of the community.

        This is why so many American brothers are kicking out to Brazil, the black women there treat black men differently, they are much more respectful towards black men, they are more loyal, they show much more love and affection towards black men than your garden variety average western black female. The success of building a black nation is directly related to treading carefully when dealing with western black women and knowing that they for the most part are enemies. Again, I take no pleasure in making this declaration, however we must look at the current evidence and read the results of the data honestly and without bias.

      • I see your point. I could see dating a Jamaican,Brazilian,Nigerian or a black woman from the UK. I consider them all a part of the African diaspora. But NO European woman! Hell NO! Sorry brother,I can’t go that route. Everything has it’s Besides we have enough of these confused mixed breed babies running around. I have a co-worker that told me he regretted getting with white ex-wife. He told me his mixed children are so damn confused! I don’t want to bring any child into this world confused by their identity. We have enough confused people as it is.

      • I am hearing what you are saying, even with my choice of woman, I went for somebody that I could see myself in. My girlfriend is half black, half native Colombian.

        From that small list you gave I personally would go for the Brazillian black woman because of the strong family value traditions still in place within Latin America people. Jamaican women for the most part are goners, the same goes for Nigerian woman, both of these groups have swallowed the western society coolaid.

        Remember that you have a decent black woman therefore you are in a good position, let us not forget the brothers who are struggling(as you were once upon a time) to find a decent sister because the pickings of today are genuinely slim to none.

        Sadly even with the confusion amongst mixed heritage children, a black man in 2015 is much safer dating and marrying a white woman than a black woman. For me white women are not amongst my first few choices, however with the historical and ongoing destruction that black women as a whole have wrought upon the black community, I still cannot castigate brothers who choose to venture in that direction.

        I know that we disagree in this particular area, its not a problem as one person cannot agree with another on everything, however even with your journey of tribulation in seeking a decent sister, I’m sure that even you can admit that black women in general have seriously messed up.

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