Propaganda is a form of War: Destroying the Black Mind

In this video Amos Wilson explains how America promotes violence. How also how America was founded on criminality. It’s at the very base of American culture. American television and films have a way of making the oppressors seems like the victims. You have to have a keen awareness to catch and understand the propaganda at work. Propaganda is a form of war. Hitler used it in Germany. And America seems to have learned from his methods. You see the propaganda in films,commercials,books,sitcoms and cartoons. in my opinion,I believe propaganda is a big part of brainwashing the masses. It does a great job to instill backwards thinking and self hatred. Considering that black people are not in control of the media this puts us at a very big disadvantage. This leaves us open to accept anti-blackness on a large scale. we don’t control any of the negative images that are spoon fed to us.

As the video above clearly shows you—negative black stereotypes have been used for over 100 years. This does great damage to the black mind. It can create a deep form of self hatred. Sitting in front of the television causes many of us to turn into mindless zombies. We become vegetables with no self awareness and pride in ourselves.


In this video Umar Johnson breaks down how propaganda is a military strategy. And how many black people are totally oblivious to this method of warfare. Much like Hitler did the Jews,this is usually done to condition the masses to hate a group of people. Once you get the masses to hate a group of people,it is much easier to exterminate that group. No one will care because the majority will look up that group as “less than” or “sub human”.  This should cause great concern for our people. This is one of the reasons black people continue to play maids,butlers,hookers,sluts,pimps,drug dealers,homosexual men and prison inmates. It’s a way to brainwash us to always see ourselves in a negative light. And this always brainwashes our children so the next generation will hate themselves as well. So we get shows like Empire,Orange is the New Black,Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. All these shows promote one or more of the negative stereotypes I mentioned. Some people have the nerve to say there is no agenda at hand. These people are fools! Or they are being incredibly dishonest. There is a clear agenda to destroy the minds of black people. To destroy our souls and our humanity. There are those who think television shows are just entertainment. These people are very naive and don’t know how the world really operates. I’ve been doing research on mind control,propaganda,psychology for over fifteen years. believe me,I know what I’m talking about. But for those of you who don’t want to hear it….it’s okay go back to sleep. The rest of us will be on the battlefield.

Self Hatred

24 thoughts on “Propaganda is a form of War: Destroying the Black Mind

  1. Great post, KP! People need to stop thinking that propaganda is just entertainment and is just a clever way of getting people to commit mentacide on a unconscious mostly subconscious level.

    • That’s very true. That’s what they want us to think. Nothing could be further from the truth. This mental poison for our people. Nothing but mind control to produce self hatred and self destruction. We must WAKE up to this slick deception. It is NOT just entertainment. It is to “ENTER” your mind and Con-“TAIN” it. Then you are brainwashed and a non threat to the racist system.

  2. Also much of so called “Entertainment” like in the form of movies, like action flicks that feature superheroes, it’s a form of predictive programming aimed at us… for example the x-men films it’s gearing up the world for a final battle against us

    • Yes indeed brother! No doubt about it! They like to tell on themselves in their films. That’s something I’ve seen for many years. We have to have our third eye open to catch it. You might be right about those X Men films. I noticed they show a police state in many films too. Looks like they have something planned. There’s definitely something in the works. We seriously need to be prepared for whatever comes.

      • If you really wanna get the drop, check out the latest x-men film “Days of Future Past”

      • Great film! I like the fact that they went back to the 60’s. It’s very clear that the X men are based off of the Civil Rights movement. Magneto has a nationalistic approach. Which is clearly based off of Malcolm X. And Professor X as an idealistic mindset. He wants to work with the humans. He wants peace between humans and mutants. You can tell he’s supposed to be Martin Luther King. The creator Stan Lee even admitted it was based off of these two men.

  3. I agree. A professor I had in college challenged a classmate on their choice of television, to which my classmate got very defensive. My professor then said: ” You can like trash, but know its trash.” Too many people today watch these problematic sitcoms idolizing the characters and storylines that ridicule us and place our mind in shackles. Then those of us who do see these shows critically are met with rolling eyes and labeled “haters”

    Great post.

    • Exactly! At least have the courage to say it’s trash. Just like all these people addicted to these mind-numbing reality shows. They always show black degradation when they can. At least call it what it is. Then of course you’re criticized for being a hater for speaking the TRUTH. that’s the part that get’s me so upset. It’s like we’re brainwashed to love what will destroy us. We are truly living in Hell.

  4. Everybody hates Black people but do you know who hates Black people the most? Black people. The plan is working like a charm. That we can get all upset because some drunk white boys are chanting nigger when the music we make says nigger more times than klan rally. Please.

  5. Reblogged this on Steph's Blog and commented:
    It’s also the reason why the SAE fraternity in OK felt so secure in their racist hate which is not surprising because their parents and grandparents inculcate that very hate they said on the bus.

    Liberals and Conservatives love to blame hip hop for the SAE racist song when in reality it’s whites and white elite that promote racism around the world, especiallly antiblack racism.

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