Devils Among Us : Margaret Sanger

This is a new series I’m starting called Devils Among Us. Much like my Tales of Buffoonery series. Although this series will focus on people who have tried to kill,rape,enslave and subjugate black people at every turn. These soulless miscreants need to be exposed. I want people to know who they are.This will include people from the past as well as the present. I will try to inform you on some people you may not have heard about. Our first candidate is Margaret Sanger. She was the founder of Planned Parenthood. She was also a big Fan of Adolf Hitler. Hillary Clinton looks at Sanger as one of her heroes. That should tell you a little bit about Ms Clinton right? Check out the video and let me know what you think of this demonic she-devil. Also I’m open to any suggestions you may have on some future candidates. Enjoy the video and educate yourself on who your open enemies really are. More to come…..


30 thoughts on “Devils Among Us : Margaret Sanger

  1. The comment about the colored people genes being too strong is real. And it pisses me off when we read the TRUTHS comin’ out THEIR damn mouths. And still don’t believe.This is about as bad as Charles Manson’s comment. They know whats up and WE don’t. A shame.

    • Tell me about it Infinite. Even the Devil tells the truth Even though those of us that are “awake” already know these truths anyway. Yeah Manson was another sick bastard as well. Yeah we really need to wise up to what’s really going on. Know what I mean?

  2. Wow. My dad told me this story during the elections in 08. Amazing. There is so much we need to learn about ourselves and them.
    I was watching the video if the girls in Brooklyn fighting like animals. they need to know this. We need to show then how we are used to exterminate ourselves.

  3. If we as Black folk knew our power we’d stop all the bs and go ahead and run this whole thing. But the plan to keep confused has proven to be a master plan where only a few can see outside of it.

  4. Kushite Prince:

    One person that I would like to nominate as a Devil Among Us is Debbie Schlussel. This beast is a blogger and FOX Klan contributing commentator. She is the granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, yet she is one of the biggest hate-mongers out there! If anyone says anything negative about Israel (or shows compassion for the Palestinians), she vilifies that person — especially after that person is dead, so as not to be able to defend himself/herself. This devil needs to be exposed!

    • Yes I know a little about Debbie. She’s an attorney and a blogger. I’ve seen her on Politically Incorrect a few rimes. She is very anti-Islam. You’re right,she is a Polish Jew. It seems as though she is consumed with hatred for those that have a different view from hers. It’s funny that she is anti-immigrant when her Jewish family are immigrants themselves. But of course,it’s always different for She is indeed a devil. Thanks for the heads up about her. I’ll keep her in mind for future reference.

  5. Yes they are aware of our power in the earth, but they don’t have the power or brains to carry things out on their own. We wrestle not with flesh and blood. We suffer because of our disobedience to our God period. If my people who are called by my name would humble themselves and repent and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear them and heal their land. If black people want to tske their rightful place as rulers of the earth, we must first return to our Creator Yahweh repent for our sins against him and live the way He as deemed as righteous. It is not to late. Hate gives birth to hate. The only way to overcome evil is to do good. Love one another as I have loved you. And as you know Yeshua loved us to death literally.

    • I see your point Timara. I think I know what you’re getting at. I know black people are not perfect. We definitely have our flaws. I think what we face is physical as well as a spiritual war. The people who run this planet are very wicked,corrupt and satanic.They are also very racist and will do anything to stay in power. We have to understand that fact first and foremost. But don’t millions of black people go to church every Sunday? We scream God’s name everyday. No one can out praise or out worship black people. We always give praise to the Most High don’t we? Who loves God more than us?? But we are still oppressed by evil people. We are still in this horrible position. This is why so many of us are upset! We are sick and tired of this racist corrupt system!! The game is rigged against us. We are in a system that does NOT create justice for everyone. That is an undeniable FACT. No matter how righteous we may try to be. “Hate gives birth to hate”?? what about righteous rage? Do we have a right to want retribution? Doesn’t a loving God demand justice for his people? I would think so. I think the rulers of this world need to repent for their sins—–not us! So you see Timara,what you say sounds nice and sweet. But it’s not realistic. God helps those who help themselves. We are going to have to do a little more than just praying,wishing and hoping for things to change. And for the record,black people don’t want to be the rulers of the earth as you said. We just want peace,love for all humanity and a system of justice. Thank you for the comments.

      • But don’t millions of black people go to church every Sunday? We scream God’s name everyday. No one can out praise or out worship black people. We always give praise to the Most High don’t we? Who loves God more than us??

        I’m convinced that many Black People’s “God” or “Gods” are White People because Black People worship White People everyday through thought, speech, and action.

      • Another thing to sum it up the only Re-LIE-gion Black people believe in is White Supremacy and it shows in MANy Black Churches across the world every Sunday.

    • Timara, Yahweh is the God of the Jew-ISH people, the people who currently control the earth. Yahweh is Baal, or Satan. The Most High’s name is Ahayah Asher Ahayah I AM THAT I AM

  6. I am convinced that Christianity is the absolute WORST religion for black people. This may have something to do with why we are out-praising everyone yet they are all advancing beyond us.

    • Yeah I’ve noticed that as well. Other groups are passing us by and we’re stil debating which religion to follow. We need to leave the religion at the door like Malcolm X said. Put it aside,so then we can find common ground and make power moves. All the infighting gets us no where in the long run. The different religions divide us WAY too much.

  7. @ Kushite Prince:

    You know, I became aware of Margaret Sanger and Eugenics when I was a teen-ager. And later, that Ted Turner, television mogul formerly? married to actress Jane Fonda is a proponent of Eugenics as well. I also note(d) that many “abortion mills” were located in poor to working-class areas. It was no accident. I held a summer job working at a doctor’s office . In this same building, one of the offices was a physician that specialized in abortions. Only this was a more “upscale” physician’s office and 98% of the females that went to this physician were teens, college age and WHITE. And this physician took only “private insurance.” Now I am definitely not an advocate of abortions, however I and an older sister of mine that was already “conscious” discussed and later investigated this. One of the sole reasons that women of color were “tracked” was because many received some form of state aid to see a physician. And that goes right into “guvment stats” whereas private insurance was not tracked as closely as state-aid benefits. In fact, over the years I have read many “reports” that noted women who had (access) the money, would go out of the country before abortions became legal with Roe vs. Wade. Personally, I admire a female more that stands against the adversity of having a child out of wedlock. But that is just a personal opinion here that I look at from a spiritual stand-point and I am not a mother.

    At the end of the day? These melanin-deficient people make and break rules and support one another in their atrocities. As well as other races of non-black people following them like sheep to a slaughter.

    Besides becoming COHESIVE, like Timara, I feel for Spirit to hear US as black people, arrogance, hate, prideful and attitudes should cease and that each one of us allows humbleness to take the place of these for I see these time and time again amongst our people. And when I see these in our people, yes it hurts especially since I am daily trying to make a difference in the lives of others.

    Originalblackwoman has a valid point. Maybe her point it should be examined more closely since the very FIBER of many of our people operates on white supremacy.

    All, be well,

      • Yes, it is I, Phazex. Im just so glad to finally interact with other black people that DO want to change our position in this land. It is going to take a long time before we achieve all that is needed.

        But? I have more time than I will ever have money! lol…..and I do see a light for us at the end of the tunnel.

        Be well.

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