Who is the Real Black Woman? : Queens vs Hoodrats

This is  a great video by Okeba Ra Auset. She explains what the role of what a queen is supposed to be. There seems to be a lot of confusion on what is a “good woman” or a “decent woman”. How is a good woman defined? Is she someone that speaks proper? Acts like a lady in public? Goes to church every Sunday? Supports her man? Gives her man words of encouragement? Never uses profanity? Is it all of the above? I ask because there seems to be a growing division between black men and women over the last few years. Some say the stereotypical ghetto “hoodrats” and “ratchet” black women are the majority. Some say the college educated black women have good jobs,have a nice home,nice cars  and are independent women. They don’t need a man for anything. Is that true? In my life I’ve come across all types of black women. I’ve been around the hood types,loud mouth types,professional women,angry at the world types,light skinned bougie types,cute but bad attitude types etc.  I’m sure most black men have met all these different types. I think the media representation of black women is horrible. The portrayals are usually that of a loud mouth jezebel,white worshiping bed wench,overweight types,angry dark skinned type,light skinned whores and of course the ever present ghetto hoodrat.

This is a video of some black women fighting in a White Castle restaurant. This is absolutely horrible! This is not the type of behavior of a queen. These black women are clearly lost. Emotionally and spiritually for that matter.What type of women do this in public? I know most will say that they are just hoodrats,buffoons, and classless morons. Maybe you’re right. I know these are not women I would ever consider dating. Do these women even have men?  Mostly likely the loser thug type I would assume. But is this how most black women behave in public? Are “ghetto fights” on Youtube the proper representation of MOST sistas? No women in my family have ever had a fight in a restaurant,bank,movie theater,parking lot,gas station or shopping mall.  You can find lots of these fights on anti-black sites like World Star Hip Hop. World Star Hip Hop does a great job at promoting negative stereotypes of black people in general. That site is really SICK in my opinion. I’m not stupid though. I know there’s a sickness with our people. Sites like WSHH are popular because black people are very psychologically damaged. We seem to gravitate towards negativity. We have been trained to see black dysfunction as normal. So all these hood fights with black women come to represent what is natural for us. The comments on Youtube describe the women as monsters,beasts,hood bitches and sheboons.  I know many of the people leaving these comments are white racists. But not all of them. Many of the comments are from black men and women. It’s a disgusting sight to see. How low have we sunk? I also think these videos help to push white supremacy as well. Nothing causes more division among black people than arguing over silly fighting videos.  It usually turns into a blame game about who is more at fault. Is it single mothers? Is it dead beat fathers? Maybe it’s gangsta rap music. Does seeing videos like this make brothers want to date white girls? Or is that just an excuse? There’s a lot of components going on at the same time. But I must say I don’t condone this behavior at all. And it must STOP if we want to move forward as a people.  It’s clear that there is a certain ghetto degenerate mentality out there. It’s way too pervasive in black culture. It’s starting to corrupt the hearts and minds of our children. I’ve noticed it with black people under the age of twenty-five a lot. I can’t relate to them very much. Maybe I’m just getting older but I definitely feel a cultural divide between me and them. They’re attitudes,way of speaking and demeanor is very different than most black people. The ghetto gangsta mentality is very self destructive. It’s got to end.

I love my sistas. I want them to return to their true greatness. I haven’t given up yet. Unlike others,I still believe there is hope. If not,I would have given up a long time ago and got me a white girl. But that’s never going to happen. We have to pull together to do this. We have to call out this horrible behavior.That goes for black men and women.  And to all Moors,Pan Africans,Muslims,Hebrew Israelites. and Black nationalists.This is not a proper representation of black women. It’s time to end the hoodrat era. Death to the gangsta bitch,ratchet girl and interracial bed wench. It’s time for the Black Goddess to stand up and be who she’s supposed to be. Don’t let others define you.Return to her true glory. So you tell me,who is the real black woman?

48 thoughts on “Who is the Real Black Woman? : Queens vs Hoodrats

  1. Another very good article man, I really enjoyed this and I also reposted it over on tumblr.

    If you watch any television or mass media you’d think all Black women were loud and overweight or somehow ready for sex 24/7. The ones that are depicted as “decent” chase behind white men. This is shortsighted at best and plain wrong at worst. I don’t let anyone define my people for me, but me. I think we need to make that a movement.

    Again, thank you for the article.

    • Thanks a lot HLJ. I’m glad you were feeling the post. I just spoke honestly from the heart. I know it may be a bit controversial for some people. But I’m not trying to offend anyone at all. I really do love my sistas. I just want to see them do better. I just want us to raise our consciousness a little more and realize that all we got is each other. I just want to raise our people up. Sometimes we al need to self reflect a bit. Thanks for sharing the post. You’re more than welcome to share it with anyone you like. The more the better.

  2. Thank you. I really want to put my 50 cents… not the rapper… in this issue. Black women, doesn’t have role models, doesn’t have their purpose, doesn’t have their own identity since society stole that and replaced it with false ideas that actually destroys their destiny. And I agree that certain so-called Black entertainment like World Star Hip Hop and even Tommy Sotomayor among others denigrates, humiliates Black Women to the point that their self esteem is on the damn floor. Black women are definitely hurt and damaged and they need a lot of healing to overcome that false stereotype.

    • That’s so true Omay. I think WSHH is truly mind pollution. And Sotomayor goes WAY over the top. I understand he’s trying to highlight the ghetto behavior of some black women. He’s trying to say it’s wrong—-that’s cool. But he just keeps on harping on it over and over again. He offers no solutions other than “Black women aint worth a damn!” ‘They’re all just beasts and baby mama’s!” Okay we get it Tommy. You hate black women,can we move on now. That dude is too much sometimes. I don’t think he helps matters very much. But the media in general does a great job of putting out the worst images of black women. Here’s an article I found on The Root:

      In the study, more than 1,200 respondents told us that the images we encounter regularly on TV, in social media, in music videos and from other outlets are overwhelmingly negative and fall into categories that make us cringe — Gold Diggers, Modern Jezebels, Baby Mamas, Uneducated Sisters, Ratchet Women, Angry Black Women, Mean Black Girls, Unhealthy Black Women, and Black Barbies.

      The study also revealed six types we feel we don’t see enough in media, types we feel more genuinely reflect us and the Black women we know: Young Phenoms, Real Beauties, Individualists, Community Heroines, Girls Next Door and Modern Matriarchs.

      Check out the top findings of our Images of Black Women:

      1. Negative imagery of Black women is seen often twice as frequently as positive imagery. For instance, 85% of our Black women respondents reported they regularly see representations of Baby Mamas in media, while only 41% said they often see Real Beauties. The type seen least often? Community Heroines.

      2. Modern Jezebels and Gold Diggers are the types that cause Black women the most embarrassment. Our African-American respondents reported that they are most uncomfortable when White women view these sexual and greedy typologies.

      • The reason also when it comes to writing for tv shows. Those tv shows are written mostly by Caucasians, but when it comes to Black men and women trying to write stories for tv that can show Black people in a positive and enlightened view, I suppose they’re being forced to scratch that idea and get in the program, otherwise will be outcast into the obscurity. It’s like there’s no escape to this nightmare unless we become separated from them to actually heal ourselves.

      • Unfortunately you’re right. We have to go along to get along. I get so tired of that! Maybe separating from them might not be such a bad idea. We have to build something on our own. Otherwise they get to decide what will be allowed on television and films. They want to keep putting out bad images of us so that it keeps the illusion of white superiority alive. Omay,this is all about control and brainwashing black people. Keep us in a state of fear and make us think we need them. It’s time we did something for ourselves. The white/Jews that run Hollywood want to own and control everything. I think it’s time for a change. We just have to get motivated and believe we can do it without them. I think too many of us are scared to venture out and try something different. Know what I mean?

  3. I really enjoyed this post. The portrayal of black women in the media is mostly negative. The division between the black man and black woman is high because so many of us don’t know who we are and what we are and it’s sad. Your post showed positive aspects of the black woman and then what society “thinks” most of us are about in the white castle video. I love the end of your post where you say its time for us to stand up and be who we are supposed to be and not be defined. I absolutely love this. Keep up the good work!

    • Than you Miss Qui. Yes the images of black women are mostly negative. I’m glad you saw where I was going with the post. I think we need to have our studios and production companies. So we can put out the proper images of our people. That way we are not defines by someone else. But we also need to be better parents in our community. Sistas have to be there for our children and give them the proper morals and values. So we can put an end to this ghetto mentality in too many of our children. But we have to do this as a family. Black men and women both need ach other to pull this off. These images in the media make us ALL look bad in the eyes of all non blacks. We have to control our destiny and lift each other up. Too many of us want to tear one another down. If we keep doing that we’ll never be free.

      • @ Kushite Prince:

        At one point in my life, someone who was very dear to me expressed to me that, “all of us will not be saved.” Oh I literally “fought” so to speak, tooth and nail with this individual about these words! I did everything to “prove them wrong.” Sadly, this individual WAS correct on so many levels. Still, I continued to “fight” mind-sets that many of us have within the plethora of problems and diaspora us, black people.

        Sadly, I have continued to see these negative images of sistas almost DAILY because I am based at a college campus that many sistas attend. What I see? Sistas (and brothas) walking past one another with no acknowledgment of one another, “cutting” eyes at one another when the only faux pas that another sista may have transgressed in is sharing the same breathing space with another sister! I see other black individuals just sitting or relaxing and if another black individual happens to be passing by, that individual sitting will take a “milli-second” to look up, see that it is another black person and quickly look DOWN. My opinion is that if you look down on another black person and also disregard them? You are also looking down on yourself and baldly stating, ” I have no worth and neither do you.” Many of our sistas walk around with angry looks on their faces most of the time. And the list goes on….

        Moving on, my commentary is not “bashing” other sistas. But it my hope (and contention) that sistas reading this may be aware of another sista like this and bring their attention to this type of behavior. For it is self-defeating. “Each one, teach one IS the call of the day!”

        I feel that as individuals, we can at least attempt to be pro-active in how we perceiver one another.

        All, be well

  4. Kushite I am commenting on your comment about the jew’s running Hollywood. And how we as a community of people need to change…

    In order for us to change, and to get back to our ROOT’S we need STRONG black educational system’s that is going to teach our people of who we are and where we come from. White people isn’t going to do that. That is the reason why we are lost as of people. We have very limited of black education’s in their white school’s in the first place. Strong ANNOUNCEMENT’S NEED’S TO BE MADE. In order to really wake up the black community. And actually let them know what is going on… How In the world as a people. Are we going to come together when the whole entire globe of us NEED THIS WAKE UP CALL. Until then we have no say so’s we have no power and white supremacy is to strong for us to knock it down. As long as we have these TELEVISTION SHOW’S … They will have to decide for us.. We don’t have that power. Their Is no such thing as BLACK HOLLYWOOD. But black are In White Holly Wood. Trying to have control over their PRODUCTIONAL WORK.. Which It isn’t going to happen. You see what is going on with LEE DANIEL’S.

    This goes with everything that we do in our day to day life. Power and control Is real and where are stuck up under their RULERSHIP.. It such… Maybe that is the reason why I stay listening to Neely fuller. He is the only one that seem’s to get it and to know what is going on and how thing’s can be fixed. But It is going to take some hard hitting to get BLACK PEOPLE TO WAKE UP FROM THIS MADNESS..

  5. The truth of the matter is that the black woman is not the problem. She is STILL standing. There are way more of them taking care of business at work, home, school, in the community, then we (black men) are.

    The black man is broken, but the black woman remains in tact.

    Having said that, black women get a permanent pass form me. The reason is because of what I expressed above. The topic of conversation never needs to be restoring black women, it needs to focus squarely on restoring black men. Nature dictates that women follow the lead of MEN and not the reverse.

    So, you restore the black man and the black woman will follow suit. When we black men get off our knees then you’ll see these issues disappear. That is truth.

    • That’s a very controversial statement. So you think all the blame is on black men?? Black men definitely MUST get their act together and step up. I can’t argue with that. But I don’t know if I agree that 100% of this ALL falls on the shoulders of brothers. We are both victims of the WS system. Brothers are attacked,killed and thrown in prisons daily. We are at WAR right now! The black family as a whole is under attack. Black men and women have been slipping lately. We both need to step it up in a major way. We both need to be restored from my viewpoint. Not sure if I can agree with you totally on this one.

      • That is EXACTLY what I’m saying. The lion’s share- if not total blame and responsibility is with us black MEN. I know it’s a controversial statement, but nature backs me up on this. Men bear the ultimate responsibility for the people, not the women. If you believe in the bible, then you have seen this documented time and time over. Who did God make his covenants with? And accordingly, who did God hold responsible for the first sin? It wasn’t the woman. Who did God place the responsibility for leading the people to the promised land? Again, it wasn’t the woman. So I ask you, why should we blacks place any of the burden of advancement on our women? No other race on the planet rely on the women to uplift, advance or otherwise carry the race. Know why? Because those men of other races understand that that is THEIR job. Now don’t get me wrong, women have a VERY important job to do, but that ain’t it. The heavy lifting has and should be reserved for the MEN folk.

        I completely disagree with you that we both need to step it up. As I indicated in my earlier post, black women have been and continue to carry more than their fair share of our race’s burdens. We shouldn’t be looking for them to “step it up” when we are not pulling our weight. Whether you realize it or not, your position on this further perpetuates divide and conquer and ensures our continued regression as a people. Black men constantly looking to shift OUR responsibilities to the woman most certainly guarantees our continued demise.

        Sorry bro, but I can’t follow you with this one. The truth of the matter is that the only thing saving our race from complete obliteration is the black WOMAN. She doesn’t need to step anything up- if anything she needs someone to relieve her from her never ending shift.

      • Well first of all,I’m not trying to divide our people at all. Let’s get that straight. I always uplift sistas on my blog. I do it all the time on this blog. I’m not some black woman basher. I’ve never done that at all. My track record speaks for itself. We can disagree,that’s cool. People disagree with me all the time. But we both battle against WS and are attacked in different ways. I do agree when it comes to war that men should step up. I don’t expect women to get out their and physically fight. Men should be the warriors when the time comes. But an African proverb says the women is the first teacher. Some sistas are not raising these kids properly. They’re not giving the proper morals and values. That’s just the truth. That’s why you see a lot of our youngsters acting like fools in the streets. I know it’s not all on sistas though. But they have to share some of the blame. Men carry a lot of the burden as well. I’m not shifting responsibility at all. I always talk about black men stepping to plate and being REAL men. Of course we should be warriors in the truest sense. Yes men are leaders. But men follow according to the behavior of the woman. If she is an ignorant ghetto acting woman…..that’s what she will attract. Like attracts like. If the women act like whores and hoodrats..they will attracts useless thugs. It’s a two way street. That’s what I mean by sistas stepping up their game. You can’t complain about not finding a decent man when you don’t act like a decent woman. The world doesn’t operate like that. So yes,sistas do need to step it up as well. Continued regression also comes from not calling out bad behavior by woman as well. You can’t give a permanent pass to ignorant self serving women or self hating or gangsta bitch type of women. No way brother! Not gonna happen! Just letting any bad behavior slide and not calling them out on it??? Sorry dude.

      • Kushite

        I have to agree with Reality Check on this one. There are no hood-rat black women only ill raised, neglected, hurt and lost black women. They are that way because our men tolerate it celebrate it in music and “hook- up with them” them turn around and post videos of this which only reenforces this. The woman may be the care taker and mother, but she can not do this without the man. So yes, as unfair as it might sound it is up to the black man to clean house starting with his brother.

        Women can’t hold it down without a strong male presence to protect, secure, and provide them means to manifest our collective legacy. I think the best thing black women can do is hold on for the right man and encourage black men to take the lead in correcting our situation. I think the fighting and other masculine behavior displayed by a lot of these women is due to a lack of man presence and feeling a need to take on a man’s role or what they perceive it to be.

      • @ Kushite Prince:

        (tip-toeing in on this one)

        “Nine times out of ten? Behind every no good woman? Is a no-good man”.
        I am not disputing your position here. However, without using my credentials or expertise here, I am applying only mother-wit and that sixth sense, “common-sense.” I DO agree that it works both ways, and one word clearly stands out for both female and male:


        In the black diaspora, there are many, many variables that have occurred and impacted black culture over the last several decades. Sexual freedoms, more children born without the honor of marriage, sub-cultures, etc. All of this has greatly impacted and influenced black culture.

        I agree with reality_check that “when the black man has been restored, that black women will follow. ” Again.

        Thanks to both of you for sharing your thoughts.

  6. Images like the featured fight seem to surface as a way to substantiate the primitive perception of black women. While some blacks may find this entertaining, it is whites who ultimately profit off such portrayals.

    Interestingly enough, it seems that there is a place for the pictured black woman but no place for the black woman who resides outside racialized configuration. What does it mean to desire the embodiment of the black queen, only to find that there is no place for her in society? Ugh I feel a new piece coming on… lol

    • Thanks for the comments Saaraa. A new piece?? I can’t wait! I always learn something new on your insightful posts. You are one very intelligent black woman. I can’t wait to read your next post. *rubbing hands together*

  7. @KP: Perhaps I’m not effectively communicating my point. I’m pointing to the nuanced implication of this post. Below are some items of note:

    YOU: “But men follow according to the behavior of the woman”

    This is the point I’m making. This is contrary to nature. TRUE male leaders should NOT be following behind the behavior of women. MEN should NOT be led by women. Who do little boys model their behavior after when the father is present in the household? Their fathers, not their mothers. When the reverse is the case, chaos surely ensues. So, even children know who to pattern their behavior from and follow, so that statement doesn’t really make sense to me.
    I’m just wondering, do you think white men, Asian men, or Hispanic men pattern their behavior from or otherwise follow their women? Or do you think the reverse is true?

    ~Side note: it’s interesting that of all the material I read, I only hear/read black men espousing this reverse natural order (i.e., men follow from the woman). I NEVER hear/read non-black men saying that. Again, that’s probably because, unlike us, they understand THEIR responsibility to lead as MEN. We need to embrace that ideology as well.

    YOU: Some sistas are not raising these kids properly. They’re not giving the proper morals and values.

    While this is true, what we’re failing to illustrate is that these failed parents are more than likely raising these future hellions ALONE, with NO fatherly influence. For each of these black women you’re calling out for not raising their children properly, there is probably one or MORE black men who are not actively involved in the rearing of these children. So, who’s to blame for that? The man or the woman? So again, while what you ‘re saying is true on the surface, you’re still giving us (black men) a pass, knowing that most of us have abandoned our children and left the SOLE responsibility of rearing these children to women who may be ill-equipped for such an undertaking. So, which is worse to you, raising a child without the proper morals (probably because SHE herself was raised without morals) or not being involved with raising your children at all? My money goes on the latter.

    You seem to be reversing the order of things. Again, the law of nature dictates man THEN woman. Despite that proverb you quoted, that’s not how nature works. Calling for women to get their stuff together first will do absolutely NOTHING for men folk. It will only keep us in a perpetual underclass. However, calling for MEN to get ourselves together first will RESURRECT the black community. If black men would stand up and LEAD, then the women would fall in line. You can bet your retirement fund on that. The problem is just what you stated, the black men are waiting to be led by the women. This is very problematic indeed.

    Now, I didn’t accuse you of consciously trying to deride black women, but you
    did call for them to “step up,” despite the current realities of black America. The hood rats of the world are symptoms of an underlying disease. I’m suggesting that black America’s focus should be on eradicating the underlying illness, not the symptoms.

    • Maybe black women need to stop the victim whining and accept some damn accountability for a change! your comment sounds like yet again victim blaming please! no if you are seen as a fool it’s because you are BEING A FOOL! that is nobody else’s fault but yours and spare me the ‘she hasn’t gotten a man helping her’ blah,blah,blah bullshit SHE picked that loser so what does that say about her? the black women who attract no good thugs are most of the time thugs themselves and fools like in the video. you want black men to stop pointing fingers then do so yourself first! another thing nobody ever mentions the vindictive bitter black women that call cops on her man and lie to get him tossed into prison so she can move on or have the kids herself again who is at fault for that? there have been many high profile incidents where black women in the media and on the blogs rush to agree with WHITE MALES at tear down black men yet you want THEIR support when white daddy ain;t so nice to you?!! it don’t work that way nor can you keep denying your own faults and flaws while crying that things in the black community need to change. change your it’s their fault not mine attitude!

  8. Hetep Kushite.
    I appreciate this Bro b/c a lot ppl need to know that true love is about selflessness. It is not about “me” but “Us” and she hits the nail on the head. When ppl know what lane they are in and learn how to drive in that lane with the person they love. It is straight bliss. Thanks again.

    • Thanks Kam. Coming from you that is high praise.lol I do my best to get my point across. I assume you’re talking about the video with Okeba. She is a very intelligent woman. A real queen in the truest sense. Her husband is a very lucky man.

  9. i think a queen is many things she does not fit societies standard one size fits all. She is too complex to be categorized as one thing. A queen can be outspoken and passionate, she can be reserved and intuitive or a combination of these. Queens come in different shades, sizes and personalities. She can be a housewife or in the workforce.

    Queens are like a group of friends one may be outgoing, the other may be quiet, and one may be the comic relief, but they are all important to the group.

    Lions, leopards, cheetahs, and tigers are all big cats that need food, water, territory, and a mate. They differ in how they obtain these things, queens are the same way have a goal but go about different ways to reach it. A queen can be like the lioness and crave a group of like minded women working toward a common goal, she can be like the tiger solitary yet strong, she can be like the leopard a balance of strength and agility, or like the cheetah agile yet balanced.

    A lion does not wish to be a leopard and a cheetah does not wish to be a tiger. They follow their nature and change when their environment does. Some have stripes, some have spots, and some have neither but they all are beautiful and powerful in their own way. Our nature and environment changed so we changed, we have to evolve and relearn our nature while fighting to survive.

    • Wow! That was a great breakdown Ms TooGood! I love the cat analogy. It makes it look at this in a very different perspective. I can always count on you for an amazing reply. You really knocked it out the part! In my opinion,you would definitely be in the queen category. No doubt about that. Much love to you sis. ❤

      • Don’t try to be modest. You most certainly are a queen.lol A king?? Someone else asks me that question once before. As I said before,I call myself prince because I’m a king in training.lol I don’t think I’m there yet,but I’m getting there.

  10. Now I know this seems off the point Kushite but did you catch that news story of that black man that was sentenced to 30 days in jail because he was working too early?

    Now I know that white supremacy is global but this is just one of those situations where I feel so happy I live in the Caribbean

    go ahead and check out this video

      • you must be lying? seriously? paying too much child support? all the more reason why that shit called America needs to fall

      • a damn shame indeed, blacks can’t catch a break in that country, they hate you when you ain’t working, they hate you when you ain’t working hard enough and they hate you when you working too early. When will we wake up and realize White respectability politics is nothing but a crock of bullshit. No matter what we do, these inbreds will find every reason they can to hate and terrorize us

  11. While I am sitting here looking at these African American women fighting like that I am saddened and even more saddened to see the African American men standing by looking at them and not trying to stop them from demeaning themselves because they enjoy a good “Cat Fight” This is the reason why the white man treats us like they do and thinks of us like they do, because we as African American women don’t respect ourselves nor do the men who think they should be called “King” or “Daddy”. Jumping up and down like monkeys in the jungle because two women are fighting. Black on Black fighting, killing, disrespecting is really sad when you think about it because you are only doing what the white man has been doing for decades. Wake up black people , Wake up!!!

    • Spare me!! those fools are GROWN and need to be held accountable black women whine about black men pointing fingers yet point more fingers than ANYBODY! and black women complain about black men don’t have your back yet black women jump on every white male bandwagon to selectively attack black males yet never utter a peep about white males that ar accused of domestic violence or rape. Stop making the problem everyone else and not you. black women need to stop the victim mentality.

  12. @ Kushite Prince
    I’m late reading this post but I agree with everything stated. One of your comments I do agree upon that you made on the post

    “If she is an ignorant ghetto acting woman…..that’s what she will attract. Like attracts like. If the women act like whores and hoodrats..they will attracts useless thugs. It’s a two way street. That’s what I mean by sistas stepping up their game. You can’t complain about not finding a decent man when you don’t act like a decent woman.”

    The ghetto mentality in our communities has become acceptable among our black men & women which are raising future generations in this cycle. You’re right black women do need to step their game up when learning to choose decent black men but if the black women whose doing the choosing has a ghetto mentality that’s the best she can do. The object of the game is to change the black woman’s behavior.

    Director Spike Lee has a new movie coming out name Chiraq which has black women withholding sex until black men get it together to stop the violence in the community. When I read this post as well your comment this movie came to mind. Since we’re discussing black women I will stay on the topic.

    One thing that has to be reenforce is setting up better positive examples of what black womanhood is all about in our communities by setting up programs. The class that we need to target the most is the underprivilege black women & girls in our communities. This class is the one that should be our main target because these sisters are considered the rejects in our communities. One thing while doing research on our black leaders from Marcus Garvey, Ida B. Wells, Malcolm X and etc there target was misguided black people as the main focus while doing work in the communities & being role models. We need to be seen in action working with our sisters to let them know we are out their in the communties who cares.

    Furthermore with programs & classes helping us out can eliminate this ghetto mentality among the women in our communities. We need to tell our misguided sisters that you are value in a society among your people. We need a each one teach one mind set even though we will have some of our people not be save. When the self esteem of black women has improved the choices of them selecting black men will be better as well.

    When I mention about the Spike Lee movie Chiraq black women need to stop procreating & selecting useless black males especially the ones harming the communities. These useless black males depend on these black women for sex, food, shelter, money, & etc once these black women stop providing this for them they will have no other choice but to change into real black men. Our misguided sisters are making misguided decisions that lead them to destruction to themselves & communities.

    • THanks for that great comment. That was very well thought out. I’ve seen the trailer for Chiraq. It looks very interesting. Ans Spike is trying to get people talking about a very important issue. It will interesting to see the response he gets from the film.

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