Melanin: Debunking the Lies


There are a lot of lies told about melanin. Especially told by the mainstream media.This brother made a great video debunking a lot of those myths. He helps to explain away  some of the confusion.

This is another great video. It’s with Dr Llaila Afrika. He has some great books about the health of black people. His book Nutricide has a wealth of information. This video is long but very informative.

8 thoughts on “Melanin: Debunking the Lies

  1. I really do appreciate you for putting this video up… This is very enlightening to know the truth about the melanin skin. This also show’s proof, That Mr. Neely Fuller Jr. was right about how they are very Jealous or envious of black people that have melanin In the skin, so they have to lie about what the melanin is to fill better
    about themselves..

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