Gay Struggle is not the Black Struggle

This is a lecture that Umar Johnson recently had in Kansas City. During the Q&A he is confronted by a black woman from the LGBT community. She begins to question him on his stance against homosexuality. The woman looks like a biracial woman. I’m a little concerned about this because it seems sometimes biracial people have divided loyalties. You never know what side of the fence they will be on. The debate gets pretty heated at one point. The woman challenges him on hate speech,mental illness,homophobia and racism.But in the end Umar puts her in check! He answers all her questions. I think this woman is an agent. Most likely a plant sent to disrupt his lecture. This looks like Cointelpro all over again. Just my personal opinion. I actually enjoyed the back and forth. He explains to her that the gay struggle is not the same as the black struggle. He makes it plain and simple. Check out the video and let me know what you think. Who do you agree with? Umar or the woman?

29 thoughts on “Gay Struggle is not the Black Struggle

    • Thanks Kofi. Yes,it’s a great clip. Umar does not hold back. I’m glad he put her in her place. This woman was trying to be slick! We have to stand against these infiltrators that want to divide our people. I’m so sick and tired of these agents! They need to be exposed.

  1. Dr. Umar Johnson has definitely gotten himself marked. They have now started their attacks and protests of his speaking engagements. Did you hear about how he was disinvited to speak at the Portland Public Schools a few months ago? If you haven’t google it and see how this is unfolding. Unfortunately those who speak truth are systematically destroyed.

    • Yes RC I did hear about that Portland drama. A buddy told me about it. You know how it is? If you speak truth to power—-they’re coming for you! That’s how it is when you’re in warfare. We can never forget that. These agents are everywhere! You must keep your guard up.

  2. This woman’s argument is messy. The LGBT movement and struggles are not synonymous with the struggles of blacks in America. I mean, any LBGT person who is black is ALWAYS black first-this division dispels any chatter of similarity.

    Feminists only care about white women, so any woman who falls outside of that demographic is foolish for aligning themselves with a mentality that excludes them. The LBGT have divisions within their own faction that often exclude or place blacks on the bottom or stereotype them as objects of curiosity to be sampled.

    I do not have issues with the LGBT community until they fail to see that there issues pale in comparison to the black american who are granted misfortune by the unchosen color of their skin. I’m glad he told her to have several seats as being against same sex relations does not make you homophobic. The labeling was as self serving as it was silly.

    Thanks for sharing the video.

    • Thanks Saaraa. I totally agree with you. I just get tired of them trying to say it’s the same thing. No way! We were murdered,lynched,raped and enslaved. There’s NO comparison as all! And I will not stand for this nonsense! I will call them out every time!

    • I agree with you 110% As a black female, I wake up daily with my skin. Though I would never want to be anything other than a BLACK female and sista, the LGBT had a CHOICE.

      I am NOT bru ha ha’ing anyone’s sexual preference or sexual identification. But dig this, I do NOT have to support it. Black people have a bigger fish to fry. Others see that we are black before they even attempt to go beyond that and that we are NOT monolithic.

  3. Homosexuality and Feminism is the destruction of the traditional family structure plain and simple. Can a gay man have a family in the afro-american community? Nope! Can a feminist survive by herself and her children without the support of the Man who is the leader and protector of the household? Reality is if you’re not a A-lister star or musician, it’s as unbalanced as having a house built in a dune of sand. Black community is in peril of losing their legacy, their future because of these ills and we have to rip it off from childhood. Homosexuality and feminism are the causes of a trauma of betrayal of trust it’s NOT they’re born that way. That’s a classic excuse to believe themselves is alright living in a behavior that is NOT appropriate.

  4. I’ve been listening to Dr. Umar Johnson for over a year. It’s been my own journey of seeking higher knowledge in order to teach better.

    What is a Black feminist? Do Black women in this movement realize that they are an oxymoron? When did Black men ever oppress Black women?

    The feminist movement had nothing to do with the Black woman–it was about the white woman and white males; Black women were never included.

    • I know what you mean. I keep trying to tell black women this fact. But for some reason it doesn’t sick in. Those white feminists just used black women. They don’t give a damn about sistas.

      • The point I was trying to make was that the entire feminist movement was a sham.

        Black women already had what white women were fighting for.

        Black men had never oppressed us.

        The feminist movement was a fight between white women and white men. Also, many white women were mentally ill or lesbians, thus, it became more about superiority than equality.

        The bottom line for me, when you break it all down…the only thing the feminist movement really exposed was the removal of a white male supremacist agenda to a white female supremacist one.

    • The problem is a number of stupid black women who run blogs still stand by the side of white feminuts and gay folks. I called out one such person by the name of Danielle Belton who was rehashing Clarence Thomas. When I commented that white women in the feminist groups didn’t give a rat’s ass about Anita Hill she had the nerve to whine that so what if their motives were less than altruistic. I told her their motives weren’t at ALL altruistic and that’s the damn problem! They still have this moronic idea that the feminist movement was ever about them.

      • Then she’s a dumb bitch. Let’s face it. Some Black people are as dumb as rocks and Ms. Danielle is probably a biracial who is racially confused, drinks latte’s while she reads feminist literature; thinking about issues that are only impacting white women, never over-standing how these people were never friends of Black women; their goal was simply to distract Black women from the Black movement to further their own.

  5. European Psychological DSM book to prove his point was futile. These same doctors enforced the idea of white mental superiority and came up with ideologies still used today (bell curve) to support their racial dominance over people of color. (google: ‘draketopia’) If Umar, is a Pan-Africanist and is attempting to put an end to racism white supremacy, why is he in a dashiki using the white man’s study book as a reference to prove his point?

    • Yes I understand your point. I personally don’t condone homosexuality. It has never been a part of African culture. I don’t need any book to tell me it’s not natural. Anyone with a brain can see that. Whether it’s a mental disorder or not is irrelevant to me.

  6. Homosexuality has never been a part of African culture. How do you know what African men do when women are not present? Kushite why do you think the men go out of their way to avoid some of you women half of the time. Homosexuality has been a part of humanity since humans have walked the earth in Africa. I’m a black 36-year old homosexual and have known I was sexually attracted to men since I was 5 or 6. My fathers father was even bisexual and a crossdresser as well. Most of the men I have love affairs with have been black and African men. I have been to both Egypt and Jamaica and had a blast in more ways than one. No one needs you to condone homosexuality. This is why Hiv and Aids is so rampant in black communities, pure ignorance! You should educate yourself more on LGBT issues so you won’t make a fool of yourself when you spew your bull shit. Other than that I enjoy reading your thoughts, thanks for pouring out your heart and soul here……

    • First of all Dion,I’m a man not a woman. And second,I’m sorry to hear you had bisexuals and cross dressers in your family. I’m sure that caused you a lot of confusion growing. It also sounds like you are still very much confused. I am very educated on the agenda by the LGBT folks. They are pushing it very hard on our kids. I wont stand for that at all! I don’t spew bull $hit—-I spit the TRUTH. Sometimes the truth hurts. But you got to tell with it. We don’t promote that gay stuff here at Kushite Kingdom. We stand for black love. Black man,Black woman= Trinity. Get use to it– and kick rocks!! None of that homo stuff plays over here. Peace!

    • Of course they were mad as hell but that was because Richard called them on their bullshit and they hate that. Also there was that lesbian white woman who VERY rudely interrupted Michelle Obama and when she responded like any rational person would she was labeled an ‘angry black woman’ when the stupid white woman disrespected her. Then stupid black women on the blogs criticize her but still support gay white people SMH!

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