Eugenics: We are being Exterminated!

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If you believe every conspiracy is just a theory with no verifiable facts, stop reading this article now. If you are afraid of the truth and you believe ignorance is bliss, stop reading this article now. But if you want to know the truth, the why and the what you can do about it, please keep reading this article. I am going to give you information that can be verified independent of me, independent of YouTube and independent of theory. Before you shake your head in disbelief, go check for yourself. I hope you are a skeptic, but a skeptic with the nerve to go find out, not just to scoff in disbelief.

Last night I again watched an old movie called Logan’s Run, a sci-fi thriller of sorts made far ahead of its time. Logan’s Run was based on population control. The people lived in a utopian society where they were micro-chipped (lo-jacked and required to turn themselves in to be exterminated in their mid 30s). The brainwashing was so affective that they had no idea they were being deceived and they were being killed instead of “renewed”. It was government run religion without the spirituality and everything was regulated by a supercomputer.

This movie might sound like humorous sci-fi if it were not for several factors that are true today and science fiction of just 20 or 30 years ago is easily becoming science fact today. Did you know, for instance, that the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has a provision that allows for microchip implantation and tracking of those who have the plan? Google what I just said and download a pdf copy of the plan. You will see for yourself. Do I have your attention? Good, keep reading.

Eugenics is population control. It is what the Georgia Guide stones reference. It is what Hitler believed in, a master race and extermination of those people who are not a part of it. It is what he was told to do. It is what Margaret Sanger promoted by placing Planned Parenthood primarily in Africa-American areas and making abortion readily available. This has gone unnoticed because of the marketing disguises used to make us believe her centers made sense and they were there to “help”. If they shared the real or main reason, many women would not have gone – and sadly many women would have gone anyway. But there have been over 40 million abortions since the landmark court decision Roe vs. Wade and if you look at the percentages of African-Americans who will never exist, the numbers clearly paint a picture. This article is not a debate on pro-life or pro-choice but numbers do not lie and neither are numbers coincidental.

After Steve Jobbs died, a meeting was held with the Rockefellers, Oprah and Bill Gates. In fact, Bill Gates has spoken in favor of population control and the Rockefellers have a population control plan. More media, the medical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the telecommunications industry, those who regulate your food and world financiers are in on this plan than you might think. If you work in one of these industries and you are shaking your head or laughing, it is likely that you are not high enough in your field to know what I am saying is true. If you do know what I am saying is true, you are not shaking your head. I am going to give you more proof but don’t ask me how I know some of it because some questions are best not answered, But don’t assume that I have no facts because you would be in error.

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Eugenics is about reducing the population of the planet through natural and artificial means. The long white trails you see in the sky, for example, are not commercial passenger planes. They are planes spraying Chemtrails of poison gas containing Barium which is dangerous and toxic to the respiratory system. Last year after reading an article, I went outside and made a ball with snow. I tried to melt the snow with a lighter but it would not melt. It burned black on the bottom like a ball of chemicals. That’s a fact and I did it myself along with several other people. There is or was something chemical and unnatural in the snow that fell in the snowstorm last year in Atlanta. But the evidence does not stop there.

Eugenics involves population control and reduction by counting on deaths from natural causes, accidents, wars, natural diseases, man-made diseases (AIDS), mutated disease strains (H5N1 flu, Ebola which mutated dozens of times), natural disasters (earthquakes, famines, tornadoes), man-made disasters (Hurricane Katrina, earthquakes, tsunamis, famines and crime. The numbers are crunched and projections are made. Then whatever needs to be adjusted is adjusted to reduce the numbers. Before you say I am just making this all up, do your homework. Research H.A.A.R.P., the patented government weather control device based on the work of Nikola Tesla. The United States government patent website is and while you are there I have something else for you to check. You will also find the patented cure for AIDS that has set there quietly for over 10 years. Do a patent search then a patent number search. Search patent number 5676977 and see what you find. Not s treatment, but a CURE. Are you still doubting me or thinking I am just making up conspiracy theories? Then keep reading. I am sure you skeptics will say the holocaust did not occur and that tour government did not give those men syphilis in the Tuskegee experiment too. But most of us know it happened. And 911 is a whole other issue that I cannot get into today.

It is a risk to even tell you as much as I have. Therefore for you skeptics or those who want to keep their heads in the sand, do not bother to comment and do not expect me to respond to your comments. But the facts are the facts. Have you ever wondered why the medical symbol is two snakes wrapped around a staff? No it’s not because of Moses but more likely because of Hermes and the caduceus he carried. It is the mark of the serpent, the same one back in the Garden of Eden. The same serpent known as the Kundalini in the practice of Yoga. The same serpent which sits on top of the headdress of King Tut. It is the same dragon that Chinese culture is infatuated with, the same serpent reptile that Christ spoke of when he called a group “generation of Vipers” in the Bible. Check for yourself.

Have you ever wondered why doctors seem to be able to treat almost anything but cure almost nothing? The medical INDUSTRY makes more money by treating people than curing them. Have you ever wondered why we can clone animals (and probably humans as well), put a rover on Mars and determine the sex of a newborn but we are still using chemotherapy to kill cancer cells – even though it kills good cells and often weakens people until they die? Have you ever wondered why so many pharmaceutical medicines have side effects that can be worse than the condition the medicine is supposed to fight in the first place? None of this is coincidence. These are all facts, like them or not.

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Did you notice how one day we were in a flu pandemic and all of a sudden, no more talk about it as if it seemed to disappear? But before you say it was because of the vaccines, you need to know a great many people who never took the shot also never got the flu, myself included. Likewise many children died after receiving the flu shot but this was kept quiet and out of the media. And others took the shot but got the flu anyway. Look how the Ebola crisis was handled. It could have easily spread across this country – or was that a trial run like H1N1 before it came back as H5N1?

Our country goes into war after war after war selectively and the returning body bags are kept quiet or out of the media. Why do you think that is? Enemies are manufactured like cheap fake Nikes and off to another battle our children go. Agent Orange sprayed in Vietnam has been linked to the deaths and illnesses of many soldiers and PTSD is taking even more of them out. The American Legion in a recent commercial reported that 22 veterans a day commit suicide. Wow, are you freaking kidding me? Yet the marketing of patriotism is forcing people to believe the battles, wars and deaths are all necessary to protect our freedoms from dictators who can’t reach us with their missiles anyway. When the United States wanted Bin Laden gone, he was gone. When the United States wanted to capture the “great threat” Saddam Hussein, our military found him hiding in a hole. But he was a big threat right? Wrong. Yet our country went to war to get a man who was not a threat and to get weapons we never found while thousands of people died on both sides. Do you wonder why? It was not simply about weapons or oil because we have plenty of both.

In World War II the United States broke a treaty and used incendiary devices to cause Japanese civilians to heat up to a thousand degrees in less than a minute. That’s not an indictment, that’s a fact and 200,000 people in Japan lost their lives. I am not saying some wars are not necessary. I am simply saying what Denzel Washington said in Crimson Tide. “The true enemy cannot be defeated because in a war the true enemy is war itself”. My point is simply that these wars, fights, battles and skirmishes have a covert purpose of population control. When the “ethnic cleansing” went on in Africa in the Sudan and genocide of hundreds of thousands of people occurred, the world stood by and let it happen. Why? Because it served a sick purpose – population control. There are still thousands of people in Haiti displaced, facing famines and living in tents from the manufactured earthquake years ago but that is never mentioned. Yet we go right on building more bombs and weapons to kill more people faster. Fact, Russia just completed the most powerful missile on the planet again. It replaced there earlier missile called satan and this new one can deliver 14 nuclear warheads. That’s crazy and that’s every major city in the United States – Chicago, Miami, Washington, New York, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles etc. If we do not have that many soldiers inhabiting our major cities, what could be the purpose of such a weapon of mass destruction? You guess it, population control through war.

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SO WHAT CAN THE AVERAGE PERSON DO ABOUT THESE THINGS? Knowing the truth is a start. Then do your own research and don’t be afraid to do it. Sharing the truth is next. Share this article with everybody you know. Then you pray. Then you begin to prepare. That’s why I tell people to stay off the scope as much as you can. But many people are not listening and go right on jumping on Facebook, even though Facebook is a data gathering hub that reports to DAARPA which reports to the Department of Defense. Stop helping people track you and build your profile. Stop telling everybody what you are doing all the time, where you go are who you know. You have the right to bear arms (legally) so don’t trade in your weapon. Our people are trading in weapons and “white” people are buying every weapon they can. Read the labels on the food you buy because it is likely the accumulation of pesticides, insecticides, growth hormones, artificial ingredients and genetically modified or cloned foods is causing all types of diseases and medical problems. Stop eating so much fast food and know what’s in it. Is there any milk in McDonald’s shakes? Only about half of their nugget is chicken, did you know that? Know what you are eating and make the time to cook.

You should also know that the cheapest foods are often purchased by the most people in certain economic groups. If those groups are full of people considered a detriment to the planet by the powers that be, you can expect the most chemicals to be in the cheapest foods. And all of the same name grocery stores are not created equal. Research natural cures and remedies. Hold your doctor accountable and discuss alternative breakthrough cures and treatments. Don’t just follow like a dumb sheep or treat a doctor like he/she walks on water. Double and triple check his or her advice. There is a lot you can do and you will be able to make a much longer list once you do your research. We have only scratched the surface. Check out everything for yourself and believe no one blindly. That is your biggest defense. Meanwhile, I wish you wisdom, long life, good health and the desire to know the truth so you can act on it.

Article by Marque-Anthony

33 thoughts on “Eugenics: We are being Exterminated!

  1. This has been going on for a long time…they are also sterilizing nonwhite countries on the dime of the Scaife Foundation.

      • This is a long discussion over a coffee kind of thing. We came across this info when we were investigating the Scaife Foundations funds into anti-immigration groups who were fronts for the eugenics movement. Over 100,000 women in nonwhite countries have be administered a sterilization drug. We don’t know if they knew what was happening to them or it was being done under false pretenses. There is most definitely a “Final Solution” style mass genocide against nonwhite people. And it is bigger than any of us could imagine.

      • All the anti-immigration groups in the US like FAIR, NumbersUSA, CIS, FeetToTheFire, ect… are fronts for a eugenics movement that run by John Tanton. Cordelia Scaife was part of the wealthy Mellon family. When she died she left 40 million dollars to be divided up and to create more eugenics and anti-immigration based programs against nonwhites. Why has nobody from the “left” exposed this? Because she also left money to those big fancy liberal pro-environmental groups, so the white liberals are making money from her foundation as well. We’ve infiltrated and attended press conferences put on by these anti-immigration groups and discovered groups like the white liberal Sierra club were there. At first we thought because they were on our side and were there to speak up a voice for the immigration population. But, no, they were there because they were being paid to be there as supporters … I about wanted to puke!

      • Isn’t it sick?? Just goes to show that there is no difference. They are very deceptive. These so-called left wing groups pretend they are so different then the right. I’ve been hip to their double talk along time ago. Nothing but lying two-faced snakes!!!!!

  2. I agree with almost everything you said, except one thing: I seriously doubt Oprah was included in any meeting of the masterminds. #ijs

    • She doesn’t control anything. She’s just a puppet. But I’ve heard she’s been to a few Bilderberg meetings. And that’s where the owners of Facebook,Amazon,GE and others meet up to come up with “plans” for the rest of us. OPrah is not the mastermind of anything but she is allowed to know what her role is in the plan. She’s not innocent by any means. She couldn’t get to where she is being totally ignorant. She sold out a loooooong time ago brother.

      • I know Oprah sold out. I”m saying that the level of control this article speaks of is several levels beyond Oprah’s reach. I’d doubt very seriously if she was included in the meetings. I”m more inclined to think that she would get her marching orders from her handlers who WERE at the meetings. From what I understand, no blacks are included in these secret meetings. I could be wrong though.

      • You might be right. I guess we can only speculate at this point. But I see your point. They’re not letting any black person in on ALL their plans. And definitely if those plans involve harming black people. Nope! Not going to happen!!

      • @KP and reality_check

        I would hope that Oprah is not stupid enough to think that she is excluded in this evil plan. Cause at the end of the day she is not one of them, she is one of us.

  3. Great post! It’s scary as hell and people gotta stop looking at this info as myth and start paying a damn attention. I was watching News One yesterday morning and Roland had a Black Woman doctor who was saying that ARSENIC IS IN OUR CHICKEN. Now I grew up eating meat and its hard to wean myself off of it, but I’m going to have to start eating less of it and other meats. This sista doctor also said that we need to eat more vegetables and less animal. Now I can do that easily cause I grew up eating veggies.

    • Yes I’ve heard about the arsenic. They’re putting chemicals in most of the food. Hormones in chicken,turkey,beef and pork. A plant based diet is much healthier anyway. You wont get sick as much. You’re a very smart woman.

    • Meat, as it’s processed today, is not fit for human consumption. My mom’s church had a doctor speak to the congregation like 12 years ago. She had developed breast cancer and cured herself by adopting an alkaline-based diet (basically fresh fruits and vegetables and NO processed food). She was dropping some straight TRUTH on the medical industrial complex. She informed the congregation that there is very little research dollars being spent on CURING any diseases anymore. The funding is now being done to MANAGE diseases. Think about it: it is much more profitable to have a lifelong customer via buying prescription drugs to manage all these diseases than to completely cure you. Most of these diseases can be REVERSED by making drastic lifestyle choices. The average American is too lazy to make these changes and would rather rely on these toxic medications that are actually further polluting their bodies and causing other diseases. Anyway, this doctor healed herself and is now cancer free. She had to do her own research. She rejected radiation and chemotherapy and opted for the natural route. She also said that chicken is the WORST meat you can consume. Think about the frequency that the average American eats chicken. The average eats chicken for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That’s way too much, and our collective health statuses are reflecting that reality.

      Add to that fact that the pharmaceutical industry now OWNS the nation’s medical schools and hospitals, you have a recipe for medical slavery. I have seen this with my own eyes. My friends that were in medical school spent a substantial portion of their training learning which drugs to prescribe for which ailment. The focus was not on preventative nor true healing. The focus was on treating the symptoms with toxic chemicals. Don’t believe me? Pay attention next time you go to the doctor with an ailment. They are going to prescribe a half dozen medicines to treat a minor symptom. When you ask about the causes, preventative care, or non-prescription treatment, they are like dear caught in the headlights. Sadly, medical care in the United States is now about treatment and not health and wellness.

      I personally cut meat out of my diet a couple years ago and I can say that I’m in much better health and shape then I was when I was consuming a large meat-based diet. We have to take our health into our own hands now. We can’t rely on the good intentions of doctors because they really are working for the pharmaceutical companies at this point in time. It’s such a sad reality, but it’s true. Blacks are the last one that should trust the medial industry given our history with the establishment.

  4. I was having an argument with my mother this morning and she was cussing at the top of her lungs about Africa and how its in the state its in because of African leaders failing to take into consideration the hand that colonization had in the impoverishment of the african continent and the fact that the White Western Financial Institutions like the World Bank, the IMF as well as Western Political Bodies like the US Government prop up puppet leaders whom they’ve bribed and bought out and threaten on a daily basis to keep in Lin and reward their subordination with dainty treats and crumbs while the people they promise to protect and serve live in horrendous states of poverty.

    Now mind you I live in the Caribbean as and we function primarily on tourism and the overwhelming number of the patrons to our hotels and resorts are white people. And she went on this whole tirade about White people feed us and if they don’t come we don’t eat. Now she is correct but she fails to realize that we provide a service, they pay for a service, as long as they’re fed, pampered and entertained they’re all well and good they don’t care about us, we’re just servants to them. And she went and dropped some story about a black man who used to walk 20 or so miles to and from work and how dome white man used tl give him a ride now and again. I’m sure you heard of that story so I’m not going to go into details. The point is she is tryin to present white people as perfect saints as and angels and when I call out their bigotry, racism and evil actions all around she has the nerve to tell me I am being racist and hateful and that I need to change the way I think. Can you believe it? Just goes to show you and alot of black nationalists are right about the way some of our parents think.

    • That’s the problem. People don’t do their research on the World Bank and IMF. They have raped and destroyed the economics in Africa. The African leaders your mother is speaking about are puppets. They force the hand of those Africans. She relies to much on the good will of whites. That’s a very dangerous mindset to have. You never rely on your open oppressor. sadly she isn’t alone in her thinking. Many of us think this way. This is colonization and terrorism,plain and simple. We have to call it what it.

  5. I’m considering banning chicken and corporate foods altogether, now that I learn that the powers that be allow GMOs, chemicals, and additives added to the already fragile food supply. That’s evil and satanic.


    • That’s a smart move Stephanie. They are really killing us with these GMO’s. It’s best to grow your own food or at least buy organic when you can. I agree these people are satanic and love to play with the life of others. It’s obvious they only care about themselves.

  6. Don’t get immunized. This is one of the ways these people are infecting people with diseases. Do you really think the Ebola outbreak was an accident. Not buying it.

    I highly suggest people to start listening to Dr. Umar Johnson. He’s been talking about this for years.

    Anytime white people are in Africa; Africans end up dying.

  7. Oprah is definately no saint. I remember back in 2012 there was a media frenzy about like seven or eight private jets parked at this golf resort in South Carolina, come to find out it was Jeb Bush, Oprah, Bill Gates and others having a meeting. I could only imagine what they were meeting about. Bill is always talking about vaccines. I always wonder how in the hell Oprah aquired so much money that quick. Check out The Black Child’s video on Bill Gates on youtube, that man and his wife are evil! People love to talk about Karma, where are the karma for these evil people. The mayor of atlanta Reid attended the Bilderberg meeting last year, I wonder what they have in store for Atlanta. I woke up to this stuff a couple years ago and it is depressing because what can we really do. Did yall see the discussion of the dress and what color it was on social network? You can’t tell me that wasn’t some type of distraction of some type. It would be better for us to grow our own food but they would make that illegal too, just like the guy in Orlando that was growing his own food and the city took him to court to take it down. Strange times.

    • For a quick update on GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) check out GMO foods on Youtube.

      You may not be surprised for it seems that you are already in the know. What is telling are the very foods that are purchased from grocery stores, super markets including Mom ‘n Pop stores. SMH…

      • Yes you’re right. The GMO’s are damn near everywhere. It’s really a struggle to eat healthy nowadays,although it can be done. Eating organic and having a plant based diet is the best way to go.

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