Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 9(Steve Harvey)

Sometimes Steve Harvey leaves me speechless. This self hating fool amazes me with the things that come out of his mouth. I should have done a post on him a long time ago. He has said a lot of ignorant things about black people in the past. And made some really dumb decisions. Most recently he invited known racist Paula Dean to a mentoring camp for black boys! What the hell?? Is this man NOT insane?? But this recent video really takes the cake. This moron thinks we should just forget about slavery. I understand he’s trying to be funny but come on brother! Is this really something to joke about? He says he “doesn’t care for slavery”. Or any history for that matter. So he’s basically saying we should wallow in ignorance and just be idiots. This man is a paid puppet for his white Jewish masters. Everyone knows if you don’t know you PAST,you don’t know where you’re going. This man is an embarrassment to all black people. I wonder what would happen if he said he didn’t give a damn about the Holocaust. Hmmm…….something to think about. Let me know what you think. Is this man a buffoon or am I overacting?


Just pay Steve the money and he’ll be glad to flash that big tooth grin of his! Always skinning and grinning like a fool!

71 thoughts on “Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 9(Steve Harvey)

  1. no you’re not overreacting at all, the next time you look up the word coon in the dictionary you just may see ole Sleaze Harv-Grease’s picture right next to it

  2. Oh hell to the no Kushite you did not just insult my man. He is a humanitarian and a powerful soldier, leader and pioneer in the cause of black liberation and empowerment and you will not besmirch his name with these underhanded slanderous cacaphony of insults, no I am not having it…… You got a problem with him you deal with me……….


      • Id have liked to see him say all those white people should forget 9/11…or forget all veterans of the wars they love so much….some people are so lost and eager to prove they are Eurocentric, they just embarrass themselves…

      • It only amuses me that white people nod and agree with him, but would be patriotically offended if someone was directly disrespecting one of their perceived “heroes”

      • Bigotry, I believe, is the right term you were looking for. Hurt feelings is all that comes of my bigotry, therefore it is not racism.

      • Check this out..first,I don’t pay taxes…NEVER have.never will. Tax dollars amount to THEFT.no one..NO ONE is given the option as to where that money goes. Collectively. ..HUMANS are responsible for fucked up treatment of other HUMANS.I’m no more responsible for what WHITE MEN/ TYRANTS Have done throughout history than you are responsible for

      • Also, I was speaking culturally. You can say they’re not your heroes, yet your tax dollars speak for themselves. Collectively, white people have heroes, just as collectively the rest of us do. Separating yourself from the whole does not make you any less responsible for what your heroes do and have done worldwide.

      • Check this out..first,I don’t pay taxes…NEVER have.never will. Tax dollars amount to THEFT.no one..NO ONE is given the option as to where that money goes. Collectively. ..HUMANS are responsible for fucked up treatment of other HUMANS. I am,and really,no one is,EVER RESPONSIBLE FOR ANOTHER ACTIONS! I can only control my OWN. SO If you are looking for white guilt here. Keep looking.
        My heroes are Slipknot. I SHARE NOTHING in common with white sheep. NOTHING.

      • Whoa buddy! Let’s slow down here. That’s not cool to speak to Tahtahme like that. That’s a cool sista. Lets’ watch the language. I know things can get pretty heated on these discussions but let’s try to refrain from such profanity. I don’t want to have to black any comments. We can disagree with each other but be respectful.

    • I can’t speak for us all but for the black women that want to act like a lady and think like a man he is their savior when it comes to relationship advice, forget that he’s been married and divorced so many times. Yep it is for the women that don’t have a father and so will look to these type of guys to give them advice on men. I feel sorry for them they have to pay for advice that I get for free smh.

  3. Unfortunately, there are always going to be sell-outs and Harvey is no exception. He is riding high now, but so was Bill Cosby and once upon a time, Bill Cosby could do no wrong and now his name is dirtier than mud. Harvey could go the same route.

    As to why Black folks are so taken with this fool is beyond my comprehension and quite frankly, I don’t even think I want to understand why. But there will always be Black folks that are more than willing to play the fool and ‘coon’ until the cows come home. They sell their soul for the white man’s table scraps and grin and look foolish while scrambling about on the floor picking them up.

    • Well they’re definitely railroading Cosby. There’s more to that story believe me. But growing up as a kid I actually liked the Cosby Show at least. I’ve never really cared for Steve at all. Here’s an over rated comedian. I’ve heard he was jealous of Bernie Mac on the Kings of Comedy Tour. It was mainly because fans were saying that Bernie was the funniest of the bunch. Which was true by the way. I just think Steve has a BIG mouth and thinks he knows everything. He will be getting his “N***a wake up” call in the future. And I can’t wait to see it!lol

  4. wow, just when I thought he couldn’t go any lower than the paula deen bs, he outdoes himself. He was off topic, the woman was asking about history not slavery in particular but for this fool to just say I don’t care about slavery when if he wanted to prove a point he could’ve used any other example of history. Then this thing is going to agree with him and say yesss omg that’s awesome, a coon is many things but awesome isn’t one of them. I guess he doesn’t give a dam about his people either forget that camp he has for boys, he don’t care, if he did he wouldn’t let a known racist teach them how to cook when we know dam well she learned from a black person. u could get a black person to teach those kids how to cook, chef g garvin, the neelys, or anybody else.

    • Steve is really something else. MsTooGood,you’re right he doesn’t give a damn about his people. All he sees is a paycheck. Give him a dollar and he’ll sell his own mother down the river!!! He is void of pride and self respect. The worse type of buffoon if you ask me.

  5. Black people will simply have to start looking at these sell-out blacks for what they are: a cost of doing business. Throughout our history, there has never been a shortage of blacks willing to sell their brother/sister/mother/father/cousins out for a few trinkets. This is nothing new and is not going anywhere anytime soon.

    Personally, I am not upset with Steve Harvey. He is doing what he thinks he should do to meet his career objectives. I’d be more upset at the fact that black people think so low of ourselves that we still enrich this Sambo.

    But when I start thinking like that I just remember that, again, there is no shortage of negro coons. If it isn’t Steve Harvey then it would SURELY be someone else. Think about it.

    • You make a good point. However his career objectives are to make black people look ignorant. Sorry,but I’m not letting him off the hook that easily. Although I do agree that we as black people shouldn’t be supporting this clown. We should know better by know.

      • No, his career objectives are to make as much money as he can and to continue to be afforded opportunities by his white masters. He accomplishes this by following the script given to him which is to make black people look as ignorant as possible. This is a well-traveled path for black comedians.

        I doubt that making black people look ignorant is not Steve Harvey’s end game. I’m sure accumulating wealth is the end game.

        Again, if he decided to step aside there would be hundreds of thousands of black “comedians” willing to take his place and follow the script.

        Not saying I like or endorse it, but this is simply one of those cases where it is what it is.

      • But How can it be an afterthought.it’s a daily known and fully present job of everything one does…it has to reflect the oppression and mockery of African Americans.

      • hi..being white is a broad ethnic term…being a practicing jew means you not only despise other non jews, be they white or not..AND you condone human sacrifice. A brief cursory glance at the Talmud will set anyone straight about what the talmudic, kabbalistic, satanic jews truly believe in.

  6. This is all about the love of the dollar. When a dollar is waving, every black person will go through it, will sacrifice their own identity, their own destiny to pursue it and sadly it will end up with tragic consequences.

  7. Oh Lawd, I was trying to give him a chance. But it seems like he really doesn’t think before he speaks. He’s too old (and from the South) to say something like that, even in jest.

  8. Steve can try to clean up his image but he will always be a coon. He was a back stabber to Bernie Mack and others. Always grinning and buck dancing for the white man. Sit your big lip big teeth wide gate mouth ass down Steve Harvey

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