Lee Daniels & Danny Strong: Masters of Black Degradation


The above picture is director/producer Lee Daniels and Danny Strong. This “dynamic duo” is doing everything they can to vilify and destroy the image of black people. Danny Strong is a man of Jewish descent. And of course most of Hollywood is ran and controlled by Jews. So I don’t think Strong is losing any sleep about promoting negative stereotypes of black people. Strong could care less about the plight of black people. But Daniels seems more than happy to help him in his quest. I’ve seen many of Daniels films over the years. He’s directed films like Shadowboxer,The Paperboy,Precious and The Butler. Daniels also produced Monster’s ball and The Woodsman. The Woodsman starred actor Kevin Bacon. It was about a  pedophile trying to “reform”.  Sounds very inspiring right?  Many of his films seem to follow a pattern. They always seem to involve rape,incest,interracial sex,black degradation,colorism,anti-blackness and homosexuality. And many times these subjects are seem in a positive light. It’s like his films are either promoting these things or he’s trying to get us to understand these sexual perversions. I think Daniels is a mentally ill man. I’m not joking. I’m very serious.How can any self respecting black man promote these things? He should be ashamed of himself. This man must be insane!

The screenplay for The Butler was written by Danny Strong. A film that was made to remind us we as black people are still servants in this country. Now Daniels and Strong have teamed up again to bring us the new drama…EMPIRE.


This show has been getting huge ratings since it premiered a few weeks ago. It stars Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson. The negative stereotypes are endless. Terrence plays music mogul Lucious Lyon. And Taraji is his ex wife Cookie. Lucious and Cookie??? Not stereotypical names at all right? But ir doesn’t stop there. He has three sons involved in the company.

His son Andre plays the clean shaven,educated,corny sellout Uncle Tom. Of course he has MUST have a white wife right?


Then there is Jamal. He is the passionate songwriter. The sensitive misunderstood homosexual son. His gay lover is a Latino man.


An interracial gay couple! I wonder where Lee Daniels got the idea for that relationship?


Oh yeah! Never mind.

Lee Daniels was also kind enough to give Gabourey Sibide a part on the show. She most famous for playing the star in the film Precious. She plays the dark skinned overweight,blonde weave wearing assistant for Lucious Lyon.


Cookie also has an assistant. Her name is Porsha. Played by actress Ta’Rhonda Jones.


Much like Cookie,Porsha plays a brash,loud mouth ghetto talking black woman. I also noticed that there was a black maid in an episode. She was dark skinned just like Gabourey and Ta’Rhonda. I hope this is not colorism. I hope Daniels is not trying to tell us subliminally that dark skinned people should be seen as servants to others. Of course not! He would never try to brainwash us like that……..would he? Then there is the son,Hakeem. He is the aspiring rapper that wants to please his father. Hakeem is an ignorant,self centered sex- crazed fool. Not much different than his mother Cookie. Even the father Lucious is trying to be a shrewd businessman in the corporate world. But he ends up killing his best friend. So this reinforces the idea that the black man is still a cold blooded killer at heart. This show is NOT good for black people. Everyone is double crossing each other. It paints black people with a broad brush. This is no different than the sick reality shows. Black people must change our way of thinking. We have to stop gravitating towards ignorance and things that put us in a negative light. Danny Strong is a sick,twisted racist man! He knows exactly what he’s doing. What does he know about black life? Not one damn thing!! He’s filled this show with every negative self destructive stereotype of black people you can name. This Jewish man is an enemy to black people. I also suspect he’s a homosexual,which is why he and Daniels promote it so much.


Lee Daniels is an enemy too. I realize that white supremacy is the REAL enemy. As well as the Jewish controlled media. But the time has come to call out some people. Daniels is a self hating,narcissistic,mentally ill man. And shows like Empire promote black dysfunction as normal. And Lee Daniels and Danny Strong have perfected the art of black misery.Their films and television shows show black people as pitiful,unloved,unworthy and devalued. It’s time to say….NO MORE!!

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  1. Lee Daniels is a very, very sick man, indeed. I just cannot support any of his ventures. Not only does he have issues with being BLACK but he clearly has issues with MEN as well. Can you imagine what a tortured soul he is? To despise the very essence of your being- being a BLACK MAN!

    This flagrant display of interracial sex is all by design as well. Daniels knows what he is doing- its the rest of the black population who is totally unaware of his motives. Daniels doesn’t fool me one bit, and I’m glad to see that he doesn’t fool you either, Kushite.

    I refuse to watch Empire- not only because I despise Lee Daniels, but also because I don’t agree with the agenda it is pushing: the pro-gay, pro- interracial agenda. This is much the same reason I don’t support Shonda Rimes. She’s a sick individual IMO as well.

    • You’ re so right RC. Daniels is not a dummy. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He wants to brainwash the black youth into accepting these sexual perversions as normal. he and Strong are very dangerous men. At first the post was going to be on just Daniels. But I decided not to let Strong off the hook either. The messages they are putting are sick. They are pushing this homo agenda every chance they get. Shonda Rhimes????? Hmmmmmm……maybe they’ll be my part two edition. Rhimes is another accessory to this sick agenda.

      • Lee Daniels AND his jewish “friend” should both be treated like “vendors that you do not want in your neighborhood.”

        If you do not give a REASON (money) for them to be there? They will not be there long and take in BLACK dollars.. I was always told, even as a child: “if you really want to hurt someone? Hit up their pockets. ” In this case? Since both of these fruitcakes are in the Freakwood industry,” do not support either one.” End of story.

    • so right!, I am a black man who sees this trauma-filled show weekly, not because I like or enjoy it, but I am telling this story to my community in hopes that they stop watching it when I show them exactly what you, I, and other people see and feel. I want to really meet and talk with someone with the resources to stop the violence of stereotyping.

  2. Oh, another thing I want to bring to you and your readership’s attention is the subtle advancement of white causes. I was informed by a friend that watches the show that Luscious (Terrence Howard’s character) was diagnosed with ALS. Now, what’s wrong with that you may ask? Nothing except the fact that ALS is an overwhelmingly WHITE and MALE disorder. In other words, black men are NOT afflicted by ALS! Of all the ailments and disorders that Luscious could develop, he develops a disorder that he has virtually no chance of developing? This is but another strategy to REPROGRAM black people through subliminal messaging to rally, support, and champion the advancement of white people! Remember when they had all those black IDIOTS doing that ice bucket challenge to raise money for ALS? Well, blacks contributed to raising MILLIONS of dollars for a disease that does not impact them (97% of the people afflicted with ALS are WHITE) and they give virtually no support to diseases that do overwhelmingly affect them (e.g. Sickle Cell Anemia).

    Why is it that you have these black FOOLS supporting causes to extend the lives of white people, yet they show no support for finding cures for diseases that extend their lives (sickle cell anemia). It’s amazing that most Sickle Cell Organizations are STRUGGLING and barely operating, yet blacks will run and break their collective necks to jump on board with the fads, not realizing what they are actually doing.

    So, I say all that to say- it was very telling that Lee Daniels chose to showcase ALS in his series. This is just further proof that he is definitely working AGAINST black people.

    Again, Lee Daniels does NOT fool me. I peeped his hold card a very long time ago and will not support any of his projects.

    • Yeah I caught that episode about ALS. You must’ve read my mind.lol I was thinking the same thing. Why didn’t they use Sickle Cell Anemia as the disease? That Lee Daniels is really slick! This man is the WORSE!!! He will stoop to anything!!

      • Some years ago, I recall at different times in my employ, I was asked to donate money for the “the equivalent of a coffee-break” and to donate the money directly to UNITED WAY. At the time, I was in private industry.

        I refused and since I had the “right” to designate WHERE I wanted my donation to go, I chose The Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation.
        Needless to say, I was appalled by the LACK of support that this foundation received! At the time, the Executive Director was a sister named Mary Brown. Not sure if she is still at the helm, but because I have ONE sibling that has “Sickle Cell trait,” I put my money as well as the monies of others in that basket, so to speak. This organization, as well as others, treats ANY plight of black people as an after-thought. No surprises there! However, to date, I continue to send contributions to the Sickle Cell Foundation and a few others that are ear-marked for black folks.

        As I often state, “we have to thin the herd. All of us cannot be saved,”
        Agree or not, Lee Daniels is one that will not be saved. And he is not alone.

  3. The sad fact is that the popularity of this show is based on the viewership and from what I gather, Black people are eating it up, slobbering over it and demanding more. So, what does that tell you? Of course, many will say, “Oh, lighten up! It’s purely entertainment.” Those of us who know better realize that this is not wholly true and that there is a message behind everything that is put on a screen for public viewing.

    And from my understanding, Black women are now quite often paired with white men. If that’s the only way for me to work in Hollywood, it would be “goodbye Hollywood!” But so long as we have Black people that are willing sell-outs, then the whites are going to continue to make a mockery of us since we have no problem playing the fool, the homosexual, the white man’s mistress/love slave or whatnot.

    Black people need to assume some of the responsibility for what they allow others to do to them. They can only do this to us if we allow it.

    I have never seen the show and I will never look at it. Again, I don’t own a TV and there’s the reason. It’s a complete whitewash except for the occasion when Blacks star in “The Help” The Butler” “The Thug! “The Athlete” The Homosexual” and “The White man’s slut!”

    • “The sad fact is that the popularity of this show is based on the viewership and from what I gather, Black people are eating it up, slobbering over it and demanding more. So, what does that tell you? Of course, many will say, “Oh, lighten up! It’s purely entertainment.” Those of us who know better realize that this is not wholly true and that there is a message behind everything that is put on a screen for public viewing.”
      You nailed it sista! That’s what I keep telling people Shelby. Black people have got to snap out of it! We can’t keep flocking to this degradation of our people. All this glorification of drug dealing,slutty behavior,violence and anti-blackness is horrible for our people. What Strong and Daniels are doing is very deceptive. They’re very slick with this brainwashing of our youth. These guy are sick and perverted!

      “Again, I don’t own a TV and there’s the reason. It’s a complete whitewash except for the occasion when Blacks star in “The Help” The Butler” “The Thug! “The Athlete” The Homosexual” and “The White man’s slut!”
      WHAT?! You don’t own a television? You just might be the smartest person I know.lol

      • LOL!! Prince, people have offered to give me a TV. They don’t understand that it is by choice that I don’t own one. I can afford a TV. I choose not to own one because I am not going to pay to watch white folks promote their mindless drivel all the time since I see more than I care to see in my day to day dealings with them, nor am I going to be complicit in how they continuously depict Black people in the most demeaning roles possible. If some of us wish to clamor for that ignorant shit they offer, that’s on them, but I’ll not be a party to it.

        And thank you so much for posting this! Hopefully, it’ll wake some of our brothas and sistas up! And I have often found that some people can preach it, but when it comes to walking the walk, they’re not even listening to what they preach and they certainly don’t ‘walk the walk’. You may know who I mean, she’s an ‘angel’ that speaks THE ‘truth’.

      • These people don’t get it,do they? Some people can not imagine their life without TEL-LIE-VISION. I seriously thinker destroys brain cells if you watch it too much.lol But I do know it puts people in a hypnotic trance. It a subtle way of doing mind control. They’ve done studies on children who watch a lot of television and how it affects their motor skills. And their grades suffer as well. I remember I went two weeks without watching tv and my mind was so much clearer. I was much more clear headed. It was kind of freeing! I loved it! I suggest everyone try it. I read books more than watch tv anyway. Books stimulate the brain…..tv does the oppsosite. Plus most reality shows,dramas and sitcoms are poorly written garbage.
        HEY! Are you talking about my Angel?! That is not right Shelby.lol No I love her. That’s my girl though. She and I don’t agree on everything. But family disagrees from time to time. I think she sees the show as a guilty pleasure. Like a lot of people do. I’m just looking at it from a broader perspective. I’m just tired of the negative stereotypes that persist. I’ve been seeing my whole life. She and I talked about it,so we’re cool. Go easy on her. 🙂

      • I apologize to you, Kushite if my language appeared to be “harsh” to you. THAT was putting it mildly. But the fact remains that neither of these pseudo-males are “a friend to black folks.” I hope that you will observe and agree with me on this one.

        Be well,


      • It’s okay Epi. I was just joking around.lol It’s quite alright. You express yourself anyway you see fit. I actually thought you were being too kind. I have some very strong descriptions for these two “men”.

    • Like you, I choose not to have a tv in my home as well. Black folks watch too much damn tv as it is- and it’s making everyone dumb as a box of hammers. That’s why we’re losing this game here. We need to embrace printed material to develop our critical thinking skills.

      • Reality_check, you are SO right! My home is filled with books. The greatest joy I get is when I’ve got a stack of books on the table beside my recliner, just waiting to be opened. I will never understand why so many people willingly tune into mindless drivel with laugh tracks in the background that are used to remind them WHEN to laugh. Seriously? That is just dumb and the sad fact is that since the advent of TV, it has been instrumental in the dumbing down process of millions if not billions of people.

        But here in the U.S., it has most definitely been the cause of our mindless pursuits of all things, material in nature and of all things of fluff with no substance. And people can’t even see what is happening to them because there is a box sitting in their living room that tells them what to think, who to hate, who to love, what to do, how to do it, what to buy and when to buy it. There is no need for critical thinking when a box is brainwashing people with propaganda, drivel and smoke and mirrors.

        Thank you because your comment is ever so spot on!

  4. Kushite Kingdom said, “Daniels is a self hating,narcissistic,mentally ill man. And shows like Empire promote black dysfunction as normal. And Lee Daniels and Danny Strong have perfected the art of black misery.” This is stated so strong and so well. I’ve only been aware of the Empire series but haven’t been watching it. After reading this review and researching Daniels & his imposter Jew partner, not only can I only agree with your denunciation of their intentional depictions of the ills in our communities as normal – I find myself searching for stronger words of damnation to condemn them! Excellent observations & critique!

    • Thank you brother. I felt these two men needed to be exposed. Hollyweird is making a big deal about these two demons. As though they are making some great contribution to society. When in reality they are spreading nothing but mind pollution!

  5. Ok I’ll climb out on a limb here.

    I’ll be honest with you, I kinda like the show. What drew me to it initially is the fact that hardly ever do see the whole Shakespearian, King Lear narrative and archetype play out with a black cast at the front and centre. Now mind you I do not always agree with the way the characters are portrayed nor do I support some of the things they do, but you can’t deny the drama in that show is on a whole other level, the kind that you don’t see on those corny “White Mafia Shows” or movies. But now reading your whole analysis, I am starting to see the bigger picture here. Lee Daniels can be described as nothing short of an Evil Genius. However I am still conflicted because I like this show and I’m caught between a rock and a hard place cause I wanna see next week’s episode but then my heart is saying no and

    HELP ME!!!!!!!!

    • 1) never forget that entertainments root words are to come in and hold on to…when you see the intention, you see that nothing is ever “just” entertainment. Just some advice in case you cant logic yourself out of bad entertainment choices.

      2) I find it interesting that you like the references to white so-called “classic” literature, but i don’t feel the concept of having your sons duke it out criminally for inheritance is traditionally African…why don’t we ever get heavily funded shows where the characters don’t act distinctly Eurocentric?

  6. Somebody in the forum pointing the show is continuous of Hustle ‘n’ Flow. I stop watching the show in episode 2 to save myself but my family members love it. FOX got this little tradition of shows not airing too long for people to enjoy. These shows like Glee, Gotham, Sleepy Hollow and many more isn’t going nowhere.
    I thought online was safe till Oprah produce a copy version document of Dark Skin Girl with a Light Skin Girl.

    • Just put some black faces on any piece of garbage and we’ll watch it. It’s a damn shame! We have got to use our critical thinking skills. We have to study how white supremacy operates. It’s the only way we’ll get better at battling it.

    • I’m from the south. Virginia was/is a racist state, and I’ve personally have been discriminated against. But I must disagree about black people accept anything presented by racist, the people of color who accepts anything are not true to who they are.

  7. I’m with you @tiredsista. You’d be surprised at how many educated, semi-conscious blacks support this black trash (Empire, Real Housewives, Love&Hip Hop, etc…). The mental defecation for our people started with that garbage “Flavor of Love” several years ago. I had friends whom I thought were better than that who were religiously tuning in to see black people debase themselves. They don’t understand that if you all show up en masse for these shows, you’ll get more of them that will generally be more degrading.

    We have proven to the decision-makers what the winning formula is: showcasing black pathology. This is why each new show with a black cast showcases complete black buffoonery.

    SO, having said that, if you support black garbage, then you have absolutely no right to complain when the media chooses to showcase black dysfunction 24/7. You also can’t complain about the image of black people on the evening news either.

    You think the Arabs (or any other race) would support a show like Empire where they advocate homosexuality, illegal activity and interracial coupling? Think about it.

    • @ Reality Check:

      I have NEVER watched these shows or others like it, because long ago I “quickly added up” that so-called black shows are FILLED with buffoonery, etc. And we KNOW who controls the mass Media.

      Even when there are persons such as Tyler Perry that have the MEANS to end this? They continue to high-light and replicate dysfunctional behaviors that we KNOW are negative. That is why I call the television “the idiot box.” I don’t miss watching the “boob tube” for I and siblings grew up under BOTH parents of which READING was their past-time. I mostly keep the television for visitors. Other than that, I just dust it off every now and then.

      As Shelby Courtland stated, I have a massive amount of books in many genres around the house as well.

      I find that “smart people” ARE “informed people. That’s my spin on it.


    • “SO, having said that, if you support black garbage, then you have absolutely no right to complain when the media chooses to showcase black dysfunction 24/7. You also can’t complain about the image of black people on the evening news either.

      You think the Arabs (or any other race) would support a show like Empire where they advocate homosexuality, illegal activity and interracial coupling? Think about it.”

      Now THAT, is a reality check! Preach it!

  8. Even though I’m woke & consciously aware…
    The show wack. Before I got a chance to point out everything wrong that you laid out. The show simply is… Wack.

    Power murks this show. Money and Violence on YouTube/Cloud9TV kills empire as well.

    Huge red flag for me was it twas on Fox/False network.

  9. I must admit when I have first seen the show I was or should I say I still am appealed to it. I don’t agree to all of the character’s Role’s that they play because
    the first thing that has come to mind is this must be a white director that is doing
    this show. However, I have heard of the name Lee Daniel’s and had assumed it was a non black person…

    After doing my small research online low and behold he is a BROTHA. Now when I did read up on him, It was quite fascinating that he mention about his like if an open book and he has nothing to hid. Some of the character’s that is being portrayed Is about his life… Meaning when the show first came on . You have seen a little boy come down the stair’s with his mother show’s and scarf. Well he said that when he was little he use to put on his mother high heel’s and dress when he was little.

    So I have come to some form of conclusion that he putting some of his life into Empire I am not saying all but some of it. Especially like those gay scenes… He doesn’t have a problem with that. I agree with you when you said that this show is the new CRACK for black folk’s Maybe non as well It has appealed to a lot of people around the globe that is watching this… And yes It is being eating up…
    real well like sushi….

  10. I learned so much from this article. I never understood the fascination with the movie “Precious” and I couldn’t bring myself to watch “The Butler”. It’s very obvious what “Empire” is about, but I am so hungry for an updated interesting African-American narrative… I have been enjoying the eye candy and doing my best to overlook the stereotypes. What do you think about Blackish?

    • Thanks for the comment Romaine. You’re right about The Butler as well. If you go to my search box and type in Butler you’ll see my post about that horrible film. Most of these films are designed to brainwash black people. And Empire is now glorifying black dysfunction. I’m just sick and tired of it. Blackish?? Yeah I did a post on that too. It’s under Tales of Buffoonery:Episode 5. Type that in the search box and let me know what you think.

  11. Woah! Not even finishing the comments yet. Ill be honest i havent watched Empire yet…I can’t even give a good reason. Maybe subliminally. Very interesting post and comments. Going to have to think about this more before i can contribute to tge debate. New follower tho 😉

    • Thanks for dropping by my blog Shahidah. Comment anytime you like. I appreciate all the feedback I get from my followers. We have some good healthy debates around here.lol Glad to have you as a new follower. Check out Empire and be sure to tell us what you think. I’d love to hear your 2 cents.

  12. I might get some flack for this, but I think Lee is shedding light on his experience. In addition to showcasing the music industry, which does have colorism issues and there is some homophobia within the Black community (Though that exist in all communities). If I was doing a television show, it would be drastically different, because my experiences are different. The only thing Lee and I may have a common is dealing with racism no matter the differing experience we’ve have within the Black community. I watched the show and have seen some of the things showcased from an outsider lookin’ in, because the majority of the people in my personal life do not act like those characters. But I have seen some young Black Rap guys call women thots, throw homophobic slurs towards another Black man, and both men/women be overly superficial/materialistic without giving back to their communities. This show seems like a mixture of Lil Wayne and other people’s life in the mainstream rap world.

    As for Cookie, she has a lot of redeeming qualities and Sibide also played in American Horror Story season 3. I did enjoy the season that involved her and Angela Bassette. I will admit that I indeed hated Precious and The Butler. Two films by Lee that I felt was over the top full of shit. With Empire I could at least see where he was going with and he had some valid points. The Butler and Precious I couldn’t relate to in any sense.

    That being said, I worry we can’t have flawed human characters because it seems like we will make it seem as if the character make all Black men or women look a certain way. White people can be all types of flawed or deranged characters, but it never becomes a condemnation of the White community because of it.

    For example; Denzel has played all types of heroic characters, but some Black people had issues with him for Training Day. He played a really good bad guy, an awful character; it was damn good though. A lot of Black actors/actresses are given flack when they do characters we feel represent our community in a poor taste. On the flip side, some of the actors and actresses we criticize have a huge catalog of playing great heroic characters most of the time like Kerri Washington, Angela Basette, Denzel Washinton, Forrest Whitaker, Taraji P. Henson, Terence Howard, Don Cheadel, etc. But the moment they play characters we do not like, because of how we think it will be perceived by society, we get upset. Maybe we should show more attention to those other roles or at least equal shine as of the shows like Empire, Selma and Malcolm X. In addition to allowing Black characters to be flawed. I actually don’t have a problem with the names so far on Empire, but will lead me to type another essay lol.

    • No I agree with you. All those black actors are very gifted at what they do. Denzel,Angela, and Don are very talented. I’m not saying we can’t play flawed characters. But white actors get to play a wider range of characters. Black people should play different roles as well but there’s an over abundance of negative images. I guess I’m just getting tired of seeing us as whores,pimps,dead beat dads,bad mothers,sluts,bed wenches,drug dealers, abusive husbands etc. Black actors may play them well but it’s still a negative and stereotypical role.White actors get more of a balance. We don’t have that luxury. But I feel what you’re saying though. I just don’t trust Daniels and Strong. I know their track record all too well.

      • You made a valid point Kushite; there is a imbalance and I don’t trust Lee either. Empire is the only work he has done so far that I can stomach. The rest, not at all. Unlike the other people I mentioned, his catalog is filled with mostly negativity.

  13. Hmm, so I lean more towards Latti Ice with this one. As a storyteller, and a Black woman sometimes I feel stuck between a rock in a hard place. I grew up watching all types of tv, movies, and have probably read more books than the average person (fiction and non-fiction), am conscious of being Black (and what that means on a deeper level) etc. etc. for many years.

    When it comes to Blacks however, and I’m about to possibly offend some folks but hey – there’s the ones that see most things from a negative light (and I get it’s a LOT of shit going on out here that I’m not blind to), the willfully ignorant, and the apathetic (sometimes the latter two connect). Where am I? Well I’ve never really fit into any of these categories. Have I been righteously angry before? Hell yes, I won’t even get into my background but I my parents and older brother were my first “teachers” regarding my culture, white supremacy, etc.

    But here’s my thing. People say they want to see more diverse images of Blacks on TV in film- cool. I do too. There are some films that I didn’t even give a chance by watching because I’m like “not this again” -Blacks in subservient positions, the “great white hope”, etc. etc. But then again I do like Empire. I totally get why someone may not like it, for any reason, whether they just don’t like the writing, the storyline, whether it offends their perceptions or betrayals of Blackness.

    But as conscious as I may be, I’ve always felt “alone” in a sense. I’m not willfully ignorant but I’m not angry (not saying you are completely- and I get it, but just saying).

    I don’t want to talk about what Blackness is (or isn’t) at every turn. I do not want (or feel) the need to prove my consciousness either. I understand this world very well, sometimes too well…so okay sometimes I may feign ignorance to sleep peacefully at night.

    I don’t want every story, every sentence, every portrayal, every freaking action that I make as a Black person to be broken down by other Blacks. So I try not to do it to others.

    We don’t share the same opinion about Empire (not just because I like the show lol) but that’s okay. I don’t know enough about Daniel’s to make a call about his consciousness or his motives. Precious wasn’t my thing, no. The Butler was a movie that I thought I may not like, but it had a LOT of strong points. Anyone that says it wasn’t a good movie is probably judging it based on their perceptions more than the movie itself. At the end of the day, a story (whether told via tv/film, a book, a play, etc.) is supposed to entertain, impact, inform, and move.

    GOOD stories contain conflict, flawed characters, and tension. Sometimes good stories also contain stereotypes, but so does real life. Have we not known any Cookies? (She’s actually a layered characters by the way, but that’s another story).

    Kushite Prince, I could go on…but then I’D be writing a book! At the end of the day I just wanna be a damn storyteller and not be picked apart by Blacks, while simultaneously ignored by most non-Blacks. But this is the reality for Black storytellers, no matter their medium.

    • Thanks for the comment. You really have a way with words.lol You make some good points. We don’t all have to agree. We all have our own perspective on society at large. Black people are an oppressed group. And we deal with that oppression in different ways. The only thing I’m angry about is the horrible condition of our people. And I feel it’s my duty to speak out against it. We are being attacked through the media in every area. Images are very important in my opinion. Our images are controlled by other people. And most of those images are not positive. I think we need to have our own studios and production companies. We can no rely on other people to put out films that uplift our people. It’s up to us to do for self.

      • LOL, yeah my passion makes me long-winded sometimes. Sorry about that. You make points that I agree with to some degree too. I applaud you for speaking out. But you’re right, we won’t always agree and that’s okay too 🙂

  14. By the way, I recommend Black & Sexy TV (it’s on YouTube)- my favorites are RoomieLoverFriends and Hello Cupid, The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl, and Black Actress (also both on YouTube). Nothing particularly “conscious” about any of them (depending on how they’re viewed), but they’re entertaining, thought-provoking in their own ways, and show various images of young Black men and woman.

  15. Insightful and badly needed post about Daniels and his body of work

    I strongly suggest that ANY TIME black people appear on a mainstream TV show or movie that they are being used to promote white supremacy, black inferiority, and anti-blackness.

    If we understood that one thing, we would understand nearly everything we see

    • Thanks for that Pam. Spreading anti-blackness is what it’s all about. And they will use whites and non whites to do so. I think most black people willingly play these roles for the money. hey know playing negative stereotypes make their people look bad. But many people will trade in their self respect and pride for fame and fortune. When will we learn there is NO price for self respect? I think the more we read authors like Neely Fuller and Frances Cress Welsing,we will become less confused. This is a war we are in. And we need to play to win!

    • Of course the actors are part of the problem as well. That goes without saying. But I’ve been watching Daniels and Strong over the years. They have a clear agenda to put out negative images about black people. They are the masterminds behind this show. They write the words and created the characters. The actors are just the hired help. Many of them looking for a big break to stardom. It’s kind of like going to McDonald’s. McDonald’s is nothing but poison for your body. The people that work there are just getting a low paying wage to give you garbage. The owners of McDonald’s are the real culprits who created this “food” for you to consume. If you want to dig deeper the real villain behind it all is Fox president Rupert Murdoch. He hired Daniels and Strong to create this show. It’s all about how deep you want go with it an what perspective you want to take. But the actors are really at the bottom. They don’t make any decisions at all. They are paid to say what ever the creators tell them to.

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  17. Wow! I have to admit I do watch Empire and Lee’s other series, Star. With that said though, there is no denying the facts in what you’re saying and you opened my eyes to things I overlooked, sometimes intentionally. These series’ are definitely like crack, personally as a Black teenage girl I love seeing powerful Black women on t.v like Annalise Keating for example. But we should also be wary of Shonda and Ava Du Vernay too even though I like Queen Sugar. These shows promote and normalize a lot of issues in our community. Lee really reminds me of Stephen (Samuel L Jackson’s character) in Django: Unchained, oooh I really hated him, we really don’t need such people they’re beyond hopeless. His ways also reminded of Michael Jordan and how invests in the prison industrial complex. I don’t get how such people live with themselves, the level of self-hate and greed is unfathomable and heart breaking.

    • Hello AfroDaisy. You say you’re a teenager. How old are you? If you’re in your late teens you still have time to grow. AS you get older and your consciousness grows you will see these tv drams are really bad for black people. They teach self hatred and promote negative stereotypes about black people. I suggest you go get some Afrocentric books by Chancellor Williams,Amos Wilson and John Henrick Clarke. Study all their books and it will give you a better understand of white supremacy and how it’s used against us. I’m glad you liked the post. Thanks for the comment.

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