Mariam Makeba- Conqueror writes His(story)

Miriam Makeba Portrait Session

The conqueror writes history; they came, they conquered, they write. You don’t expect people who came to invade us to write the truth about us. They will always write negative things about us and they have to do that because they have to justify their invasion in all countries.

8 thoughts on “Mariam Makeba- Conqueror writes His(story)

  1. It’s such a terrible reality. The Europeans did a number o the world and we are still feeling the aftermath to this day. We need to tell our own stories and the truth about our history.

  2. Absolutely amazing. Short with so much depth and power. That’s what I call creative truthful beauty. Love to you. Xx

  3. Hell yes, that’s correct! The conqueror also even leaves out everything negative that makes THEM look bad. They ALWAYS crush others for the good! That is why history is “bunk” as Henry Ford said ….. of all people!

  4. Sooo true!!!! Lies and half-truths they keep feeding us.

    Mama Africa, was such a remarkable woman though, her class, courage, talent and effortless beauty. ❤

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