Where’s PETA while this is happening?

PETA These people are really SICK!! Going off to other countries to kill animals for sport! These people have NO soul. They’re not hunting for food or clothing. Just killing animals for the hell of it! Where is PETA right now? How come they are silent when certain people are killing animals? Hmmmmmm……..just some food for thought.

12 thoughts on “Where’s PETA while this is happening?

  1. It’s hilarious isn’t it, the same people who hunt animals for the sake of posing next to the corpse or cutting off it’s head and hanging it on a wall came to civilise us.

  2. Whites contradict themselves sooooo bad! They yap about animal rights while killing/harming animals, denying huemans our rights or try to take away our rights while putting on some fake concern! Why do so many of us continue to listen to these people. smdh

  3. Kush You know dern well that these HEATHENS are just that HEATHENS.. They are going to do what they know Is best within them and that Is to go around and kill
    because they have no soul… They are souless Creature’s. And they run the planet as long as they got the power to do so… , They are alway’s going to get the Okay
    for thier devilish like behavior… Aman..

    How you doing, I haven’t peeped your page out In a while now… I guess you can
    say that I have been busy…

  4. I am so sick of these fucking poachers, I wish African leaders would introduce a law where it’s legal for kill poachers on sight

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