The Making of a Queen


From the deep, she’s been drawn
Meticulously positioned like a diamond, a stunning stone
She’s not alone
God sees from the throne
Who she’s created to be
If only she could see, her image of a Queen

She’s been beautiful since the day of her birth
Yet disregarded her very own worth
She’s a prize hidden in the earth
She’s been recovered like
A lost soul, like a missing piece of china, a lost sheep
Many nights she’s cried herself to sleep
She’s been through the fire
Beat down and burned
Yet she still inspires

She shines, standing purified from the heat
And through her testimony, many stand to their feet
She’s a light atop a mountain
Gaining strength from God’s fountain

Thought to come in last
At most win bronze
She’s more bold than most men know
Giving and kind; a champions heart of gold
She’s a gem, a rarity
She extends her arms to charity
Although not raised in prosperity
Her soul is filled with knowledge
And deep down she has clarity

Beautiful and tall
She smiles even in agony
Stress presses against her abdominal wall
But she continues to shine
Like a precious stone trampled to the ground
She fights through the cuts and the scars
Washes the dirt; she’s alive, still around
She’s determined to dance, find success

She struggles to love what she sees
Thinking her reflections a disease
But she looks to her Guide; she’s His beautiful bride
Molding and rebuilding the broken pieces inside

No matter the hurt and cruel jokes
She aims to reflect the perception of a Queen
She’s been ridiculed and poked
Thought of the end
But her life, He was not ready to suspend
She’s bowed down enough
Cowered low, didn’t play tough
She’s more powerful than she knows
Humbly took the blows
Been brought low
But she waits at home
To be swept away
She wishes that day could be today
But she patiently waits for tomorrow
For her best friend and mate
To help heal the abyss of her sorrows

Like a shattered glass
She should be cracked
But she’s learned to take cover
Until the storms pass

The Son is rising inside
Breaking the chains
Despite labor pains
She’s birthing new thoughts
Giving way to His character
Thinking thoughts of praise and on what is true
She’s a woman of virtue

She climbs high
No more compromise
She’s gonna fly, like the bird in the blue sky
Press till she wins
Fight the temptation to be oppressed and depressed; she won’t give in
Not forsaken or mistaken
She’s a queen in the making!

34 thoughts on “The Making of a Queen

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  2. Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! Love the pic of Keri and the poem it self. Inspire my to write some poetry. Lol.

  3. dang, Kushite did you write this? that was deep….. btw my Grandma is getting married to her childhood friend next month and I wanna recite this during the reception

    • Actually I didn’t. Wish I could take credit for A fellow blogger sent it to my email. I get some great emails from my followers. I give them much props! Congrats to your grandma. You’re more than welcome o use it at the wedding.

  4. Wow! This poem is excellent….and why I feel that as queens, we “do not have to step OUT of character.” Why should we? (and I am being humble when I say this)

  5. “Black Diamond, Black Girl, Black World!”

    Her eyes are a kaleidoscope of flashing fire,
    As she struts purposefully forth, regal knowing
    Her place and what it endeavors.

    This black girl

  6. Beautiful poem. Its deep and speaks volumes about the strengths of our black queens. I wish more of our sisters knew their worth as goddesses. I hope that my new book ,“7 Types of Queens, Kings Desire,” is as well received as your poem. Blessings.

  7. Hi. I am a “white” human being and i find this website very beautiful and true. From a young age i was curious about all the different type of races and their sacred history. I respect human beings and consider it equal to the animal kingdom, one universe – various lifeforms beautiful and useful. I love my white dog as much as i love my black dog and i see i and i self in each one of every living being. I see no black god nor white god , in fact god has no name no color as god has no from or gender, god is all i see in one another. Thank you for this very inspiring information.

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