20 thoughts on “Rewriting History is what they do best

  1. This is exactly why I have a problem with ‘religion’ because hell no! I am not worshipping some blonde, blue-eyed devil that’s come to save me. Or maybe I should say that I have a problem with the whites indoctrinating us into their re-written history and expecting us to lap it up and run with it.

    Before the ‘christians’ rowed over to Africa, you can best believe that the Africans were not worshipping some white blue-eyed devil!

  2. Africa was already civilized when Europeans were still living in caves. The biggest mystery is how these people developed this mentality.

    It is a proven fact, if you have studied Africologists; European history is manufactured; there are thousands of years of history that were eliminated in order to create this myth of White Supremacy.

    The only thing white people are supreme at is depravity, which, looking at their history, exposes the origins of the sick minds that we see in the news today.

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