Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 8(Self Hater of the Year 2014)

Don Lemon

It’s been a long time coming for Don Lemon. This CNN reporter never misses a chance to throw black people under the bus. Look at the above video and you’ll see what I mean. Lemon and Van Jones really went head to head. I found it pretty amusing. He is one of the most hateful anti-black homosexuals I have ever seen in my life. He believes that racism is a thing of the past. he also states in this video that he agrees with bigot Rudy Giuliani. Lemon gets the crown for Self Hater of the Year-2014. It was a tough race. Charles Barkley was first runner up. Morgan Freeman was right behind him. But Lemon was by far the worst this year. He loves to kiss ass. And not just in his bedroom either. I really wish CNN would get rid of this grinning little sissy. He’s sweeter than two cups of sugar.  If you would like to nominate someone else for Self hater of the Year,please let me know. I would like to know who you think should get a honorable mention. Here’s a few I came up with:

1.Nene Leakes

2. Sheryl Underwood

3.Al Sharpton

4. Lil Wayne

5. Lil kim

6. Tiger Woods

7. Lil Boosie(Said blacks were worst race in the world)

12 thoughts on “Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 8(Self Hater of the Year 2014)

  1. Charles Barkley is by far the biggest coon on tv. I think somebody has their hand shoved up his ass making his mouth move while hamsters in his head chase nuts and things. And then he has the nerve to talk to other white people about Black people. Nothing but a nigger coon – ain’t no good to nobody.

    • Lol!! You’re too much HLJ! That’s a good one! That’s very hard to disagree with. It was a close call. But I gave the edge to Don Lemon. Coon Barkley was right behind him though. There are so many clowns in the world of sports and entertainment. Hard to narrow it down to just one.lol

  2. As much as I agree with you on Don Lemon, I personally nominate Al Sharpton and Lil Boosie, that quote of his deserves first place…..

    • Yeah it was close call. Al has been acting a fool for a long time. And Boosie is a new comer to buffoonery. But he’s moving up in the ranks.lol But I’ve always had a distaste for Lemon. I had to give it to him first. But I agree with you about Al and Boosie. The are true clowns as well.

  3. Now Kushite you know that history has shown us that as long as blacks roamed the earth there were negroes like DONNA Lemon amongst us. Donna isn’t going anywhere, and neither is Charles Barkley. You know white folks love to tout these “progressive” negroes and stick a mic in their faces. It is a trick used to assuage the guilt of the white collective by reassuring them that things are fair and equitable now. Who better to deliver that message than a negro?

    Like I said, the Lemons and Barkleys of the world have always been around and will always continue to be here. If your bank account is fat enough, whites can find a negro to sell-out. I just consider them a cost of doing business.

    • I hear what you’re saying. As the great Amos Wilson once said:

      “When you have a minority of people such as the Europeans, often in order to STAY IN POWER they must recruit from the very people they oppress. Therefore, they will call up from those people certain TALENTED INDIVIDUALS and other types who will then IDENTIFY with their MASTERS and help them to MAINTAIN CONTROL over the masses. This often will be called INTEGRATION or DESEGREGATION. But ultimately if you look very closely you will notice one thing: the real POWER RELATIONSHIP between those two groups has not changed.

  4. Sherri Shepard and Whoopi. Hell ANY black person in the media especially Big Bird looking bitch Robin Roberts

  5. Checkout this new trailer for Ghostbusters the black woman is consider the unwomanly masculine coon. All three white females still look womanly even if they are unattractive and job position are scientist. The black woman is a well known coon who is also on Saturday Night Live.

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