Michael, Tamir, and the loss of Black childhood

A very touching post about black childhood.


983467-002 Don’t kill them before they grow…

“Black America has again been reminded that its children are not seen as worthy of being alive — in part because they are not seen as children at all, but as menacing threats to white lives.” ~Dr. Stacey Patton

Already disheartened and dismayed by the state of Missouri’sdecisionnot to indict police officer Darren Wilson for the killing of 18-year old Michael Brown, I was completely done in once I learned about the recent killing of 12-year old Tamir Riceby a Cleveland police officer. Outraged, I snapped at White friends to take responsibility for their people’s aggressive tendencies, and urged Black friends to teach their kids how to engage in guerilla-style self defense.

But then I read this speech by Dr. Stacey Patton, who helps us to see that these killings are part of a much larger project of White supremacy to

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4 thoughts on “Michael, Tamir, and the loss of Black childhood

  1. It’s really not ridiculous; not if you have true understanding of what’s really going on. It’s to the point now that I really don’t see the point or use of blogging about it. Black people can continue to beg white people to stop slaughtering their sons/uncles/brothers/cousins/nephews/fathers/husbands/brother-in-laws like cattle to no avail. Or maybe they will take their prayers to church and pray that Jesus, or maybe even God himself, will paralyze the trigger fingers of these cops to prevent them from killing black men and youths. Neither one of those strategies will work. I don’t know how much more plainly I can say it.

    You know what I DO know? I know the PERMANENT solution to this wholesale slaughter of black men. I am so fortunate to have truly enlightened people around me that provide so much insight and information, that it is a blessing and a curse at times. There IS a solution to this problem black people, but I cannot type it here for several reasons- the main reason being that it would be such an affront to the average black “christian” church-goer’s sensibilities that they would rather see their sons/uncles/brothers/cousins/nephews/fathers/husbands/brother-in-laws slaughtered than to implement this strategy. There is only but one real solution to this epidemic. If black people wanted to stop this, we could reduce unjustified homicide at the hands of police officers to ZERO by this time next year. Trust me on this.

    ….and so I’ll wait.

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