Grand Jury has spoken: Officer Darren Wilson will NOT face any charges

Great post! Please check it out! Truth is truth!

Reveries of Thy Black Lady

Don’t be mad, don’t take to the streets, even if the system can feel like a cheat

Don’t cry or yell just because  this world basically tells you

“Go to hell!”

We mourn, we weep and we fear in our sleep

Like they were men  in white sheets,

Instead of all blue and badged, nice and neat

We could say fuck the police or down with the pigs,

But we’ve been saying that since the time when our parents  were saying “Ya dig?”

True, we won’t be hanged from trees and by the grace of God we’re legally and technically free

No longer three fifths of a person by law, we should be able to stand proud and tall

“Change we can believe in,” that’s what they said after all…

Legal, fair and just, that’s what they said applied to us

No more unjust, disgust or unwarranted distrust

These were the words, the hopes and the dreams,

but as we grow older, we wonder…

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