Spike Lee Labels Post-Racial America As ‘Bullsh*t’ [WATCH]

I don’t always agree with Spike Lee. But he’s right about this nonsense called “post-racial”. If you’re black in America,you know the deal.

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Folks may enjoy living in post-racial America, but Spike Lee feels it’s nothing more than “bullsh*t.”

Speaking with Fusion host Jorge Ramos, the film director did not hold back in a recent interview when discussing the current state of race in America. Among the topics Lee brought up in the interview were police violence against Blacks as well as what he tells his children about racism.

As he weighed in on the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. by police officer Darren Wilson, Lee highlighted the noticeable absence of any kind of good relationship between law enforcement and minorities.

“There’s a big division for the police departments, I think, in this country, versus people of color,” Lee told Ramos.

As for talking to children about race, Lee offered a very real reality check in which he says that race affects people of all types, no matter the level…

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8 thoughts on “Spike Lee Labels Post-Racial America As ‘Bullsh*t’ [WATCH]

  1. Spike Lee is on my very short list of black celebrities whom I admire. One thing of note, I’m sick and tired of black folk when referring to “people of color” when they refer to issues specifically meant for BLACK people. Whether they are aware of this or not, but this is a tool of the enemy to weaken our focus and to minimize any positive impact on the BLACK community. This is why I consciously refer to issues affecting black Americans and BLACK issues. I don’t have to water down the victims to make my point more palatable for whites, which is effectively what you are doing when you group us all together as “people of color.”

    Besides, when was the last time you heard Hispanics or Asians referring to themselves as this nebulous “People of Color” when referring to issues specifically impacting their communities? I’ve never heard it.

  2. I heard this on the COWS and I had to rewind it a couple times. Have you heard all the coons and such that came out against Spike when he talked about the gentrification of NY? Some negroes need they asses beat.

  3. Post-Racial was born out of Obama’s 2008 Presidential Campaign…Vote For Obama, Racism Against Blacks Will Just Disappear! Sadly, this bs hoodwinked a lot of people on our side. It was the perfect storm more or less. Everybody got invested in a lie to force us to wave the white flag. Meaning, our enemies had carte-blanc to treat us any kind of way. I’ve said this before many times, it needs to be repeated. The most destructive racists are the ones who love blacks more than their own. Who has crippled us more, the ones who avoid us? Or, is it the crowd that wants to get in bed with us? Some of us are slow, we miss the obvious. Just more stupidity from our people. Race will always matter on this planet, Why? The temptation to exploit us and Africa is a constant struggle…Never Gonna End! This goes for everybody…Everybody!!!

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