Michael, Tamir, and the loss of Black childhood

A very touching post about black childhood.


983467-002 Don’t kill them before they grow…

“Black America has again been reminded that its children are not seen as worthy of being alive — in part because they are not seen as children at all, but as menacing threats to white lives.” ~Dr. Stacey Patton

Already disheartened and dismayed by the state of Missouri’sdecisionnot to indict police officer Darren Wilson for the killing of 18-year old Michael Brown, I was completely done in once I learned about the recent killing of 12-year old Tamir Riceby a Cleveland police officer. Outraged, I snapped at White friends to take responsibility for their people’s aggressive tendencies, and urged Black friends to teach their kids how to engage in guerilla-style self defense.

But then I read this speech by Dr. Stacey Patton, who helps us to see that these killings are part of a much larger project of White supremacy to

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Grand Jury has spoken: Officer Darren Wilson will NOT face any charges

Great post! Please check it out! Truth is truth!

Reveries of Thy Black Lady

Don’t be mad, don’t take to the streets, even if the system can feel like a cheat

Don’t cry or yell just because  this world basically tells you

“Go to hell!”

We mourn, we weep and we fear in our sleep

Like they were men  in white sheets,

Instead of all blue and badged, nice and neat

We could say fuck the police or down with the pigs,

But we’ve been saying that since the time when our parents  were saying “Ya dig?”

True, we won’t be hanged from trees and by the grace of God we’re legally and technically free

No longer three fifths of a person by law, we should be able to stand proud and tall

“Change we can believe in,” that’s what they said after all…

Legal, fair and just, that’s what they said applied to us

No more unjust, disgust or unwarranted distrust

These were the words, the hopes and the dreams,

but as we grow older, we wonder…

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Huey P. Newton, Ishmael Reed & Jawanza Kunjufu On Racism Again Black Men (1988)

Although this show was 26 years ago. The discussion about the image of black men in the media is still very relevant. The brothers in this video make some very valid points. The scary part though is the fact that not much has changed in the post-Obama era. It’s a reality we must face. You can never expect your oppressor to put out a positive image of your people.

Project UNIFY

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Spike Lee Labels Post-Racial America As ‘Bullsh*t’ [WATCH]

I don’t always agree with Spike Lee. But he’s right about this nonsense called “post-racial”. If you’re black in America,you know the deal.

Black America Web

Folks may enjoy living in post-racial America, but Spike Lee feels it’s nothing more than “bullsh*t.”

Speaking with Fusion host Jorge Ramos, the film director did not hold back in a recent interview when discussing the current state of race in America. Among the topics Lee brought up in the interview were police violence against Blacks as well as what he tells his children about racism.

As he weighed in on the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. by police officer Darren Wilson, Lee highlighted the noticeable absence of any kind of good relationship between law enforcement and minorities.

“There’s a big division for the police departments, I think, in this country, versus people of color,” Lee told Ramos.

As for talking to children about race, Lee offered a very real reality check in which he says that race affects people of all types, no matter the level…

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