Amanishakheto, Warrior Queen of Nubia

A little history lesson you might like.

African Heritage

Candace Amanishakheto on a mural Candace Amanishakheto on a mural

Great women are often left out of history.  Rarely do we hear or read about African queens.  It is already hard enough to read about great African men and leaders in history books, but as for African women… it is more like impossible.  How many have heard of the great warrior queen of Nubia, Amanishakheto, who defeated a Roman army?  Who has heard of this great queen whose pyramid/tomb was leveled to the ground by an Italian treasure hunter, Giuseppe Ferlini, in 1832? Who has heard of this woman who led her people with a strong arm, and built pyramids in Meroë?  Who has heard of this great candace, whose daughter Amanitore, also queen of Nubia, is mentioned in the Bible (Acts 8:27) … yeah the Queen of Sheba is not the only African…

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6 thoughts on “Amanishakheto, Warrior Queen of Nubia

  1. Yes, our ancestors were a Great People. There were Powerful Kings and Powerful Queens. No other race had as many Queens as the African race. It is up to us to bring their Royal legacy out into the open.

  2. Hi Prince,
    Thank you so much!!!! I always learn something from you. I’ve been reading about these wonderful women that you’ve post and must say thank you for always reflecting the best in us. You have no idea how big of a treat this is especially coming from a black man who seeks out the best in his women folk.

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