Don’t forget about our murdered Sisters!


Our sisters are killed unjustly by the police as well. We can never forget that. If black women are willing to stand by us,then we should return the favor. We can not just stand by and say nothing when our women and children are killed. And we will never get any respect from other races unless we stand up and let our voices be heard. That’s what real men do!

47 thoughts on “Don’t forget about our murdered Sisters!

      • I won’t even tell you how many times I have gotten grabbed in places on my body by cops where a civilian would get charged with sexual molestation. I even took a photo of it once!

      • Really?? That’s horrible! No doubt there are some disgusting cops out there! They should not be putting their hands on woman like that. At least you got some evidence. You should press charges against scumbags like that. That type of behavior is totally uncalled for in my opinion.

      • Yeah, because leftists pressing charges against the police is going to do what aside from putting a huge target sign on our backs for the future?

        I can tell you stories till the sun goes down about cops.

        Protect and serve only applies to commerce, the rest of us are not citizens we are the disposable enemy.

      • Stay tuned, we have another biggie on the Lamp coming up.

        And this one involves some extra dirt on Capitol Hill!

  1. @ Kushite Prince
    Thanks sooo much for doing this post. A lotta sistas are talking about how black men/black people seem to forget about black women and girls who are killed by cops. Black people need to start realizing that the same amount of energy put into the fight against police brutality of black men/boys need to be extended to black women/girls.

  2. Thank you Prince. We do tend to give much attention when brothas are murdered and I believe that is because we see our leaders being taken out and without our leaders we are truly lost. But we should also give attention to when our sistas are murdered because they are the child bearers and without them we have no future. I must do more to give attention to our slain sistas.

    • Maybe some of the ‘sistahs’ who run the blogs and pretend to be about protecting black women but only care about protecting their white male agenda should be held accountable! Not ONE blog has uttered a peep about Marlene Pinnock the woman pedestrian seen on video being beaten by a white male cop. Or the pregnant woman recently attacked by cops because she offended the delicate sensibilities of a white woman. Or the teen girl who was punched repeatedly by a white male cop. And now we have a black teen girl at a pool party being assaulted by a white male cop where is THIER outcry for that! They should spend more time criticizing white male cops and less time whining about rappers or Chris Brown.

  3. I just had to post this.

    I do believe he is right. I understand the frustration that we as sister feel about these events. Yet, the more I look at them the more I am drawn to believe that women and children have no place in a protest or march of any kind where mental harm, physical violence, and potential death are real likelihoods. I know that some are going to strongly disagree, but I feel it must be said that being out there should and is a man’s job and duty. It is a war zone and when women and children are underfoot it makes it more difficult for men to move quickly and fight. I feel that these protest are not for the women and children who should be protected at all cost.

    I also think that it damages a woman’s psyche and strains her as she is being asked to take on the role of a man and put aside her feminine nature. I know some would say I would feel different if, it were my men. However, when such a crisis like this has happened the men in my family handle it and it would be considered an insult to them to take up arms when they are so capable. I think we should leave these types of protest to our men. What do you think Kushite?

    As far as the terrible deaths of our sister mentioned above and beyond if, we do not speak on it no one else will, but the fight must come from our men. We black women need protection more than any other group on the planet and it is only natural that we like all other groups of women look to our men to provide it and oblige them by getting out of their way. If, the black man doesn’t protect us all is lost as we can not and should not do it all on our own.

    • Thank you for that reply Honey. And I love that video by Malcolm. I do think men should really do the fighting when the time comes. I think it’s great that sisters show their support for us. But I think women picking up arms is the LAST resort. I don’t want to see any dead woman on the battlefield. That’s an image we don’t want to see. Lend support but leave the physical fighting to us.

      • Thank you for your response.

        You said,” I do think men should really do the fighting when the time comes.” That is right, but very hard for some to do because they have never had anyone do this for them and don’t realize they are precious and to be protected.

        You said, ” Lend support but leave the physical fighting to us.” I so wish more women would do this as it only makes sense as we can only have one or two babies at a time but, a man can father many if, need be. That is just nature, but on another level we can’t heal if, our women and children are always being savaged. Also, women without weapons are not match for men in a battle.

        While I would never do anything to intentionally have them men in my family have to do battle for me. I am honored that they would kill and die if, necessary for me. It is truly humbling knowing that these men love me and cherish me that much. Every Black woman should have this as it would do much to heal our souls.

      • “It is truly humbling knowing that these men love me and cherish me that much. Every Black woman should have this as it would do much to heal our souls.”
        Thank you for that Honey. Very well said. πŸ˜‰

    • Why don’t the BLACK WOMEN on the blogs speak out about the violence from these thug cops! They are too damn busy kissing the asses of white gay men and sneaky ass white women feminazis.

  4. Reblogged this on revealingartisticthoughts and commented:
    Thank you so much for this! I swear it appears the women are invincible, but they are feeling the pain and racism as well. Thank you. That is why I wrote my post Now what? They are trying to take everyone black out, children as well.

  5. Hi Kushite Prince,
    Thank so much for your sweet words. You are one of a kind. I really do mean it I don’t know of many Black Men like you who are genuinely concerned enough to comment like this and post such things about Black women. Even other brothers who are awake do not acknowledge us this way. The fact that you are the only man commenting on this is not lost on me… You are a true Prince of honor, and royal manner. THANK YOU your highness you humble me.

  6. Why does it always have to be a competition between black people! it’s not black men ignoring black women it’s the MEDIA who want to act like we don’t even exist and what about the feminazis? they are always around to talk a good game when it suits their ass but are nowhere to be found when shit truly counts. fuck Gloria Steinem and her phony sisterhood bullshit rhetoric!

    • Yeah I agree about the feminist thing I think they try and use black women to their own ends. Our issues and struggles are not the same we black women have to be careful of those that wish to use our talent and labor and offer nothing in return.
      There does need to be more communication between black men and women. I still hold strong to the idea that women and children are to be protected and not directly on the battlefield as this hinders movement and full range of attack. It’s not that women can support, but it is something that men must do brother Malcolm was right.

      As far as the media thing is concerned I don’t watch t.v. anymore as it is more damaging than anything else. I look at people’s actions and pay attention to what happens on sites like this.

  7. Hey Kushite,

    you should do a link to all of your other blogs on this one I sure would love to see you do a post on that. Also, thanks for the great post in general so glad you are here.

  8. Kushite, what’s up? have you gone on a long hiatus or have you retired? anyways, it’s me KingoftheTeddybears. I’ve recently started my own blog called Nidotopian Warrior, I’ve decided to use my blog as a hub for a black superhero novel I’m in the process of writing, so if ever you have the time maybe you can check it out

    • I guess you could say it’s a long hiatus. I was feeling a little worn out lately and decided I needed a break. But I wouldn’t say I’m exactly “retired”. Just a loooong I will definitely check out your blog. Sounds like a pretty cool concept. Thanks for the heads up.

  9. @ Honeytreebee:

    Clap! Clap! I feel so much better just reading your words. And they brought me back…I remember that one of my brothers was telling a friend of his once that “if I allowed ANY of my sisters to get beaten, not only would my pops be on my a**, but my other brothers as well! To this day, married or not, he still feels this way about his sisters. My father told ALL of his female children: ” a woman, without a man, or the protection of a man, is fair game for anyone.” I have seen this scenario several times over. And my father’s words STILL remain with me.

    Unfortunately, with the sexual revolution of the 70’s and so forth, the black family unit began to see LESS and LESS of having a man in the home. Agree to disagree, but the facts speak for themselves. It is not that black males became more feminized (so lets not get it twisted as the youngsters would say) but that more and more black on black “vacant” relationships began to occur. From that all of the other variables came flooding in…..I don’t need a man… women are b’s and h’s…..a “strong” black man or woman…..bad choices both FEMALE and MALE made that ultimately ended up being “everyone else is the culprit as well” and the list goes on….shaking my go……head at all of the madness. And the number ONE culprit: little to no mutual respect for one another.

    I honestly feel that if our core racial group could mend fences within, maybe, just maybe the black female and male would not be so apathetic towards one another and then have a “meeting of the minds.”


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