Another senseless death! It’s okay to be angry at the injustice!

Michael Brown

Endangered Species

Whatever perverse view the Ferguson police officer had of Michael Brown — and all Black men like him — before taking his life and leaving him to lay in his blood for hours afterward, his mother has made sure to counter such characterizations. Lesley McSpadden described her now-fallen son as a boy with the sort of disposition that made him more like “a big teddy bear” as opposed to someone who deserved to be slaughtered like a dog in the street. McSpadden went on to explain, “He was a good boy. He deserved none of this. We need justice for our son.”

No stranger to this kind of disregard toward Black people’s humanity, attorney Benjamin Crump, who has since been retained by Brown’s parents, made his thoughts clear at a recent press conference. “I don’t want to sugarcoat it, their baby was executed in broad daylight,” Crump noted. “We want to know and see exactly what happened because this family rejects what the police authorities said at their press conference.”

As does Michael Brown’s friend, Dorian Johnson, who along with other eyewitnesses, disputed Brown’s killer’s claims that he shoved the officer and tried to wrestle the officer’s gun from him.

Any Black man living in this country and who values his life knows better than to tempt fate that way.

The truth may be less imaginative but no less chilling: Even when we don’t fight back, our presence is still intimidating to the point where select members of law enforcement feel no choice but to shoot us dead.

Such a revelation brings justified anger, and while Brown’s parents have encouraged protesters to remain peaceful, their rage is understandable.

Protesters arrived with signs and peaceful discourse and were greeted with dogs, rubber bullets, and tear gas.

And as New York Times correspondent Julie Bosman reported via Twitter, these rubber bullets were even shot in the direction of journalists and photographers. Meanwhile, area police officers describe the scene as a “war zone” and even when protesters sought an exit, the police reportedly blocked them from locating one. There’s since been word of one police officer referring to protesters as “fucking animals” during coverage on CNN.

Yet, some wonder why some of the protesters supposedly sang, “F*ck the police.”

Renisha McBride Jonathan FerrellAyiana Jones

And while I don’t necessarily excuse the acts of looters and those described as “rioters,” I do have empathy. This is why I take issue with Jonathan Capeheart’s “A Shameful Way To Protest the Michael Brown Shooting,” where he writes, “This is not how you make authorities understand your anger and concern. This is not how you get others to join your cause.”

You mean the authorities who shot a Black child in cold blood, left him in the street for hours as some sort of “example” to other people in his area, and greet peaceful protest with nothing but contempt and the intent to further antagonize? The same authorities who employ individuals who refer to the rightfully angry public as “f*cking animals.” The authorities who enter their neighborhood and limit their access?


I am not in the business of policing people’s emotions particularly with respect to dire situations such as these. Anger has its consequences, including irrational behavior. It doesn’t make it right, but learn to have compassion for people in a situation you have yet to experience. There’s a time for discussions on personal responsibility and there’s a time to look at tragedy and respect the rightful rage it creates.

Many people are angry and they are running on empty.

I am tired of having to write about people like Michael Brown. The same goes for 22-year-old John Crawford III, who was shot and killed after holding a BB gun in a Walmart. Like Brown’s mother, Crawford’s father described his son fondly, saying, “He was a good son and a good Father to his two children.”

We shouldn’t have to quantify our lives this way.

It doesn’t even matter if Michael Brown was a “big teddy bear” heading to college or that John Crawford was a good Dad. No matter what kind of personalities they had, there was no reason to slaughter them this way. We shouldn’t have to worry that once our lives are unjustly stripped from us, we will be purposely vilified in order to excuse our killers’ actions — as evidenced in the trending topic #IfTheyGunnedMeDown, and more hauntingly, in both trials relating to the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Renisha McBride.

Long List

Structural racism, widening economic inequality, a gun manufacturing lobby so hell bent on making money that they’ll probably see to it that guide dogs for the blind receive gun permits, plus the continuation of the militarization of police have all helped it be open season on Black people. You can’t help but feel exhaustion, grief, and yes, anger.  To some, such rage may not “help our cause,” but the alternative clearly has its limitations too.

Cooler heads should prevail, but be clear about who the real hotheads causing trouble are.

Article by Michael Arceneaux


39 thoughts on “Another senseless death! It’s okay to be angry at the injustice!

  1. I excuse the actions of looters and rioters. In the UK, Greece, Brazil, Spain, etc. they riot over increased student loans….if continued killings of black kids for no reason isn’t reason to riot, then what is?

  2. There are similar articles on BrothaWolf’s blog. I wonder how these damned police would feel if someone was to murder a loved one of theirs in cold blood. I do think its time we started taking a page from South Africa’s book. The whites there are in some serious boiling oil from the black south Africans. No amount of peaceful protest will change the white savage establishments views of us. The time for words and placards are over. We need good old fashion action cause as the old adage goes they speak louder than words

  3. The police are just animal they are not here to protect and serve they are there to oppress. I think they get a hard on every time they draw blood and maime and kill black folks.

    • First off, brother, you are not a nigger nor is any black person. And secondly, those who anger you, control you, so Remain patient and conquer self and then you react in a smart unpredictable way.

      • I feel you Leandrea. I know where you’re coming from. We have a right to be very upset. This madness has been going on FAR too long! They are killing innocent,unarmed children. When will it end?? I think we should be smart about this though. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail. But this country is proving to us that black life is meaningless. They treat dogs better than they do us. AmeriKKKa is showing us their true colors.

      • When I say “nigger” that’s me playing devils advocate. I in no way think me or any Black person is are niggers. I am an emotional person naturally but my emotions fuel me, but never control me for the most part. But thank you for your concern.

    • I get that strange feeling as well. It seems there’s been a lot of these murders lately. I don’t like the riots but I know where the anger is coming from. I call it righteous rage.

  4. Police Departments are an extension of government… Politicians Control Them! Their primary purpose is to protect the other side from us. Kushite, we gotta be brutally honest about this. Blackmen are feared by other men. I’ve dealt with this crap since i was a teenager. Walk into a store, get followed. Step in an elevator, women clutch their purse. Stand at a bus stop, drivers afraid to get too close. So, most non-black cops are already afraid of us from the jump. All cops are not racist and evil, but tbat does not matter anymore. The damage has been done. Meanwhile, this young brotha’s memory is a political football. All the bloodshed that has taken place, and we only get outraged when a racist cop kills one of us. Us killing us, and cops doing it are one in the same. Whites in this country have a million excuses for this continuing to happen… Ain’t No Excuse! Again, black males kill other black males and females as well… The Larger Problem!

    • I hear what you’re saying. We can’t ignore black on black crime. I’ve posted about it before. But this police brutality is getting WAY out of hand! They’re killing our people wholesale! Men,women and even children! We organize but can’t seem to mobilize. I can’t be silent about these murders. But both issues need to be addressed. Blacks who kill blacks are a cancer in out community as well. Both issues are important to me.

  5. Civil Rights Part II plain and simple. Blacks needs respect for so long and if they continue to do violence, they will get it. America is in shambles now.

  6. You know I just have heard of this yesterday. I am still trying to figure out what has
    happened to this young man. That has given these police officer’s the RIGHT TO SHOOT AND KILL HIM. However. They did say that this young man didn’t have
    any weapons on him, nor did he try to threaten the police’s that was there at the time. What was it WALKING WHILE BLACK . LOOKING LIKE A THUG. I mean come on. They have also said ( NEW’S )That they have found a PHOTO. with him looking HOODISH. Now Isn’t this the same DAMN STEREO TYPE That they did with TRAYVON MARTIN. I mean come on… They go around doing whatever they
    hell they want to do NO JAIL TIME. But It okay to swarm around and find INNOCENT BLACK PEOPLE TO KILL FOR NO REASON AT ALL. This JUSTICE SYSTEM WILL NEVER CHANGE. No matter how hard black people will try…

  7. We need a force field shield bad. Just to get them off of us. Next rest and detox, process the situations we are in and an escape plan. I’m convinced we have to leave this universe and them in it. It is like trying to get over illness in a room full of plague just never going to happen.

    Can’t take hearing about our precious children being brutalized anymore. So tired of this ish.

  8. Brother…the question we must ask is, what are we going to do next. All the evidence are in. Afrikan lives are not worth anything to the agents of white supremacy. Not to the folly tricksters, and not to so called citizens of all ethnicities. In comparison WE are concerned more about some dumb ass yurugu who hung himself, yet wonder if the young brother was not really tying to bang on that beast. Now that eyewitness have recounted the truth. Now that in the span of a week, at least four murders and one attempted by different po-lice agent, were committed, I ask, what are we going to do next?

  9. I also, think that the women and children should be out there protesting as this gives the enemy the chance to eliminate whole families at once, they will always go for the heart strings and the most pain which would be the women and children. Remember it is not enough to damage the present, but damage the future or the ability to produce the future and the injuries last beyond life times. We need better strategies and ways in-which to protect our own people.

  10. correction shouldn’t be out there protesting. I think it really should be the men doing it if, it is to be done. Everyone else gives support.

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