Watoto from the Nile-Letter to the President

This is a great video by Watoto from the Nile. This is a very powerful video. These are very brave young girls for making this video. These are the type of songs our children should be listening to. We need artists who have the guts to tackle tough issues in our community. These young girls have more guts than most hip hop artists today. This song is a plea to the President to address issues such as safety,violence,police brutality and justice. Hmmmmmm….I wonder if the President is listening.   I also wonder if this song will get much radio play.  Check out the video and let me know what you think.

14 thoughts on “Watoto from the Nile-Letter to the President

  1. Great video and message! But unfortunately, it’ll be wasted on appealing to Obama and that is a fact! He is how many years into his SECOND term and what has changed? Not a damn thing!

    • Yeah I know what you mean. I don’t think the Prez cares too much a about the plight of black people. He’s made that very clear. But I still give these girls an A for effort. I love the whole concept of the video. And it’s very heartfelt.

  2. much respect to these young queens, the lyrics were on point. so called artists on the radio do not sing or rap about these issues, everything that was used as a constructive way for black folks to vent has been corrupted, profited off of, and whitewashed. Their parents must be proud for them to know about these issues and then make a song about it. Children have always been involved with the struggle, we sometimes forget that it was children being attacked by dogs, water hosed, beaten, and killed while fighting for their rights. we mostly see things from parents/ adult perspective, but we hardly see it from the kids perspective. it is not just parents losing a child, but also a child losing a sibling or friend.

    • I totally agree with you MsTooGood. These young ladies are a class act. And an inspiration to other young girls. Here’s an interview the girls did with Boyce Watkins last week. Their proud father sits in on the interview as well. Also they speak about getting death threats from Lil Wayne fans a few years ago!! Can you believe that?? What as the world come to?? They did a song addressed to Lil Wayne a few years ago about the negative images he puts out. And how it makes the black community look bad. Well some of his fans took offense. They explain the controversy in this video.

    • Isn’t Boyd Watkins the same dumbass who said that Bill Cosby’s son’s death was a direct result of hip-hop violence even though Cosby’s son was murdered by an illegal immigrant from Russia during a carjacking. That guy is the epitome of incompetent fool.

      • I don’t know anything about his statements regarding Cosby’s son. But what does that have to do with the topic at hand? Nothing from what I can see. You’re just bringing up something out the clear blue that’s totally unrelated. As though to discredit hi for some reason. Hmmmmmm…interesting. I don’t always agree with Watkins but he’s just giving props to these young girls. Fist you attack the girls,now you’re attacking him. What’s up with you today? Are you in a bad mood or something? What’s up?

  3. Wow! This video was put together by them? Beautiful! The imagery, though, only highlight how much this cat is complicit in the continual lynchings of Afrikans in amurdikkka.

  4. Obama is seriously a puppet from the Globalist to make the world think we’re overcome racism. I pointed that choosing Obama as president it will escalate the race hatred across the country a few years ago. And indeed we’re becoming worst in terms that diversity and equality for not only Blacks but for any, is just an illusion. As for the song, this is how rap should be. These girls are truly talented. Why they didn’t get noticed before?

    • “Obama is seriously a puppet from the Globalist to make the world think we’re overcome racism.”
      BINGO! You said it! I keep trying to tell black people this but they wont listen. To many of our people are stuck on stupid. They seriously need to OPEN their eyes and see Obama doesn’t care about us. he just does what he is told.
      And I agree with you,these lovely girls are true gems! They definitely need more exposure. I’ve known about them for years. I’ve posted two other videos of theirs. The media wont touch them though. They don’t want to awaken the masses of black children. No big surprise there if you understand the system of white supremacy.

      • Greetings family, KP! I’ve been reading the July/August articles & commentaries and as usual so much is on-point….I’ve missed being able to chime in but that just means my better place was in silence. I injoy what our young sisters have/had to say…it’s extremely power-filled thus the lack of mass media attention like you say which, imho, is GOoD anyway…purity mixed in filth often struggles to remain pure. I’m not one for thumping bibles but it does mention something to the effect of “out of the mouth of babes”…pardon my memory but I’m almost sure it refers to instruction/truth coming forth from it/them (please correct me if I’m off)…thanks for shining light on their Light…just like Mumu Fresh and some others, I’ve missed much over my 5+-year cleanse of muse-sick (I still had to keep the Freddie Hubbard, Luther, Coltrane, Curtis, Frankie Beverly and some others)..as an admitted extremist, I thru the baby out with the bath water, mistakenly on one side and out of personal necessity on the other.

        Anyway, it’s easy to delve into the many factual~illusory realities that make-up this matrix…the discussion is often a prerequisite for the uncovering, and in the uncovering we find the treasures and the trash.

        Kushite Prince you said something very important, something that We/WE have yet to recognize-understand-overstand and that is… “They don’t want to awaken the masses of black children. No big surprise there if you understand the system of white supremacy”. Thing is, We as Black people~first and WE as humanity~second do not understand white supremacy and are still too often in the state of not even recognizing it. Not to mash on Laverne, not at all, We are Love here – We (not here but across the board) have to learn how to have conversation that is not emotionally-controlled (We All Must Be Mindful of this) – but your Awareness of how deeply entrenched and intertwined white supremacy is would “widen”, your perspective…and let me be the first to say that it benefits me (working) for my perspective(s) to be ever-widening. For example, many still think/believe that white supremacy is promoted solely by whites but it has been the black pawns of white supremacy that have damaged and continue to damage Us in much more harmful ways (imho) only because its a house divided, only We don’t know that parts of Us is really ‘them’. Back to the bible (back to NOT throwing the baby out…), “the people perish for the lack of knowledge” …or something like that. In peace…

      • Thanks for the comment. I feel where you’re coming from. We all have to take on WS head on! They try to brainwash our people 24/7. So we can’t afford to sleep at all. I think these little girls are an inspiration. We need even more brave young sistas like this.

  5. First off I have a problem with black people always putting Obama on blast as if he was just going to swoop in and change over 500 years of bigotry and discrimination overnight. He is just ONE person all of us need to realize what we should and could do in our own community. And I heard about the song by those two girls I wonder where is the song for Aiyana Jones and Renisha McBride and Matrice Richardson? Seems cops especially white male cops can get away with a shitload of violence towards Negroes while we bitch about Lil Wayne 5,000 times as if that will solve anything. It wasn’t because of Lil Wayne that Eric Garner was murdered nor was it the cause of that senseless murder by Theo Wafer so where’s the outcry over THAT black people?

    • First of all,I think you’re missing the point. These young girls should be applauded for this. It’s not solely about Obama. This violence by the police on unarmed black people needs to be addressed. Why attack the girls for making the video? They’re trying to do something positive…but you tear them down?? That makes no sense to me. I’m not ignorant,I’ve done my research on presidents throughout history. I know Obama is just a puppet for white supremacy. He doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the plight of black people! He knew when he took the job he would be criticized. It comes with the job description. He also bombs African nations and shows no remorse. He cares nothing about the struggle for our liberation. I have no issue with you Lavern. You make some valid points from time to time. Although I don’t always agree with you. But if you’re an Obama-lover then some of the information o my blog may offend you. Most of my followers are NOT Obama supporters and I don’t bite my tongue over here. I can’t let you diss these little black girls but then let fake ass Obama off the hook..no no..not going to happen. You can take that crap somewhere else.
      These girls have also done a song about Trayvon Martin as well. I’m sure they are aware of the cases of Aiyana Jones,Renisha McBride and Matrice Richardson. But they can’t address every single murder case can they? Blacks are killed by police every single day. They can’t tackle then all. What about the death threats these girls got? I didn’t see you mention that at all. Why is that? I don’t see you putting those people in check. No you rather attack them and defend Obama and Lil Wayne??? Please! And if you can’t see the negative stereotype that Lil Wayne and his ilk perpetuate then you really are lost.lol

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