The Genius of Black Children

The Black child is born with great, great potential. We have indicated in the book, The Developmental Psychology of the Black Child, that “the Black child is not a white child ‘painted’ black.” In the Black child Afrikan heritage means something. The Black man being the first man to walk this earth, to establish civilizations, to build institutions, governments and so forth, I think is still genetically represented in the Black child. We now quote the following from The Developmental Psychology of the Black Child:

Comparison of African and European Psychomotor Development:

1. Nine (9) hours old being drawn up in a sitting position, able to prevent its head from falling backward; it takes the European child (six) 6 weeks.
2. Two (2) days old, with head held firmly, looking in the face of the examiner; the European child eight (8) weeks.
3. Seven (7) weeks old, supporting herself in a sitting position and watching her reflection in the mirror; the European child twenty (20) weeks.
4. Five (5) months old, holding herself upright; the European child nine (9) months.
5. Five (5) months old, taking the round block out of its hole in the form board; the European child takes eleven (11) months. Five (5) months old, standing against the mirror; it takes the European child nine (9) months.
6. Seven (7) months old, walking to the Gesell Box to look inside; it takes the European child fifteen (15) months.
7. Eleven (11) months old, climbing the steps alone; the European child takes fifteen (15) months.’

The differences in Afrikan and European heritages are responsible for these developmental differences. This is why we have to look at Afrika as the source of understanding the development of our children — not Europe.

It is the use of Europeans as our standard of measure that has turned Black psychology into a psychology of deviancy, which makes us talk about our children in terms of deviances, deficiencies, as slow learners, and in other kinds of negative ways. We are using the wrong standard of measurement. One of the major things necessary for enhancing the intelligence of our children is to have knowledge of their development. It has been shown clearly that it is not so much the income, but a knowledge of how our children develop that is very important to their intellectual development. Our lack of knowledge about the development of our children helps to retard the intellectual potential that our children so abundantly possess. If we use European developmental scales we may be waiting too late since their children develop later than our own. We must gear the education of our children to their developmental rates. Because our children are growing at different rates and in different ways compared to whites they must have different standards for meeting their nutritional needs. All of these things point to the need for us to have a sound knowledge of the Afrikan child.

It is not what we’ve got, it is not the status of the parents that is important, but it’s what we parents do that is most important for enhancing the intelligence of our children. Much of what we need does not require money. Interest, motivation, dedication is what we need. We can make various toys out of empty boxes. We can give a child pots and pans to play with, anything to develop its discrimination and to develop its coordination, to develop the feel for objects. To develop many of its abilities we can go to the park and classify flowers, we can pick up rocks and teach categorization. We can hunt butterflies, or bees, or anything: all of which can become a basis for scientific thought development. We can look in store windows and talk about colors. We can use things all around us.

Infant Stimulation: The nature of the home environment at six months can give us some indication of how the infant’s mind is going to be at three and four years old. The emotional nature of the home, the emotional responses of the mother, the parental involvement of the mother with the child, the provision of appropriate play materials, are very important to the child’s development. Play things are very important. Give them something to see, touch, draw, manipulate, hit, to rattle. All those things are important for growth and development.

The Japanese are surpassing the Europeans and their IQ is growing. Discover magazine, September 1982, asked the following question — “IQ Are The Japanese Really Smarter?” White Americans are asking themselves this question. That sounds like our question, doesn’t it? It is amazing to see them in this predicament. Because they told us that IQ is innate. When they tested the Japanese back in the 1940s the average scores were basically the same. But what shocks them is that in 1983, the Japanese average score is 15 points above that of the average White American. Japanese IQ has grown, and they are wondering if it is going to keep growing. When they told us that their average score was 15 points above ours they swore that intelligence is inborn and natural! What are they going to say now? That the Japanese are naturally, innately smarter? No! They are not admitting that now. When you read this article you read them saying, “Let’s look at the schools, let’s see how they are being educated.” They present all the comparisons of how much time White children stay in class as compared to the Japanese. In fact, a part of this educational report suggests that Americans must get our children to stay in school longer because the Japanese stay in school longer. So we see all those environmental arguments that we had put forward in the defense of our intelligence, that they so valiantly resisted, they themselves are using now that they are in the very same position. “We must restructure the schools; we must restructure the family; we must restructure the value system”; because all of a sudden they find all these things are important to the intellectual growth and advancement of their children.

Language Development:  Black children are psychomotorically ahead of White children until they get to about age three. The major reason why they start falling behind at age three, and particularly five, is because their way of dealing with the world shifts. Up to about age two or three, the major way of dealing with the world is to deal with it concretely, i.e., through the ability to handle objects, to coordinate the body and psychophysical systems. But at around the age of three, the way of dealing with the world is increasingly by the word, and it is at that point that our children begin to slip because they do not use words and language as proficiently as they should. We may brag about how we are able to dance and throw basketballs, but in the end it is not the throwing of the basketballs that determines power in the world. It is the ability to use words and symbols. One of the other reasons why our children remain stuck intellectually is that we were brought to this world, the “New World” — and the function of the Afrikans the world-over is — to be servants to Europeans.

Therefore we tend to think like servants. Our ability to think abstractly is detrimental to European interests. If we want to know the characteristics that White racism wishes to impose on the Black child (and on Black people in general) there is one major question we may ask yourselves. What is it that we must not be able to do or have in our character if the White man is to stay dominant? And we will see those characteristics missing or impaired in many of us and our children. For Afrikan people must not think abstractly because we may see through his [ White oppressor’s] game. We must not think logically and relationally; every thing must be immediate and concrete or we may see the games that he is running on us. If the Europeans are to continue to dominate us, certain intellectual, social, emotional-behavioral and organizational abilities must be repressed in Afrikan children; the ability to read and understand language profoundly must be reduced.

The White man is so arrogant that he puts his knowledge right in front of our face most often in written form. He doesn’t keep us from going to libraries, he doesn’t keep us from reading, he doesn’t keep us from buying books. But he has so manipulated our interest and motivation, has put us in such a state that he can place written and other forms of information right before our eyes and we will not look at and understand them. And every means by which the White man rules us is written in books — every one of them. But we are not going to see them. We read about the rat in the Skinner box and don’t know we are the rat in the box. We read about Pavlov’s dog and we don’t know that we are the dog! We read how he (the White man) controls consciousness: he has whole chapters on consciousness, how people are put under hypnosis, how to propagandize people.

All of these methods are in books. The White imperialist does not hide them from us at all. Because he knows that our mentality is twisted in such a way he has little need to do so. Because he has reduced early in our lives the ability to read between the lines. He has reduced our ability to go beyond what we see. He has reduced early in our lives our intense desire to pursue sequential-thinking and implications; to read something and to ask what does it mean for the future? Or he reduces early in our lives our ability or desire to look in the past, connect it with the present, and project it into the future. We live for the moment.

But we must connect the past and the present, we must be able to look at what’s going on in the present and project probabilities as to what is going to happen in the future. Our ability to project into the future permits us to act on the present so as to influence the future; to say, ‘Well, looking at the way things are going, the way the current interactions are taking place, I see a future that I don’t want. And since I see a future that I don’t want, let me change the nature of this interaction so that it can bring about a world that I do want.’

One of the most important ways of breaking the reins of concrete thinking is through the expanded use of language. With expanded language we can mentally travel the world. With language we go into the fourth dimension. With language we can fly in space, we go anywhere we want to go. With symbols we create anything that we want to create. Let’s turn our children on to symbols. See that they learn word-meanings. See that they know how to ask questions and deal with questions. Give them aspirations and expectations. One of the reasons our children do not grow as much as they can is because we do not expect them to grow to their fullest extent.

Our children are born with the best brains in the world and they can deal with any kind of problem that we put to them. Any kind of problem that we must solve, whether it is science, technology, mathematics or whatever — they can solve! We did it in Egypt! We don’t need any proof of our capability of doing it! Our people were among the first to invent mathematics, so when we practice it we are practicing our heritage. But if we believe Black people are not good in math, then, of course, we are going to produce exactly what we believe. If we expect and can believe then we can produce whatever we will — but we must believe.

Amos Wilson

50 thoughts on “The Genius of Black Children

    • Thanks Jamila. I thought you might like this post. We really have amazing children. Too many times the media wants to highlight the negative aspect in black kids. Most are NOT criminals,thugs and drug dealers. I try to highlight the positive things in our kids. I don’t let the biased media brainwash me. Our kids are born naturally smart. It’s the corrupt and racist system that doesn’t want them to succeed.

      • I hear that!!! Okay, when are you going to run for president?? You have my vote hands down. Agree, agree, agree with everything you’ve said!! Preach

      • I’ve had people ask me that before!lol Thanks for the compliment Jamila. But I don’t think most politicians would like me too much. I speak the truth,too honest,love my people,and can’t be bought off. No need for men and women like that! lol

      • Well, one can dream..❤️ We need you for something greater than politics though because in my opinion it really is a dying field. Many people are waking up from the lullaby of lies (albeit slowly) and I am so proud to stand by someone like you on the front lines!!

  1. We do have amazing children, but I can’t that I 100% agree with this maybe about 75%… each kid differs. But the information is still informative….and I thank you for sharing!!

    • Yes all children are different. But Amos is talking about the natural abilities that they are born with from the start. All children have some type of natural talent. Of course it differs with each person. Be sure to get his book. He really breaks it down. Trust me,he was on point! But of course the media will tell you black children are inferior to whites. No! That’s a lie!

  2. Thanks for the post Kushite. What separates us (people of African descent) from the rest is our high concentration of melanin. The white man understands our melanin better than we do and he uses it against us.
    As I was reading this post I couldn’t help but recall that old saying, “If you want to hide something from a black person, just put it in a book.”

    • Glad you liked the post brother. I remember Chris Rock doing a comedy routine about hiding something in a book to keep it from black It’s sad but unfortunately true in a lot of cases.

  3. This is why we need to not put our children in their schools. Why do we allow our enimies to educate our children? I think it is great and more black people need to see this, but I wouldn’t put my high achieving child in an university at such a tender age without giving them an intense education on racism and making sure they have a chaperone with them. Remember they will take every opportunity to hurt, rape, damage, and destroy our children especially those that stand out and shine.

    Yes, we need to see and hear the truth of the situation and learn how to take care of our young so they don’t end up hurt and confused in this white oppressive world.

    • Amen, amen! I am a firm believer that black people need our own schools, taught by our own people for this very reason! Kushite did a post a few months back about a 15 year-old prodigy from Sierra Leone. The teen was an electronics whiz kid who created his own radio station out of discarded materials he found on the streets. If you haven’t seen it, do check it out. On the surface it was a heart-warming story that showcased the raw talent of black people. Even a wide smile graced my face as I was viewing the video clip. However; during the second half of the video, I began to feel ill at ease. The reason for my discontent was due to the ulterior motives that I immediately recognized in the video. This young African male prodigy was recruited by the world-famous MIT. He was invited to some youth camp of sorts to supposedly develop his natural talent. Now, given what we (Africans/blacks) know to be true about the history of white development of black talent, you all can see why I was uncomfortable. I see the future for this young brilliant black mind and I was saddened. I’ll get right to the point, because I know what experience awaits him at MIT. Those white overseers there are likely going to do three things: first, study and decode his brilliant and complex mind; second, exploit his natural talent for their benefit and at his expense, and third, REPROGRAM him to use his talents to advance their interests and to abandon his and his people. In other words, under American/European education, his star will surely be dimmed. Throughout the video the young man repeatedly stated what was in his heart. He wanted to use his talent to advance his people, the people of Sierra Leone. The truth is that his whole existence in an American/European school will be 4+ years of brainwashing and reprogramming. When those Europeans at MIT are done with him, he will more-than-likely be completely useless to his people. I’ve seen it time and time again with black and foreign blacks educated in America/Europe. Of course that doesn’t apply to all, but it does to a great many.

      While watching the video I kept thinking, if the people of Sierra Leone lose this young man to American/European education, they will probably lose him permanently. He will likely go on to be an asset to the European people and very little to his African people. The truth is that Europeans are not going to “invest” in a black or African so that you can use your talent to uplift other African/blacks. That’s just not how it’s designed. What was even more sinister to me was that they used the age old trick of deception through affinity to lure this young man. They assigned a guardian/chaperone of sorts to assist him while he was in the U.S. This chaperone was clearly an American-born (or bred) MIT student with supposed Sierra Leonean ancestry. The assignment for the chaperone was to gain this young man’s trust and indoctrinate him of sorts so that it will make it easier for the Europeans to exploit and reprogram him. The whole thing just made me uncomfortable. But this is what we get when we allow our oppressors to educate our children. Nothing good can come or has come of this phenomenon. Our children get educated (programmed), then use their talents and education to assist the oppressors in further oppressing them, you and me. Isn’t that something? We blacks must re-assume the role of educating our own children like we did before desegregation. As this post points out, black children are born with a head start and natural ability. Black people must nurture and develop that talent ALONE if we want to even begin to try to change our current situation.

      I could write for days about education, but I won’t. I referred to the story of this teenage African prodigy to underscore why the responsibility of educating our children is ours and ours alone! These are OUR children. I continue to be dumbfounded by how many blacks believe that Europeans have their best interests at heart, when history and current events show you otherwise.

      Hopefully I’m wrong about this African prodigy. I do hope that he goes on to be a great asset for his people. But he would have to come to America with a very strong mind, will and heart to withstand the programming that is our education system. Let us hope.

      • ” But this is what we get when we allow our oppressors to educate our children. Nothing good can come or has come of this phenomenon. Our children get educated (programmed), then use their talents and education to assist the oppressors in further oppressing them, you and me.”
        That’s what I think also. I hope you’re wrong about him. I might have to do a follow up story on this prodigy. I think it would be interesting to see what he’s up to.

  4. @ Kushite:

    Thank you so much for posting this! It is really needed to remind us of how great we are! That is why the media always feed us negative stories, to hurt our self-esteem and make us feel inferior. However, we know that White superiority is a lie! It is the only thing that White people have going for them. I read somewhere that Frances Cress Welsing said that the only way for White people to feel good about themselves is to feel that they are superior to everyone else!

    Here is another story about a Black child genius:

  5. Before we go any further and say see we told you we are smart. We must ask who invented IQ tests and why. They were not always in place nor used. What do they measure and is that really important ant to who, and why…. WE are so caught in this system even when we try to divest we are using it as a model. Why is it a big deal that our young go to their universities? Where is the reciprocity??? Our thinking needs to change dramatically. We don’t need a class room because our thinking is too expansive for a cave. Yet, we demand that our children learn in one called a class room. We expect them to complete with each other and take paper exams. Yet, even in our dancing we can anticipate and know without think where to be moment from moment. We do so much on a psychic level and we can sense energy, mood, and intention with out words yet, our children are demanded to think on a low one and two dimension. We come out doing three and quickly get to 4 and 5 no problem if, not abused. It’s good we are focusing on our children, but we need to d o way more and better if, we want them to be free. I respect those who are talking about this and trying really I do, but they have to take it up way up and it can’t be pridicated off of an inferior model.

    • Thank you Honeybee. You brought up a very good point. I hadn’t thought about that. I think you’re absolutely right! We do need to change our thinking. We just have to be brave enough to do so. And lead our children down the right path. It will take a collective effort to do this.

  6. Kushite couldn’t have hit the nail any harder. Indeed our black children are intellectually superior, in a number of ways. This is especially true in regards to students here in the Caribbean. Believe it or not, the level of education here in the Caribbean far surpasses that of the United States. For example, my stepdad’s cousin, she is a teacher and she said when she went overseas to the USA to obtain her Masters Degree she got a major culture shock, cause the things that she did on her Masters she had already completed it in her Associates here in the Caribbean. I guess it’s true after all, that the quality if Education in America it sucks badly, and it sets students, particularly our black youth to fail. You know before time I used to marvel when I see and hear sucrss stories about black inner city kids making it to universities like Harvard and Yale and Princeton and Brown but know the only thing that fills me is dread, because a majority of the black students at Ivy League colleges, after they leave they, come out conforming to and identifying with white society and they end up looking down their noses at the very places they come from and the people they grew up with as if they are somehow superior. Another dynamic that troubles me is when I see black kids in a predominantly white private schools. A look a the documentary American Promise should give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

    As everyone said and I reiterate, stop sending your black kids to public school.

  7. very great post ur highness. Notice most of the kids that do well are either homeschooled or in private school, the public school system is a joke, overcrowded and underfunded. Schools are being segregated again, but this time it is more covert and they use test scores and income to determine acceptance. most of the private schools are white and the public schools will mostly be non white.

    If people can’t afford to send their kids to private school then homeschool or supplement their public schooling with some home/world learning. we forget that the world is a learning playground, u don’t have to sit to learn, u don’t have to be in one place to learn, u don’t have to be inside to learn,u learn through play, through touch, through sight, through sound, through smell, use all the senses. people need to learn book stuff as well as life experience, take them to the library, but also take them to the grocery store where they can learn math, nutrition, and how to shop on a budget. teach them life skills, like cooking, gardening, sewing, and if u can teach them how to swim, these are things people need to survive. (I know it’s a lot to learn, I know how to cook and swim ,but the other things have been a fail, if u can learn at least one or two of these things u will save money and be healthier.)

    • Did somebody tell you beautiful sun people that the essence of your information that translates your learning & life journey experience into understanding, that this essence to understand the world is provided by a front?
      You call it not for nothing “FULL SPECTRUM” warfare.
      The library is not providing us with correct information. Its the same books that are provided for black youth in public-private-church/religious schools. The same is true for all other races including whites.
      The black Muslims people have the same text books that the non religious public school has.
      Its streamlined to such an extend that in canada its the same censorship system that we have. Its censorship b/s non jewish people are not allowed the information that jewish people have.
      If we look beyond black education (manipulation) we can clearly see and watch that not only black kids get subtracted their history.
      I know through personal experience that it is not allowed to teach black kids in school the black holocaust (slave trade). Its only ok to teach slavery. But the same is true for greek kids. Greeks had several holocausts.the same ia true for russian kids (russian slavs not russian jews). Russian kids are not to be taught their holocaust (only their slavery/gulag labor camps).The only holocaust that is allowed to be taught is the jewish one.
      This means literally that asian/white/black/latino/native indians are restricted towards authentic history.
      But why do whites dont have their history either ?
      Im not white and normally I could care less but this is the same that is being done to us. All other groups are the same victims of this destruction of history-and it doesnt start or stop by genocide. I found out that jewish people teach often all other people. That they set forth the curricular in every american school. They teach us.
      My jewish friends in school had separate history lessons at home or in their after school jewish school programs. I remember them telling me that only jewish people teach them in their private lessons at home. Its not allowed to have a non jewish person teach in private or in their jewish only schools.
      This is an disturbing observation as my understanding of this issue doesnt allow me to get it straight.
      If our society is from a logical point of view a white supremacist society-why are the whites not teaching the essentials of their respective history to white kids-which would be their own holocaust. Why do jews only teach their kids and have the power to force it unto us and others?
      In my area in Harlem all slum lords are israelis/jews. With a little checking I got it that this is in the entire US like that.
      The lawsuits of black folks in my bldg and other bldg complexes of this real estate company in nyc are absolutely criminal. But the people in the bldg seem not to know that these landlords they see at times at the complex are israel jews. The same slumlords in some cases that the Palestinian folks and Lebanese people have in their RACE LAW SLUMS.
      one more thing. The race laws in ISRAEL regulate and detail all areas of life in form of race.
      Thats why Africans are slowly transfered in camps-woman pimped by race (the jew who pimps jewish girls will be prosecuted) and the arab christians beaten down at check points.
      They killed dozens of white americans.
      Supremacy=AUTHORITY/SUPREME AUTHORITY. webster dictionary.
      How is the authority subject to history manipulation as are his black subjects.
      Why does he doesnt even know he gets killed in israel.
      Why does he subject his woman to massive abortion programs that are as the school and TV program controled by jews.
      Black folks know the harm this is doing.
      Why is the supreme authority not able to execute authority-supreme authority.
      If black folks set forth that we have to get away from this white system-yes if it not benefits us. But to see that all ethnic groups are with held their history including the authority (whites) and all of us participate in watching the abortion genocide in front of our eyes- we might want to ask us…why are the whites included and only jews excluded.
      There is not one abortion clinic in a jewish neighborhood.
      The abortion clinics are mostly owned by jews and the others clinics are run by jews.
      Were fighting a mirage/hologram/front.

  8. test definitions
    1.the means by which the presence, quality, or genuineness of anything is determined; a means of trial.

    2.a particular process or method for trying or assessing

    the words that stand out to me are genuineness, trial and assessing. then when u break down these words u get this.

    genuineness 1. is possessing the claimed or attributed character, quality, or origin; not counterfeit; authentic; real. 4. descended from the original stock; pure in breed

    trial. 2 the act of trying, testing, or putting to the proof. 4.a tentative or experimental action in order to ascertain results

    assessing : to judge the worth, importance, etc, of; evaluate

    so basically these tests are trials to determine if ur child is smart or “dumb” , a way for them to judge the worth or importance of ur child and how much effort they will put into teaching ur child.if they think ur child is of less worth and intelligence do u think they will really take time to help ur child? if they are in public school where teachers are overworked and underpaid do u really think they will take that extra time?.

    look at the definitions for these words most have been used to describe or put down black folks, like experiment, trial, and judging our worth. the fourth definition of genuineness, descended from the original stock: pure in breed, now what race goes around thinking and saying they are pure? then of course the word trial where people are supposedly innocent until proven guilty but in this case it is not their innocence that is determined but their intelligence, and we know how when it comes to us we are guilty until proven innocent, so it would not be a stretch for us to assume that they think we are also dumb until proven otherwise. they are put on an experimental trial to assess the pureness of their intelligence so they can be judged by it and taught accordingly.

    Parents should know their kids well enough to know how their children learn and what they struggle with. We need to stop measuring children’s abilities by tests alone, because they are created with little to no room for difference and do not take into account the child’s home life or emotional state. if a child is dealing with poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, sickness or death of a loved one, etc imagine how they feel. A test at school will not be the most important thing to them it will be small compared to everything else going on. if the child fails that test does that mean they are dumb? or does it mean they are human and dealing with all the bs in their life and need help. does it mean they deserve a second chance, sympathy, tutoring, a test cannot determine these things or help a child overcome these things. it just proves that the child needs help in someway, but it won’ tell u where or how, for that u have to talk to the child, talk to their parents. Teachers and the school are not going to do that, and parents need to step up.

  9. This is exactly why I’m a proponent of home schooling, or at the very least private schools created, administered, governed and financed by black people with ZERO government funding and NO European staff. It may sound radical, but it’s for our and our children’s best interests. I just don’t trust Europeans to educate our children, no matter how well-intentioned they may appear. I’m slightly more comfortable with non-blacks teaching physical sciences because those concepts are absolute; however, only blacks should teach our children the humanities and social sciences because those disciplines are too subjective and the truth can too easily be omitted, distorted, or flat-out falsified. And for the love of everything good and holy, non-blacks should absolutely under no circumstances ever teach our children history! EVER! That is our job. I’m unwavering on this one for obvious reasons.

    You touched on an interesting topic @kingoftheteddybears; and that is the possibility of overseas education for black American children. I’m convinced that the best chance black schools have for true academic freedom is to incorporate in a predominately black country, perhaps a Caribbean nation. Black parents should seriously consider this as an option if homeschooling is off the table. Many “black” charter schools are ineffective due to government intervention in the curriculum and administration. I have an associate that is a principal of a charter school that serves a predominately black student base. Do you know the government mandates that if you have a charter school that you MUST appoint a management company to oversee all activities? Of course these management companies are owned by Europeans. My associate is completely neutered due to the presence of this management company [white overseers]. He can’t hire/fire staff, develop/modify curricula, decide on lunch programs; hell, he can’t even decide on what brand of toilet tissue to stock the bathrooms with without approval from the management company. Does anyone else see a problem with this?

    Blacks should seriously consider opening and investing in schools overseas where there is less government involvement. I just recently met a young brotha (African-American) that opened a school in an African country with several other black investors. He told me that you have complete freedom to devise any curriculum you see fit because there is virtually ZERO government intervention. I was awestruck as he spoke as I was imagining the possibilities. Call me a cynic, but outside of home schooling and private schools completely independent of public funding, I just don’t think we can truly develop our brilliant black babies into the superpowers that they were destined to become in the American education system. I just don’t. It has taken me years upon years to deprogram myself from the lies that I have been fed during my formal education; and that’s only because I seek to do so (and I’m still nowhere near done!). So, think of the black people you know that don’t seek knowledge and truth and are content operating on false information! Bad information = Bad decisions.

    I remember the scorn Oprah encountered when she decided to open a school for girls on foreign soil versus the United States. While others were excoriating her, I understood why she would choose to do that. I didn’t fully understand back then because I was young; but now I totally get it. In my opinion, she is on a whole different level: the right one.

    • “This is exactly why I’m a proponent of home schooling, or at the very least private schools created, administered, governed and financed by black people with ZERO government funding and NO European staff. It may sound radical, but it’s for our and our children’s best interests. I just don’t trust Europeans to educate our children, no matter how well-intentioned they may appear. I’m slightly more comfortable with non-blacks teaching physical sciences because those concepts are absolute; however, only blacks should teach our children the humanities and social sciences because those disciplines are too subjective and the truth can too easily be omitted, distorted, or flat-out falsified. And for the love of everything good and holy, non-blacks should absolutely under no circumstances ever teach our children history! EVER! That is our job. I’m unwavering on this one for obvious reasons.”
      Homeschooling is very important as well! I totally agree with you!

  10. Kushite
    Sorry to keep posting like this, but I keep finding there’s just one more thing to say. We have to stop trusting their words, thoughts, and data in regards to us and really everything they say. Here’s why a friend of mine pointed out all of the chatter about black women and men not marrying as false. She showed how they played with the figures to make it seem as if, black women aren’t getting married. They started counting black women and girls from 15 to 75, but white and all others from 21 to 45. How this is a comparison I don’t know but, when corrected it shows 85% of black women married by 40. With the highest rate of marrying black men, with out marriage still in the single numbers. The black men shortage is also way over exeragated it is not even 1 to 2.
    So, what is my point? Why bring this up??? Because it shows blatant manipulation of the masses and it is done by not really looking at the details and really researching them. What do they gain??? An emotional handle on us, us in fighting, making one half feel desperate while the other feels contempt. Now look who they point out as the solution white men and women. If, they can gain control externally and are losing their grip because we aren’t falling for it. Then, their next recourse is to get in internally. Why? Because they need us on many levels to feel better about themselves to stave off their depression, to not in fight among themselves, to genetically survive by getting a melanin boost as it is vital in order to conceive.
    Which brings us back to our children if, we cut the programming and the children developed in an affirming loving environment they will start the great filtering process and purge this foolishness along with remembering who we truly are. After all cells do hold memory we have inherited and unbroken recording of everything from our ancestors stored in our cells that have been passed down from our parents. Those cells that make up your body are libraries of your ancestors holding all that has passed, all that is and will be. Once, we clear off the gunk they attempt to jam us with we will be on our way up and out.
    They know this and they know that they can’t follow our next great move. So, their lives depend on keeping us convinced to dealing with the next thing they throw up at us. That is why they shove these lies down our throats, brutalized our men in front of us to cause psychic pain especially us women, and tell lies about our children to make us hypersensitive. They feed off of us on so many levels. We really need to be aware of that at all times.

    • No problem Honey. You can post as much as you want. That’s what the forum is here for. You and Reality Check are dropping some real knowledge. I really appreciate all the information.
      “Because they need us on many levels to feel better about themselves to stave off their depression, to not in fight among themselves, to genetically survive by getting a melanin boost as it is vital in order to conceive.”
      There’s no denying the importance of melanin! You brought up a very great point!

  11. Kushite, another thing I’d like to bring to black people’s attention is the deliberate, concerted effort to suppress universal black knowledge and TRUTH! Black people really don’t understand the magnitude and the reach of this suppression; much of which is orchestrated by our very own US government. Here is something many people may not be aware of: did you guys know that the US government has effectively PROHIBITED any further scholarly and academic research done on ancient Egypt and African civilizations? Many African/black studies departments in universities across the country have been infiltrated by the FBI and CIA to monitor the research activities of the faculty and doctoral students alike. The US government has planted federal agents to these prominent African studies departments to monitor, intimidate and threaten the staff and students into what amounts to researching, writing and publishing LIES about African people. Those administrators who are noncompliant have been threatened into silence. Many renown black scholars are threatened with the discontinuation of their African studies programs, or worse, unless they get on board and work to perpetuate the lies. This is occurring at many of the nation’s top universities, although no one dares to speak about this. A trusted source of mine familiar with this pulled my coat tail to this phenomenon. My source informed me that at their institution, it was announced that there will be NO MORE research into ancient Egypt. NONE. Those that even attempt to defy this edict suffer swift and severe reprisal. Anyone with sense knows that we have only began to scratch the surface of the bevy stored knowledge that is acient Egypt, but yet, we are prohibited. The only acceptable black studies research is to study the literary component; that is, to study other black American and maybe African authors. Other than studying the works of other authors, you cannot conduct any research into unearthing NEW information related to African history and the people. Can you believe that? These prominent African historians you see on t.v. and radio know what’s up. They have gotten their marching orders a long time ago. One only has to look at their “scholastic” output to see what time it really is.

    Anyway, I mention this to showcase how deeply entrenched the American government and other European nations are in keeping African/black people comatose, all the while they are suppressing the truth about African people and stealing their secrets and information for themselves. Now you all see why I say true black education and enlightenment will NEVER occur on U.S. soil. This I’m convinced.

    Just thought I’d share that with you all. Stay tuned ladies and gentlemen, there is more to come on this topic….

    • Thanks again Courtney! I appreciate all your links. I’m going on vacation for about two weeks. So I probably wont be uploading for awhile. But you’re more than welcome to post up any links you want. Thanks and see you soon! 🙂

      • You are welcome, Kushite, and thank you! Have a safe and great vacay! I will be going out of town on vacation myself on Wednesday and will return on Sunday evening. We will be doing shopping, cultural stuff, and see a Broadway show (Motown) — you know, the usual touristy stuff. Again, have a nice time! 🙂

    • I can’t seem to post my comment, so just know I liked the post and as an educator for six years, two things we must do as a black nation, put Robert frost, Emily Dickson, William Yeats, Shakespeare, etc…get the point? In the hands and in front of the eyes of our black kids quick and early on! The style for which they write use the cultural vocabulary and syntax or form of writing test such as Pass, Map, exit exams, sat, etc… Use to fool or trip them up! Not higher vocabulary but different…

  12. You need to watch this video call White Education by AfrikanInfo. It could mess black children into submitting them to inferior roles. Our school give children half waterdown knowledge to walk limitless toward the future

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