Racism- They keep changing the rules

This is a clip from the new film Hidden Colors 3. Tariq Nasheed gives a great break down on how the rules of racism keep changing on us. Black people have been bending over backwards to be accepted by white people.  We have done everything possible to be included into the mainstream…….but it never happens. We keep getting denied. I think it’s time to change our way of thinking a bit. The cartoon is somewhat humorous but it still drives home the point very well. I have Hidden Colors 1 and 2 and you should check them both out. I found the to be very educational. Hidden Coors 3 looks to be just as good as the others. I think when it comes to racism,many are still confused. many black people still don’t seem to know how racism operates or the real definition of it. Here are a few definitions that should make it very simple to understand.

White Supremacy — a social, economic, and political system based on the belief that whites are superior to non-whites. (the Foundation).

Racism — the systematic discrimination (the denial of rights and benefits) by whites against non-whites in all areas of human activity: (1) economics, (2) education, (3) entertainment, (4) labor, (5) law, (6) politics, (7) religion, (8) sex, and (9) war. (the Behavior).

Q: Why is it called “Racism/White Supremacy?”

A: Because this describes exactly WHO is practicing racism. For one group to practice racism that group must have MORE POWER than another group. Since whites control ALL the major areas of human activity in America — housing, education, health, entertainment, economics, politics, law, and religion — it is accurate to define all “racism” as “white supremacy.” We must be accurate so the victims of racism do not become confused.

Q: Isn’t all racism the same, regardless of who is practicing it?

A: There is only ONE kind of racism: white supremacy. White people are the only group in America with the POWER to discriminate (deprive or punish other ethnic groups), and the systems and institutions to maintain the imbalance of power.

For example, rich people are more powerful than poor people. Rich people have the POWER to discriminate against poor people by depriving them of income, promotions, jobs, housing, land, justice, and any other rights – if they choose to do so.

In America, whites have the POWER to discriminate against blacks (and other non-whites) by depriving them of income, promotions, jobs, housing, land, justice, and any other rights – if they choose to do so. It doesn’t matter that some whites are poorer than some blacks.

In all things and in all places in America, whites are collectively more powerful than blacks are collectively. This imbalance of (white) power creates the opportunity and the ability to practice racism against non-whites. Racism is not empty rhetoric (words) or mindless emotion. Racism is economic, political, institutional, and systematic POWER. Since whites control all the institutions and systems of power in America, only whites have the power to practice racism.

I got this excerpt from Trojan Pam’s website:http://racismws.com/. Be sure to go check out her blog and buy all of her books. Her books will help you be les confused about the system of racism.

40 thoughts on “Racism- They keep changing the rules

    • Yeah I feel you. Even though we all know it’s the truth,sometimes you just need to step away from it. The truth can be hard to swallow at times. But we press on regardless.

  1. I’m tired too…..weary actually. Not so long ago I heard an interview with Dr Frances Cress Welsing, she came close to breaking down on air, because after 40 yrs of showing Niggroes HOW the game is played, they were ALL still talking, sayin AND asking the same kinds of S..t they mama was asking back in the day! For most of us it’s just gonna be Monday mornin as usual, how’s it goin s..t!

  2. thanks for post,.., white supremacy all day, everyday,,. this link should serve as a reminder., the entire tragedy was filmed and of course the media is making sure the images leave little to the imagination,.., check it for yourself if you are lead to do so.,,. thanks again for post Kushite

    • WTF?!!! They killed the man right there on the spot!! This is totally insane! Black life is worthless!This is another Oscar Grant situation! They can use whatever force they want to on US! That was totally uncalled for! It’s all because he was a big black man and they saw him as a threat. It took five of them to bring him down! How cowardly can you get?? This was disgusting!!!! It’s clear we are public enemy #1!

  3. Kushite, what is it going to take for black folk to understand that we will NEVER achieve equality in the eyes of whites? Really, I’m sincerely asking, what will it take? Like you said, black people do not TRULY understand white people and the roots, purpose and benefits of white supremacy. If we did, we would not still be seeking this moving target called “equality.” I’m actually embarrassed that my people are still asking and seeking equality after 400 years, only to keep being denied. Who, but a fool would continue to seek something that is nonexistent?

    Black people do not TRULY understand white supremacy and how the tool of racism is used to advance this ideology. In a nutshell, in order for white people to enjoy the quality of life they’ve been accustomed and to continue generational wealth and control, this MUST come at the expense and continued oppression of an underclass. Ladies and gentleman, blacks are that underclass. Simply put, we will never achieve equality with whites because whites do not see us as equals. They truly believe in their overall superiority, so to see us as equals would threaten their superior status. Even the least of whites feel superior to the best black. Is anyone paying attention to how Obama has been treated lately? Blacks continue to knock our heads against the brick wall expecting the wall to move. What’s that saying about insanity again?

    As much as I respect MLK and all I often wonder to myself if he truly believed in the notion of a color-blind society, or if he was just using this as a platform to appeal to the sensibilities (such as they were) of the dominant society. I wonder if he really knew the truth? There will NEVER be a color-blind society as long as there is white supremacy. We will always be judged on the color of our skin, or at the very least, it will always be a consideration. Blacks need to wake up not just understand this, but to receive it into our collective consciousnesses and teach this to each generation. Blacks are at a perpetual disadvantage because we do not truly understand white people. You see, white people truly understand black people. They understand our strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, values and beliefs. In effect, they have a comprehensive understanding of us. We, on the other hand, do not understand them. We truly do not. In order for slavery to be as effective as it was, whites had to first acquire a comprehensive understanding of the African peoples. Acquiring this level of understanding took centuries, but it was done nonetheless. Blacks have done no such analysis. Because of this, we continue and will continue to live in terror in the United States. It’s clear as 12 o’clock noon to me. As someone mentioned, Dr. Cress-Welsing is the best black scholarly authority that offers a comprehensive understanding of whites. Her materials should be required reading for all black people. Seriously.

    Black people wake up. Stop trying to gain this acceptance that you will never realize. Whites have gotten savvy enough to dangle this illusion of acceptance in our collective faces like a carrot to a racehorse to keep us working and advancing their interests at the expense of our own interests. This is why we spend so much time chasing the false dream of acceptance. I always say, when you bring something to the table that the other party wants or needs, then you won’t have to worry about acceptance. Blacks need to work on building our collective currency so as to get invited to a seat at the table first, the rest will fall into place. Look to the Arab infiltration in America as an example of how this works.

    • A-rabs in amerikkka?? Arab countries and societies are falling like nine pins in the muddle east. Dr Welsing and Dr Marimba Ani are on target, because they both showed that non-white people ALL over the world have NO clue about this Beast is all about. They and we have this ridiculous appeasement mentality which is , yes embarrassing…
      Yesterday I discovered something that both frightens and disturbs me deeply. The Abolishment of Slavery act which was enacted by britain, and INCLUDES amerikkka was REPEALED in 1998! Yes folks, Repealed! It is too comprehensive to delve into, BUT the Human rights act was installed in its place ans signed by all the european slave holding nations. What this means is with the breaking up of various nations in europe AND the membership of others into it, not all have signed it’s optional and when Rhodes that leave the Human rights NO LONGER applies! For all of you who want to think this doesn’t apply to amerikkka , please think again, the british empire is alive and doing well off our Collective and Willful ignorance. Please find all the info you need on the Eu websites and on Google key in the abolishment of Slavery act realise that the Neanderthals review on our Collective arses IS global. Is it ANY coincidence that the persecution in the Black communities stepped up at 16years ago when the repeal went through? Several yeas ago Bro Bobby Hemmit said” one day you’ll say this nigger was right” that was 17yrs ago!

      • Au contraire, mon ami. I was speaking to the Arabs here in America, not to those in the Middle East. But since you mention them, let’s talk about them for a moment. Despite what you said, not all Arab countries are not falling like pins in the middle east. Countries like United Arab Emirates (UAE) have generated so much wealth in the past decade that they don’t know what to do with it all. Seriously, they are generating cash faster than they can spend it. I remember reading an article several years ago speaking to this new “problem” in the middle east. The problem was that they had too much cash and not enough investment opportunities. Ever heard of a Dubai? Fifteen years ago, UAE and Dubai were a fallow desert dump overrun with goat feces, but now look at it. It now houses the Burj Khalifa, which is the world’s tallest building. But it doesn’t stop there; it also houses the world’s first and second tallest hotel, AND the world’s tallest residential building [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tallest_buildings_in_Dubai]. Think about that for a moment. Four of the world’s tallest structures are in structures are located in the middle east. Make no mistake about it, these buildings were erected as a “middle finger” to the United States. Isn’t it ironic that as our tallest building(s) come down, their tallest buildings go up soon thereafter? It should be noted that all of these “world’s tallest” buildings were erected after 2001. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

        Now back to the point I was making about Arabs here in the U.S. Contrary to what you said, they are not falling at all; in fact, they are flourishing and thriving. I’m not sure if you live in an area with a sizable Arab community, but where I’m from, the Arabs have a vice grip on certain industries; namely gas stations, convenience stores and grocery stores. Now, with their control of these industries, think about the consequences for a moment. First of all, Arabs DESPISE America and everything she stands for. They do. They look to America as the “Great Satan” of the west. They will not rest until they have everyone in America kneeling to Allah. Trust me on that. Their monopolies in these industries are just the beginning. They are generating tremendous wealth here in the United States, and where do you think this wealth is going? You guessed right, it’s going to support and invest in those “falling” Middle Eastern countries you mentioned. They come here and amass great wealth, then use it to invest in our enemies. Couple that with America’s unquenchable appetite for crude oil, and you have the makings of the world’s next superpowers. Ain’t that grand? Please don’t sleep on these Middle Eastern countries, they are very methodical. If anyone is “falling like a pin” it’s the United States of America.

        Another best-kept secret is that the Arabs are buying out groceries stores faster than ‘Pookie’ and ‘Ray-Ray’ are buying up chicken wings. Many of our national grocery chains are now owned and controlled by Arabs. The general public is none the wiser because the Arabs are crafty enough to keep the old management team in place so that the public is unaware of the true ownership. I’ve witnessed the Arab acquisitions of the food supply for the past 15-20 years. Think about this for a moment. They are fast on their way to controlling our most basic need; that is, the food supply. When this does happen, what do you think will happen when we are FORCED to come to them for food? What will their terms be? What song will we have to dance to? Who will we be FORCED to worship just to eat? You see where I’m going with this?

        The original point I was making was that blacks can learn a thing or two from the Arabs. Whites despise Arabs just as much as they do blacks, BUT they are FORCED to engage them and give them a seat at the economic table because the Arabs have a CURRENCY that is in high demand. They have control of the oil supply, and pretty soon will have control of the FOOD supply as well. Arabs don’t give a damn about white acceptance because they have ‘currency.’ As a matter of fact, they come here demanding that whites accept them and their culture! And you know what, it works! Whites don’t like it, but they HAVE to accept them if they want to barter with them. This is what I was speaking to for blacks. We need to work on building our currency and worry less about acceptance. When you bring something to the table that others want or need, then they’ll accept and respect you. But the trick is that you have to own it; grab your nuts as you walk to the table, not pandering and begging for acceptance. The latter is where blacks go wrong and why we are not accepted.

        Okay, There’s much more, but I’m stopping there. Sorry Kushite for the long post, but there is so much misinformation out there, I try to share what I know to be true with my people. Also, anyone who is interested in the future of the relationship between the U.S. and Middle East, I highly recommend the book “What in the World is Going On?” by Dr. David Jeremiah. It is a great prophetic book that really gets you thinking about how this all is playing out on the world stage. It provides great insight and ‘connects the dots.’

    • ” In a nutshell, in order for white people to enjoy the quality of life they’ve been accustomed and to continue generational wealth and control, this MUST come at the expense and continued oppression of an underclass. Ladies and gentleman, blacks are that underclass.”
      You nailed it RC!! Do you know how many times I’ve said this? Hundreds of times! I don’t know if anyone is listening or not. To make themselves feel better they must have some group underneath them. That group is us. That video perfectly illustrates how they feel about us. They will continue to keep their foot of the back of our necks. No amount of church going,integrated schools,white friends or white lovers will change that. I think many black people just don’t want to admit this fact. That reality is too painful for many people.But if we want to get out of this situation we must be realistic. We must get out of fantasyland.

      • …..and yet many still can’t see or won’t see. Even many muddle eastern countries that were once “friends” with this Beast IS Falling like nine pins, and those that are currently “friends” now won’t be for very long, if rendition is anything to ho by. This in itself doesn’t only include A-tabs!
        Yes. Royal P, this Act is disturbing and whilst many continue to argue with each other over some trifle or other, in the hopes that we can distract ourselves because the Horror is too TOO great only hurts us. We need each other now more than ever…as Del Jones said before he died “we play games with ourselves so we don’t have to take action” . Peace.

  4. Reality check, you’re right but who do you think actually built those structures in Dubai? I’ll tell ya, Sudanese

  5. I agree with your comment about being under whites in order for them to continue their wealthy spree at our expense. I often discuss that with people! No one seems to be aware that we have been here longer than all other immigrants , yet they seem to come over here and rise to the top with no obstacles, but us black folks, still behind, still struggling, still slaving, and what’s even funnier is that sometimes we slaving for people who don’t have the lineage we have here in America! I don’t understand us….I just don’t! Sometimes I think too much buy-in to a white man’s Religion and lack of reading books/education kills black folks!

  6. Racism against Africans is a global phenomenon. Like I said, children of Africa are the donkeys of the planet. I just came across this video illustrating the terrorism Africans face in Israel. It’s sad to say the least. I remember hearing about the abuse Africans were facing in Greece, and now this video in Israel. Check it out and see what you think.

    • Great video! Thanks for that! I don’t think a lot of people are aware of how bad Africans are treated out there. The media doesn’t seem to cover it too much. No surprise there right?

  7. . In 2005, Dr Phil Valentine started to gave a series of lectures that said the war in the muddle east was
    all about us right here in amerikka and that when that mess over there was in place, thy would begin to train and use the experience gained to start on us(Black folk). Many were very angry with Dr Phil saying that the amerikkkan govt would never turn weapons on its citizens! Forgetting entirely Oklahoma!
    I was just sent “Army Trains to Combat Black Americans” from a co-worker , and my appetite is completely smashed!

    • I have several of Valentine’s dvd’s. he has some really great information. have you read his book The Wounded Womb? Wow! What an amazing book! Check it out if you ever get the chance.

  8. This is depressing and so tiring. I don’t know if, I have the strength to watch another right now. I find it painful as a black woman to watch black men being hurt, violated, destroyed, and in anyway denied their own destiny. That coupled with the lack of protection, attention, love and companionship we black women get because our men are shell shocked and battle fatigued is there any wonder why things are the way they are.

    We have to do something and soon to get up out and far away from this mess. Kushite it’s so bad we may need to find a new planet to live on and it’ll still take us thousands of years to sort out our damage from all of this mess.

  9. I feel you. As a black man, I too am tired. It’s not a good feeling to realize that your people have not found freedom anywhere on the PLANET! I can’t name one place on creation where blacks are truly free. I’m thinking long and hard about some solutions we as a people can take to turn the tides. I think I have a few, but I don’t think the average American black could do it. I am convinced that the power of change is within us as we’ve always had a connection to the creator. [see Kushite’s post on the power of melanin].

    One thing I do know is this: if blacks were to find a new planet to inhabit and leave Earth, you can bet your retirement fund that white people would follow us there. What do you think the outcome would be? Same sh*t, different galaxy :-/

    btw: shell-shocked and battle fatigue are perfect descriptions for the present-day mental status of black men.

  10. @ reality check

    You are right they just can leave us alone. They say they want a world without us and they have all of the other people on their band wagon agreeing that the planet would be better off without us. However, our leaving would be their demise as these people need someone to torture and slowly destroy. Their communities would go through the same destruction as ours and the others would pick on them and say the exact same sh*t that they say about us. Just look up the claiming of the western states from Mexico and how they were treated, how they treated Chinese who were invited over, how the Japanese were treated during ww2, how the Arabs were treated during ww2, after with Jews, after sept. 11, and now in their so called own countries. Once they killed them all off they would go back to focusing on themselves as the whole reason for racism is to keep them from destroying themselves. Look at their history 100 year war 1000s of years of war. They don’t even like peace. All of their language is geared to war and fighting. the war on drugs, posterity, disease, cancer, and so on… Even love is a battle field their men and women are at war with each other about every thing and they wash their ish up on us.

    White women like to talk about not being allowed to do anything and being portrayed as delicate flowers. Black women can’t relate as ever since we got here we have been denied our femininity, and been forced to do work that is not ours by nature nor is truly desired and then made to feel guilty if, we ever have it good enough to be stay at home Moms, and wives focusing on our families and our collectives. No they have a lot of us convinced we are supposed to do it all. What do you get when a woman does it all??? A tired woman who’s well is dry and can’t give and thing to anyone anymore. Things are so off balanced and there is so much mistrust. Yet, there is hope as more black women are starting to wake up and reclaim their natural beauty and are learning to form their own collectives and redefine their beauty. It will be accelerated once the t.v. is no longer watched and people start focusing on positive images of self.

    As for them following us yes they would after they destroy all other and more than half of themselves. Hopefully they would be so weak and we would have educated our people so well that we could defeat them once and for all and they would be relegated to monster stories and cautionary tales that would keep us forever vigilant so it never happens again.

  11. I saw the video and sadly Caucasians don’t want anything to do with us, they only want to destroy us like old toys when there’s no use based on their criteria.

    • I feel you Omay. The record speaks for itself. We can no longer play stupid and claim ignorance. The white collective have spoken very clearly. They’re telling us how they feel about us. The question is…..are we listening?

      • Sadly, it feels like no matter how hard we tried to adapt to their “culture” their “beliefs” we’re still inferior to them in their eyes. It’s such a dependency that it has to be broken, but as a battered abused woman, it’s very difficult to split up with her abusive husband unless there’s any type of help. We actually need help not only within ourselves but from other people who understand our plight and fight against this oppressed system.

      • That’s the reality we must accept. We keep chasing this illusion of “equality” that is not achievable. They need us under their boot to lift themselves up. And I’ve tried to talk to other people of color. Mainly Puerto Ricans,Mexicans and Asians. But it seems most of them want to move up the social ladder themselves. They want to date/marry white folks and show that they are different. Most don’t give a damn about black people. Maybe a few do–but not the ones I’ve met. They will disrespect blacks so they can move up. Face it—we will have to do for self! No one is going to help. We should’ve learned our lesson by now. All we got is US.

  12. Kushite, you bring up an excellent point about reaching across the aisle for assistant from other racial groups. Let me be clear when I say this: Children of Africa do not have one solitary friend in this world! Other races are apathetic at best, and downright hostile at worst. Some may have been sympathetic during the civil rights movement, but in their eyes we have squandered all our advancements and opportunities since that time (which is true). This has created a sort of resentment between us and other racial groups. Couple that with the fact that other minority groups are trying to advance in America, and you have everyone stepping over us to get ahead (not that I blame them). No one wants to be friends with the pariahs of society, lest you become a pariah too. I’m not mad at the other groups. They don’t want to go down with our sinking ship.

    This is why I cringe every time I hear some feckless black leader talking about “Black and Hispanics” or “Blacks and Latinos” or “Black and Brown” (Al Sharpton, anyone?) Every time I hear this I want to throw a cement block at the tv or radio. Since when did we become one people? Since when is the Latino’s struggle our struggle? The truth is that Hispanics are NOT our brethren! They are NOT our allies! They are NOT our friends! How many times have you turned on TeleMundo and heard Hispanic leaders talking about “Latino and Blacks this, or Hispanic and Blacks that…” I’ll tell you how many times….NEVER! It pisses me off when I see these black “leaders” who have been bought and paid for by special interests groups (with receipts to prove it) talking this drivel. I see through them. They are agents of ignorance. They have been hired and paid handsomely to mislead black people. It truly is sad.

    Hispanics will gladly accept our help in championing for their causes (e.g, immigration). but they will just as soon turn around and kick us in the teeth as soon as they no longer need our assistance. If anyone wants to see the true relationship between blacks and Hispanics, look how blacks are treated in places where Hispanics are the majority and have political and economic power. Look at places like Los Angeles where you have a Latino mayor. Blacks in LA are catching HELL under Latino leadership. Everything from job and housing discrimination, to redistribution of city contracts for minority business to increased cases of LAPD misconduct (if that’s possible). Hispanics are showing you just how friendly they really are. But yet and still, somehow we keep including them in on our struggle and utilizing our resources to champion their causes. I’m sick of this. Make no mistake about it, Hispanics and other minorities (Asians) will gladly take advantage of the opportunities that OUR ancestors fought, sweat and died for; but have very short memories when it comes time to champion for blacks. But again, this is our fault. Blacks keep living with this “open door” policy that allows everyone to continue to take advantage of us. I really don’t know what it’s going to take.

    Again, black people don’t have any friends. All we have are siblings (each other).

    • Like John Henrik Clarke said,”We have no allies”. We are on our own. The quicker we realize that fact—the better. Don’t expect any help from other “people of color”. I used to think we were all in this struggle together but they’re NOT going for it. Therefore,we need to get off our collective asses and do what we need to do! Unite or perish? What will it be??

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  14. Kushite, I know this may seem a bit off topic but is it true that if a person with brown eyes, cause brown eyes are rich in melanin. If that person was to look directly at the sun, would the sunlight help to improve the quality of that person’s vision?

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