Planet of the Apes…what is the fear really about?

Apes face paint

Aboriginal face paint

There’s a new ape film out again. The one released this past Friday is Dawn of The Planet of the Apes. I was looking at some of the posters last week and noticed something. The apes are wearing white face paint that looks very similar to what many Aboriginal and African tribes wear. Some wear white face paint with red markings across their faces. Is this a coincidence?? For  hundreds of years whites of been calling black people many racist slurs. Some of those slurs were apes,monkeys and gorillas. I have always thought there was some underlining meaning behind all these ape films. Starting way back to 1968 with the original Planet of The Apes film. It’s something that has been discussed many times in just about all these ape films.  Check out these links:

As well as :

You can even see it in advertising as well.

Lebron racist pic

This Vogue cover looks pretty blatant to me! I’m not sure if Lebron James new this beforehand but I find it very unsettling and obviously racist.  But isn’t that what King Kong was always about? The scary black brute chasing after the beautiful innocent white woman? This type of thing goes on and in films,television,newspapers and advertising. They’re very slick with their racist tactics. It’s all very subliminal. In Africa cultures they have always used spears when fighting wars. I noticed in the new ape film the apes are using spears and guns as well. I’m sure that’s a coincidence too right?

Apes with spears

Ape toys

Even the ape action figures come with spears. I also noticed that a black actor named Larramie Cortez Shaw is playing one of the apes. Well he has more guts than I do. They couldn’t pay me enough money to play a damn monkey!! No Way!! Not happening!

Larramie Cortez Shaw

Well you can come to your own conclusion. I personally feel as though Hollywood is trying to tell us something. They seem to have a fear of a type of revolution or uprising by a certain group of people.  Kind of reminds me of the film Avatar. The Avatar was about a peaceful blue-skinned alien tribe. They spoke their own language and had their own religion. They had land and resources and their own way of relating to the world. Then this foreign group of invaders(humans) come on along and slaughters many of them and tries to steal their land by brute force. This story sounds very familiar doesn’t it.

Avatar filmHair beads

But I’m sure there’s no connection. There’s no subliminal message here. No need to be paranoid and pull the race card. Like I said earlier,it’s all a coincidence ……right?


47 thoughts on “Planet of the Apes…what is the fear really about?

  1. This latest instalment of the Planet of the Apes series is just another jab at black people. Whites have never hidden the fact that these films are about us, in fact they make it pretty obvious. From as way back in 1933 with King Kong, they have been punching black people in the face. King Kong is captured in his hot African homeland, chained to a ship and brought to a foreign land where white people are. While King Kong is put on show for entertainment the ape yearns to have the white man’s woman and is shot dead by white men for wanting her… isn’t that indicative of what happened to black men for just looking at a white woman? Then in 1968 we had the first instalment of The Planet of the Apes in which the apes turn the tables on humans, hunt them down like animals, chain them up and put them to work… doesn’t that sound like slavery to you? Now in 2014 we have some REVOLUTIONARY apes who want freedom… now doesn’t that sound like us today?

    White people are presenting us in films as non-humans because they cannot place us in those roles as humans because it would frighten the hell out of the white viewing public. So this is their way of dumbing down the impact.

    • @ Edens:

      You are absolutely right! Here is a video from about three years ago about fears of a coming race war and how the media play a role. The narrator discusses both Birth of a Nation and The Rise of the Planet of the Apes movies, and how films are used as propaganda against Black people.

      • Thanks for the video Courtney. I haven’t seen that in a few years. That’s from Prince Solomon’s channel. That’s a very good video! Everyone needs to check out that video. He makes some very good points in it!

      • Hello Courtney. Eden informed me that she was not able to reply for some reason. She’s been trying to comment.I’m not sure if WordPress blocked her or not. But she did want to respond to your comment. This is her reply.
        Interesting video Sis. The television is indeed the Idiot Box… which is why I don’t watch it. As for the Race War… whites are salivating at the mouths for a Race War because they know they’ll win. We have no army and no guns… let alone advanced weaponry, so unless we organise to create warriors and equip them with high powered weapons, whites are going to slaughter us. They already have ‘Day of the Rope’ circled on their calendars.
        Europeans are warmongers by nature. They love to fight and they always cheat when they fight because their objective is not only to win, but to also annihilate. Films like this latest Planet of the Apes offering gets their bloodthirsty juices flowing.

    • You’re right Eden! They just keep rebooting this series for a new generation. It’s the same type of message in these ape films over and over again. From 1968 to present day. Thanks for the reply. That was a great breakdown!

      • You are welcome, Kushite! I have several videos by Prince Solomon. He really breaks down things and makes some good points in his videos!

      • Kushite:

        Thank you for your response. I have to admit to a mistake in one of my comments — I should have written that I have seen several of Prince Solomons videos — I do not have them myself, but I watch them from time to time on YouTube. Sometimes I watch the same ones over again because I really like his information!

        Also, thank you for posting Edens comments. I am sorry that she was not able to post them. I agree with what she said — Whites are bloodthirsty. In one of their videos, Professor Griff and Zaza Ali state that White culture is a Culture of Death. And Whites are itching for a race war because they hate us … they really do. Thank you for both of your responses.

    • Totally agree. I may add that King Kong clearly says that even if the Black man goes and finds/marry a white girl…he’s still a nigga. That’s why they had the part when KK got the girl and started to climb up one of the skyscrapers.

  2. Wow it’s really strange I never noticed this before. I also loved the point you made about Avatar, made me think of the Europeans and the native Americans. It goes to show, the white man is nothing short of a greedy, blood-thirsty murderer. Although I wish, the ape films were the full extent of the white man’s racism, have you ever watched any of the old classical Disney movies like Cinderella, Snow white, Pocahontas or Aladdin? Notice all of the main characters are humans, yet when it comes to black people we never get that same privilege extended to us, (Lion King or Princess and the Frog, anyone?)

    • That’s very true King! Disney has a long history of putting out racist and sexist images in their cartoons. And portraying blacks as animals is just another way to further dehumanize us. Check out this Disney compilation.

      • Thanks for posting this! I have heard that Walt Disney was a racist, a sexist, an anti-Semite, and a pedophile!

      • @ Courtney H.
        Yes, Fritz Springmier talks about Walt Disney’s true character as a racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, pedophile degenerate in his book Bloodlines of the Illuminati.

      • That’s true. Disney was a pretty sick guy.Yes that book has some great information. It really opened my eyes although much of it is very disturbing. I downloaded the book off the internet. Do you have the book?

      • @Kushite Prince
        Yes, I downloaded the book it is very informative and disturbing. Has a lotta of information that people really need to seriously take into account about what is really going on and whos really running this country and the globe.

      • Courtney H. google Bloodlines of the Illuminati and you will find a downloadable pdf version come up.

    • Thanks Jamila! Glad you liked it. It was something that I thought needed to be addressed. They’ve been sending these messages for far too long. I never did a post about it before. I felt it was time.

      • I am surprise to “hear” you say that. You write so naturally on said topic and I just really feel you! The time to speak is now especially since it seems the world is just getting crazier and crazier. Thank you for the post, very well done. 😉

  3. This is a great post on how hollyweird continuously to degrade, dehumanize, and disrespect black people. We shouldn’t be supporting any of their shit.

  4. great post. yeah Hollywood always has a message with these films, they’ve always tried to compare us to monkeys. Whenever it is movies about us they use animals as our stand in, it’s like they can’t have sympathy when it is us, they have to have an animal in our place for them to feel sympathy. I’ve never watched planet of the apes movie, my mom took us when we were younger but we all fell asleep because it was boring.

    The cover with LeBron is so obvious, the gorillas name is KING kong, and LeBron’s nickname is KING james. both the white women on the cover are wearing almost the same dress just a different shade of blue.

    Disney and their racism is another thing, they always have the villain a darker shade and the black characters are always animals. princess and the frog was some bs, no black prince and she was a frog most of the movie, I thought it was princess AND the frog not the frog princess. I never watched the jungle book or dumbo all the way through, but looking up some of the clips it is obviously racist. the jungle book clip where the orangutan is singing, the lyrics are
    “I’ve reached the top and had to stop
    And that’s what botherin’ me
    I wanna be a man, mancub
    And stroll right into town
    And be just like the other men
    I’m tired of monkeyin’ around!

    ” Oh, oobee doo
    I wanna be like you
    I wanna walk like you
    Talk like you, too
    You’ll see it’s true
    An ape like me
    Can learn to be human too”

    they wanted Louis Armstrong for the part, but decided that would be too obviously racist.

    • You’re very correct MsTooGood!The Jungle Book was full of racist imagery! Disney has been doing this for years. Do you remember the film Dumbo? Remember the singing crows? They were clearly supposed to be black men singing. This video clip speaks for itself! Disney is NOT slick!

  5. I never watched dumbo all the way through it was boring to me. yes I saw the clip with the crows. and another thing, even though Louis Armstrong didn’t play the orangutan, the orangutan’s name was king louie, which is very close to the name Louis, it’s just one letter off.

    lion king, well rafiki the baboon, was voiced by a black guy, the hyena was voiced by whoopi, and the only black people that did the voice for any of the lions was a black woman that did the voice for young nala and a black boy that did the voice for the song can’t wait to be king. Then the bad characters in Disney movies are always a darker shade. The funny thing is, female lions prefer male lions with darker manes, but in lion king they would have u think the male lions have an orange mane and that the dark one is bad.

  6. I’ve got The Rise Of The Apes. I’m exactly on the same page. There’s symbolism in the storyline that indicates certain events in history about the Black Race, Slavery etc…so in there I plan to watch the second one. We need to be thinking intelligently like they are….WORD. Holla back! Check out my recent post on Tyra Banks future on beauty…

    Last time I recall, they stated that Blacks were like Apes. So it’s no wonder they’re doing it.

  7. People need to realise, that just because racism isn’t visible like back in the day doesn’t mean that its gone. It’s subliminal. They love to play on the fact that they (whites) have experienced racism. Since when? You’re not alot in this world and you guys have the freedom to say *beep* all and then turn around and say ‘Oh I didn’t mean it.’ or say ‘well I have Black relatives in my family’…Racism still exist. I feel MANY Black folks think of the emotion side rather than the philosophical, intellectual side.

      • Hey!!! Miss you my brother!

        Like I’ve said its mind *beep*, Black people need to start thinking like them for ourselves…Remember my post about the N word with Justin Beebs. To be honest, I’m fed up of this, because they’re playing on the emotional intelligence. It’s not like its going to stop their domination of the gene pool. They know that many Black people aren’t going to do anything. People need to think deeper and get out the stupid matrix, because the world is tranfroming into an Neo-Nazi order.

      • I hope you read everything. Especially the interracial things. I DO believe that it can exists. but NOT UNDER THIS SYSTEM. Obviously for ignorant folks I’ll be labelled racist and I’m be looking at them side ways like ‘SAY WHAT?! YOU CALL ME RACIST JUST BECAUSE SOMEONE ESPECIALLY BLACK PEOPLE SAY THAT THEY NEVER MARRY OUTSIDE THEIR RACE,WHEN THESE EUGENICS IDIOTS STATE THEIR RACIST JIBES EVERY SINGLE DAY! AND PRACTICE IT” They go to other countries and wipe them out, steal, rape and colonize all in favour for ‘white’ power.

  8. I was reading about zombies, monkey and robots is secretly based about us. Sometimes, the writer+artist would white face the black/asian characters to ease the eyes and minds of white audience. Look at Lucy for example of whiteness is right. Color is bad

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