The Real Superman was a Black God-Heru(Horus)

Heru African God

Horus is one of the oldest deities of ancient Egypt. He was also known as Kemwer, meaning (the) great Black (one), the god of vengeance, sky, protection, and was usually depicted as a falcon-headed man.

While Egyptologists often refer to him as “Horus the hawk, the avenger,” some scholars assert that the word “hero” comes from Horus’ original African name, Heru or Hor.

Gerald Massey, a 19th-century scholar, said that the word “hero” comes from the Egyptian concept, “ma haru,” meaning “the typical warrior” or the “true hero.”

Black SupermanHeru story


With the success of his adventures, Superman helped to create the superhero genre and establish its primacy within the American comic book. The origins of this Eurocentric superhero appear to have been inspired by Heru, the original Black African Superman.

Heru was the first known superman character. It originated in the African mind and preceded the European formation of the superman by thousands of years. Massey said in one of his lectures that Heru was known as the greatest hero that lived in the mind of man—not in the flesh—the only hero to whom the miracles were natural, because he was not human.

Here are some similarities between Heru and DC’s Superman:

1. Heru’s powers emanate from the sun because he is an aspect of the sun (Ra), the Supreme God. Superman as a Kryptonian gets his power from the earth’s yellow sun.

2. Heru comes from an advanced civilization of deities. As an infant, he came from Egypt to the earth with his mother Auset, to escape destruction. Superman, as an infant, comes from the advanced civilization of Krypton to escape destruction.

3. Heru lost his father. Superman lost his parents.

4. Heru possesses the divine strength, power, might, courage and endurance of a solar god. Superman possesses the superhuman strength, power, courage and stamina of a Kryptonian energized by the sun.

5. Heru, the Golden Falcon/Solar Hawk-the Winged Solar Disc can fly anywhere at supernatural speeds. Superman can fly faster than the speed of light.

6. Heru dies and was resurrected twice as Asar (Osiris) and as an infant. Superman died and was resurrected.


7. Heru fights the never-ending battle for Maat, which is Truth, Justice and Righteousness. Maat is his mother Auset (Isis). Superman fights for Truth, Justice and the American Way.

8. Heru is an Angel of God or Amon -Ra called a neter in Egyptian theology. Superman’s real name is Kal- El.

9. Heru possesses the All-Seeing Eye of Atum -Ra, God which is an aspect of his mother Auset, thereby giving him omniscience and solar heat vision. Superman has X-ray vision, telescopic vision and heat vision.

10. Heru is of the House of God, Atum-Ra. Superman is of the House of EL, God.

Don’t fall for the whitewashing of our culture and history!

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29 thoughts on “The Real Superman was a Black God-Heru(Horus)

  1. Great post! I learned something new today about black history. Our history requires continuous study and learning.

    • Thank you OW13! I’m glad you found it educational. There’s so much in history we don’t know. We are way too ignorant of our culture and heritage. That needs to change. We have to help educate each other on our past so that we know where we’re going in the future.

  2. I am literally screaming right now, thanks a lot of posting this. Listen Kushite, I’m currently writing a story about Black superheroes, and I was wondering if you’d be interested in reading it once I get done on the first chapter thereabout

  3. This is so empowering when you know that you know and nothing else matters. Power is in the knowing because you can’t un-know what you know Lol!

  4. Brother, I was searching for a picture of Heru online and your site popped up! Would you mind if I use the last picture in this post for the thumbnail on my latest post?

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  6. Egypt is on earth. Heru was the the product of divine conception after the spirit of his slain father Asar visited Heru’s mother, Auset.

  7. hey brother , is there any information about Batman ? .. i heard years ago that Batman is Anpu or Anubis but i can’t find any information on it please share if you do ..thankyou .

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