World Cup Racism! Wouldn’t be Brazil without it!

World Cup
Brazil racism1

It must be a rule that whenever one or more minority is gathered together in an activity weakly scattered with minorities then racism will occur. That sounds a lot better than saying when millions of heavily drunk and rowdy European/Caucasian people are attending a sporting event that racism will occur. Certainly that type of behavior could not happen at a prestigious event like the World Cup. But according to Yahoo Sports, it did and quite a couple of times as well.
During the Germany-Ghana match, a fan ran onto the field, shirtless, sporting a Pro-Nazi message all across his body. Apparently no security attempted to stop him as the guy ran through the match while it was going on. In fact, the fan was escorted by Ghana midfielder Sulley Muntari.
Brazil Bigot

Unfortunately this was not the only incident of bigotry in the World Cup. There were reports made to FIFA about several neo-nazi signs seen throughout the stadium. In addition to the signs, two soccer fans were spotted wearing blackface makeup and wearing white T-Shirts that read “Ghana”.
Brazil racism2
Those reports were actually made by an anti-discrimination group known as the Fare network, which stands for “Football against racism in Europe.”

It is quite a shame that racism felt it was so welcome into an event such as the World Cup. The monumental sporting event hosts a variety of countries and cultures. Since the teams are basically entire countries being represented, there are no mascots or logo names but rather the people themselves. Just like a NFL fan is likely to call a Dallas Cowboys fan a “cowgirl”, soccer fans may lean more toward mocking an opponent‘s culture since it is the only identifiable target to taunt that opponent. That is in no way making an excuse for this behavior but rather urging FIFA to take some seriousness and aggression in approaching this matter. Besides the fact that the guy was promoting offensive banter, he ran onto the field with little constraint. Security and referees should be disciplined heavily for jeopardizing the safety of everyone on the field.

Article by Brandon Simmons.

15 thoughts on “World Cup Racism! Wouldn’t be Brazil without it!

  1. I am still astounded that Afrikan nations did not learn from the last world cup in Azania and even less so from the bulldozing of favalas in Brazil this year. Yet they each pay a purported $5 million, to attend this circus. Knee-grows will practically kill themselves and their families, if it gets them closer to yurugu’s stank ass.

      • Brother, men like us and a few chosen ones have to bail from this sinking ship. Knee-grows are our worse enemy in the fight against white supremacy.

      • Yeah it’s hard to admit but true. We have so many brainwashed self-hating black people out here. They really do hold us back! Only a chosen few realize the deception that’s going on around us. They need to get out of the damn matrix!

  2. Greetings brothers! You know, I keep warning blacks that we are headed back to physical bondage. The writing is on the wall. I really HOPE and PRAY that my prediction is wrong, but all arrows are pointing that way. I’m a firm believer in the circle of life. As I was explaining to colleagues and friends, if you failed to learn a lesson in life, you MUST repeat the lesson. This holds true for everything. Blacks in general have NOT learned the lessons of history. At all! White people have shown us since our first encounters with them in the 15th century or so who they are and what they are about, but we blacks REFUSE to believe them! What the hell?! It is so sad and depressing, but this is where we are as a people. The truth of the matter is that blacks and whites will NEVER be able to peacefully co-exist. NEVER. Despite the many examples throughout history that underscore this fact, comatose blacks still hold onto this delusion. Man, I feel nothing but sadness for my people. Those of us that are enlightened amongst the people are truly the minority.

    I say this all the time. The only thing currently keeping blacks out of physical bondage is that whites do not need our manpower anymore. We have automation to thank for that. Should economic situation ever change to necessitate mass physical labor; then we will find ourselves right back in slavery. Trust me on this. Read the classic book “Who Needs the Negro?” by Sidney Welhem for greater illustration. Blacks refuse to learn our lessons. We are such damn fools, sometimes it’s nauseating. I just keep educating the people and hope something sinks in. How long will be continue to be the asses of the planet?

    • Who needs the Negro?? Never heard of it. Will definitely look that up. It sounds very interesting. And thanks for that wonderful reply! I still think you should create your own blog You have great information to share.

  3. Can anybody please tell me why is it that these same kind of Neanderthals, NEVER Dare to racially misbehave when they are playing a match against israel IN Europe or elsewhere??

    • chen, it all boils down to respect, or lack thereof. Nobody respects black people. NOBODY. We, as a collective, have not proven ourselves worthy of respect on so many levels. So, to answer your question, they don’t try this with the Israelis because they respect Israelis. Children of Africa get no respect, and will not get any until we respect ourselves.

  4. Greetings family! Imho, this can be looked at from so many angles. Reality_check, I feel a lot of what you’re saying…there are a few things I see differently, tho…but that’s cool because We both have minds of Our own (that We use) + I respect your opinion. blackmystory said an important thing that We ALL must open Our eyes to AND overstand if We’re ever to move Higher, move forward as a people: “Knee-grows are our worse enemy in the fight against white supremacy.” As allways, peace to Kushite Prince. This just in…reality_check said: “…Children of Africa get no respect, and will not get any until we respect ourselves.” I TOTALLY AGREE, brother (children of Africa in america, more specifically)…it’s so damn frustrating observing this over and over when We don’t seem to see it at all… smh

  5. What to do, right?  Well, We can continue on…be or feel villified…buy-in to the stereotyping… allow these antics to steal yet another tiny piece of Our souls. In a sense, all of that is understandable – to a degree – especially when, generally speaking, We haven’t become Aware or come to terms with the fact that much of what we see and hear via ‘the media’ is basic propoganda devised to undermine Us in the national and global eye as being lesser-than in every possible way. The truth of the matter is it’s nothing but a bunch of euro-centricized•pseudo-intellectual•mental/emotional/social/spiritual manipulation. Still, the thing We have got to re-member & realize is that We allways have a choice. Just because it’s been happening and in place for so long does NOT mean We have to continue going along…We can simply turn in other directions, directions that benefit Us.

    For example, and this is not going to work with All of Us because We’re each in different spaces (of Consciousness) but, instead of letting Our Selves be upset by the idiocy of *attempts at* white supremacy let’s make a slight mental adjustment and begin seeing it as the jealousy, fear and self-hate that it is. So when We do this then We have to ask Our Selves, jealous of what? In fear of what? Self-hate, why? The next step simply looks beneath the surface and gains honest answers: Jealous of the powers in Our melanin (and more)…fearful of their negative birth rate which means more white people in america are dying than being born (and more)…secretly hating themselves due to the previous two cases (and more) plus the inherent knowledge of the barbaric ways they have amassed power, globally, collectively speaking– deep down inside, does any “sane” thief•rapist•murderer feel good about what they do? I feel confident studies will show the answer is “no”. Of course there’s much more to it than this but it’s a way – within Our Power – to turn negativity into a positive benefit for Us by just changing the way We choose to see things thereby choosing whether a thing affects/effects Us or not.

    I know this is wishful thinking – trust me – but the Power of Creation lies inside a thought.

    • “The truth of the matter is it’s nothing but a bunch of euro-centricized•pseudo-intellectual•mental/emotional/social/spiritual manipulation.”
      Bingo! You nailed it brother!

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