Much Love to the Real Fathers out there!

This is the final scene from the 1992 film South Central. It stars Glenn Plummer in the role as Bobby. Bobby was a street thug who started a gang in South Central Los Angeles. Bobby ends up going to prison and is locked up for years. While in jail he meets a conscious black man that gives him books filled with knowledge and righteousness. Bobby finds out that his since he was locked up his son has been getting into criminal activity. The man in prison tells Bobby to go save his son from the cycle of violence too many black men face in the ghetto. He makes Bobby promise that he would give his life to save his son. Bobby meets up with his old gang buddy who has his son. A black man fighting to save the life of his son?? I don’t see that too much in films today. This scene is very powerful and touching at the same time. You might find yourself tearing up a bit.

12 thoughts on “Much Love to the Real Fathers out there!

  1. I’m convinced that the problem of absentee fathers in our community is due to a lack of love and self worth. Black men as a whole do not love ourselves. As a result, we don’t love the extension of ourselves, either- our children. How else can you explain completely abandoning your children and throwing them to the wolves to raise? Ridiculous.

    We are also suffering from low self esteem. That is a major illness plaguing us black men. As you stated, children need both parents to love and guide them. When the father is absent, the job is half done. The children feel unworthy and the cycle repeats itself. The reality is that the average brotha would not have done what this father did in the clip. To do something so selfless would have taken a high level of maturity and consciousness. The average brotha won’t even be preemptive and save their sons from the criminal justice system. I’ve seen it in my own family and in others.

    This was a great clip though Kushite. Though I Wish this was the norm and not the exception. Blessings to the fathers that answered the call of fatherhood. It’s not easy, but it’s the most important job there is.

    • “The reality is that the average brotha would not have done what this father did in the clip. To do something so selfless would have taken a high level of maturity and consciousness.”
      Perhaps we need to change our consciousness then.

  2. Greetings every One! Kushite Prince, thanks for sharing this clip. It speaks to Us on multiple levels. Linear ‘time’ has been a “program” I’ve been trying to dismantle for several years now, maybe that’s why 1992 seems like just yesterday or maybe it’s because, in ways, I wish it was like yesterday being it was an era that had more than Our share of challenges – of course – but none of it all seemed and felt as dire as days do now.

    Nonetheless, what jumps out at me (as Kushite Prince eluded to) is the Pure Love that’s shown by
    the father toward his son for the sole purpose of ultimately saving his Life …having realized due to his own Awakening that gangs, drugs, street life are only precursors to death. Even deeper, it shows the True Power of Love and how it can dis-arm the darkest of evil sowed in contempt and (self) hate which oftentimes grows out of the absence of Love, in some shape or form, to begin with. We also see the natural connection between father and son (parent and child) and how that connection, bond can withstand distance and division when Pure Love is the foundation or even lost then found.

    Based on the dialogue here, We already know that white supremacy constantly has its hands on the buttons of oppression… so it’s no surprise they undoubtedly saw the same power and possibility in these types of messages – whether We picked-up on it openly or got it subconsciously – attempting at every turn to make Pure Love foreign to Us. Thing is, they can only attempt and their successes will take them only but so far because Love is the fabric woven into Our Creation thus it flows thru Us as do atoms, and outward as does energy. [Self-]Pure Love is the science behind Our cures. Yes, it’s more to it than re-membering how to Love Our Selves and Others but it’s a Highly Powerful Way to start.

  3. Hey, brother, We Thank You!…and I feel honored. A blog + blog talk radio are on my list…God willing, I can shift my energies in that direction soon. In the meantime, I appreciate feeling welcome and will continue to add a ‘lil something here and there if I’ve got something (of substance) to say. Like I said before, this blog is very necessary. In peace…

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