Happy Father’s Day(Stay strong brothers)

Black Fathers1

Father’s day is this coming Sunday. I was lucky enough to have my father around throughout my whole life. He always gave my sound advice and I knew I could talk to him about anything. He always told me he loved me and was proud of me. In school I felt bad for the kids that didn’t know their fathers. Some of them just saw their fathers once or twice a year. Or sometimes just on holidays. This is a big problem in the black community. We have some black men that just leave their children with the mother and don’t want the responsibility of fatherhood. Dead beat dads are the worse. But you also have some black women who push the father’s away and wont let the father see their children. We got some serious work to do in our community. The black family is in desperate need of repair. But this post is a big shout out to all the fathers out there that know the importance of fatherhood. And how much boys and girls need their father has a teacher,provider and protector. That’s what my father is to me. This is a great poem by Richard Rowe. I hope you like it.

To Black fathers who have tried to provide and protect.
Stay strong.
To Black fathers who continue to encourage and empower their children.
To Black fathers who love Black mothers.
Thank you.
To Black fathers who practice what they preach.
Set the example.
To Black fathers who reach out and reach back.
Continue to uplift.
To Black fathers who are honest and honorable.
Remember Martin King.
To Black fathers who are determined and disciplined.
Remember Malcolm.
To Black fathers who have not given up.
Remember Mandela.
To Black fathers who are courageous and demanding.
Remember Douglass.
To Black fathers who are systematic and work hard.
Remember DuBois.
For Black fathers who are self-determining.
Remember Booker T.
For Black fathers who have decided to win,
who have decided to fight back,
who don’t make excuses and
who promote and practice the essence of
black fatherhood/manhood/brotherhood…

Let’s continue to celebrate the power of our endurance.
Let’s continue to choose the right path.
Let’s remain strong and let’s keep the faith.

20 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day(Stay strong brothers)

  1. This touched me Prince and I thank you for creating and posting this. This father’s day will mark the first time in my life of not having my father around. He passed away last year and well, he’s gone.

    Anyway, thank you.

  2. what a lovely poem. There is work that needs to be done, both parents are needed in a child’s life. shout out to all the fathers that take care of their kids and spend time with them consistently.

    this vid is on point this brotha right here brings truth and made me shed a tear.

  3. Even though I didn’t have a positive relationship with my father – he (and my mother) wanted to re-live their lives vicariously thru me – I do see this day, along with Mother’s Day, as a celebration of family…and that’s a GOoD thing (excluding the capitalist manipulation mixed in). Like Kushite Prince said, some Black men are not allowed to be fathers to their children (thanks to the systematic brainwashing/”program”). I’ve seen it up close. So on Father’s Day, I recognize Our fathers for helping the Black family to continue on. In peace…

  4. Ah, Father’s day. Father are so important and needed in these days. A good father knows how to guide their children and his son’s will grow up to be rightly guided men and his daughter’s will grow up to be women who know the true value of a man. The father is the protector, provider, and light of a family. It is not a job so much as a calling and while his shoes may be hard to fill he shows his son’s the path to do so. His daughters will measure other men by him and look for his guidance in finding a good husband. We so need father’s and are forever grateful for all that they do in our lives. It is truly awesome, humbling and a blessing to have, be partner to, or witness a man in such a position in life. To All The Father’s Out There Making It Happen Happy Father’s Day.

  5. Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers. I miss my Daddy. He was wonderful. When I was feeling bad about myself as a young teen, he gave me Maya Angelou’s poem “Phenomenal Women.” That was a great gift to give a young daughter. I cherish this. Miss him everyday.

  6. Love that you address the issue of being a good dad in the black community. It burns my ass that black men get a worse rap than any other men for abandoning their kids. My dad[may he rest in peace]was there all my life and taught me many good and true lessons. If he hadn’t been there I would be another black women with 6 kids by the time I was 20. R.I.P William Howard Merriweather

    • Thanks a lot Lavern. I really appreciate the kind words. Your father raised a great daughter. I’m sure he’s very proud of you. You sound like a “daddy’s girl”. ๐Ÿ™‚

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