Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 6 (Hall of Fame Edition: Morgan Freeman)

Hall of Fame
This is a special T.O.B. today. This is the Hall of Fame edition. And esteemed actor Morgan Freeman is the first person to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Don’t get me wrong,I think he’s a very talented actor. I’ve enjoyed many of his films. But as of late he’s been making some very outlandish comments. I think maybe in his old age he’s starting to go senile. In a recent interview with CNN anchor Don Lemon he was asked about economic inequality. Freeman said that race has NOTHING to do with inequality. What the ???? Is this man serious?? I had to rewind the video and play it again to make sure I wasn’t hearing things. This man has clearly lost his mind and needs to go to a mental institution. But this is the typical answer by many black actors if they want to continue to work in Hollywood. Freeman is taking the “safe Negro” route. He also believes that if you stop talking about racism it will just…….go away.lol I think Freeman should forget about drama and become a stand up comedian. This man has some great jokes!lol And in the interview Don Lemon seems to agree with him. Both these guys cracks me up. Here you have a man who is a living fossil and the other is a self-hating homosexual,telling us that racism is in the past!! You got to be kidding me! Morgan Freeman then goes on to say that he and Lemon are proof that racism is GONE. Huh?? I know many of you probably think that Don Lemon deserves this award. He has also made some degrading and insulting comments about black people as well. But don’t worry he’ll be getting his T.O.B. post in the very near future. It seems that he’s always making stupid comments. But Freeman is a lot older than Lemon and has been acting like a buffoon much longer. So Freeman gets this one. So watch the video and let me know what you think. Is Freeman right? Or has he lost his mind?

34 thoughts on “Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 6 (Hall of Fame Edition: Morgan Freeman)

  1. Of course freeman is right! He’s right because he’s under contract to mislead and misinform the people. He’s right because the moment he begins to tell the truth his life/career suddenly begins to become endangered… the crumbs he sees as wealth start to scatter and freeze. He’s right for white supremacy. Let’s have a big round of applause for master freeman, showing Us so plainly who he really works for – as We already knew based on his fame & position – and where his allegiance lies. Cheers…negroe!

  2. You know I told myself that I’m D O N E with all this crazy mess with us right now, But here we go again! Here is Uncle Remus from Cabin Negro with his boy Tom a future Uncle Tom Did these Happy -to-be-Sambos seem to have forgotten donald sterling (to name the latest in a very long line), what their masters actually Think of them! ALL the Brothers banged up in prison for crap that Neanderthals never even gets to court! I guess the more we Wake up , please expect to see more of this Minstrel show.

  3. just by seeing the title and that it involved don lemon I knew it was going to be some bs. moron freeman is too old for this. race has nothing to do with it is an excuse and we are proof, wow smh. Yep yall are proof alright, proof that coonin sellouts get rewarded.

    • Very true MsTooGood. It seems if you make sure not to bite the hand that feeds you— you will get steady work in Hollywood. Freeman is too old and experienced to be naive. He knows exactly what he’s saying. He’s saying exactly what his white gatekeepers want to hear. The fallacy that racism is a thing of the past. And of course brainwashed blacks are supposed to listen to this and believe it.lol These people must be crazy! They want us to deny the reality of what’s right in our faces! Freeman should be ashamed of himself!

  4. Hall of Fame? More like Hall of Shame.

    I think it’s safe to say that it’s not a good idea to let Morgan Freeman comment about race relations ever again.

    • You’re right BW. Hall of shame would probably be more appropriate. Freeman made a similar statement about two years ago in an interview. He said Black History month was unnecessary. That’s debatable. But he then goes on to say racism is only a problem in our winds. It’s all an illusion. WTF??? Insanity! After that I was done with this guy. He must really be losing his mind. He needs to just stick to acting. Leave politics and race relations alone. He doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about.

  5. We have a lipstick wearing nancy boy, interviewing a 80 year old, two earing wearing suspect who is currently screwing his ex wife’s step grand daughter, both commenting, on shit they have no knowledge of, concerning people they have little interaction with. Sounds about right, for these times.

    • Lipstick wearing nancy boy!! Lol!! That’s a good one brother! I may have to steal that one. You have a great memory. I forgot all about him messing with that young girl. You notice how he never talks about it. Freeman is definitely no moral authority for anybody!

  6. It was Morgan Freeman who recently went to his old high school in Mississippi, of all states, to integrate the black and white proms that some of the white students and parents wanted no part of. And the bigger question for Don Lemon is to ask himself WHY he wants to stop talking about racism even though it is his role as a journalist to discuss social issues that must be addressed instead of ignored. I’d like to know what he’d say to his former colleague, TJ Holmes about tweeting while being pulled over for driving while black.

    • Hello Ms Sunshine. Are you new to blogging? I’m glad you came by my blog. I agree with your sentiments. Freeman is definitely out of touch. So is Lemon for that matter. They both want to be accepted by their white masters. They are just dying to please them. I don’t think either one of them has a backbone! And when it comes to race relations they are absolutely lost! They do not speak for the majority of black people.
      Stop by my blog anytime. I appreciate all the feedback. 🙂

      • Dear Kushite Prince, yes I am new to blogging since I have some free time this summer. I appreciate your forum for discussing the critical issues that impact our social and spiritual well being. Thank you.

  7. I was just about to say the man’s a pervert pedophile… any man who believes he can walk in the image of G-d and keep their sanity, well… whatever that’s between none of my business… however he should be ignored and should not be considered a spokes person for any community, let alone the African descendant community…. I mean, in Glory, he didn’t play snowflake or the angry radical runaway… he played the worst type of uncle tom slave mentality “negro”… the singing, always preaching, compromising, play the system, proud to be in a uniform just a american dreaming… talking about being a man… by excepting the feces of slavery and put it under you cap… why Denzel didn’t have the right to be mad… I’m saying our “guns” are always pointed the wrong way… I mean look at … African-Haitians… and how they took advantage of the civil war in Haiti at the time … The Black Jacobins by CLR James… offers an interesting “what if?” scenario… now I am not talking armed revolution in the here and now … the timing isn’t optimal and we have much more legal room than late 15th – 19th century captive Africans in America… Reconstruction and Jim Crow didn’t have to happen… they hung John Brown because he didn’t have the numbers… and too many snitches for Denmark… well anyway since 1989 with Glory and then Driving Ms. Daisy under his belt … i’ve been saying FU-Morgan Freeman… Burn Hollywood Burn.

    • I agree John. Freeman was very good in Glory. And even better in Driving Miss Daisy. That’s because he’s playing his true self. He really has that Uncle Tom slave mentality. That’s why he plays it so well. And that’s why he gets steady work in Hollyweird. He never speaks the truth and he “knows his place”. That’s why they live him so much.
      I agree–Burn Hollywood Burn!!

  8. Morgan Freeman, wow he really is out i=of touch. Everything hollywood touches eventually turns to crap. I think it’s the money yeah must be the money. They give him enough and he can get on tv talk about nothing saying crap. This is why I don’t own a tv and try not to watch it at all. The news 99% of the time is not important anyway and is brain damaging to see so many white people talking all at once and to see so many damaged people crapping out their mouths damaging other people. Not gonna watch anymore of these clips. A friend emailed me a clip from a crazy man going around on the net here advocating the rape of black women as a revolutionary against white people and crazy thing is he has a sizable following. How is that revolutionary to damage your own??? He is damaging black men and women. So are these two men by not saying the truth to keep the dollars rolling in. I try not to talk to the white people cause it will damage you. Now I gotta watch out for these fools. Man when will this mess be over?

    • I think King Noble is very deranged. I first heard of him about three years ago. It looks like he’s running a sex cult and using black power talk as a cover. I knew a girl I spoke with on Youtube that used to contact him through emails. She told me he wanted her to fly out to Chicago and live with him and the rest of his women. That sounds very strange to me. Check out his Facebook account. There are some very disturbing sexual images. You be the judge.

  9. Here you go. This man is sick and really needs some serious help. Our people have suffered enough and it is not a in a black man’s nature to be a rapist and terror to his own people. Real black men do not feel that they have a right to black women’s bodies against their will. Real black men are selective in their choice with about everything especially who they will mix their blood with. This man is sick and sad at best. Dangerous, deranged, damaged most likely. We shouldn’t have to ever fear our brothers or need our brother to protect us from our brothers.

  10. Ahhh man…smh…wtf is he on? Honestly, sister, I don’t know what to say about that– fa real. Then it’s so much I wanna say. I’ll just say this: Ain’t no thing revolutionary about rape!…it’s a total dishonor of the sovereignty of the Black woman, any woman, Human Life– it’s the acting out of a “true” weakness that stems from either insecurity, self-hate, insanity or a combination.

    There is no thing revolutionary about operating from One’s base-ic, primal instinct while maintaining a level of consciousness– how do they both exist/operate in the same space? They don’t. This is why We are recognized as an intelligent species; We are just as innately Aware of Our Higher instinct(s) and aspiration(s)/inclination(s) to act from these (suppressed) foundations [at least “most” of Humanity is…the verdict is still out as to whether it applies to “all”].

    The thought of ‘black supremacy’ is just as backwards, diabolical, manipulative, cowardly, devlish and as it relates to us–unnecessary, as white supremacy…there is no Divine favor in what goes against The Divine. Personally, I’m sick of all these pseudo-conscious, pseudo-warrior-and-intellectual types yappin’ about “revolution” – GTFOH – We haven’t realized that until We can even consider ‘revolution’ We’ve got to, first, focus on “Resolution”, collectively, with The Creator and amongst Our Selves, in that order. The Afrikan un-Sovereign displaced in america is in nearly All cases holistically traumatized and unhealed (in varying degrees). How foolish can We be to think that – in the collective condition We’re in – We can revolt against such an over-sourced, mass-entrenched system of wickedness when We are unconsciously/subconsciously steeped in this same wickedness (and utter ignorance) Ourselves?

    This is but one physical manifestation of the “battle against…spiritual wickedness in high places…” as written in the bible. I see agent, and I see a possible (entity) possession in him (king noble). To ALL my sisters, do not buy-in to the “program” of fear. It is a “program” that attempts (and in many cases succeeds) to usurp & steal the Unlimited Powers within Us, mostly those who unknowingly/willingly allow it…”Us” meaning those who have re-connected to the ‘I AM’ within. Release the fear (in/and these programs) refuse to run it, RE-MEMBER the strength-warrior-Goddess that IS You! You have more than enough strength and more than enough tools to defeat a coward– the Black woman is NOT and has never been weak! While I would Love to come together with a group of brothers & sisters to devise a plan to form bands of protection across the country (‘the corporation’) for Our communities [re-member Drop Squad?…it was a movie but a GOoD idea] it’s just not practical, right now. [If someone sees where it is practical, please share the idea with Us, privately]

    But speaking of Love, therein is more of Our Power, it lies in that. Martin King knew it (he proved it– for a misguided cause but proved it nonetheless). And later Malcolm knew it, too. Is it a coincidence they both were eliminated? We know better.

    Case and point: We Must Come Together if We want this to end. And to come together, We first need assistance from The Divine Creator (NOT the same as church)…then We must remove from Us what is ‘holding’ Us apart. What exactly is holding Us apart? Let’s begin (or continue) the list…

  11. Tubularsock guesses that when you have “made it” and you have a stack of cash and you are on top of the heap then “race” doesn’t matter.

    “You just set your mind to it and achieve it.”

    But if you don’t have the cash or position, well that just makes you “lazy”. There are many of Tubularsock’s neighbors in Oakland,CA who are working their butts off just to keep their heads above water on the economic front.

    Tubularsock is going to tell them that isn’t because of “race” that they find themselves at the bottom rung of the ladder but it is because they haven’t applied themselves!

    So go out and become movie stars and news casters.

    That is so simple, why didn’t Tubularsock think of this before?

    Thanks Kushite Kingdom.

    • “Tubularsock is going to tell them that isn’t because of “race” that they find themselves at the bottom rung of the ladder but it is because they haven’t applied themselves!

      So go out and become movie stars and news casters.”
      That’s pretty funny. You have a very unique sense of humor.lol

  12. Morgan Freeman should’ve played Sam Jackson’s part in Django….it would have put his entire career in perspective. Name one movie where he wasn’t helping a white person do something, learn something, or achieve something?

  13. Kushite, we should not be shocked by the CYA(Cover Your A**) bizness that is prevalent in hollyweird. Ask Arsenio about the time bombs that await any black female or male actor that dips their foot in the pond? They can’t speak freely to the people. Post-Racial Era…No, Not Now, Never!

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