The Attack on Black Masculinity continues……..

Time Magazine
Well look who made the cover of Time magazine. This person is “actress” Laverne Cox. Laverne is the first transgender person on the cover of Time magazine. Laverne is on the television show Orange is the New Black. A show that glorifies prison life. The title of the show alone should tell you they’re trying to insult and degrade black people. But this post is not really about that show. This post is about a pattern I keep on seeing in the media. It seems the mainstream media really wants to redefine black masculinity. They want to reshape the image of black men. That’s why you keep seeing all these “gay firsts” that just happen to be black men. This is being force fed on the black community. And I am really getting sick of it! I found this agenda a slap in the face to ALL black men! The media wants the whole world to see black men as limp-wrist sissies. A laughing stock for the whole world. I think many of these gay black men are being prompted to come out. I know there are plenty of white and Hispanic gay men in the sports and entertainment. But this onslaught of gay black men in the media is ridiculous.
Let’s take a look at what’s been going on the last few years.

Jason Collins
This is NBA player Jason Collins. He came out last year and the media went nuts over him. Everyone in the media called him a hero. Hmmm… sleeping with a man makes you a hero?? Utter nonsense!!

Michael Sam
Then of course we have NFL player Michael Sam.This guy is pretty much everywhere. The guy is a mediocre player at best. Heck,he was picked 294th in the NFL draft! Not exactly a But of course he sleeps with men so that automatically makes him a hero in the eyes of the media. Some have even called him the “Jackie Robinson of the NFL”. What the ???? What an insult to the legacy of Jackie. But just another way to connect the struggle of blacks to homosexuals. Which I have explained before that the two are NOT alike. But the media keeps on trying to equate the two. The media is controlled by demonic people!

Then we have WWE wrestler Darren Young. He announced he was a homosexual last year. Here he is having an interview with Ellen DeGenerate. Oops!! I mean Ellen I’m sure this guy was prompted by the powers that be to come out. And I don’t think he’ll be the last. This is a pattern that will go on and on. But we have to let it be known that we don’t condone this behavior. And these men should not be looked upon as heroes in our community. Men like Malcolm X,Marcus Garvey,Patrice Lumumba,Huey Newton,Amos Wilson and Kwame Ture is who our young black men should look up to. Not a bunch of homosexuals who sold out their people to push an agenda by their oppressors. Hollywood wants men in dresses,acting feminine and playing homosexuals. And sports is now doing their part to destroy the image of a strong black man. Everyone knows that sports is a place men can display their skills,quickness and strength. It’s also very much associated with masculinity. So this is their last ditch effort to show that even though a man can look strong and tough—-he can still be a homosexual. And who better than to push this sick agenda?? The man that’s looked upon as the strongest,toughest,fastest warrior on the planet. The BLACK MAN.

Thank GOD we have warriors like Mwalimu Baruti unafraid to speak the truth. He gives me hope. And helps me to remain from going insane.

27 thoughts on “The Attack on Black Masculinity continues……..

  1. “America’s next civil right frontier”… seriously! I mean SERIOUSLY!!!!
    Thank you so much for introducing me to Mwalimu Baruti, That elder has wisdom.

  2. This is madness… so, now the black woman is really being force in to a corner when it comes to a mate. She not only has other women to deal with but gay black men and now black men who dress up and pretend to be black women to deal with too… not only does this destroy the masculine image of black men in black women eyes and foster more mistrust, but makes it so that our image as women is destroyed too. If and when these trends take off you’ll see black women moving out and not coming back out of fear, anger, hurt, and disgust. Their evil for this and it is obvious that they want us hurting and confused forever.

    • So very true Honey! That’s exactly what they’re trying to do. They want to destroy the image of the black woman as well. I’m glad your eyes are open enough to see their deception. This is all a ploy to further divide the black man and woman. I’m hip to their game. We must always speak out against this type of garbage! I can’t stand it anymore! It really makes my blood boil!

    • There are a number of black women on blogs supporting and celebrating gay lifestyle and transgendered men so let’s not act like black women aren’t at fault. A couple of points though first I don’t think white males or anyone praising Jason and Michael really care for them anymore than they care for any black man straight or not. It’s only done because they want to shove the gay agenda down our throats. They hate gay black men just like they hate straight black men it’s just the gay black dudes came out first. trust me when I say they would rather have a white male than Jason or Michael. Second it’s very ironic in a funny way that they slobber over these gay Negroes when it flies in the face of their whole ‘black men are sexual deviant barbarians ready to rape white women’ mindset. He can’t be a thug and a sissy Mary which only goes to show how sick their demented twisted bullshit runs deep. They can’t even keep the bullshit straight anymore

  3. You know what, you are 100% correct Kushite Prince about this agenda. Black men have been “metacized” as brother Baruti said in his video. As I was trying to explain in a previous post, Black men are programmed to advance European agendas that they will REJECT and ATTACK those of us who speak to their individual and collective advancements. Like Brother Baruti mentioned in his video, it’s always black MEN who want to argue and debate with you when you speak against Europeans and their agenda. Those of us enlightened enough to speak against it are always challenged by BLACK MEN! It never fails. Black women typically don’t do this. The one thing I disagree with Baruti in this video is that, in my opinion, black men are already broken. Black women are not. We all know why that is, but that is the reality nonetheless.

    Thanks for introducing me to Baruti. I’ll be checking out more of his works.

    • Thanks RC. Baruti has some great books. He has never steered me wrong. And most of those black men that debate with you are brainwashed by European culture. They are just mentally lost in my opinion. Like I always say…you can’t save everyone. Some of them will never wake up. Sad,but it’s the truth.

    • @reality check,
      You speak the truth. I wonder if, white are going so hard on black man is because they haven’t been able to crack black women. I mean after overt slavery ended the mass raping of black women slowed down. Now that people are free to mix black women do it the least and prefer their own over even well to do white men. People get mad when black women say nothing but a black man, he’ll be black or I’ll die alone. They never take into account that we see how they treat our men and that they have a history of abusing us. They may continue this, but not with our help. So, since no one, but black men have ever gotten black women to willingly yield they figure destroy him and make themselves the only option or the new thing that I’m seeing is black men pushing black women to date out. These men will say that the pickings for black women wanting black men are slim and we shouldn’t lower our standards, but never direct the black men to get it together and protect us. A brother who will protect black women and children will always have our undying love, respect, loyalty, and will never be without a woman and children of his own. History proves that look at Garvey, Malcolm and I know that if, black men were that today they would be loved by us beyond comprehension.

  4. Kushite Prince. I agree with you 100% about the effeminization of black males period, especially in the media. But I’d like to add another dimension to this conversation. There is a double agenda working beneath the surface with these gay athletes. Take a hard look at each of the athletes that have come out in the past year or so. Do you notice what they all have in common? None of them have been paired publicly with black men. ALL of them have been paired with WHITE men! Take a look at these recent examples:

    1. Jason Collins = publicly dating white film producer Brunson Green

    2. Michael Sam = the world publicly witnessed his cake smashing display with white paramour, Vito Cammisano

    3. Darren Young = black WWE wrestler came out publicly last year and has a non-black love interest Nick Villa and as you pointed out has been playing the talk show circuit

    4. Derrick Gordon = The newest inductee into the black male homosexual hall of fame. The 22 year old U Mass NCAA basketball player attended the GLAAD awards with 47-year old white actor Geral McCullough.

    Get real.

    So there you have it, folks. Not only is black male masculinity being attacked, but so is the message that WHITE men should be the object of their desire. Despite your personal feelings on homosexuality, which I agree with what you said, you cannot ignore the fact that all these black athletes coming out with WHITE partners is not a coincidence. Nothing in the media is ever coincidental. There is too much time, money and resources spent on advancing the right propaganda. And so the damage to the black male’s psyche continues. Not only is this planting the seed of confusion for our young men, but it is also advancing the self-hate/broken psyche agenda. The whole goal is to weaken black men to the point that they become completely effete to their community.

    So what have we learned here? The powers that be all KNOW that even in the effeminate state of black male sexuality, the mere imagery of black male UNITY (i.e., showing a pairing of male homosexuals) poses a great THREAT to the establishment. To me, this underscores that the greatest fear amongst white people is not another stock market crash, but black UNITY. For they know that if blacks were to unite, it’d be game over for them. We’re the only ones that refuse to acknowledge this.

    • BINGO! You said it RC! I never looked at it from that angle! But you’re right,they’re all linked with white men. I agree,it’s not a coincidence at all. Good catch!

    • Most gay black male celebrities are with white men such as Lee Daniels. Not only is it not a coincidence but it’s done to make white male gays look so much more tolerant. Even as they play fast and loose with their racism on a daily basis. I wonder how they feel watching a slew of gay white folks screaming the n-word after Prop 8 passed in California

  5. @Kushite

    This gay nonsense is a desperate move on the part of whitemen. Self-Preservation is what those in the know call it. Fear of black male sexuality has always been the greatest fear of white males. When the Moors invaded Spain and Portugal around 711 AD, it was a turning point. These muslim men from North Africa created the source of today’s problem. They slept with caucasian women. From this juncture in history until present time, our sexual virility has been viewed as a mortal threat to whitemen. Make no mistake about it, this is about blackwomen, whitewomen, and asian women. Homosexualizing blackmen is the only way they can survive on this planet. If we as blackmen adhere to our destiny, and love blackwomen as god intended…They’re Toast! Anglo women have been infatuated with blackmen for centuries…The 2nd Level. Asian women, specifically those in Southeast Asia are admirers of blackmen as well…The 3rd Level. Of course, not all non-black women lust us, but enuf do to make their men paranoid. We need to understand the sexual dynamics that exist in this day and time. 2 traits i notice about us…sex matters to us, and, sexual variety matters as well. If most blackmen simply ignored other women, the gay issue would not be forced on us as much. But, because we have a neopolitan sexual appetite, it creates problems for us. The Gay Mafia is afraid of heterosexual blackmen, yet, they lust blackmen just the same…Contradiction!

  6. Greetings every One! Talk about there being layers to a thing…smh…damn. I just watched Brother Baruti’s video, and he was right-on with what he said– to re-connect with the overstanding that the perversion they’ve spread and maintained is housed in tentacles attached to surrounding arms from several sources…imagine being in the center of a circle of octopi…it seems like that, it IS like that…but does it have to be like that? I think it’s some Power in that question.

    ALL the comments hit-it-on-the-head regarding this level of attacks, peeling back the layers. The thing I’ve got to steadily attempt to be mindful of is shielding my Self (my Energy field) because I tend to internalize these things because, in a very literal sense, what affects the one affects the All…the Total effect is so much in front of Us.

    Back to the question, tho…’does it have to be like that?’ I know this may seem like the same ‘ol rhetoric that has for decades floated Our hope, but it just came to me as something to be looked at seriously. No doubt We’ve become overwhelmed by “what’s next?” on a daily basis to the point where We don’t know what to do. And is it me, or when we get right down to it, Truth-fully speaking, aren’t we really missing the “We”? Let’s be clear, there are many brothers and sisters that are organized and serving Our communities…and it’s very much appreciated, We Love them and We need them…but they are not collected together, ALL of them~a collective…and that, too, is what We need– to be a Unified Force Focused in One direction.

    Wow…I never intended to get this deep into it, it’s just that everything is weighing heavy right now – has been for Us – and I’m thinking about some solutions, especially when dealing with a group of open hearts & minds that see the Bigger picture for what it TRULY is. So, again, back to the question: Does it [really] have to be like this?

    Now We’re back to the Power of Words & Thought: The same tools they’ve been employing against Us (mostly without Us knowing) can be used by Us, for Us. This is getting longer and longer so I’ll fall back for right now; however, I’m sure We would All agree this would have to be done on a grassroots level which is perfectly cool with me…I’m up with going [back to being] “Green”, anyway (Sankofa)…plus grass & roots grow– quickly, when watered (Our Energy-Effort-Intentions=Water/Flow).

    One idea I envision is the question (isn’t it thought-provoking?) – Does it really have to be like THIS? – presented in a way that’s graphic, eye-catching, appealing, appealing to the senses of possibility/probability, encouraging, energizing via clothing items or bumper stickers or print media/ad or the main topic of discussion on alternative radio shows properly and positively aligned…and more. Is Our situation what The Divine has given Us – is this Love??? – or is it simply what We have been tricked into accepting?

  7. Hey Kush, I have to come back to this. I am at the Library… You have been and alway’s put out some good stuff. I have been real busy with my life style. Learning White Knowledge.. Just to get by In Life Lol… I see Your back around….

  8. words are important, u have to ask why is it they call these gay black males heroes?yet will dig up straight black males records when they rescue someone or do good and try to discredit them, and will not call them a hero.

    There is an attack on black people, black men being feminized and black women being masculinized. They kill two birds with one stone by having black men wearing dresses, it feminizes black men and makes people see black men as replacements of black women. snl is a perfect example, they were using black men wearing dresses instead of having a black woman on their show until recently.

    like others have said they make sure to show the gay blacks with white partners, and at the same time they demonize the black gays more than the white gays. They attack black women and say we have high rates of stds, and they are now saying black gays have high hiv rates, but not a peep about whites. Russia’s hiv rate is rising while other countries are declining yet I don’t hear about it on the news. they want us to view other black people with mistrust and not as potential partners.

    it also shows that these black male celebrity sellouts just like whiteness regardless if it is on a male or female to them their white partner is a prize. Jason Collins was with a white woman before he came out, then when he came out he went and got a white man.

    Then some gay black males are extra, they will over exaggerate their walk and attitude it’s like they are imitating madea or what they think a woman is is like they are a caricature of black women. people embrace them because they are entertainment. why does the person on the time magazine cover look like he’s trying to imitate beyonce with that blonde wig and stuff, but he look more like wendy Williams smh.

  9. mstoogood4yall, peace sister…you asked some very valid questions that We, Our Selves can answer. That’s why Kushite Prince’s blog resonates with me so much; it’s more than a blog– it’s an informative educational resource…and if it is used positively, it is Positive+ Power.

    These tv shows are “programs” ..”programming” tools…that’s why they call them ‘tell-lie-vision/tv programs”•”radio programs”•”school programs”•”governmental programs”•”computer programs”…even when I was made to go to church as a child, I would notice how they had the “easter program” and the “christmas program”…the paper that gave Us “orders” (‘order of worship’, right?) as to what We were expected to do was called a “program”. Like I’ve touched on before, the human brain is the prototype of the computer thus We can be “programmed” (to think and act) just as a computer is.

    This is why I refer to the madness, the matrix that many of Us are still in – We do have a choice, by the way – as being layered…it’s intricately designed to get even the best of the best of us, figuratively speaking. NOTE: In The Higher Sense of Existence, no One is “better” than any One else as Creations of The Creator. So, imho, the answers to the “why(s)?” go back to the “programming” which is a means to an end (completion) of their agenda(s). Now, it’s up to Us to WAKE UP and BE, Aware and refuse to buy-in to the game.

  10. Exactly! White liberals bitch about black preachers and attack any black male celebrity who speaks ill of gays yet turn right around and defend or ignore white males that say hateful shit about gay people. White males in the media love their racism more than they love gay people. There have been a number of white males like Mel Gibson, Phil Robertson, Alec Baldwin, Eminem and now Jonah Hill that say disparaging shit about gays yet black males are the ones they criticize. They also don’t say a peep about the Westboro church that preaches hate on gays for the longest. It’s all a con played on us and we are too dumb to see it.

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