African Dance by Ife Jie, this video is Amazing!

African Dance is an art form that has long represented many things to it’s people, specifically as an expression of emotion and creativity that allows Africans and members of the Afrikan Diaspora to honor and celebrate the brothers and sisters among us and our ancestors. With this video we wanted to focus on showcasing the beauty of dance and our heritage in it’s simplest form.

Artist: Ife Jie
Song: Afrikan Dance
Directed and Photographed by Artemus Jenkins

12 thoughts on “African Dance by Ife Jie, this video is Amazing!

  1. Wonderful, simply ………this is SO natural and Beautiful…….Our dances and song always had the power to heal, bring joy or celebrate even to Bring Dong De Powah! If only we can turn this around and retrieve our emotional and spiritual investment from being abused by us and others, we may yet sing, “One Nation Under A Groove!” I say do us wanna Funk! Da whole Funk! LOL

  2. It’s Beautiful…All of It! This is authentic african culture, we need more of this in the US and throughout the diaspora.

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  4. Our women are Sooo Beautiful…I mean, WTF are We doing [to heal, protect, serve, to support our coexistence/interdependence, to learn from and teach her] ?! I’m new to this blog – I really appreciate an outlet like this one, Kushite Prince – but I’ma digress a ‘lil bit…lol…nobody wants a drink of water with a firehose.

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