Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 5(Black-ish)

You hear black people talk about the fact that there’s not a lot of positive images of us on television. Remember back in the 80’s when we had shows like The Cosby Show. Shows that showed us in a more positive light. Well ABC wants to show us that they are all about diversity. Joining their fall lineup is the show,Black-ish. No I’m not joking. That’s the actual name of the show. The shows stars Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross has husband and wife. They are a successful black family raising their four kids. The show is described as a “comedy”. Ill let you be the judge if it is or not. Laurence Fishburne plays the father of Anderson’s character. Anderson and Fishburne are both executive producers. I think they could have done a better job than this. This sitcom seems a bit corny and the jokes are stale. the premise is that because they live in a big house with nice cars and nice clothes—they have lost touch with their “blackness” This worries the father. So he tries to get his family to embrace their African roots. Not a bad idea right? But you know how Hollyweird operates. It’s not taken seriously at all. The eldest son is so out of touch with being black he wants to have a bar mitzvah. So the dad suggests that he have a “Bro Mitzvah”. Get it? Hilarious right? At one point in the trailer they are referred to as “the mythical and majestic Black family”. What? So the black family is a myth?? Not a reality? At a time when black people are still mentally enslaved and don’t know anything about their culture,heritage and identity—this sitcom is insulting! Not knowing who you are or your history is NOT funny in my eyes. You may agree or disagree with me. I’m open to hear various opinions. Watch the trailer and tell me what you think. I’m putting this in the buffoonery category.

34 thoughts on “Tales of Buffoonery: Episode 5(Black-ish)

  1. the show looks dumb. It plays into the oh u are not black enough if u enjoy certain things. And u are right about the mythical and majestic black family part, it’s like they are trying to say black family doesn’t exist. it is like they are making fun of not knowing ur roots and where u fit in. the last part where he tells his son its important to hold onto ur culture and then the son just makes light of it. That is what is wrong with our community is too many people focus on the wrong things instead of learning about themselves and their people.
    And the son allowed his white friend to call him another more white sounding name instead of the name his parents gave him, shows self hate and wanting to fit in as well as the white male taking the power and giving him a new name, kinda reminds me of the scene in roots where he says ur name is toby now.

    also u notice at 37 seconds it says Justin timberfake wins soul train award. more subliminal propaganda, that clown is everywhere it seems.

    • @ Mstoogood4yall:

      I agree with everything that you said. You took the words right out of my mouth. This show looks really, really stupid. I hardly watch broadcast T.V. anyway, because most shows s*ck. To add to what you have already written, it makes it look like having kinky hair and a big butt are bad. The show is gaining laughs at the expense of Black people, and that s*cks!

    • Yes that’s true. Make no mistake about it. They are making light of the fact our people are ignorant of our culture. That is no laughing matter. Justin Timberfake?? That guy is so over rated. So is Robin Thicke. They want Justin to be the new Michael Jackson. Yeah right!lol And they compare Thicke to Marvin Gaye?? These music critics are insane!lol

  2. Hmmm…and this is a man whose estranged daughter wanted to come up as a porn plaything? Obviously with his experience and money couldn’t choose a better compliment to raise his daughter, nor did a better job being an example to that daughter. Of course he wouldn’t overstand what being Afrikan is about. It is said that “He who knows not and knows not he knows not: he is a fool …we must shun him. But what if he who knows better and refuses to do better? What do we do with him? These entertainment nukkas are existing because we continue to give them reasons to exist and conspire with white supremacy to clown us.

    • You have a good memory. I forgot about his daughter Montana. I still can’t believe she turned to porn. How sick id that? he must have really been embarrassed by that whole thing. Fishburne should be ashamed of creating this sitcom as well. But you’re right,we shouldn’t support garbage like this. I give this silly show a few episodes and them it will be cancelled. We can only hope. But of course these whites/Jews that run Hollywood always green light these type of shows. Anything that degrades or defames us they are ready to give it airtime.

      • I have long since stopped being upset that yurugu will do any and everything to degrade us in order to make his decrepit self look good. Nothing he does can ever hold water without our implicit support. Even as fart back as the Ma’afa…man a times the kidnap and enslavement of the Afrikan prisoner of imperialist wars are supported by those who actually do the kidnapping and selling for them…or those who go off and hide in the bush instead of giving their lives to kill one of them. One of the greatest modern example, of supporting yurugu and his devilish ways, was when Sean “cream puffy” coon, claimed to have given that white o Rican, Jennifer Lopez the “Okay” to use the the word Nigger. No body beat his ass on the street or called him a bitch made mother effer. The whole of knee-grow dumb rolled with that shit and the rest is his story.

      • I definitely feel you brother. Yeah I remember that hoopla about Jennifer Lopez. Cream Puff Daddy gave her a pass on the N word. But don’t forge that Ja Rule also gave her a past too. these dudes are straight clowns. No black child should ever look up to these fools. They are far from role models in my opinion. Both are buffoons!

  3. Oh… so if a black family lives well that equates to them losing their blackness? That is offensive. I’m surprised at Laurence Fishburne for being part of this crap.

  4. Jack it right Noble One, this Sh.t needs to be filed in a certain place on Fishburnes boday! What the hell was he thinking? Yeah file in Buffoonery with Highlighter!
    Yet again we are being reinforced to look like consumers and begging at other people’s cultural table and accepting scraps of their palates while clowning with our core AfuaKan roots. So Hilarious.
    This is Will keep most of us particular the Churchified Blacks from realising that it is the white and Fake Barmistake, that IS the rehash of THEIR OWN culture. Hebrewism was just one cultural aspect of Afuaka.

  5. “A Bro-Mitzvah”? where have I heard that before? oh yeah, an episode of That’s So Raven I think it was called “Raven, Sydney and The Man”, the only black comedies I enjoy are For Better or Worse and House of Payne…. above all, honestly speaking, Anthony Anderson is not that funny and Lawrence Fishburne is about as funny as a mouldy piece of bread

    • Yeah that Bro Mitzvah line was very corny. What a pathetic attempt at humor. I’ve seen a few episodes of House of Payne. It had a few chuckles here and there. But try to stay away from any comedy that involves Tyler Perry. Sorry but I cant stand the guy. And I wish he would just come out of the closet. Everyone already knows he’s gay.lol

  6. Now, hold on. It’s going to be on TV for Christ sake! What would you expect? Even the trailer affected my intellectual energy. I’m sure in the time duration of that trailer Tubularsock lost at least a dozen IQ points!

    You know as well as Tubularsock that when it comes to TV it’s shit in and more shit out, with advertising.

    My advice is simple. Get rid of that TV. Tubularsock gave up TV over forty years ago and today I can’t even stand the degrading sound vibration that comes that thing!

    It is much like pop corn. Eating it takes a lot of effort but the nutritional value is zilch!

    • I agree. Television has really gone down the toilet. I can only imagine the IQ points I would lose if I watched a full 30 minutes of this so called comedy.lol No television?? Not a bad idea. I have a buddy of mine that got rid of his television about two years ago. He says his mind is so free and open. And he doesn’t get as stressed out as he used to. There’s no doubt that television definitely affects our mind. It truly is a vast wasteland. No argument from me.

  7. First off, I am offended at the title, “Black-ish”….are you serious?! Black people are really in the abyss. I was on another black site and all the blacks were praising the show and talking about how much they love Tracee Ellis Ross. They were completely blinded to the whole reality of this show. There is so much I can say, but I will just say that black really people are a child-like people. We are too trusting, too forgiving, and too easily misled. Most won’t even realize it until they are inside the slaughter house. Sad indeed.

    • I feel you man. This sitcom is an insult to our intelligence.
      “We are too trusting, too forgiving, and too easily misled. Most won’t even realize it until they are inside the slaughter house.”
      I’m afraid you might be right…….hopefully not.

  8. The Huxtables are not a mythical black family…They Do Exist! For some odd reason, a normal, well-adjusted nuclear family in our race is seen as an oddity. God forbid, the parents are educated, have command of the english language and other tongues, know how to behave as sane persons in public. Fear of being educated and informed is the #1killer of black youth, has been for a long time. The saddest aspect of this, is that, educated blacks have turned off an entire generation of sistas and brothas, Why? They equate being intelligent with selling out. Oftentimes, the so-called black elite are among the most self-hating of us all…Sad Reality! I see them out and about, they always look uptight. Afraid to make eye contact, nod their heads, etc. Basically, this identity crisis is killing us…literally and figuratively! Black People, we can be intelligent, refined, and pro-black at the same time. The cooning that we see in the culture is so misplaced. Hating ourselves for wanting the best in life is tragic to me, all the lives wasted. Thinkers are the only group that will survive, those that are not will perish.

    • I know how you feel Tyrone. This type of buffoonery must stop! We can’t support this anymore. I hope this show is cancelled after one episode. This trailer was enough for me. I don’t need to see a full 30 minute episode to know this is garbage!

  9. I don’t even have to watch the trailer to know I do not want to watch. Just hearing descriptions about the show from credible sources such as yourself, KP turn me off. Thanks for informing us.

  10. Ditto Tyrone’s sentiments. I am a black man in his early 30s, and I have been living without a tv for the past 6 years. I get looks of astonishment from people when I disclose that I don’t have a tv. People are truly amazed at how I can maintain my sanity without a tv lol. This just goes to show you the standard American mentality. I know that tv is one of the greatest tools that Europeans use to lie to, mislead and deceive the populace. It’s to the point that I don’t believe anything on tv anymore. Most is a half-truth at best and a flat out LIE at worst. The whole concept of tv is being used to erode our intellectual capabilities, and sadly it is working.

    One of my favorite quotes is: if you want to know the future, look to the past. If you want to know what the future holds for America, look no further than ancient Rome. One of the things that led to Rome’s demise, amongst other things, was that they became a society that placed entertainment above everything. Don’t get me wrong, entertainment is important, and does have its place, but it cannot be the top of your value system. When you are being entertained, your brain is on auto-pilot. There is no growth, learning, advancement in entertainment. Unfortunately, this is what America has become, and this is where black people are, ESPECIALLY. This is one of the main reasons why we have become intellectually weakened over the generations and why America is getting our collective asses whipped on the global competition scale.

    I’m not against tv, but it has its place. We (black people) need to turn off the tvs and pick up some books. We really can’t afford to lose any more intellectual capital than we already have. Shows like “Black-ish,” “Love & Hip-Hop,” “Housewise..” are all used to get us to reject critical thought/analysis and to keep us mentally weak. Sadly, it is very effective and is costing us dearly.

  11. How can We stop this s**t before it starts??? I’ve watched Change.Org grow more and more effective thru its petition campaigns…this is something We can do! It seems to me as if petitioning the companies who have or will sign-on to advertise during the show would be more practical than targeting the show itself. But who are they? Even if, thru some research, We cannot answer the question right-off, I feel there is another way but I won’t disclose that here (there are always moles lingering around).

    Any constructive comments and/or criticisms of the idea are welcomed

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