Sometimes even the Devil can speak the truth!

Donald Sterling
In a recent interview with Anderson Cooper, Clippers owner Donald Sterling makes an interesting point. Don’t get me wrong,I know he’s a racist Zionist bastard. That’s very well established. But is he right? He says that Magic Johnson doesn’t do much for black people. And goes on to say that the Jewish community looks out for one another,while black people don’t. When he said this it made me think. Do black rappers,athletes and entertainers do enough the blacks a whole. I don’t think they do. There is no black infrastructure. Most of these athletes and singers only care about themselves. Magic does own some movie theaters and a few Starbucks. And he’s raised millions of dollars for AIDS research. And I’m sure he’s hired many black people for his businesses. But we don’t practice group economics. Like Koreans,Jews and white folks do. That’s the problem. And none of these high profile blacks ever speak about this issue. They only talk about JOBS and compare our INCOME to whites. The NAACP and Urban League both give us the same story over and over again. It’s sad to say it but I think Sterling(Devil) is correct for the most part. Of course people like Marcus Garvey and Malcolm X both said that black people should do for self and stop relying on white people to help us. I don’t want it to seem like I’m saying Sterling is the first person ever to say it. I’m just saying that has a non black person he has a valid point. We have to change our way of thinking. The “NBA owner vs player” dynamic is the same as the slave plantation. That’s why this whole Sterling thing is a touchy subject for people. This incident exposed the reality of our situation as black people. We are still slaves in this country. We depend on whites,Jews and Asians for most of our food,clothing and shelter. We need to start creating our own banks,supermarkets,clothing stores,food franchises,hair care products etc. We must put our self-interest first. This is what all other groups do. And that’s why they’re moving ahead us and we’re still in the same spot. We are moving towards becoming a permanent underclass if we don’t change something fast! We are not a depend people in the material sense. Only in the psychological sense. Let’s do what we got to do! So we can prove racists pigs like Sterling wrong.
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20 thoughts on “Sometimes even the Devil can speak the truth!

  1. Yeah Kushite,

    We are losing a lot and it is difficult to hold on to what little we do have collectively. None of these black people would even do something like save the oldest black bookstore in the country. They only needed a million more to save the building that was built by black people, houses bop city where all the greats of black jazz played, was where Malcolm X spoke and had meetings and where the black panthers held meetings and so much more. They tried calling those people to help and be a part of the business even and well… now they are going to have to vacate the building and hand it over to white people. Why. you know why. I don’t even need to say. So Yeah it’s true that even when we start doing our own where is the support. Here’s a link so you can check it out. Their now looking for a new building.

    Furthermore, it has been suggested that if, you want to succeed as a black business owner you have to make you business as colorless as possible so as to avoid those black people who get upset and jealous that you are doing something and to avoid white vampires looking to suck you dry. I know of a few successful business owners who keep their shops colorless by not advertizing that they are black owned. However, I have always had mixed feeling about this as it makes it harder for people like me who will do most anything to support black business above all others. Yet, I understand why they do it and seeing this very open black business go under and lose their property like this is just sickening.

    While it is not an excuse it is something to think about and plan as I one day what to have a black center like they do for other groups so we can shop our own and once again have a black wall street and everything else from stores, hospitals, theaters, and such. We are unique in that any other group can do this and not be bombed, raided, and set up by the police. We do have that special feature to us and I remember how well Diary of a Negress documented that. However, we should work to find a way around this and get on with our progress. But once we do that they know the party is over. having our own would allow for a big cleansing process to happen and then we would start healing our selves and charting our own course out of this ugly mess. I’m waiting for the attach on the black school and day care center out here. Yeah, rich black people tend to be more trouble than help for the rest of us.

    This is why I don’t support 99.999% of black celebrities, if, you love your people so much how could you not help when you have so much and they are asking for so little? No, it will be the everyday people who will put it together and make something go. Bottom line is that it is not worth building and maintaining, if, it is not well protected. That is where black men come in again how can we build, provide, produce, and push beyond if, black men don’t protect even the smallest unit the family. we have nothing and can hold onto nothing until the black man NOT THE BLACK WOMAN protects us and makes space for us. Yeah I said it and don’t care about the flack. Protection is not a woman’s job or responsibility. That belongs to the man and the man alone he carries the sword we depend on his protection.

    • Thank you for that link Honey. I will check it out. I agree with you. It’s really hard for a lot of black businesses out there. That’s why we have to support them every chance we get. We spend out hard earned money with all other races with no problem. Why can’t we put our money back into our own community?? It’s just common sense to me. All we got is US. No one else will help us get out of this mess. I found a great article that raised some interesting questions bout Magic Johnson. It’s by Xavier James.

      Don’t get it twisted, some non-profits actually do help people but the directors and owners distribute money they get from donations and in return get large paychecks and their living expenses paid.

      Second, a show called CNN Tonight with Bill Weir aired immediately after Anderson Cooper. It revealed information about Magic Johnson that was absolutely unflattering. It accused the basketball legend of using the black community-pretending to help all the while, hurting them. The segment literally lasted about a minute. It was as if someone pulled the plug.
      But my question is: Did Magic Johnson sell his soul to predatory lending companies that prey on the black community? Well, here are the facts:
      *He was partnered with Washington Mutual that went belly up, but not until they’d sucked the money out of low-income communities selling them dreams.

      *He partnered with a travel agency that preyed again on low income families, and they too went belly up after sucking money out of the black community.

      *Magic Johnson was involved with Jackson-Hewett after the feds made them pay low income families back millions of dollars they illegally stole.

      *Magic Johnson hustles high interest debit cards and is said to be involved with check cashing-pay day loans all geared towards low income communities.
      There are several other suspect business ventures the sports great has added his name too. But now that the Guggenheim Group has made him their front man, I hope he stops hawking those dam credit cards. What do you think?

    • Thanks for that video. I don’t always agree with Jason Black. But sometimes he makes some great points. He has a documentary coming out called 7am. It’s about black economic development.

      • You’re welcome. I just starting watching Jason Black’s videos recently. I am learning a lot from him. And you’re right — you don’t always have to agree with everything that he says. You just take the things that he says that you do agree with and use them to educate yourself.

  2. White men only speak the truth when their back is up against the wall… and this white man is no exception. Now while it is true that many millionaire blacks don’t do a damn thing to help their own people… this is not BREAKING NEWS! Black speakers have been saying the same thing about millionaire blacks for quite some time, but it takes a white man to make millionaire blacks acknowledge it.

    When a black person speaks… black folks play deaf, but when Massa speaks… they hear every word.

    • That’s so true Eden. Many black scholars have said the same thing as Sterling. But it always seems to fall on deaf ears. And we have to keep in mind that he isn’t in trouble because he’s racist. He’s being forced to sell his team because he admitted to being a racist. We can all relax now. I’m sure he’s the only racist team owner in sports right?lol

      • Did you forget Michael Jordan’s comment on his view of white people. We should openly speak of racism in this country. All aspects of the definition, not solely white racism. Many in the black community would acknowledge variance in skin tone with overtones of superiority of lightness or “good hair.” Also let us not forget the comments of Marian Berry toward Asians. There has long been contentions of animosity between those enthic groups. There is also a long history of the negative attitudes of Moslems and Arab nations toward African blacks. Projection of thought is so much easier to find fault then negation.

  3. @Simon
    I see what you’re trying to say. But there’s a difference between prejudice and racism. You’re talking about how people may perceive other races. White supremacy is a global system. Is black supremacy worldwide? Do black people have control over the lives of whites and Hispanics? If so,please tell where this exists? I definitely don’t see it anywhere.

    • Perception of races has many factors that affect that perception. Someone growing up in an urban environment vs rural environment. The parental guidance, exposure and education of the various races and their contribution to a civilized world for all mankind. That said there is what is called baseless hatred. England expelled the Jewish people for 400 years, no exposure to Jews, but literature still had stereotypes and prejudices of Shakespeare (Merchant of Venice) and Charles Dickens (Fagin in Oliver Twist) during that time. For many people, perception becomes reality because of their preconcieved conclusion of races.
      Jesse Jackson made that comment regarding paranoia of someone behind him. Unfortunately, we all live with stereotypes, Hollywood’s animation of the voice behind each car. Why is Mater a southern hick
      With poor teeth. In Black movies, such as Friday (which I enjoyed) also had stereotypes leading to prejudices. Is White supermacy a global issue? With due respect is that an antieuropean and Afrocentric view of the world or of the USA? India and China each have over 1 billion people. Superiority rains in those countries. Henry Louis Gates Jr. stated 95% of the West African trans Atlantic slave trade went to South America, Peru, Mexico, Brazil and others. So are those descendants who came from Africa are they the majority? The Nubians were a great civilization, but remembering ones history is alost art for many people.

  4. I am glad donald sterling also keyed on something that many in america’s black communities has known for quite sometime now about magic johnson, and that is he allows himself to be used as a conduit for corporate america into the black communities of america, in doing so that means he brings businesses into the black communities, but the economic developement never takes place in those communities because those moneys stay with the corps who use those black communities for their consumer doller and that is it.

    Very troubling is the relationship with magic johnson and private banker ron burkle, who johnson partners with in many ventures and also i might add ron burkle also owns 20% of barneys, but in 2011 ron burkle and magic johnson put inner city broadcasting corp. out of business by forcing it into bankruptsy then turning having magic johnson have nyc tristate area black community think magic actually owned wbls/wlib when in fact it was ron burkle and 2 other predatory lender private banks.

  5. Well said and broken down intelligently, but it’s like the last video says, if it ain’t white it has No value, Amos Wilson used to say the very thing , how much Black people stepped up?
    We are in dier need of BEHAVIOUR MODIFICATION. Fast! Remember Michael Richards and his rant, they pulled out two prized Hoki Poke Nigroes, Paul Mooney and Janie Fox to pull the heat off! Larry brinkin a jewish Pedeo was also recorded stating that he “loved seeing the n….gr baby getting it, WHERE was the outrage?? WTF!
    Approx. 16 yrs ago the world’s only Black build automobile went on sale for a piddling sum of money, no, NO rich black stepped in, the community of Blacks didn’t past around the plate, instead it was bought by the British museum and then stored away never to see the light of day!
    Newest Hoki Poke alicia keys, despite Alice Walker begging her not to go to Israel. Alicia claims its all about piece, piece of what her arse? On her way back from IS IT REALLY she was Given (re Sterling) a nice Givenchy contract!
    We will, most of us sadly at the end of the day after a good day’s emotional work out go back to being indifferent and looking for the next Asian, white, or Indian purchase to feel like a somebody. As long as our folks gotta dream, they have no intention of dealing in reality.

  6. Great article. Lots to give people to think about. Making a conscious decision to support African businesses is so key. Group economics! All other culture groups practice it. I wish we would too. Namaste my brother.

  7. Greetings Family! Kushite Prince, I was thinking the same thing listening to sterling’s comments. Lol…I gotta start shortening my own comments. You know, I overstand that We’re part of an Infinite Creation and in defining things, We have to take care not to box our thoughts, so to speak, thinking that the knowledge that We have is the end-all to All knowledge (about a particular thing) only say this because, based on research and other revealing situations, much (if not nearly All) of what has been perpetrated against Us and those directly (and in some cases indirectly) responsible can be traced back to a few sources: the illuminati, the boule and “programming”. Frankly, let’s be totally real and break it down…the boule is a arm of the illuminati, “programming” is a tool to further the agendas of the illuminati, the illuminati extends out into nearly every facet of “society” (yes, even ‘the church’) and the illuminati is a machine controlled by satan (being it is written these illuminati organizations pledge allegiance to satan and luciferianism).

    Knowing what We, here, know and the many who are Awakening to the Truth, what would make Us think mj – with his Starbucks and movie theatres and “minority” ownership % of the LA Dodgers – is actually benefiting Our communities? mj CAN’T serve the community because that goes against serving white supremacy…at the end of the day, mj is serving satan…mj and the rest of these negroes walking around grinnin’ for the cameras (and hiding in the shadows) made a decision to worship fortune and fame…and even worse, they stand watch for white supremacy to keep Our people from coming together for Our Selves, families and communities…does it really have to be like this?

    I’m sure there are many We don’t know [about] who refused to sell-out and stayed satisfied with celebrating their art, talent, skills and service without acclaim. Dave Chappelle is one. Who else? Well, I’m going to go ahead and pass around Xavier James’ article/post on mj’s financial dealings…little by little We Will be able to chip away at these ingrained programs and remove the bugs so Our people can see the Light.

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