The Death of Black Manhood??

During NFL Draft Day Michael Sam was picked by the St. Louis Rams. He was on the phone and began crying when he realized he was drafted. I said to myself “when he gets picked he will kiss his gay lover”. Of course I was right. You’re probably wondering how did I know this. It’s not very hard to predict this type of thing if you’ve been watching American culture the last fifteen or so years. There has been a steady push by the media to get the masses to see homosexuality/lesbianism as “normal”. That’s why you see so many homosexuals in films,television sitcoms and commercials. Michael Sam came out to the public earlier this year. And also NBA player Jason Collins and WWE wrestler Darren Young announced last year that they were gay. What do these men have in common? They all happen to be black men. Isn’t it strange that all these “firsts” just happen to be black?? I’m sure there are some white and Hispanic athletes that are gay. Why aren’t they coming out? Where are they? Since many black people grow up in the church,we don’t typically accept this type of lifestyle. But many of us have gay people in our families. I have some in my family. Black people have always accepted gay people even in the church there have been gay members. We have been more accepting than most because we understand how painful discrimination can be. But just because we love the PERSON doesn’t mean we have to accept the ACT. And I’m not some crazy religious fanatic so don’t come at me with that nonsense. I personally don’t find it a normal act and I think it’s unnatural. And it’s something that shouldn’t be promoted in cartoons for children. I have caught subliminal messages in quite a few cartoons. They are trying to mold the minds of children. Much like they put out images of black inferiority in films and television as well. But gay and black are NOT the same thing. Our experience is not the same as theirs. Homosexuals didn’t suffer a holocaust like we did.
If you want to destroy the minds of a nation you don’t want them to grow up to be normal functioning warriors that can fight their oppression. The media has been trying to alter the image of black men for quite some time. The promotion of black men as homosexuals and dressing in drag is part of the plan. A nation of homosexuals are not a threat to the system of white supremacy. Which is why you see it so much. The goal is to reverse the roles of black men and women. Make the women more masculine and the men more feminine.
Martin Lawrence and Tyler Perry in drag. Strong warriors right?

Jamie Foxx as Wanda

Wil Smith
Will Smith kissing Kevin James in the film Hitch.
This is a war going on. And black people better wake the hell up! I know some of my followers are somewhat “pro-gay” and don’t think this is a big issue. Well I respectfully disagree. I say live and let live. I don’t think gay people should be stoned or thrown in jail for what they do in bed. I could care less. But when you want to push an agenda on the masses of my people and is anti-life and self destructive….I can NOT stand for that! And for the record,many Europeans are pushing the gay lifestyle heavy in Africa. Gay couples are even adopting African children. I’m not too fond of that either but I’ll save that for another post. And now they throw around the term homophobia to shame you if you disagree with them. I think scholar Mwalimu Baruti explained this very well.
“The political creation and use of the term ‘homophobia’ is a reactionary attempt to exercise power. It is an attempt by the homosexual community to gain control of global society through the manipulation of language to its political benefit. This is conceptual incarceration in action. Homophobia is defined as an ‘irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals. Like the use [of] the word ‘anti-Semitic’ by European Jews, words, actions and individuals arbitrarily defined by the homosexual community as anti-homosexual are effectively labeled homophobic.
“Calling a person homophobic makes him/her ignorant, nonthinking, prudish, judgmental or, worse, a backward, close minded peg retarding an otherwise progressive, liberal multisexual democracy. In truth and reality, close-minded means not being open or receptive to the European interpretation of reality. And specifically, with reference to us, just what is it that ‘closed-minded’ Afrikans are closed to? Obviously, not to what is best for us based on our ancestral interpretation of reality. The only thing that we are closed to is the absence of moral direction and spirit in the European realty. We reject the Western way of the world. And we refuse to be carted off in the seemingly directionless movement toward progress which we have identified as a natural cancer throughout the history of European culture.
“Homophobia is not the sickness. Homophilia is. The gradual public sanctioning and approval of branding noncompliant heterosexuals as primitive enables the homosexual front to indiscriminately stereotype and isolate their natural enemies. Heterosexuals intimidated by the threat of public and/or private censure readily acquiesce to their agenda.”The very existence of the word itself, like ‘anti-Semitism’ or ‘terroism,’ is a calculated move to place those thus accused on the defensive. What homosexuals seek is a shifting of the legitimate source for defining acceptable sexual realities from a polically factionalized mainstream into their hands. And, because of this, this word bears closer inspection…. To call people homophobic is to demonize them without qualification. Redemption, even if it were remotely desired by staunch heterosexuals, is not at issue. Classification as friend or foe is. The battle is waged on many fronts. The weapons range from proselytization to character assassination. But, unlike calling somone a ‘craka’ appending ‘phobic’ lends an air of scientific reasoning to this political accusation. For ‘phobia’ is defined as an irrational fear.
“It is important to see into the political advantage gained by homosexuals and their allies in using the homophobic label to intimidate their enemies. Unlike racist, sexist, ageist, paternalist and other ‘ists,’ where the accused is seen as only caught up in a tide of unethical or immoral thought and behavior, words like xenophobia, aracnophobia, zoophobia, nyctophobia, sciophobia and pantophobia carry a quite different connotation. The source of the fear is diagnosed as lying in the fearful individual and not the thing to which his/her fear is directed. The object of the fear is natural and usually harmless. Phobia is by far the more negative of the two because of what it implies about the mental state of an individual. It implies that the individual cannot distinguish reality from fiction or, at minimum, cannot see the normalcy in a naturally occurring phenomenon, person/group or thing. Only the phobic’s fear is deemed irrational and insane, not the thing it is directed at. It connotes more of an innate personal defect than a correctable error in judgment. The difference here is as profound and important as that between neurosis and psychosis or a misdemeanor and a felony.”
And I like the way the late great Del Jones breaks down the normalization of homosexuality.

“There is a movement toward the normalization of homosexuality in the nonEuropean world. European cultural imperialism is still in full force. In Afrika, it works through the neocolonial elite to enforce its homosexual will on the Continent using the same politico-economic tools that make their theft and privatization of huge tracks of land and resources there seem like no more than economic exchanges between political equals. Their cuts from Western loans, threats of covert military coups against their regimes, fear of embargoes against their countries’ tourism trade, undying attachment to investments in Western markets from generations of graft and anglophilic inducing eurocentric educations, are more than the encouragement negroes need to sell their people’s heterosexual tradition to the lowest bidder.”Just in 1999, a high court in Azania abolished all laws against homosexuality. With this ruling, males who had been found guilty of committing sodomy since 1994 could file for monetary compensation for time served and damages incurred as a result of their imprisonment. No judicial equivalent was meted out for the generations of Afrikans who slaved, and still slave, in the mines and homes of the European occupiers of their land. ‘Sodomites get all the rights.’ Sodomizers receive reparations before indigenous Azanians. Azania is but one Afrikan nation caught up in the crusade to make our world homosexual for Europeans. And turning the world homosexual makes homosexuality no different or more correct than making the world European. For they are one in the same evil.”Homosexuality is a strategically important resource. As Europe is a global nation of white people, it is a matter of national security…. In that the primary purpose of politics is the control and distribution of resources, homosexuality is a cultural resource. If the universal defense and sanction of one’s reality is based on its spread and presence among those not like you, then that spread and presence become politically important.”Their arrogant enlightenment of the rest of the world is still the motivation behind the homosexual component of their foreign aid and policy in general. Today, throughout Afrika, South America, the Caribbean and Asia, they are attaching the protection of homosexuality and its unbridled spread as a condition for receiving foreign aid. If the floodgates are not opened to the homosexualization of the population, then these countries become ineligible for the financial assistance supposedly designed to help in their recovery from Europe’s ongoing war against them.
“Sexual terrorism abounds. The work of homosexual mafia is evident everywhere. It is the politics of turning the world into their own personal whorehouse. Trinidad and Tobaga’s Trade and Industry Minister Mervyn Assam’s frustration at western homosexual intervention in domestic affairs says it all.
They want to Europeanize everything. They want to turn us into homosexuals…. They want countries who come to them for aid or grants or technical assistance, they want them to pass legislation so that homosexuality could become law. What has come to be called ‘homophobia’ by an extremely small but highly organized minority has been made into a human rights issue of international concern. Whether there is an absence or intolerance of homosexuality or not, these target nations are accused of sexual repression. Human rights are defined along European lines.National foreign aid policy relative to the forced homosexualization of nonEuropeans is no more than an extension for what could be called individual foreign aid.
Everyone has a right to their opinion. I just hope people respect mine. This is just an issue that I feel strong about. Mainly because I love my people and I feel as though this is an attack on the black collective. This lifestyle is not a part of black/African culture. And I think too many of out people are brainwashed by the media. There is no critical thinking involved. We can never accept the information of our oppressors. It’s easy to control the minds of the masses if you control what they see,hear and read. This is spiritual warfare we are in right now. I just don’t think many black people know what’s going on. I hope we wake up before it’s too late.

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  1. This is very interesting writing (code word: juicy). I do believe there is mass propaganda going on and certain groups, causes , foods (including organic) are being used in ways to deceive. That being said I am for moving beyond this word “gender” and I myself have moved beyond this term in a natural manner. I do agree it is time to Wake up. Thank you for this post.

    • Trust me,this is definitely propaganda. This is being done on purpose. I know this is a touchy subject for some. Mainly because it’s politically incorrect to criticize homosexuality nowadays. You’re seen as a bigot,heartless,ignorant or a religious nut case. None of which apply to me. The agenda is to get the masses to see this as normal behavior. If you don’t then you’re an intolerant We have to be aware of the social engineering that’s going on. We can’t be afraid to speak up. Regardless if people get upset or not. It’s a discussion that needs to be happen. Although I realize it can be seen as divisive.

      • I agree. And I thank you for opening this topic. You can imagine that I am from San Francisco and have two young boys so I am all for laying this on the table for open discussion. Not just for our boys, our girls too. These children are very confused these days. Thank you again for your courage it is not wasted…

      • Thanks a lot Jamila. It’s not easy being on the front lines. We can’t be afraid to put ourselves out there. The media is helping this confusion in the first place. It’s what they want. In San Francisco they’re even putting gay books in the elementary schools. Clearly there’s an agenda going on. I appreciate the comments. I hope you had a nice Mother’s day this past Sunday. 🙂

      • No we can’t be afraid. Yes the media plays a big role and people here in France were upset about the ideas that were being put into the children’s head at a very young age. There was a huge protest a few months back but when something gets labeled “anti” (fill in the blank) then of course it takes the attention away from the heart of the truth. I homeschooled my little boys when I was in S.F. it was just something I was lead to do by my inner guidance. Thank you for the nice wishes. Yes it was a nice day for me on Sunday. Keep up the good fight I am right there with ya 🙂

      • You’re in France?? Really? I’m sure the black experience over there is very But I understand why you homeschooled your kids. The media/schools want to mold their young minds to accept unnatural things. And scare patents into being silent or risk being labeled anti-something. But I appreciate your efforts. You have a lot of heart and passion. That’s what we need in this struggle right now. It’s good to know we have strong sistas like you out there. It really gives me some hope. Our people are in a real battle. We have to be alert to all the different types of deception they throw at us. And believe me,there’s a lot of it out there. We have to stay vigilant though.

      • Yes! I am in Paris with my husband and two children. I have spoken and interacted with a lot with the Afro-Franco community. One thing is certain they really admire black Americans. I may write about this.. There is a lot of negativity out there that we could focus on if we choose. I am approaching the “struggle” from a deep spiritual motivation and calling. By working from within change happens without. This thinking has work beautiful miracles in my life and in return others are affected as well. The first battle to fight lies within.. There are plenty of us in this world who hold the belief for a brighter day but we must be truly focused on achieving that in a way different from the past. xo 🙂

      • “Spirit made Adam and Eve–not Adam and Steve.” Enough said.
        I do not care if one if “gay,” just do not attempt to PUSH me to accept or “help” to promote your agenda because “its just not happening.” I DON’T have to like or accept a gay life-style. That is different from acceptance of that individual. Know the difference.

        .Be a Queen if you are going to be a Queen and be OUT with it so that women will know what they are dealing with instead of catching an incurable disease or something.

        Blacks and “the girls” share the same dilemma.. Discrimination. But Blacks must wear their skin EVERYDAY. Being gay is a CHOICE.

  2. Hi Kushite,
    One I’m glad he’s out I wish others would come out too. Why because it means that they are not dating unsuspecting women who are thinking it’s them. I know of two women who were with black men who were gay. One contracted a disease and can’t have children. When she confronted him he said she was the perfect cover. The other also got married had kids and found out years later. He said that he knew what he was way before they met and perused her because of the pressure put on him to conform.

    What do these two men have in common besides being gay. They used unsuspecting women due to their fear of persecution. I want to know if, the man I’m with is or isn’t. I don’t want people hiding such things because it leads to things like hurt feeling, gender wars thinking black men hate black women when said man in question is actually gay, disease and unwanted pregnancies due to denial or trying to prove something.

    As for black men being emasculated it cuts both ways when they put on the drag. The drag is to drag black women down. It says we are not feminine, beautiful, and worthy of masculine protection. It also says that black men would rather clown than protect us. That masculinity is too difficult for them that they lack permission to be men as if, they need permission.

    I never understood why regardless of sexual orientation, preference, and so on why men who identity as men and women who identity as women would want to dress up and assume the role of the opposition sex in such a mocking way.

    • Thanks for the comment Honey.

      You said:
      “As for black men being emasculated it cuts both ways when they put on the drag. The drag is to drag black women down. It says we are not feminine, beautiful, and worthy of masculine protection. It also says that black men would rather clown than protect us. That masculinity is too difficult for them that they lack permission to be men as if, they need permission.”
      I totally agree. This is what the media wants. They want to destroy the image of black men. They want to make sure black men are not seen as strong and masculine. We as black men should be the protectors of our women. and children. It’s obvious the media wants to alter and distort how we are seen by others. And dressing up like a woman makes us look weak and pathetic.

      • Not to mention that it sends out a signal to all the women that we are not desired by our own men and that they prefer each other. Where does this leave black women who they know want to be married more than any other group of women? They know this and so they make our men unavailable to us in hopes that we will get with them or be alone. They have done a real number on black men and are doing everything to make him abandon us once and for all so we will be at their mercy.

      • I know what you mean. That’s why we have to speak out against this. Black men must let it be known that this behavior doesn’t represent us at all. No compromise!

    • @ Honey,

      who said:

      “As for black men being emasculated it cuts both ways when they put on the drag. The drag is to drag black women down. It says we are not feminine, beautiful, and worthy of masculine protection. It also says that black men would rather clown than protect us. That masculinity is too difficult for them that they lack permission to be men as if, they need permission.”

      I have to agree, that’s the way it FEELS to black females who have to endure these spectacles. It is hard to pretend we don’t see the naked FEAR in the men who do this and their inability to protect themselves, let alone protect anyone else.

      all of which makes it difficult for black females to adopt a so-called “feminine” posture of needing or wanting protection, and why so many of us are so aggressive and overbearing and vocal

      because we are also acting out of fear because we know we will have to PROTECT AND LOOK OUT FOR OURSELVES and our children.

      I know over the years I have grown much more vocal and independent (not saying I don’t need men or anyone) but frankly, it feels like I’m in constant emotional and physical survival mode and I’m sure my “femininity” has suffered as well

      which is exactly the intention of the white supremacist attacks on black manhood

      to disable BOTH of us emotionally

      • I feel what you’re saying Pam. fear is a very powerful force. It is a painful feeling knowing you’re unprotected. This is what our people are going through. Neely Fuller likes to say we’re a pathetic race of people. That’s a pretty strong word. But sometimes it feels that way. We are in a very bad situation. There’s no doubt about it.

      • Hi Pam,
        That is true and I find that the more I have to look out for me all of the time the harder it is to stay in my feminine element. I don’t know how long black women will hold out though as being the one left to do everything is so unnatural, tiring and impossible to sustain for ever. I see if, things don’t change real soon that in a generation or two you’ll see black women looking else where for their needs like other countries, other people of color.

        I know this will only frustrate them white men even more and they will find new ways to harm us, but I still think it is a long time in the coming before we see a significant amount of black women with white men as most black women just don’t find even the most fit, healthy, and so on attractive enough to marry and be with for life. It will happen with other men first as they will be filling a vacuum caused by this system.

        I still don’t understand what these white men want with black women they claim to hate, but complain all over the internet that black women won’t date them??? They have worked so hard to have everyone in the world including our own men to hate us and erase us yet at the same time are upset that they are the last in our pick if, at all.

      • @ honeytreebee

        It is puzzling, this lust/hate relationship that many whites have with black people. I think it is part of the psychosis of practicing racism but it is also a form of warfare. It is hard for black people to relate or digest this because we don’t think this way. We don’t wage war on people based on color.

        The closest analogy I can give you is the abused woman (or man) syndrome, where the victimizer NEEDS his or her victim to be abused in order to feel good or normal themselves. And while they’re abusing their victim and telling her or him how worthless they are, they will kill their victim rather than let them escape.

        Racists NEED their victims in order to live with themselves. The idea that their victims don’t want them sends them into a rage or into confusion and despair.

        If black people REFUSED to engage in sexual play with white people, white people would go insane on us, they would react with violence. A white male college professor on COWS (I forget his name but it’s in my book, The Interracial Con Game) said this, that whites would react with violence if blacks stopped engaging in sexual play with them.

        The same way the wife abuser would KILL his wife if she refused to continue being his victim.

        Keep your friends close and your ENEMIES closer.

        And the other reason is I believe black females–regardless of what many white or non-white or even some black men say–are some of the most desirable females on earth. That’s why so many non-black females want bigger breasts, bigger lips, rounder butts and brown babies.

        Don’t fall for the hype!

  3. BRAVO!!! BRAVO!!! Very good article indeed.

    I have been talking about this to Black males since it happened and nobody is happy about it. One Black male coworker had to explain this to his 10 and 8 year old sons after they saw it inadvertently on some playback. The PC crowd has been cheering this on like it’s something to celebrate. I find nothing to cheerful nor celebratory about Black men being made as examples of something less than men. I truly don’t care whom grown people sleep with because it’s none of my concern, but making this headline news serves what purpose? After being told we might be better if we were still enslaved and listening to other white saying they didn’t think that was racist. Then the slaver that is Donald Sterling come out of the closet as a slaver, one must ask ones self. WTF is going on here and to what end?

    • Thanks a lot brother. Coming from you that’s high praise. I’m just doing my part. Some may disagree with my stance but I’m just calling it like I see it. It’s a damn shame that young black boys have to witness this sickness on display. Destroying their young minds. We as black men MUST speak out against this. We can no longer be cowards and just remain silent. This mental slavery must stop! But it’s up to strong black men to speak up. We can’t let these sissified closet homosexuals be our representation anymore. Thanks a lot for the comments brother. I always appreciate your feedback.

  4. Great post Afrikan. This is why those who know overstand that homosexuality is a sex predator lifestyle and not an act of nature as they try yo lie to us on. The mere fact that this phenomenon of so called under cover homosexual continues abound, indicates that these degenerates are about tricking people into accepting their way of life. Living a vampire’s existence so to speak, by constantly bringing in new blood all the time. The old saying “you either stand for something or fall for anything” applies to the manufactured entity called the knee-grow today, in that the knee-grow will fall for every and anything. The knee-grow is all too willing to accept degeneracy because he/she practices it, in their daily lives, as an ode to white supremacy and not because of any moral, scientific or biological reasons. There will be a reckoning soon. A referendum on us and the actions, we are partaking in, at the expense of the lives and souls of our children. The ancestors are watching and the univertse makes no mistakes.—-Abibifahode!

    • I hear you brother. This behavior is NOT for African people. They want to trick us into seeing their sexual perversion as the “normal” way the world should be. This is nonsense! And our children expect us to stand up and fight like men! Our very survival is at stake! If they’re trying to say that this behavior comes from sane people then we are blessed to be insane. And we can not disrespect our ancestors like that by accepting this “lifestyle”.

  5. @Jamila Thanks a lot. I know it can be a struggle at times. But we must face it head on. I think you should write about it. Just follow your heart and I’m sure the words will come to you naturally. That’s a post I would love to check out. 🙂

  6. Will Smith in “6 degrees of separation” catapulted his career (so it seems). In between fresh prince and being Mr. Box Office there was this BS.

    • Yeah I’ve seen that film. I consider that his initiation film. His career really took off after that film. So by the time he did the film Hitch he was comfortable kissing a white man. How sick is that? I have very little respect for Will. And he and Jada are raising some very strange kids.smh

      • I saw the photo of their daughter Willow. How sad and strange and dangerous. I would never let a grown man on my child’s bed or room even if, it was innocent it lowers their guard and opens the door to victimization especially for a black girl as they have some of the highest rates of sexual abuse. That child is on the verge of going through the change to start becoming a woman and she really doesn’t need men around her like that period. Why couldn’t they be outside or sitting on the couch with his damn cloths on! I think Will did the whole kissing thing out of obligation cause he sure doesn’t look cool about it to me. Also, I do recall him slapping some guy who tried to kiss him out in public. Yet, he’ll do it for some $$$.

      • Yeah that Smith family is really out there. I even heard that Will and Jada have an “open relationship”. I think you develop a certain attitude after living in Hollyweird. There’s a lot of sick things that go on behind closed doors.
        Jaden is doing a film where he plays a cross-dressing slave. I guess like father,like son right?
        I agree with you that Will is a sellout. He has NO problem kissing a man for money. I remember that video when he slapped that man for trying to kiss him on the mouth. I think it was all an act

  7. The image of the heterosexual black man who loves his black woman and his black children is very attractive in the eyes of a black woman. A black man who will fight to protect and defend his black woman against verbal and physical abuse is going to receive high praise and support from black women because we admire black men who love and respect us. Such men are the Warriors of our people.

    White men are very much aware of the powerful image that the heterosexual black man represents. White men know that heterosexual black men who love black women are very appealing to black women because they gain our love, respect and admiration. When black women come across black men who are courageous, wise and knowledgeable and who love them and are ready to fight to protect and defend their honour, black women will stand by them to build a strong family and hence a strong people… and this is precisely what white men DO NOT WANT. Therefore their mission is to do everything they can to PUT OFF black women from seeing black men in a positive light and they do this by controlling the way black men are seen in media, music, entertainment… and of course in sport. So instead of black women seeing black men as courageous and heroic, we see them as clowns. Instead of black women seeing black men as wise and knowledgeable, we see them as fools. Instead of black women seeing black men in loving relationships with black women, we see them in loving relationships with foreign women… or with men. Instead of black women seeing black men respecting and honouring their grandmothers and mothers, we see black men dressing up like their grandmothers and mothers to make fun of them. All we need do is take note of film productions like Big Momma’s House, Madea Goes to Jail and Norbit to see the blatant disrespect that white men have been dishing out to black women via disillusioned black males. Seeing black males in the limelight mocking black women triggers black female abandonment of the black man and turns them towards foreign men… in particular white men who are portrayed in the media and entertainment industries as the BRAVE, SKILLED, HERO. The irony of all this lies in knowing that white men are in fact the most misogynous, effeminate, cowardly, cross-dressing, faggots on the planet… but they are clever enough not to promote that image because they need black women to fall for their trick.

    • Wow!! Beautifully said sis! You really come prepared with your I can always count on you to knock it out of the park! And you did like you always do! You and I are definitely on the same page. This is something we MUST speak out against. And let our children know this is not correct behavior.
      “Therefore their mission is to do everything they can to PUT OFF black women from seeing black men in a positive light and they do this by controlling the way black men are seen in media, music, entertainment… and of course in sport. So instead of black women seeing black men as courageous and heroic, we see them as clowns. Instead of black women seeing black men as wise and knowledgeable, we see them as fools.”
      That is most definitely their goal! They want to totally distort and destroy the image of a strong black warrior! But we will not bow sown to this sick propaganda! We will fight it until the end!!!

    • Thank you sister! Thought~action such as yours is part of the solution, it builds and I’m willing to say, in some respects, it “triggers” those of us running on these type of “programs” to see beyond them and shake the hold they have on the heart~mind. We need more sisters who overstand the situation, like You and the other sisters who frequent the blog and more brothers like Kushite Prince and those of Us who see the same. The wo/man are NOT opposites – No! – We are complements, two interdependent parts of the whole, by Divine design.

    • I agree, the goal is total BLACK DISUNITY and ANTI-BLACKNESS

      which tells us there must be something very potent about black unity. I personally believe black males and females coming together will trigger a powerful spiritual reaction, unfortunately, the only people who seem oblivious to the power of unity are the colonized and formerly enslaved black AND African people

      • TrojanPam, what you said is a simple truth yet profound…”unfortunately, the only people who seem oblivious to the power of unity are the colonized and formerly enslaved black AND African people”…and this is Our BIGGEST challenge, convincing Our people to STOP believing in/judging based on Appearances-(some) Traditions-Miseducation and (a lot of) what We’ve been trained to do and been told AND DO THEIR OWN DILIGENCE!

        Anyway, I’ll leave it alone…for now…maybe One of Us who is confused by what they constantly see instead sees this blog/Our communication and the strength of it that stands out. Peace, sister…

  8. @Kushite Prince
    When I saw the kiss I was sickend and I’ve been noticing a while now that most of the homosexuals coming out as of late are black. Something sinister is going on. Like you I don’t think homosexuals should be killed or jailed, but this lifestyle SHOULD NOT be promoted to the masses and everyone has the RIGHT to either agree or disagree with this lifestyle. What’s next? Will people be killed or jailed because they don’t go along with this lifestyle? You can’t force beliefs on to people, but this is what the European is known to do well and the bad part is that many people believe that beliefs that are forced on them are their own.

  9. U know they will push this agenda, because for one the wealth that these black athletes make will go to the white community and two it will cause further divide between black men and women. Oh we thought them just showing black men with white women was something this right here is a whole nother level. They want the black male to work for the white man and bring that money home to a white man, empowering white men more while black men and the black community are becoming more powerless.

    There are emasculated straight black males in the leagues too, the ones that won’t stand up to racist team owners and fans, but will continue to play even when they are being disrespected. They are already fining players that don’t agree with it, or speak out against it, so the straight black males will be silenced. They will push this image for a long time because this is what they want, to be the “saviors” and “lovers” of all groups. They tried this ish with black women now they trying it with black men, trying to show white men as the ultimate catch and the person everyone should aspire to be with.

    If the sick ones love to watch black men sleep with their women, it is inevitable that they also would want to sleep with the black man and are just using their women to live out their fantasy, so they can hold onto their straight white male privilege.

    • I know where you’re coming from. I think emasculating black men is a big part of their plan. We can never fully trust anything the media puts out. I would say 90% of the time it’s something anti-black and self destructive to the black community. And this homo agenda is obviously in full effect! They are promoting homosexuality in cartoons,films,sitcoms and now……sports! We are dealing with very sick individuals sis. Thanks for your comments.

  10. The reasons why I think the athletes coming out first are black is because,
    1. there are more black athletes in these sports and the white athletes will not come out first because there are fewer of them in the sports and they don’t want to be viewed as being less masculine than the black athletes.

    2.when black folks do something or say something is cool it becomes a trend. And they know black children try to emulate these athletes and look up to them, what the athletes endorse the kids want.

    3. It makes black women view black men with even more suspicion and mistrust, if we can’t depend on strong masculine black men to protect us and be with us we will try to do that by ourselves or go elsewhere and will not be building strong black families and communities.

    4. notice that after the study came out that black men are involved fathers and showing them as being good men and not the stereotypes, then these players started coming out. They want us to view black men as either a no good baby daddy, a thug, or gay, and no woman would want her man to be any of those things.

    5. images are powerful, by showing a black man kissing a white man it signals a “post racial” society, one where black men and white men can be together, and show how far we’ve come from white men lynching black men to kissing them. smh.

    6. There will be more don lemons throwing black people under the bus and being the voice of the black community, the real black men will be silenced and everybody will view black men as a joke.

    7. The down low ones are worse imo, they will attack black women and the black community while pretending to love non black women. so basically black men will be represented by sellouts or gay males. they will never be shown as being balanced but will be shown as being either misogynistic or effeminate.

    8. watch the boondocks episode where riley emulates his favorite rapper gangstalicious, putting on a skirt a tank top, and a purse trying to be like the person he looked up to. if black youth look up to these athletes they will try to copy them, and don’t think the copying ends with just wearing their jersey or buying their favorite rappers music. No their behavior is influenced by it as well, the industries know this that is why repetition is key, they play the same degrading songs on the radio over and over again so it gets stuck in people’s heads and they repeat it.

    • Wow!! *standing ovation* You nailed it on all accounts! Very well said. You’re really on point about Don Lemon. I can’t stand that man! he gets on my damn nerves! I mentioned in the post about NBA player Jason Collins coming out last year. They are putting a black face on homosexuality. This is the main objective. Europeans have always embraced the gay life since the ancient days I Greece and Rome. A man having sex with young boys was normal for them. But not in the African traditions. Now they want us to accept this perversion. They want everyone to accept their worldview. And if you don’t you’re not normal.
      I always appreciate your comments. Why don’t you have a blog? You really need to create one. We need more strong intelligent sistas like you in the blogosphere. Ever thought about it?

      • aw thanks ur highness, blogging is a lot of work, I like commenting better. I love the pic of the strong brotha with a sword in the background by the way.
        I enjoyed ur tales of buffoonery, u need to do one on leslie jones crazy behind smh.

      • Well I guess the rest of us are really missing out. You always give a great contribution to the discussion. You have a great perspective. Maybe one day when you have time you might reconsider. *fingers crossed*
        I’m glad you liked my Buffoonery posts. I may bring it back. Leslie Jones would definitely be a great candidate. That woman is a fool!lol

  11. Excellent post! The attack on black masculinity is relentless and coming from all angles. When youget a chance check out this video….brace yourself and make sure you are sitting down! LOL

    • Yeah a fellow blogger told me about this fool! They want to push this stuff in hip hop right now. It’s really disgusting! I don’t know where in the Hell they found this rapper! He’s a joke!

    • This makes me fearful for our young men. 1 boy pussy??? this feminizes young men which is looked down on even in the gay community and puts them at the lowest rung there. 2 boy means man child which means that they are okay with doing this to a black man child!!! 3 there is just a victimization of the person here and what many women complain about in c rap music that these songs becomes chants and it gets normalized in their brains to treat men this was and that men are just their communal c*m buckets. 4 Even if, you are gay i think all people deserve more respect than this. 5 it is a warning to us all to educate not just our girls on this but our boys too as both are in danger as these men stated close to the end of the song that he sleeps with women too. So, after he’s been up someone backside not just pumping it but licking it with force he goes home to who??? 6 What kind of disease is he bring home everything from hepatitis, HIV,HP V, and much more. Guys like this is why black women are dying at record rates from HIV. 7 While I want all of them out in the open so black women can know and make decisions accordingly I also, think it adds to the mistrust between black men and women. 8 Can we say nasty, nasty, thee has to be another word….Oh damn nasty. 9 This explains a lot of hate that black women get from black men a large portion I bet fall in line with this in some way. I think the covert ones have to find a way to justify their feelings and feigning hate for us would make sense. 10 I need to go scrub my eyes now.

    • Gat Turner, peace brother…smh~DAMN…your (1st) name is exactly what I was thinking of while watching as much of that as I could stomach. Man, [sigh] I digress…

  12. The Soup Bowl

    From my perspective, the homosexual agenda is just another obstacle we have to tackle on the road to salvation. It’s a bloodless way to destroy black manhood, no greater or less than guns, drugs, suicide, etc. We see the echo chamber, all of the athletes that are coming out just happen to be blackmen…Coincidence? No, the alpha male will always have haters in “The Zone.” I assume all of this makes it easier for the other side. Wishful Thinking, most of us are aware of the mind games at work.

    • That’s very true. This is clearly a WAR! It’s a play to make black men look like weak sissies. Our manhood is under arrack by the promotion of homosexuality/transgenderism. It’s all the same to me.

      • @Kushite

        Our sexuality is a double-edged sword. Women of all creeds gravitate to blackmen, but, this comes with a price. We’re viewed as a threat to other men, so, it’s in their interests to stifle or destroy black manhood in totality. Reverse Eugenics…brainwash blackmen to hate women. Will they be successful? Ultimately, they will lose. Our side is stronger, we will not be defeated…Period!

      • @ Tyrone

        I agree that black male sexuality is a double-edged sword, but the one thing I would caution (and do so often) black males is to understand that SEXUALITY does not equal RESPECT.

        Yes, there are non-black females who lust after black males but they are ABSENT when it comes to the real issues that affect black males. They do NOT CARE about the plight of the black male (or black female).

        They do not HIRE black males or support black males via their ethnic organizations. Regardless of WHO they are SEXING, they reserve their efforts and time and money


        Whereas in every movement, march, organization, community, and home it is the BLACK FEMALE who puts her time, energy and money to help black people, to help black males, to help black children, boys and girls.

        The problem, as I see it, is too many black males have been programmed to think the ability to have an ERECTION is a measure of a man’s value

        and this thinking comes from our SLAVE EXPERIENCE where black males were forced to impregnate slave females and praised as “bucks” and black females were forced to be “breeders”

        I write about this in my book, The Interracial Con Game, how racist white males AND females often use sex to demean and harm their black victims. I included real life testimony from black people who talk about experiencing racism at the hands of their white sexual partners.

        I would strongly encourage all black people, but in particular black males to understand that sexual play does NOT always equal HUMAN RESPECT

        The two things are often (especially when it comes to black people ) worlds apart.

      • “Yes, there are non-black females who lust after black males but they are ABSENT when it comes to the real issues that affect black males. They do NOT CARE about the plight of the black male (or black female)”

        That’s why black people need to start OPENLY asking these negro males with non-black partners/spouses some hard questions that will get these negros to thinking, like Where are the majority of these non-black women’s support when we have incidents such as trying to get justice for trayvon martin/jordan davis? F**k it if they get mad, the truth is the truth.

      • @ originalwoman13

        I have to agree that this seems to be a NON-ISSUE among blacks who prefer dating/sexing/and marrying anything but another black person.

        There isn’t ONE brown, yellow, red, or white organization that does more than pay lip service to the plight of black people. Yes, there are powerful white organizations that throw a few crumbs our way but that is part of the white supremacist strategy to confuse their victims.

        however, whenever Hispanics and Asians and Indians, etc organize for their rights they are ONLY concerned with their own, and even those who marry or date blacks have no real interest in the plight of black people EVEN WHEN THEY HAVE CHILDREN WITH A BLACK PERSON (!?!)

        As far as black females dating/marrying non-black males, it often happens because there is a shortage of available OR willing black males, especially when you look at the population numbers.

        And it has been my own personal experience, that when black females go over to the “non-black” side, they don’t have any expectations of black males NOR do they ask for any kind of emotional or financial support

        The reverse is not true. Black females are often the ONLY recourse for the black male who needs help, who is jobless, homeless, sick, in legal trouble, incarcerated, and these black females are usually their

        black momma
        black auntie
        black grandma
        black sister
        black friend
        black lover
        favorite soul food cook
        or a total stranger.

        I can’t tell you how many times a black male will single me out on the street, with the words, “Hey sista, can you help a brotha out?”

        you know why he picks me? Because he knows out of all the people out there — black male, white male/female, Asian male/female, or Hispanic male/female

        that I am the MOST LIKELY PERSON to reach into my purse and give him a handout.

        I am the MOST LIKELY PERSON to put money on his “books” at the penal institution or take a collect call or ride a bus for 5 hours to visit OR ride to Jena, Louisiana to champion the plight of 6 black boys I never met (the Jena Six)

        and every brother I have every asked has agreed with this statement

        and so that is my MAJOR problem with some black males who seem so thrilled and pleased and validated by non-black females “wanting” them for sex

        when as a group of males they are collectively in the MOST powerless position on the planet and THAT should be their focus — NOT whether non-black females find their ‘sexually desirable”

        Restoring the BONDS between their women for survival should be the number one priority and if we don’t start understanding this, we are in for some very hard and dangerous days ahead.

  13. Pingback: Untwisting His Mind (StoryADay post) | Stories in 5 Minutes

  14. @ trojanpam and originalwoman13, I couldn’t agree with you more, and I’m a Black man. Thank you sisters, and a big Thanks to mstoogood4yall just in case I didn’t respond to her posts…it’s all – my comments – starting to run together. In peace…

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